I saw Mauritania today

I’m always amazed that E trucks Marcotran (alike Logesta) always have only the red Lp. And today (unfortunately on the far side of the Jižní spojka) to red – white with long blue lettering. I knew right away it was Mauritania. Plaque confirmed it to me. Perfect! 100%.

(Unfortunately, it is so terrible cold here that I can watch it for half an hour. But it’s a truck eldorado).

If anyone finds this truck on the Internet, let me know. Thank you in advance.

Every day, for many years, he runs around and on Prima cool Top Gear. And I play it every night before bed. yesterday my second home was on the program – Monaco.                          They got a consultant for the race. Jeremy Clarkson got Bernie Ecclestone. Just before the start, BE calls on the High Commissioner: “We need to disqualify the other two cars”. “Sure, as you wish, sir.”
3. “Bernie, you old fox!” Says C.
And here’s what I thought. At the time of GP, not all yachts can even fit in the harbor.
Monaco, a beautiful memory! And the whole Côte d’Azur.

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Everything has already been discovered

1 single day was the temperature per bike. Some neighborhoods are really beautiful. Mainly go around the depressed center and then you can go where the eye pulls you. 23 states can be found. The street with the trees is London (P2). The name matches. And a completely new district in the blind branches of the Vltava on P8.
So I’m slowly getting back to what I was doing before spotting.
Certainly the evening after such a day, one feels better than I had in the center. True, sometimes it balanced the catch.
I am aware that a new reality has arisen quietly and unnoticed.
I regret those who believe in returning to the old order.
I got used to it. I don’t want them anymore. This suits me better.

39 Länder (-4) diese Woche. Kein N. Und nicht neues oder besonderes. 

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Outskirts of Prague, paradise of America.

Very rare Arizona. Phoenix Suns, basketball pride.                                                                         

The best thing about American LPs is that once a year it is not the USA, but Venezuela, Columbia, Nigeria, Puerto Rico or the like.

Easter 2020. The last plane escapes from the hermetically sealed CZ. In the summer they returned for the car. Damage. We won’t see FO as well as CHN for a long time.

Woche 43 (+-0). Ohne MNE u.N.

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Long-distance truck traffic woke up

Iran IR                                                       Transnistria PMR                           KZ/BY           If you see this truck, don’t forget to look at the tractor. Yellow Kazakhstan.

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The great visionary, strategist and philanthropist Petr Kellner left

The only Czech of the world’s top 100 billionaires tragically died in a helicopter crash in Alaska. It employed 98,000 people worldwide and included, for example, O2, Air Bank, Home Credit, Generali, Telenor, Škoda transportation, CME Central European Media, Zonky, Cetin, Mall Group, Sotio biotech, PPF Real holding, O2 Arena, etc.
As he was the 97% owner of PPF Group, the company and therefore the Czech Republic lose another position and especially hope. The fall into the clutches of liberals, eco-fools and servants (formerly the Soviet Union, today Brussels) is approaching.

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Enjoy what is now, who knows what will happen next

MNE!, USA/GB?                                                                                                                                       GE. AND- sent us from the center Ondra CZF . Waiting for Italian ice cream.                          If they only knew that it is 50% better and 50% cheaper in Italy.                                            Sunday in Zličín. Romance Shopping City West.

Sehr gute Woche mit 43 (+3) Staaten. Wegen Deutschland Grenze Sperre fährt 30% LKW´s weniger, diese z.B. IRL hat Umleitung ausser CZ gewählt. Sonst alles dabei.

       At least CZ media brought the news that the giant was deflected by a gust of wind. I like to read about these giants. So I know they don’t avoid the biggest typhoons and hurricanes in the middle of the ocean. Only occasionally does the element blow a few containers into the sea. People then collect nike and adidas on the shore. But the ship is completely stable. No swinging. Only on a cup of coffee are such wheels made.
So they had to have it in a puddle like Suez wind at least 1000km / h. That he blew 220,000 tons!
Otherwise, it is quite possible, if not released quickly, that it will be a bigger financial disaster than Covid. These ships have a schedule of hours for the whole year ahead. If Suez stays closed, there will be nothing. And the price of goods will go up. And with it inflation.
Among other things, a ship with 130,000 live sheep is in a fantastic convoy of people waiting. Everything is there. Oil, batteries, everything.
And even. This fleet of superships produces more emissions than all cars combined. But cars are an easier target.
So I’m telling Germany to keep their borders closed for a very, very long time.

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Monaco only potato medal

1.Cannes – Botswana (CDN, KWT…)                                                                                                    2. Nice– Côte d´Ivoire (GUV,GBJ…)                                                                                                       3. Antibes– Senegal (AND…once NZ)                                                                                                     4. Monaco– Leban, Bahrain, Isle of Guernsey                                                                               Total 62 Countries (1- 2020).

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Best cars of Winter Monaco 2020/21






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Winner USA Lp Award 2017 in PRG

Chile, Mexico ,USA                                                                                                                                

Diese Woche 40 (-2).  Nicht MNE u. FIN.     

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After all, it’s just a hot rock, infested with monkeys …

Anyone who translates a paragraph from Jeremy Clarkson’s book on Gibraltar will have more insight than a fat guide.                                                                                                                Riviera winner. There have never been more GBZs in a year.

Japan decided today. Olympics without no J spectators. It thus withstood great pressure from the inhabitants, who rebelled against visitors from Europe. And I’m not surprised at all. On the one hand, an advanced civilization based on decency and consideration  and on the other, Europeans. No masks, noisy, drunk, obeying nothing. I wholeheartedly wish the Japanese that they will be spared.
Apropo, and government delegations only 5 members !!!

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Prague 10- spotters paradise.

