Midsummer days

Abu Dhabi . Norway helped again. This time hitchhikers. I often praise CH here, but Norway is on the level. Amazing country. Beautiful. Unfortunately, I got the furthest north to Stockholm.

L export. The trucks  transported  Tesla cars, I guess to N. From Bremerhaven, i think. DK have had new (larger) paper provis Lp.

In the evening I peeked again at the VW bus meeting. It’s a very German atmosphere. The best thing is that oldies music wins everywhere. British, Italian, but it got me the most Nena. Irgendwie, irgendwo, irgendwann.

30 states. Today RUS. That transcript. Almost everyone already has it in Prague. Nothing goes to Scandinavia. Only departures S, DK, N, FIN (these traditionally appear in the evening).

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Fourth Ahvenanmaa

Yes, that’s what Åland’s name is in Finnish. A lot of things surprised me about these almost 7,000 islands. AX speaks Swedish. From the capital it is 2x closer to the S than FIN.


There is a big Midsummer holiday in Scandinavia, so the traffic is so weird. So today at 15 end and lounging in the room.

If you think there’s a lot of VW buses, it’s because there’s a meeting.

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Today it came to an end

Good old André Rieu on a Scandinavian tour. A place where 3 lanes merge into two. Once a day, a constellation of racers meets and the situations tend to be more terrifying than in F1.

Good old Johny Cash on a Scandinavian tour. Rieu could be his son. The insect hotel ended in failure. I’ve never seen a single animal there before. And that was to be the Ark of Noah.


Of course, I noticed an old Land Rover leaving for a European tour. In 2 hours he was back on the tow truck platform. He waved for about 3 minutes and help came. International. But as it is in Scandinavia everywhere.

Faroe truck, F sidecar and DK trade.

Australia AUS and Morocco MA . 32 countries today.

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The total opposite of Prague – Fehmarn

A few meters from the Scandinavian route just silence, greenery, hares and seagulls. And the sea. Not azure-green. No stag partys, grafitti, dirt, garbage, roar, “refugees”, hot pavement, crowded public transport and shopping malls, full street vermin …

Everything takes place here right at the beginning. Unfortunately, I don’t go before, because I always go to breakfast until the last date. Today in the first batch  Saudia KSA. KSA takes pictures even badly, let alone flying. Motorcycles break through the port of the ship so that they can start first.

Several buses come to Border Shop daily from Sweden. That he can then split it.
I often get into nostalgia here. Scandinavia has always been a little higher when it comes to cars and especially trucks. But VW bus and US cars- it was a 90% hit. With Bullis they rode expeditions around the world and the Cadillacs had USA, CDN, KWT, RL … which were crowded in front of the hotels in the center. Before the ryanairs destroyed it all.

I remember Italy. It hasn’t rained there for more than 100 days. And hell day after day. Next in line is us.

Today, 35 states. Again 1UA (happy North) and no RUS. A couple a day, especially in the evening, traveled to the EU. From Murmansk and Arkhangelsk via N.                                 The trucks were fully controlled by the logistics giants DSV, postnord, DHL, Fedex … In the PRG, normal trucks still show up as before. When there were no logistics centers and trucks went from seller to buyer.


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20% of all Aland drove today

Åland AX 3x, DK moto 1930, DK civile defense, DK militar


30 countries.


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I should have been here before

It hasn’t been a nice week like this. And the heat wave arrived. Thus
at 8.30 away. I drove through areas with 39°C. And in Lübeck there were 16. Winter jackets, children’s rams and hoods. Well, you couldn’t even go for a walk on the island as it was cold. In the PRG, they finally made it to 39º. And now at 20 there are still 32.

Great escape to PL. The train to Szczecin did not take all the passengers.

This winter we will enjoy the mood to the fullest. Does anyone in the West even understand the Russian soul? Giving ultimatums and punishments. Russia ?! So they are slowly closing the cocks themselves. They’ll sell it somewhere else. And the EU will import LNG from KSA. I’m surprised D Green doesn’t mind that adulterous women are stoning in the squares. And that it will be driven by giant ships emitting more oxide than all the cars in the EU combined. But they are not. They have yet to be made. Stupidity and bigotry are paid for. It’s coming.

