Week of records

55 Countries this week – 44 Thursday : alltime record                                                                    Kuwait KWT alltime moto Premiere           After a three-year pause: Island storm        I think 50% of vehicles registered at Faroe Islands FO have already arrived in Prague this year       China CHN                                                               San Marino RSM                                                 Norwegen N Provis individuel Premiere              Estonia EST Trade                                                    USA                                                                   Albania AL                                                                   and…                                                                                                                                                     

Also 55 Länder. Und das sogar ohne FL u. RKS.  Diese Woche nur Nachtsbeobachtung.                                                   

Among fallen leaves: also the catch.

Tunisia TN                                                                                                                                           dsc00138 dsc00135 dsc00137 dsc00139
and more                                                                                                                                             dsc00150 dsc00149 dsc00148 dsc00102   USA Ohio                      EST Tempor                        and Philippines so far only by air                  dsc00154 dsc00157                      dsc00151

Thursday’s center belonged to Southampton FC. SpartaFC 1: 0.                                                 dsc00159 dsc00174 dsc00173  dsc00172

It’s not over completely

Tunisia TN PRG 2016 only III.                               San Marino PRG 2016 only III.! Far less than China, far less than Korea …                                                                                 dsc09819 dsc09818 dsc09822 dsc09804  Georgie GE everywhere you look                                                             nice old Estonia EST    dsc09792 dsc09825 dsc09812 dsc09814  Croatia Export Premiere                  Ireland IRL (normal?)                                           dsc09830 dsc09820 dsc09829 dsc09824

Asian hat-trick perfect: after Indonesia and Korea still Japan

On the last 50 meters of my circuit have a night of surprises                                               Japan J  Nr.4                                                                                                                                    dsc09683 dsc09679 dsc09682 dsc09678  This LP is from an auction. GBG began to add to the existing number 0 or 00 Guernsey GBG  dsc09692 dsc09690 dsc09688 dsc09697  EST old                                                                                                                                                 dsc09702 dsc09703 dsc09705 dsc09695With a hint of autumn and 50s ; very rare Moskwitch 410 , UA                                      dsc09706 dsc09707 dsc09708                                     Wednesday with Bryan Adams                                                                                                       dsc09710 dsc09715 dsc09722 dsc09725


So it starts in earnest?

Monday 6 during half hour : Maroc and Isle of Guernsey ( GBG 2016 Premiere)       DSC08498 DSC08497 DSC08501 DSC08499RUS Altai on the border with KZ,RC and MNG, H green -Hybrid and Smile 1                              DSC08503 DSC08502 DSC08504 DSC08515 DSC08508 DSC08513 DSC08516 DSC08510 We. 8th: Malta 2016 Premiere  and  Liechtenstein Yellow all time premiere  (short temp)     DSC08527 DSC08524 DSC08520 DSC08522 Greece  moto to 2006 Premiere                         GB North Ireland                                                DSC08533 DSC08532 DSC08536 DSC08534

This year’s Prague’s best catch

18.08.: South Africa ZA Province Kwazulu Natal                            Monaco   moto Premiere   DSC06064 DSC06066                                  DSC06056   From South Africa I‚ve seen :2013 Western Cape , 2014 Guateng, 2015 Natal           DSC01124 DSC03845 DSC06065                                   Nice Estonia EST          Old Belarus BY              USA                                                                        DSC06071 DSC06069  DSC06072 DSC06073 Poland PL   Zlombol                                             Albania AL                   Czech/USA     DSC06083 DSC06082 DSC06080 DSC06077                                                      

Long wait comes to an end: People Republic of China

6/8 : China RC 2015 Premiere (2014- 16)                                                                                        DSC05892 DSC05891 DSC05890 DSC05889  Libya LAR                   Andorra AND                Estonia EST                                                        DSC05888 DSC05887 DSC05896 DSC05874  DSC05900 DSC05902 DSC05905 Week 32: 46 Countries

