Alpine spotting: Passo del Brennero

The Way                                                                                                                                              CZ                                         A/D                          Innsbruck ,famous Europa Brücke               Base Camp    Steinach am Brenner alias Steinach under Brenner Highway                                    Breakfast spotting on the old B. Road

Brenner Yesterday  from Exhibition on the Top                                                                       Year 1920. It began to ride on asphalt.                                                                                          Brenner Today                                                                                                                                   The Catches                                                                                                                                     Malta Malta M 2x , Trailer premiere , Trucks RO and  BG                                                            Cyprus CY  Yellow S on the truck.  Why yellow?  And from back CY Oval.    USA A.F.I.    Air Force Italy
The Traffic                                                                                                                                          Cars as Autobahn Leipzig-Frankfurt, Trucks as Border RO/BG –                                                  but 37 Countries in 1 Day. No only SRB,BIH,MK.                                                                   Trucks neverending Snake : 1.RO, 2.LT 3.PL 4.BG 5.SLO 6.CZ. Also MNE,BY,GR,P.IRL.No TR. Much CZ Cars and Trucks. Also much RUS .                                                                              50% others Truck and Trailer. No expedition. Moto only D.


From Scandinavia everything just returns

and behind them only the autumn storm and the polar night                                                  

Against the stream Isle of Man GBM 2017 Nr.2         Premiere S dealer                                                                

Cyprus CY first white and then yellow.  Second with NL Trailer                                         and more…                   

Es sollte eigentlich Woche des Jahres sein. Aber war schlechteste seit mehr als 2 Monate. 45 Staaten. 

Right tomorrow: great return to Prague!  Mayotte? CD Armenia?

So finally Cyprus!

Since august 2013 first Non Truck CY Cyprus as Motopremiere                                                    78th Countries 2017                                                                                                Azerbaidjan AZ                                                   USA Virginia                 Only D                             

I’m just starting out in the evening. I do not want to move around in a hot city.                                                                                                                                          And I think I’m going away tomorrow. I greet and soon.


One week on the Isle of Fehmarn – Gate to Scandinavia

Everything good is coming back, that was in motion. I did not catch the Åland Islands, Guernsey and Islands on the Highway.                  5 China RC                                         DSC06054  DSC05932 DSC05933 DSC05975   Welcome License Plates Cuba C –too nice- real be                                                                        DSC06049 DSC05970 DSC05922 DSC05913 Cyprus CY                     Faroe Islands FO          Jersey GBJ                                                           DSC05976 DSC06046 DSC06043  DSC05960h Marocco MA                 Algier DZ                       DK old                            Sweden Best                DSC05948 DSC06040 DSC06047 DSC06013 Exceptional travelers                                                                                DK Test                           DSC05989 DSC05993 DSC06041 DSC05985  Total inspired me : Kite Surfing                                                                                                     DSC06025 DSC06019 DSC06021 DSC06017    DSC06027 DSC06029 DSC06030 DSC06016 DSC06036 DSC06022 DSC06023 DSC06031 There were seen 44 states. Even without that here it was nice.                                              DSC05947 DSC06039 DSC05910 DSC05907 With Sunday Prague Week 33 : 47 Countries


Prague April : A promising start to the season

San Marino RSM temporary                               Cyprus CY                                                           DSC04847 DSC04846 DSC04853 DSC04851    Libya LAR              Emirates UAE Ambassador for CZ  in A+ UAE export     Libya LAR    DSC04849 DSC04860 DSC04940 DSC04941 and Cars from Prague                                                                                   DSC04910 DSC04919 DSC04920 DSC04881 DSC04888 DSC04886 DSC04875 DSC04864Czech Veteran Plate in GB look                           Morocco MA -CD Premiere                                DSC04932 DSC04930  DSC04956 DSC04954 Poland   PL 1965-76     Slovenija SLO non CD                                                                         DSC04970 DSC04979  DSC04975 DSC04981

Saudi Arabia 2(7): Car Edition +Abu Dhabi

Naechste Michelin Stern. Diesmal aus Holland. Von weltberuhmten Kennzeichen Spezialist Elie Sander/ Grosse Ehre!   Neofolk blog                                   DSC01662 DSC01663 DSC01664 DSC01742  A.D.: Lightning work at red light…then only the phone „What is it “                                Cyprus and very good street music quartet                             DSC01679 DSC01682 DSC01681 DSC01670Even as Children loved we Isle of Jersey.                                                                                        DSC01689 DSC01690 DSC01694 DSC01751 Po pár set letech dorazila do Prahy znovu Švédská armáda. Ne dobýt a dobít,ale zřejmě přivezla brzdové destičky a filtry na grippeny    20/8 : New Record: 39 Countries for 1 Day    DSC01712 DSC01714 DSC01726 DSC01735  Canada 1940-2013  , more Faces of CDN                                                                DSC01739 DSC01744 DSC01743 DSC01618 DSC01734 DSC01713 DSC01745 DSC01706 DSC01715 DSC01717 DSC01718 DSC01719