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Pictures of this year

January, February

Woche mit 45 (+-0) Länder. Nicht EST,AL,IRL…

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“Wind of change” blew from Holland

More like a hurricane. Let’s sweep all this craziness out of the EU, all these fools from Brussels. Let us sweep away our Government of National Tragedy.

The sympathetic and industrious people of Holland finally woke up and rebelled. When will France come? I always say to myself. What still has to happen for people in France to finally wake up too.

He did not want to wait for the eruption of the volcano and went to CZ. Island IS.

UA- Brussel government based in Prague.

This is the reality of Liberal Democracy. “Schlusslicht” as the Germans say. But with a proper distance.

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Not even covid eliminated spotting in Prague

until the conflict provoked by the West. Poor West.


Ineos Grenadier Premiere.

Play it on youtube

Woche mit 46 (+1). Alles schon gesehen.

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That’s already retro

Monaco November, Dezember 2018




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It all ended here

Very nice concert. Janek Ledecký etc. in the center of Bořislavka billionaire Karel Komárek.

Woche 45 (-6). Es ist total leer.


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November in history















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First three days great – then nothing


Not even a crown for Ukraine, SPD chairman Tomio Okamura says in a midday TV debate.

It is not easy to see all this in the streets of Prague. All those from villages beyond the borders where there is no danger. They just besiege doctors, social services for more benefits, etc.

Toyota’s model offensive is coming. The last blow for the EU car market before it is flooded by the Chinese wave.

The most beautiful rally of the entire 2023 series. 125 thousand viewers.

Woche 51 (+6). Das alles war schon am Mittwoch. Dann nichts.

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The season has just started here

A magical Monday evening. 38 states.

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After much research

i think it is Republika Moldova P (Rybnitsja) also transskript Transnistria original.

Transnistria neutral

Similar to S- we got a letter. Premiere.


Woche 46(-1). Warten auf Wunder. Rallye- wunderbar.

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Another day full of cars

Preparations for Prague Car Festival

WRC rally, day I.: Andreas crash. They managed for 20 minutes.

An autumn day in peaceful southwestern Bohemia.
Bears and wolves ran far from the track.

10th yesterday. Leader today. Kalle Rovanperä, Yaris WRC. But the other Neuville, Hyundai does not marry.

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The rally has started. The worst is over. Get out of the center.

What a colorful day. I’m going to say hello to my friend from MC Andreas Mikkelsen, the Toyota team, etc.

Crew J went to H Lp, Paraguay to E, KZ to CZ and CZ to Emirates, Sharjah.

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The rally is coming…

…from this place in front of Prague Castle I will report on Thursday from the start of the WRC rally.


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Only the weather is nice

Woche 46 (-3). Es fehlte nichts, aber auch nicht darüber.

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Waiting for something very extra. Will he come or not?

China tempor (2023/07/25) Premiere            next Alaska



My first hydrogen car- Toyota Mirai. Bureko – Made in CZ.

Woche satte 49 (+2).


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Glorious from October

2013- 2022

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Sunday: Premiere around every corner

Azerbaijan AZ CD alltime Premiere        Albania AL tempor alltime Premiere

UAE Sharjah Export alltime Premiere                                                                                

Supercars of Palestine landed on my Facebook a while ago. And then every day dozens of other Rolls Royces, Lamborghinis, etc.
We were similarly surprised at how many similar supercars appeared with Lp UA. And they are certainly surprised in CH, MC and even the resorts of E. Some were fleeing the war and stopped as far as Marbella.

Woche mit 47 (-7) Länder. Rückehr zum Werten von Juli und August.

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From evening drives through the city

30 years ago, the Vietnamese were selling watches whose bezel had already fallen off in the evening.
And today the import of Vinfast cars started. Nothing has changed in PRG during that time. Not a single public building, just nothing.
And Vietnam (RUS, CHN, etc., etc.) are completely different countries.
Glory to the EU!

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D holiday. Forget it for a few days.

Nochmal GVA/PRG Rekordwoche 54 (+-0). Diesmal auch mit MNE. Aber jetzt ist Schluss.

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Myebe the best September ever

Transnistria, Mexico, Ghana, Oman, Japan, Qatar, Iran, Libya, Cyprus, Kuwait…

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