This is not the whole weekend. Just Friday afternoon.

South Korea ROK from Russia 2018 moto 2018  Premiere 8pcs.                                         Saudia KSA                                                        Morocco MA                                                        GR? CY? or other ?                                        ???                                                                                  China, everywhere you look                                                    M Malta                                Tomorrow Part II. Friday 45 States.                                                                                          

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2 Responses to This is not the whole weekend. Just Friday afternoon.

  1. Jovata says:

    I’m convinced it’s GR. I entered the name in the GOOGLE search engine on the D.M.Koufos seat and I found it by the Greek H-D motoclub.

    • materazzi says:

      Of course, I also entered it. But even before, then I will not find it.
      Otherwise, I believe 98% GR.

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