Still more states than in the top week (21.-27.) of August

Kuwait KWT                                                                                                                                             Saudi KSA                                                                                                                                             Georgie GE                                                          USA                                                                            E Dealer                                                               F 975                                                                       and                                spezialle FL                                                                                                     

47 Countries stehen auf Wochebilanzliste. Einzige Schade. Gestern aus Tram gesehen auf 99% China moto aber unter grosse gelbe waren noch zwei kleinere LP. Rot und ? Meine Fantazie arbeitet selbstverständlich. Taiwan? Oder alte LP noch aus Mao Zeiten?               

License Plates Geneva

Emir of Qatar, Khalida came to visit in :                                                                                               Qatar Q  started with 6 numbers (5 missed for Bermuda), then 4 and now three digit                Japan J  Japanese representation on the Motorshow                                                                       Saudia KSA–  Batmobile from Gumball is hidden in GE                         KSA as SA                      Emirates not Dubai but UAE                        USA                                     GBJ                                Kosovo RKS                  UK GB                            Swiss CH                       CH/MEX                         Qatar Q ewerywhere you look                                                                                                           That’s not all.  We can continue.                                                                                                         Plates spotting in the stunning backdrop- this is Geneva                                                                ________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Last Week to Sunday   42  Countries.                                                                                               ________________________________________________________________________________________________________Coming Saturday:      Geneva-car town                                                                                  

License Plates London (International)

                                                                                                                                                                 Oman OM                                                           Gibraltar GBZ                                         Emirates UAE                                                                                                                                   Kuwait KWT                                                                                                                                            Saudia KSA                                                                                                                                          Qatar Q is the most common LP in London,+- 30. The second is a B. On display are D, PL, RO, CH, F and IRL,+- 10 in 3 days.  Total‚m in London, registered in 31 countries.                                 Guernsey GBG                                                    Maroc MA Trailer Premiere                                 USA                               Monaco                         GBM without foto                                                 _______________________________________________________________________________________________________Week with Mo. and Su. PRG 43 Countries.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

Royaume des plaques d´immatriculation: Genéve et Monaco

Equal week records from summer 2016: 54 Countries                                                     Argentina RA  so far 2 , now suddenly 5                                                                                            The starting list were 2 Japans. The first came with F LP.  At the second attempt it was it!      Genéve Qatar Q         Saudia bus Premiere    Algier DZ                      Azerbajdian AZ                 Isle of:        Man GBM          Guernsey GBG                                                 Andorra AND      Isle of Jersey GBJ                                                Kosovo RKS                   CH                                   Drove without docu: in GE USA,in MC CDN and RSM                                                                       Coming next: Big report from Rallye Monte Carlo historique 2017


The fall was so sudden and perceptible

Night by the river     with Andorra                                                                                                   DSC09397 DSC09398 DSC09399 DSC09400Last catch of August: The departure caught  Saudia KSA PRG 2016 Premiere                       DSC09404 DSC09405 DSC09393 DSC09394On many good States in August was the best month history. Continuous series of 26 days with the catch is exceptional. Disappointment: again, no IS. The best from August:DSC09026 DSC09114 DSC09151 DSC09172

Genéve with Guadeloupe License Plate

DSC08100 DSC08105 DSC08104 DSC08068 Guadeloupe GP , 92th Countries on the blog                                                                               S9887d6e7feb12dad56890c087b569325 600px-Flag_of_Guadeloupe DSC08089 DSC08087 DSC08084 DSC08086 DSC08085 DSC08098 Saudia KSA black!         Katar Q                         Dubai UAE                     Isle of Jersey GBJ       DSC08063 DSC08062 DSC08076 DSC08081 Cars from GE: Ferrari 412,Bitter SX, Lambo Gallardo and Fisker Karma                                      DSC08101 DSC08073 DSC08092 DSC08110 USA                               Yemen YE only Oval                               …And going home…                 DSC08075 DSC08079 DSC08122 DSC08070

Plates Spotting in Italy

SMOM                           Vatican                           Saudia                          Isle of Man        DSC07776 DSC07760 DSC07725 DSC07730Nazionale                                                                                                                                         DSC07745 DSC07769 DSC07814 DSC07747 DSC07823 DSC07743 DSC07797 DSC07817   San Marino                                                          Turkey                          Kosovo                           DSC07802 DSC07799 DSC07752 DSC07824_________________________________                                                      __________________________________  11.Woche mit 45. Staaten . 40 davon von Italien und Prag hat 5 dazugebracht. Ostern Aufstieg ist schon spuerbar.

