The mob ruled the streets.

After more than a year of freedom, Svoloč from a neighboring state took control of the evening center. Earlier, that disgust at least occasionally offset the catch. Now only the gangs of drunks were left. I jumped into the nearest subway and left for P4. That relief!

TR is on fire. GR almost 50°C. Happy journey.                                                                               

Frau Merkel will raise a successor in 20 years of rule. Armin Laschet. Here in a good mood at the scene of the disaster. Andrej Babiš, Czech Prime Minister in tornado-affected Moravia.                                                                                                                                   

Schlechteste Ergebniss  seit 10 Wochen. 42 (-5). Eine grosse sterile Langweille.

Our fourth gold. Barbora Krejčíková and Kateřina Siniaková, tennis.                                       

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We’ll shorten the wait for …

very rare Nevada (real in Hotel), again Q…                                                                                                                      

Cycling through Prague. At dusk at Prague Castle. The first president after the establishment of Czechoslovakia (1918) was Tomáš G. Masaryk. Before midnight at the Bethlehem Chapel. Master Jan Hus preached here. When the believers learned that he had been taken to the tribunal in Konstanz – a crowd marched through the winding streets of the Old Town to the town hall and a few people ended up thrown out the windows.

… the fourth wave of covid, the total collapse of the financial sector, another wave of refugees, the devastating weather … the memory of July 2018.                                                         

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All those measures killed autotourism

Exactly as I predicted. Anyone from even the most dangerous countries can get to Prague by plane. But crossing the car more than 2 borders is practically impossible.                                And what is surprising to me. For the second year in a row, the motorcycles completely disappeared.

Now we will only remember. July 2019.                                                                                   

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There is nothing to say at all

Sogar 47 Länder diese Woche (+3). FO waren bestimmt junge unter 20, kann mir nicht vorstellen wer andere kann aus sauberen FO nach CZ fahren. Aber auch die junge gingen nur No Stop durch. CY kann ich mich überhaupt nicht erklären.                                                  Ansonsten hat die EU entschieden: Menschen, die mit für die nicht EU zugelassenen -Impfstoffen geimpft werden, dürfen nicht her.
Aber umgekehrt. Er ist sicherlich niemand in CHN, J, ROK, AUS, NZ … der im Moment der EU beitreten möchte. Europa wurde immer als Abschreckungfall angeführt.

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I searched FO, found Cyprus

At P6, Ondra CZF calls me: “FO passes through the center”. It occurred to me to go see the nearby Castle that he might come there. He didn’t come. But there was Cyprus CY.            

           If I have a trip to the showroom, I will not forget to play large-scale images on the best Apple Mac. And I’m always amazed. Better quality than on the phone display. It also does not happen to cost more than 6000 €.

Six Czech olympioncs had to leave the expedition and ended up in a hotel in Tokyo for the infected before deciphering them back. I think that if another plane arrives from CZ, they put on all their spacesuits and all those emergency vehicles leave for the airport on desktop.
We are a nation of the Švejk’s.. It is not for nothing that we all like this book and film for generations so much.                                                                                                             Act.Fr.:The Games have not yet started and we are already Olympic winners. Uganda, Guinea and the Czechia sent the most infected from their countries, and after the 6.  Guinea only the 6 ones had a success rate of 100%. So we’re probably just silver.

Big July 2017 of the Faroe.                                                                                                                                                             

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Sterile center. More than ever.

USAs, rare Arizona                                                                                                                                                                        

Lewis Hamilton has returned to his roots. When they held secret races around London. He also ended up in supersport then as Max Verstappen now. In civilian life, attempted murder and multimillion-dollar damage is a harsh punishment. At Silverstone, however, the commissioners gave a politically correct 10 sec. penalty !!!!!!
The German press was also disgusted by the ensuing celebrations when the opponent was in the hospital.
What about Mercedes? He was lucky the victim was not Chinese. They would mass demolish Mercedes and return orders, as Apple or Nike have experienced in the past.

Recently, the very strange country of GB celebrated Freedom Day. But it was not a day of freedom of people and life. But Freedom Day for virus.
NL made the more elegant solution. Instead of a lockdown, one of Europe’s most infected populations was sent en masse to Europe.

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The strong four (D, PL, NL, DK) make up 98% of all tourists.

50% of hotels, mainly those oriented to the USA, CHN, J, ROK… and group stays remain closed. Those who were oriented at least had a lot at least on the weekend. But only visitors from four countries.