That’s from last night. I was looking forward to the rally for 3 months and in the end I couldn’t look at the arrival. And those 2 AUS came with GB and F Lp. He’s been like this for a week. I’m not expecting anything here. There is green grass and air with the scent of Greenland. Not ground-level toxic ozone, stink and smog. PRG has reached a new bottom. Probably like the EU stock market in response to its leaders.

45 Länder diese Woche d.h. -4. Kein MNE und vor allem P. Tagesdurchschnitt 32. Nicht so längst so 40. Jetzt ist Schluss. Das schlimmste im ganzem Jahr die D Frühlings Feirtage. Gestern noch dazu Guns and roses. Überall voll. Hunderte Autos. Alles aber D,PL,H. Deprimierend. Wenn überhaupt ,dann wird besser wieder erst am Anfangs September.

Welcome in Germany.

Great joy came in the end. France (my second home) gave Marine le Pen eleven times the votes to parliament. France is waking up. It was time! In the photo with our ally Tomio Okamura. His preferences fly up too.

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There is only one paradise

No anti-Russian sanctions, no weapons on the UA, no confiscation of property, inflation 2%, direct democracy (referendums), no debt, scandals, hate campaigns …Such the exact opposite of the EU.

Azerbaidjan AZ


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On the way to hell

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The weekends at PRG have been unbearable before.

It’s a pain now. Mostly mental. RUS is reportedly building Novorussia. We NovoUA.

E / AND rally arrived. Unlike the others, they locked themselves in a castle. They were probably afraid we would steal or steal them from them. Apparently they have experience with that. My dentist’s son went with his friends with 2CV from I, via MC, St.Tropez to Barcelona. They also had a drone, they wanted to make a movie. In the end, they lost everything in Barcelona.
The first is I tempor. It occurs on cars bought in D. Does anyone know anything more about this? Thanks.

Woche erneut mit 49 (+-0). Inclusive GBJ ohne Foto u. AND nur mit Luppe.

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The miracle is over

The best April and May ever. June into gray and boredom.

May 2022

The three best discoveries had two things in common. Everything observed from the tram. Everything outside the center. P2 / P10 border. Triangle with sides only 1km.


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Bad times are coming

2021: from 15.6. to 21.9. not a single state  accrue!!!


Ondra CZF did not meet anything special either. Last parked next to FO, today UA person.

April 2022



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Prague (CZ) is changing before our eyes. For the worse.

Something from Friday – then nothing. Morocco MA.

The route according to the flags corresponds. They came to us from A. And I would guess that they have now left for PL.

The result of attracting refugees from the UA. The subway and trams are so crowded that he overhears a Polish tourist saying, “It’s like Tokyo.” There is not a day that I do not think about emigrating. And there is no doubt that one day I will not be willing to endure this.

Woche brachte 49 (+1) Land. Kein MNE.

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Canada day

Wednesday again 42 states. As I read ATACCAMA is not a desert in Chile, but an IT company.

FRIDAY GLOSS 3.06.2022
Miroslav Macek
I read almost every day in disbelief how many more complaints and insults will be liked by Ukrainian President Zelenský by Western politicians who do not fully and completely share the American position that it is necessary to defeat Russia to the last Ukrainian by spun sanctions and arms supplies and try to take into account the effects of this policy on the half a billion people in Europe.
However, President Zelenský is not interested in this at all and constantly repeats the words about the defense of freedom and democracy in Ukraine, which also defends against Russian expansion Prague, Bratislava, Budapest, Vilnius, Vienna, Berlin, depending on where he is speaking from the screen.
Apparently, he relies on the fact that people deafened by war fanfares no longer remember his corrupt regime and the state of the country, before which millions of Ukrainians emigrated before the beginning  war, and sees in him a kind of European Messiah who will defeat the Evil Empire.
However, it may be time for the rest of the Ukrainians to hang him if they do not run away to their overseas bosses in time. Maybe he should read The Baptism of St. Vladimir Karel Havlíček Borovský with the verse: That’s the way it is in that world, different every moment: today he honors you as a saint, tomorrow you will be a pig!