I was afraid that this year will not see the Faeroe Islands

DSC05611 DSC05613  DSC05615 DSC05614Within 10 minutes I drove IRQ and when I went looking for him, if not done in a nearby parking garage were there Faroe Islands and then outside the Dutch army in Germany.           Iran IR Bus II.                                                                                                                                    DSC05618 DSC05619  DSC05621 DSC05659   Rallye Paris-Peking   15.04. Prague                                                                        DSC05628 DSC05633 DSC05627 DSC05630 Premiere Estonia EST Trade                              Kazachstan KZ                                                    DSC05635 DSC05634  DSC05640 DSC05639  Week 29 of the 44 states plus one IRQ  without photos (in moving). Parking are very good filled ,but  great rarities missing. Most DK ,S, D, PL, NL, B and RUS.                                             Canada CDN                CZ Export                      Prague is full of Tourist                                 DSC05647 DSC05653 DSC05657 DSC05649                                            

European tourists to Thailand fly-they come here on a motorcycle

23/8 : Åland AX (FIN) – 100th Alltime                                                                                            DSC03512 DSC03511 DSC03510  DSC03518 Marocco MA                                                       and Premiere Moto                                              DSC03507 DSC03508   DSC03531 DSC03532                            Another historical landmark  สถานที่สำคัญทางประวัติศาสตร์อื่น                           29/8:Thailand TH –  PREMIERE Alltime   Nr.101                                                                              DSC03543  DSC03540  DSC03541  DSC03539DSC03547  DSC03545  DSC03542  DSC03550                                     2 Hours Later ,100 m further                                                                       South Korea ROK, 2014 Expetion Nr. 4                                                                                            DSC03552 DSC03554 DSC03558 DSC03557  Calling also : Freedom for People’s Republik of Donetsk                                                             Island IS (2014-2)                                               Estonia EST (CD Premiere)                                DSC03563 DSC03561 DSC03572 DSC03571  Iran IR  (2014-4,2013-Zero)                                                                                                             DSC03581 DSC03580  DSC03535 DSC03536

PraguePlates 2014

DSC02207 DSC02227 DSC02367 DSC02244 DSC02369 DSC02387 DSC02396 DSC02581 DSC02430 DSC02429 DSC02645 DSC02545IL   DZ   RSM   D   EST   L   E   NL   CDN/USA/RCH                                     …                                  DSC02619 DSC02618 DSC02639 DSC02643 DSC02648 DSC02652 DSC02646 DSC02644Interier restaurace La Bodeguita del Medio                                              Beobachtungstelle DSC02654 DSC02664 DSC02661 DSC02662 Zvl.F a Stato Vaticano alias Slovinska Vojska.            Doktor Macek píše:“Tak se nějak nemohu zbavit dojmu,že při fotbalovém zápase v Ostravě bylo zraněno více lidí,než při obsazování krymských základen a úřadů“.                  Dříve CNN,dnes Channel One Russia…Pjervyj        DSC02667 DSC02666 DSC02670 DSC02671 DK muzikantka ve svetříku z ovčí vlny z FO

Oficiální vůz summitu Putin – Obama

obama-putin-g8-summit-c1-main-300x168 DSC01835 DSC01839 DSC01143 Stěny kultovní hospody Casa Blú (kde se natáčeli Samotáři)  zdobí mj. Latino Plates.              DSC01859 DSC01856 DSC01860 DSC01863 Vzácná návštěva :legendární Greyhound 1949 (jen malá chybka-absence Kentucky Plate)         Euro Championship 2013 :  1. GBM 1   2.CY 1 3.M 1    4.GBJ 1    5.GBG 1    6. AND 2    7.AM 2     8.RSM 2     9.RKS 2     10. (!!!)FO 3    11.(!!!)IS 5 následují  KZ , AL, GEO, MNE, MC a IRL .  Naproti tomu PMR loni za 5 měs. 3, letos za 8 nic.                                                                      DSC01846 DSC01845 DSC01868 DSC01872 U tramvajového ostrůvku přistála motorka a do žluté jsem se ještě stačil zeptat: „Where did you come?“ Pražský IND.         Na sousední Sikkim nebo Bhútán napovídala v prvním zlomku vteřiny ta značka s Yetim a himalájským sobem.                                                                          DSC01871 DSC01869 DSC01905 DSC01908Zlatá mládež se ráda schází v baru Top Gear .            Jeden ze tří Maybachů u nás a hned ten nejslavnější-pana Horáčka. 585 koní a krám,že by ho domů nechtěl  ,říká jeho  osobní řidič .                                                                                                                                                               DSC01878 DSC01880 DSC01881 DSC01883
Dubai 7 – tak to musel být určitě člen emírovi rodiny