Paris One Week After

Best license plate while the best cars
Old good black L Lux.    Maroc MA CC          Super Porsche Saudia                                           DSC07126 DSC07135 DSC07098 DSC07111  Spain E Taragonna Special Font                                                        Premiere Andorra AND bus DSC07030 DSC07026 DSC07029 DSC07089 Maroc MA (ca.7)           Tunis TN                       UAE Dubai Export        UAE Abu Dhabi           DSC07073 DSC07022 DSC07076 DSC07051 Saudia KSA                   Qatar Q Export            USA                                Latvia LV                          DSC07119 DSC07009 DSC07007 DSC07060

Jordan-89th blogtime Countries

04.09. Jordan JOR 3x                                                                                                                         DSC06262 DSC06260 DSC06240 DSC06270 Saudi Arabia KSA                                               San Marino RSM moto premiere                       DSC06232 DSC06227 DSC06228 DSC06234 Week 36 : 48 Countries                                                                                                                Libya LAR                      USA                                                                                                           DSC06302 DSC06290 DSC06301 DSC06294


France – 3Days, 3 New Countries: Benin, Hongkong and Alderney

10.-12.4.2015 : From the equator arrived  République Benin RB, from the Pacific HongKong HK and from Chanell Islands   Isle of Alderney GBA                                                                     DSC04730 DSC04731 DSC04827 DSC04706

So the new status: 105 all time, 87 blog era, 65 this year        and  New Charts this Sites   :
1. Benin,  2. Thailand,  3. Malaysia,   4.Venezuela,  5. HongKong  6. New Zeeland 
journée  parisienne …                 KSA                Algier DZ  temporary    Abu Dhabi                     DSC04813 DSC04747 DSC04822 DSC04739 nuit parisienne….   Kuwait                         Qatar                                    Kazachstan                 DSC04834 DSC04778 DSC04786 DSC04775 mystéres parisienne…Dubai ?  Saudi Arabia ?     France                      Ukraine               DSC04818 DSC04674 DSC04726 DSC04729 célébration parisienne…    Saudi Arabians Ferrari La Ferrari,Bugatti Veyron                        DSC04756 DSC04765 DSC04757 DSC04772   Paris Saint Germain…French-Football -Cup -Final         4:0                                                      DSC04789 DSC04794 DSC04804 DSC04805les parisiens…                                                                                                        DSC04681 DSC04741 DSC04740 DSC04712


Geneve 2015 : Part 2 – License Plates

New Record from 03.03.2015 :   42 Countries   in 1 Day                                                                 3.,4.03 Gibraltar GBZ                                         Azerbajdjan AZ                                                 DSC04422 DSC04423 DSC04474 DSC04475 Guernsey GBG 2x                                                                                      Jersey GBJ  5x             DSC04459 DSC04417 DSC04421 DSC04508 Tunis TN                       Saudi Arabia (2x)          Emirates UAE   Dubai    Abu Dhabi                DSC04412 DSC04492 DSC04457 DSC04484 and more                                                                                                                                         DSC04414 DSC04430 DSC04487 DSC04489 and Australia AUS etc. from Autosalon                                                                                      DSC04532 DSC04539 DSC04552 DSC04535