Miroslava Macka
Téměř každodenně nevěřícně čtu, kolik dalších stížností a urážek si nechají od ukrajinského prezidenta Zelenského líbit ti západní politikové, kteří zcela a beze zbytku nesdílejí americký postoj, že je zapotřebí roztočením sankcí a dodávkami zbraní porazit Rusko do posledního Ukrajince a snaží se alespoň trochu zohlednit též dopady, které má tato politika na půlmiliardu obyvatel Evropy.
To ovšem prezidenta Zelenského vůbec nezajímá a neustále opakuje slova o obraně svobody a demokracie na Ukrajině, která navíc brání před ruskou expanzí Prahu, Bratislavu, Budapešť, Vilnius, Vídeň, Berlín, podle toho, kde zrovna promlouvá z obrazovky.
Zřejmě spoléhá na to, že lidé, ohlušení válečnými fanfárami, si už nepamatují jeho zkorumpovaný režim a stav země, před kterým emigrovaly již před válkou miliony Ukrajinců a vidí v něm jakéhosi evropského Mesiáše, který porazí Říši zla.
Může se ovšem za čas nadít toho, že jej zbytek Ukrajinců pověsí, pokud zavčas neuteče ke svým zámořským šéfům. Možná by si měl přečíst Křest svatého Vladimíra Karla Havlíčka Borovského s veršem: Tak to chodí na tom světě, každou chvíli jinák: dneska ctí tě za svatého, zejtra budeš sviňák!


During the tough dictatorship, they came to say in front of the Chamber of Deputies (they did not get further) NO to the government, attracting refugees, hoisting foreign flags … Demisi, demisi !!! Resign,Resign!!!


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World tours start: Argentina

Argentina RA, 3 years Premiere as 80th states 2022. Non rallye car 9years.

In 1993, Czechoslovakia was in the same situation as the UA today. The representatives of the Czech Republic and Slovakia agreed on a division according to where the Czechs lived and where the Slovaks lived. Believe it or not, there were no word strikes. Everything in peace and quiet. Today, relationships are perfect.
Couldn’t those of Kiev have imitated us at least a little bit?

Christian Horner,UK, commander, strategist and brain of the Red Bull team. This is the real winner of the Monaco GP 2022.

“A to je ta krásná země ,země česká, domov můj.” And this is the beautiful country, the Czech land, my home. (from the Czech national anthem ).There are times in the life of the country when it will be necessary to raise your voice.


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Long-term trend: useless weekends


Kadyrov wants to attack PL.                                                                                                     Reading the EU media would give the impression that removing Putin would solve everything. Does he believe that his successor will be someone like Frans Timmermans or Amalene Baerbock? Russia has always had dictators. Tsars, Lenin, Georgian Stalin, Ukrainian Brezhnev.
I think only one person clearly said about the succession – Ramsan Kadyrov. This is how they will remember Putin in Brussels (maybe even PL).

Big surprise at GP Monaco. After many, many months, Princess Charlene appeared in public. At the time, there was talk of her permanent relocation to Geneva. The media writes: the prince has not looked so happy for a long time. I can confirm from personal observation.

To the right of the princely couple Michel Boeri, president of the Autoclub de Monaco.

Diese Woche 48 (+-0). Kein MNE. Wieder schon am Mi. 45. Dann nichts. Entschuldigung IR!

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I waited big and small came

Iran IR, 2022 premiere , car after 3 years

The “wise” experts once told me that D (provincial government) with a hyphen does not exist. That I probably looked wrong…

My jsme tady doma (We are at home here) they are holding the first big demonstration soon. Voices calling on the government to step down are growing stronger.

Thursday finally 42 countries. Scandinavia is set in motion, motorcycles are appearing.

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Live the beginning of the week again

Canada CDN from tram, it always causes joy San Marino RSM

Primum is a BY / RUS / KZ transport company. So today I knew from afar that the only option was Kazachstan KZ                                                                         

Bughyra team on the way from the European Truck Championship in Misano (I). They have the last 20 km to Roudnice.

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The Cote d´ Azur is hot

otherwise I would already be there. And he didn’t come back for months.

Unfortunately, FIN has already gone crazy. Why, for God’s sake? Did they throw grenades across the border? Or banned bilingual areas in the north? Missile base among thousands of lakes.

I think in vain to write something optimistic in the end.

Woche 48 (+3) Länder. Aber schon am Mi. war 45.

                                                                                                                                                 Opinion poll.
UA refugees should remain at most until the end of the war – 49%.
Immediately back home – 23%.
How long they want – 20%.
I don’t know- 8%.
The government does not yet perceive the voice of the people.

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No, it’s not a nice time in PRG

When the time is right, I will describe this time truthfully. Moto MD is very rare.


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A colorful start to the new week

The deep depression from the way CZ is led by the current set is difficult to balance with nice catches.


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