So this is Prague

You can go all night and definitely find something.

Mayotte ? No, only sticker. But the others…      2015                                2016                              Not is it on the Fehmarn and I thougt so far it is not even on the Aland Islands AX Premiere     

Best Bus Nr.2.-5.                                                                                                                              

In front of the best cafe „café-café“ . I went all time and did not want to accept UA . Everything told me: AM CD.  But it’s really Ukraine UA Tempor Premiere                                      South Korea ROK , moto as the  North.                                                                                               Algier DZ                                                             USA                                                                            and more  …                                                                                                                                         

So in 2 Tagen ist auf Konto 42 Länder. Jede Tag 37.                                                                                Es ist zwar Tagesrekord (44) geknact aber was ich erinne war dazu nur eimal 41 u. 40. Früher Menge 42 usw.  Rekord kommt regelmässig zur Juli/August Wende. Schwach war vor allem Jugoslawien. Jetzt läuft die letzte Welle (chen) und zwar P,GB,HR u. erneut RUS.


Big fish caught on the island of Fehmarn


Iraq IRQ

Blog Premiere

79th Countries 2017 , 99!th on the blog                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Dohuk (Kurdish: دهۆک‎, Dihok; Syriac: ܒܝܬ ܢܘܗܕܪܐBēṯ Nūhadrā; Arabic: دهوك‎‎ Dahūk) is the capital of Dohuk Governorate in Iraqi Kurdistan,                                                               

Still Aland Islands AX, but otherwise no expeditions, no exotic motorbikes. But it is wonderful here, everything quite different from Prague. The rackets steal your lunch and you can write a message in the sand …                                                                                          

Die Woche brachte 46 Countries . Auf Fehmarn sind zu sehen 29-30 pro Tag.


Soon! A journey into the history of the Scandinavian License Plates.                                       I promise an incredible spectacle!

Week: Through the world. From Korea to Australia and then Canada

The inconspicuous transporter behind the wall concealed a great surprise:

76th 2017, 3th alltime, 2017 Premiere  Aland Islands AX                                                            Australia AUS 2017 Premiere , 77th 2017                          Kazachstan KZ                        Malta M                                                               Canada CDN                                                      Albania AL                    USA rare Montana       RUS black Moscow        GB micro                      Irland IRL old Car Premiere                                IRL new?                                                              Blond or not blond                                              TR                                 UA old            She also likes the Rock and Roll-spotter Monička                                                                           

Rekord Woche 53 Countries (Vorw. +7). 2017 Platz 2. 1. Januar Woche im Monte Carlo und Genéve: 54.     Aber so einfach war es nicht . Am Mi. noch 40. Do. aber D Feirtag wirkte wie Herbicid und Pesticid: 34. Dann immer weniger ,So. nur 31 und das nur danks Rallye Paris-Prague. So. kamen dann andere zurück: 36 mit AL,M,CDN. Diese Woche fehlte nichts.                                                                                                                                                                                  GB Rallye Paris-Prague 2017                                                                                                  No. 1 arrived last : American La France roadster   1917                                                                  Astons                                                                                                                                                Triumphs                                                               Bentley                                                            and more                                                                                                                                             One crew and escort were from Cotswold. Residence of Jeremy Clarkson. Of course, they knew him personally. So I hope he will answer my greetings.                                                         Clarkson


Biker raid: License Plates Brazilia and Alands

Brazilia BR  Nr. 2  moto premiere                                                                DSC08385 DSC08384 DSC08386  DSC08383 Aland Islands Nr. 2 moto premiere                                                                                                DSC08389 DSC08390 DSC08399  DSC08388 Morocco Provis Premiere                                  Moldova ,New LP, Diplomatic premiere          DSC08411 DSC08410 DSC08407 DSC08408 Turkey Consular          and much more…                                                                                      DSC08387 DSC08391 DSC08405 DSC08404 Nach vorjaehrige absolute Mai Schwaeche diesmal ganz stark. Es bleibt nicht als wuenschen : Weiter so!    Woche 20- 47 Countries.

Also es blieb nur bei Wuenschen. Start in die neue Woche maessig, dann D/PL Feiertagswelle die alles andere vernichtet. PRG hat 130 000 Gaeste Betten. Das belegen ist fuer die beide Laender eine Kleinigkeit. Also Woche 21 kam auf 44 Laender. Alles besseres schon gesehen. Von frischen AL,TR u. FIN das Beste.                                                                                               DSC08415 DSC08416 DSC08428 DSC08432 DSC08426 DSC08427 German singer Xavier Naidoo said that Germany is occupied, undemocratic countries. Now there are about experiencing hell. So it is increasingly common in Prague.
My fear is that „good“ of  US and EU had not run away.

European tourists to Thailand fly-they come here on a motorcycle

23/8 : Åland AX (FIN) – 100th Alltime                                                                                            DSC03512 DSC03511 DSC03510  DSC03518 Marocco MA                                                       and Premiere Moto                                              DSC03507 DSC03508   DSC03531 DSC03532                            Another historical landmark  สถานที่สำคัญทางประวัติศาสตร์อื่น                           29/8:Thailand TH –  PREMIERE Alltime   Nr.101                                                                              DSC03543  DSC03540  DSC03541  DSC03539DSC03547  DSC03545  DSC03542  DSC03550                                     2 Hours Later ,100 m further                                                                       South Korea ROK, 2014 Expetion Nr. 4                                                                                            DSC03552 DSC03554 DSC03558 DSC03557  Calling also : Freedom for People’s Republik of Donetsk                                                             Island IS (2014-2)                                               Estonia EST (CD Premiere)                                DSC03563 DSC03561 DSC03572 DSC03571  Iran IR  (2014-4,2013-Zero)                                                                                                             DSC03581 DSC03580  DSC03535 DSC03536