Very good Start in 2015 in Prague

Second Gibraltar GBZ in 3 Months                    Surprising Serbia SRB                              DSC04334 DSC04335 DSC04330 DSC04331 Rallye Budapest Bamako seen in Genoa already raging in Desert…                                            DSC04276 1010300 DSC04238 10294324_595313613938211_8170924338565408806_n Volga GAZ 21 1956-58      Traditional February arrival of thousands of young Scandinavians     DSC04344 DSC04345  DSC04355 DSC04358  18/2 : Dubai UAE          San Marino RSM                                                                                       DSC04383 DSC04384  DSC04347 DSC04349  Special Slovakia SK       RUS Kamaz near PRG    Saudi Arabia KSA                                              DSC04387 DSC04388  DSC04393 DSC04391 DSC04398 DSC04402 DSC04401   DSC04407

Paris Plates Spotting II.

DSC04074 DSC04076 DSC04077 DSC04147 Emirates UAE (also the first row)         Saudi Arabia KSA                       Libya LAR  DSC04134 DSC04104 DSC04133 DSC04148Overall       7 KSA                                                     1 Q                                3 UAE                           DSC04143 DSC04140 DSC04111 DSC04103  a lot of temporary    A, P, MC                                                                                                       DSC04071 DSC04128 DSC04130 DSC04124 Paris Images with MA, USA, L, D, GB, L, AND, I/MC, B                                                                  DSC04092 DSC04072 DSC04115 DSC04086 DSC04101 DSC04075 DSC04142 DSC04118 DSC04087 DSC04094 DSC04120 DSC04097 Nash and very special Czech Republik a la France:  7U9 1830                                         DSC04139 DSC04138 DSC04073

Paris Special: Trumps under the Arc de Triomphe (Part1)

Qatar Q : Very specific Edition                                                                                       DSC03922 DSC03915 DSC03917 DSC03916    Qatar is everywhere, even in a cage, about a brilliant dashboard                                             DSC03931 DSC03932 DSC03981 DSC04000    much is happening on the surface …              KWT,KSA                                                                DSC03947 DSC03948 DSC03946 DSC03927  and underground …                                             L,LT,Q,F                                                                 DSC03972 DSC03973 DSC03979 DSC03983   Arriving license plate and oval of the Day                                                           DSC03956 DSC03954 DSC03953 DSC03923   with evening traffic thickens, sleeps only some…                                                                       DSC03960 DSC03984 DSC03990 DSC03963  Matra-Simca                                                        Facel Vega                                                    

Back in the Swiss

Bahrain BRN:  my 98th State of all time                                                                 DSC02972 DSC02970 DSC02997 DSC02996 DSC02984 DSC02959 DSC02958 DSC02965 DSC02956 DSC02957 DSC02989 DSC02990 DSC02937 DSC02962 DSC02948 DSC03000DSC02978 DSC02980 DSC02973 DSC02987 DSC02995 DSC02994 DSC02985 DSC02993 DSC02992 DSC02991 DSC02982 DSC03003 VW Bus,černá California ,sliboval Bílou velrybu . Bílý Peugeot A2 rozluštil až License Plates Profesore Olav ( italskou temporary. Modré E je k přečtení.Tyhle značky mi ale udělaly radost skoro jako BRN.

Swiss Plates International

DSC02679 DSC02681 DSC02680 DSC02705 Premiere: Azerbajdian , my alltime 97,with Foto 74                                                                      DSC02717 DSC02718 DSC02712 DSC02706 Transnistria:  soon RUS?                                                                                                                DSC02695 DSC02732 DSC02685 DSC02716 Propably the craziest License Plate of Europe: Monaco temporary                                          DSC02720 DSC02722 DSC02727 DSC02737 RUS Porsche : 15-Nord Ossetia

