License Plates Geneva

Emir of Qatar, Khalida came to visit in :                                                                                               Qatar Q  started with 6 numbers (5 missed for Bermuda), then 4 and now three digit                Japan J  Japanese representation on the Motorshow                                                                       Saudia KSA–  Batmobile from Gumball is hidden in GE                         KSA as SA                      Emirates not Dubai but UAE                        USA                                     GBJ                                Kosovo RKS                  UK GB                            Swiss CH                       CH/MEX                         Qatar Q ewerywhere you look                                                                                                           That’s not all.  We can continue.                                                                                                         Plates spotting in the stunning backdrop- this is Geneva                                                                ________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Last Week to Sunday   42  Countries.                                                                                               ________________________________________________________________________________________________________Coming Saturday:      Geneva-car town                                                                                  

1 Car, 2 License Plates, South Korea

October 23: ROK Premiere in Latin alphabet                                                                                  dsc09875 dsc09878 dsc09874 dsc09877 October 22,evening, 3 Celsius : heros of long routes will stop at nothing. Eyes have seen, phone not South Korea ROK moto                                                                                               dsc09867 dsc09869  dsc09665 20161005-photo-05-10-2016-17-02-52 One visitor sent me a photo from Nurburgring. 2 days before this ROK traveler in PRG.           I believe it is CH, Kanton Wallis        SK CD                  rare Bulgaria BG temp import    dsc09853 dsc09870 dsc09866 dsc09865 This week brought a surprisingly high number of states 44.       Sunday 35 with EST,MD,GR,TR,AL ,IRL,ROK and MA from Spring.  For Oct. End very good.

Monday with San Marino, Croatia  CD with EU label premiere , TR and UA CD      dsc09881 dsc09882 dsc09893 dsc09891    Th. October 27 Siberia RUS : So no way, no Korean biker is not coming                                 wotexte_teaserslider_image_04_01239b88b1c7143a7920fb75c418d393 dsc09897 dsc09900 dsc09901    In Prague is still relatively warm. So that the two Bulgarians arrived on bikes.

Tuesday also good (with License plate of Korea)

South Korea ROK 2016 moto premiere           B rare blue                                             DSC08911 DSC08912 DSC08918 DSC08887  Mongol Rally here again                                                                                                                DSC08915 DSC08917 DSC08920 DSC08760As can be seen, Monday, remained an exceptional day. There are pictures on Wednesday. DSC08922                   DSC08923                      DSC08925 Thursday Pictures                                                                                                                            Tunis TN Pass Back Blue Premiere ,TN PRG 2016 Premiere                                                          DSC08935 DSC08933 DSC08937 DSC08938  Romania RO CD         Russia Vladivostok                                                                                     DSC08940 DSC08931 DSC08926 DSC08928                                                                                                                                 

June finishing: New Day Record of 43 Countries

Oman OM (2015 Premiere)                                     Faroer Islands FO 2015 Nr.2    DSC05775 DSC05785  DSC05787 DSC05788 DSC05783 DSC05782  DSC05725 DSC05762  Canada CDN               Spain E-  Antique  Premiere                             PL_CD Moto Premiere DSC05748 DSC05778 DSC05777 DSC05705 Maroc MA                    USA                                OM/CH                          OM/CZDSC05806 DSC05797 DSC05802 DSC05792 DSC05814 DSC05795 DSC05817 DSC05818

Geneve 2015: Part 1-Cars

Premium Model from Premium Work    Ferrari La Ferrari                                                           DSC04436 DSC04437 DSC04435 DSC04434 From the Autosalon  :   Mansory, Red Bull, Mercedes, Ferrari                                               DSC04549 DSC04545 DSC04541 DSC04551 From the Sixties: Borgward                                                                                                            DSC04501 DSC04505 DSC04494 DSC04497 From the Street:                                                                                                                         DSC04408 DSC04465 DSC04486 DSC04445 and more Picture last Night before Openning                                                                            DSC04518 DSC04519 DSC04534 DSC04521 DSC04523 DSC04527 DSC04528 DSC04529 DSC04536 DSC04537 DSC04553 DSC04548

Gateway to Africa: Porto C.Colombo,Genova(IT)

January 2015: TN very special-regime suspensif  and Trucks Premiere              DSC04308 DSC04311 DSC04287 DSC04292 I goes to Afrika also: Rallye Budapest Bamako 2015   M ,FIN,N HR,H…                                    DSC04305 DSC04283 DSC04285 DSC04294 DSC04270 DSC04269 DSC04319 DSC04280    (zvláštní pozdrav CZ a SK posádce .  Hodně štěstí !  )                                                      DSC04288 DSC04317 DSC04284 DSC04320
and others Cars                                                  F ala TN                            MA    DSC04304 DSC04215 DSC04267 DSC04282 DSC04272 DSC04273 DSC04253 DSC04315 Coastguard   I                                                                                                                                  DSC04256 DSC04255 DSC04259 DSC04257 DSC04234 DSC04301 DSC04228 DSC04235

Plate Spotting:Street,Pavement,Public Transport,Ferry and mainly Bike

V tomhle případě spolehlivý německý GHOST z BIKESTATION Waldsassen.   DSC01451 DSC01465 DSC01460 DSC01267 IZRAEL  jsem už jsem vidě z těchto států ještě nikdy                                                                                                                            .                                                                 DSC01475 DSC01439 DSC01471 DSC01474Kazachstan old and new, promarněná tutovka a  stíny Starého města                             DSC01489 DSC01391 DSC01480 DSC01483                   For Newcomer: MY FAVOURITES 2013 (1.-4.)                                                               DSC00663 DSC01365 DSC00412 DSC01124