Royaume des plaques d´immatriculation: Genéve et Monaco

Equal week records from summer 2016: 54 Countries                                                     Argentina RA  so far 2 , now suddenly 5                                                                                       The starting list were 2 Japans. The first came with F LP.  At the second attempt it was it!                                                                                                                                    Genéve Qatar Q         Saudia bus Premiere    Algier DZ          Azerbajdian AZ    Isle of:        Man GBM          Guernsey GBG                                       Andorra AND      Isle of Jersey GBJ                                                Kosovo RKS                   CH          Drove without docu: in GE USA,in MC CDN and RSM                                                                       Coming next: Big report from Rallye Monte Carlo historique 2017


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2 Responses to Royaume des plaques d´immatriculation: Genéve et Monaco

  1. Helvetics says:

    Good job! As a spotter from Geneva, I can confirm you that the Saudi Sprinter is always parked in front of this palace! I also regularly see the AZ G-Klasse, and I already saw the Kosovo bus, too!
    Where did you spot the Algerian plate? I’ve never seen any for the moment… And which parking did you see the GBG/GBM/GBJ plates? I don’t recognize the places…

    • materazzi says:

      Algeria P Gare Cornavin. Do you know where they are confiscated cars dictator Obiang?
      They are still at the airport?

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