Rare Maine.                                                                                                                                                                      Once one of the busiest streets of the center.

The EU is just an endless series of mistakes, failures and nonsense. However, the green card is worse. Almost all countries are in lockdown. And in a month is the migration of nations to begin ?! If  the masses really set out for the southern seas, the lockdowns won’t help either. That will be the end. With mutations that even distance and FFP2 will not protect against. The courage of politicians to say that the end of the feast is missing.

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The first new catch in Prague in 2021

Armenia AM, 2021 Premiere                                                                                                          It’s that simple. You take the bus and get hungry. You get out, shop and carry food around the corner to the bench. And in front of you AM. Forget the center, it’s P10.

In the evening, I listened to a famous architect on Radio 2. The editor asked him how he enjoyed the city without tourists. And he said. Those tourists are not the evil. The evil are those (I called them parasites) who try at any cost to get as much money as possible from them in the shortest possible time.
And he was right. Pouring them unconscious, stuffing them with scooters and beer carts, offering drugs, etc., etc. I’m glad I don’t have a single reason to go downtown right now. It is good everywhere else in Prague. The abrasion of the rage is still ingrained in every wall and sidewalk. Never Crawl etc. again !!!

        Of course, Prague is now without foreign cars. And now even without those from the rest of the country. So the traffic is quiet. And I hope it stays that way before the last covid disappears. Like in civilized countries like Japan, China, Taiwan, Korea, Australia, New Zealand … The knife opens in my pocket when I hear that Spain, Croatia, Greece are coming again, when tourists will start riding ?! And then the rest of the year will be a lockdown and hundreds of thousands of dead ?! So that E, HR, GR have pockets stuffed ?!
I like the approach of Italy. The first said clearly. Easter Italy complete Ferme. Every fourth Czech infected from HR returned in the summer. Will it be again this year ?!
It seems to me that our government is already making sense. Last year’s frivolity must not be repeated!
And not at all. It hasn’t been as nice as it has been in Prague for a long, long time.

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Pictures of hard lockdown

We are lucky. Our lockdown forces people to stay in the village. So I can move almost 500km2. So let’s not get cold on the bike. I have definitely never been to more than 50% of the streets. Prague is also very sparsely populated. Just over 2000 inhabitants per km2. For example, Munich has 5 and Milano almost 8000.
We also have a ban on accommodation and a closed border with Germany. I thank them for that. I can’t imagine the tourists coming again. But I think it is a distant future.             

Lidl has a completely different image in our country than in I or F. Czech bright stores employ the most skilful saleswomen. With F is 0% of identical goods, with I about 5%.
Parking just outside the western edge of Prague (I shouldn’t go there properly). 25 states. A4 Italy? Pch! 8? 9?                                                                                                                           

I wrote some time ago that not everyone in Italy has resigned yet. Not even in France. Yes, Macron is not exactly my idea of an ideal politician. But with their eastern neighbors – that’s it …

42 (+1) Länder. Nur MNE u. N habe ich nicht gesehen.

Thank you to Monaco, France and Italy for a wonderful asylum.
Special thanks to raphael and Hadri for their support.
And thanks to Austria for the transit. The only path left through Brenner to return.

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Prague is surprisingly clean. And beautiful.

I don’t understand it at all, but Prague is clean. And the food! I have regular breakfast here. “Chlebíčky” or salads.
And the Czechs in the tram. In shop. Europe is still here!                                                         

So let that satisfaction last me as long as possible!

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Where is the best?

Every time I came to Cannes, I thought to myself: My God, that’s far better than Monaco. Sometimes it happened to me in Nice. And then I experienced something in MC and I thought: How could I think Cannes was better?
I experienced a similar euphoria when I arrived in Italy. And an hour ago in Linz. Finally a real Central Europe! Wurst salad with mayonnaise! And I thought, Austria is the best. But it really is. I’ve been saying this for about 2 years now and nothing has changed. There is nothing better when you take it around and around.                                                                     

But then came the bomb. Czech Republic.
Whatever it is, it’s my only country.

P.S .: After MC (10) and F (8) I bought FFP2 also in I (2). And a while ago in A (0.59€). . And the only one of them looked perfectly trustworthy.

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Where will I have this?

The possibility that AL will go in CZ and Malta will follow it is like winning the Eurojackpot. Museo Oceanographique Monaco truck.

Covid’s clouds are gathering. Pesto no longer nice at the table. Just take the wall with you. There is talk that the whole of Italy will move to the Zona Rossa.
On wanderings along the outermost edge of VR. Treasures are hidden in my imagination here.
After all, MA. You can overtake it here.
Nevertheless, sometime in the evening there will be a moment (as in MC) and I will order a departure.
So maybe I’ll sign up again from somewhere.

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Well-being day by day …

Today, the tangenziele was fuller than the highway. Crazy amount of trucks. Just look back and the trucks behind you.

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A couple of Sunday pictures


Rückkehr zu Normalität. 41 (-4).  A4 ist definitiv misserabel. Schlechter als Jižní spojka.  F A8 hat viel weniger LKWs, aber binnen 1 Stunde mindestens MA oder GE gesehen.              Diese Woche kein MNE u. N.

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So they’re driving people into HR in the summer?

And will the rest of the year be lockdown everywhere? Too bad I don’t take pictures of birds, for example. Otherwise, this condition would suit me fully. But lp really aren’t. Cote d´Azur- this is the only bubble. But by the end, the RSM and then the AND were gone.
This week, asphalt- clouds of dust are scraping in the whole MC. So I wonder if they will go last Sunday in May? No spectators?
And here in Verona if there will be their world-famous opera festival …                                   

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A4 Verona-Venezia is a disappointment yet

But from a distance, there was one great chance.                                                                           

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