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So it’s finally here. Mongolia License Plate

Alltime Premiere as 79th 2018 and 104th on the blog Mongolia MNG       Kyrgyzstan KG as 78th 2018 Premiere new LP                                         … Continue reading

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Just the “lážo plážo” in the cool evening: Kyrgyzstan

November 2016 license plates of Kyrgyzstan with a little question mark      foto Nr. 2:                                                                                                              just crystal clear Kyrgyzstan KGZ Premiere 2017 as 84th .                                                 They’re coming now real travelers: Australia AUS ,Western … Continue reading

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So what do you say? It is Kyrgyzstan? I think : YES

Auto bought VW Aвтобан Cевер Yekaterinburg, so I went in that direction and ended up in KGZ. There are pictures of Just missing that little number duration.  On the road return to D?   19/12:     There have been … Continue reading

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