One Hour , Five Continents plus VENEZUELA

Friday ,September 27,  Prague  Downtown                                                                                     DSC01911 DSC01914 DSC01915 DSC01918   Pár minut po UAE moto výprava z  Chile. Ptají se na hotel ,zvažují kam jet. Přeju Good Luck  a jedu jen kousek …         AUStralie     vlastně to v první chvíli moc nechápu                                                                                                                                       DSC01919 DSC01922 DSC01924 DSC01923 Po chvíli doráží jihoamerický konvoj.Říkám Australanovi odkud jsou.Jak je vidět mají si hodně co říct. Tak jsem seznámil 2 expedice z opačných konců světa v centru Evropy. Cestou dále přemýšlím,tak teď už mi chybí jen Afrika. Letos jenom 4x.      No a…    Morocco                   67.RCH,68.AUS,69.MA                                                                                                                         *****Hermosa niňa Miranda VENEZUELA*****   70. 2013                                                   DSC01939 DSC01938 DSC01940 Se 70.státem YV snese srovnání jen  Malajsie.Po létě plném stovek a tisíců dokola se opakujících PL.RUS,D,I,F,NL apod. je teď prázdněji a probíhá teprve opravdová sklizeň.                      DSC01927 DSC01932 DSC01933 DSC01935  Vodáci uzavírají sezónu,platespotteři ještě doufám ne.     Exportka vydaná v roce 2005 umístěná tak,že z toho byla hádanka.     Líbí se mi,že Tomio Okamura podmiňuje podporu příští vládě přijetím jeho požadavku na uzákonění referenda. Možná ,že  lidé konečně budou o důležitých záležitostech rozhodovat sami.                                                                                    DSC01942 DSC01947 DSC01961  DSC02038 DSC01990 DSC01982 DSC01987 DSC01993  DSC01999 DSC01998 DSC02002 DSC02014KSA(8) na začátku roku dobrý vtip,už proto ,že za 12- ti letou dětskou karieru 5.       Další oběť SPZ pirátů-vzácná Georgia jen provizorně.

Saudi Arabia 2(7): Car Edition +Abu Dhabi

Naechste Michelin Stern. Diesmal aus Holland. Von weltberuhmten Kennzeichen Spezialist Elie Sander/ Grosse Ehre!   Neofolk blog                                   DSC01662 DSC01663 DSC01664 DSC01742  A.D.: Lightning work at red light…then only the phone „What is it “                                Cyprus and very good street music quartet                             DSC01679 DSC01682 DSC01681 DSC01670Even as Children loved we Isle of Jersey.                                                                                        DSC01689 DSC01690 DSC01694 DSC01751 Po pár set letech dorazila do Prahy znovu Švédská armáda. Ne dobýt a dobít,ale zřejmě přivezla brzdové destičky a filtry na grippeny    20/8 : New Record: 39 Countries for 1 Day    DSC01712 DSC01714 DSC01726 DSC01735  Canada 1940-2013  , more Faces of CDN                                                                DSC01739 DSC01744 DSC01743 DSC01618 DSC01734 DSC01713 DSC01745 DSC01706 DSC01715 DSC01717 DSC01718 DSC01719

Vlnky už se dělají ,parníky ještě nejezdí

Všiml jsem si večer na Mánesově mostě,jak Vltava už zase dělá ty krásné klidné vlnky ,aspoň za tmy se to tak jevilo. Včera byl první den ,kdy se turistický ruch vrátil do normálu (tzv. masová turistika) a byl doprovázen novým rekordem 38 států za objíždku. Na něm  se podílely především MD,EST,GR,TR,AL,MNE,MK,N ,FIN,USA a CDN.

DSC01278 DSC01279 DSC01280 DSC01290 DSC01291 DSC01292 DSC01296 DSC01470Největší „harlej“ je česká Tatra,280 km/h.

18/6:Parníky připluly! Celá saudskoarabská flotila (6). Pekelní andělé „z Rijádu.                    DSC01303 DSC01306 DSC01305 DSC01310 DSC01311 DSC01313 DSC01312 DSC01411Saudskoarabská rezidence v Praze  odráží majetkové poměry své země                                                                                                                                   DSC01316 DSC01317 DSC01319 DSC01323  19/6: Na Tunis jsem čekal už dlouho. Některé lampy málo svítí,ale hodně vidí…