Monaco, Prague and a four-year-old boy have appeared in the media all over the world. An Armenian living permanently in Prague with an MC residency handed over car keys from bentley in front of the Hotel de Paris. His son sat unnoticed behind the wheel and stepped on the gas. A Belgian guest finished under the back wheels. Subsequently, at the hospital in Nice. Even this can happen in the safest city in Europe.  ( car on the week in PRG)           

You cannot park yourself on the Place du Casino. You must hand over the keys of car to the porter’s  with the appropriate banknote (the best profession in the world !!!). They then decide according to the luxury of your car whether you end up in front of the entrance or in a row or in an underground garage.
They are the only ones who have matured for this system in Top Gear. They arrived in front of the entrance with a Ford T. For an hour, the hotel attendants tried to take the car away. Without any results. It stood still in the morning.

Woche 44 (-1). Ich denke alles dabei aber auch nicht besonders.

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There is no escape


There is no season. Only DK likes PRG, and NL is starting to appear. And it is already clear that there will not be another one.

Juli 2013, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 2020.

The new climate plan presented by Brussels is reminiscent of the work of a madman, writes a serious economically oriented
We only have two options left. Go to the polls and discuss the archive of memories.


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Current spotting: it is no longer the World Cup, but only the European Championships

USAs, rare Minnesotta                                                                                                         

Three penalties tore down the facade of kneeling, writes the Czech press. I am proud that the CZ teams in the cups and the national team in the GB never knelt.
My dear Prime Minister Johnson, I thought you ran away from the EU just before such ideas as Angela Merkel’s head, Frans Timmermans, etc. ?!

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Catch what wasn’t even supposed to be

Kazachstan KZ, normally I go to -3 exceptionally. And if -2 is empty, not at all. But this time something led me there. On an empty floor  KZ. And  nice driver told me in Russian how angry he was with the key to opening the door and starting. So he should have been gone.                                                                                                                                          CZ a la Sweden.

The worst country in the world.
Blanka, CZ teacher in the UAE: her husband once took her on holiday to Thailand on the island of Pattaya. Dirt, rats, vomit and lots of 12-year-old prostitutes.
Tomáš Poláček, CZ traveler around the world: Democratic Republic of Congo, the heart of darkness.
Jeremy Clarkson: Bolivia.

Gute Woche, nach langer Zeit mehr im Zentrum, als auf P10. 45 (+2). Kein MNE.

Jeremy Clarkson writes in one of his books that the greatest happiness one can encounter is to be born Italian. I agree. I don’t care how much it costs to eat, but experiencing the feeling of pride is priceless. I was also proud of the Czech boys, friends, the team fighting for our little miserable country, which ended up in the hell of Baku.                                      England was left with only the price of consolation- European champions in kneeling and a lot of questions.

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PRG: the highest incidence of North American LPs in Europe

Canada CDN, rare Alberta , USAs                                                                                        

Tornado aid concert, homeless people on their way to vacation and on their way home. I do not agree with the form, but the political content does. (TOP 09- probrussel servile party)

School trip in Dubai.
Where else than to 1km high Burdz al Khalifa. Even before the bus left, the children boasted how much money they had in their wallets. Our teacher just rolled her eyes. Some had a day more than her monthly salary. The observation deck must be reached through the Dubai Mall – a gigantic temple of consumption. Right at the door, the children scattered and the teacher just prayed that the 8-year-olds would not do anything. She then found them in fast foods with trays loaded with so much food, mainly sweets that they could consume about 10%. She then found the girls at Louis Vuitton, where they bought their mother’s handbags en masse. This is how the whole appointed time went.
In the evening, she waited anxiously for news from her mothers that they had not even gone up. About 6 came. All similar. Thank you for a nice trip. Only our children said they had little time for shopping and food.

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It’s not going to get any better

Kazachstan KZ                                           Emirates UAE Abu Dhabi ,new lp                   GE export and more                                                                                                              

This is Italy! Chiellini (I) grazes the deadly pale Alba (E) before shooting penalties in the semifinals of the European Championships.
Hard to choose now. ENG, DK, but I probably wish Italy the most.

I don’t know what the heads of state thought. Covid occupies a place as the Taliban in Afghanistan. GR closes bars, SK borders, J stadiums (80% of Japanese did not want the Olympics), 10% of FIN football fans returned from Petersburg infected.
So enjoy. Thanks to all this, Lockdown will come soon and will be tough.
CZ does not have to be afraid. Nobody goes to Prague. Hotel occupancy is 10%. But 50% have not opened at all yet. At least you can go downtown.

Just read. Czech teacher married in the UAE for AUS. So A.D. is such a European CH. Richer than Dubai, higher earnings, a conservative, financial center. And Dubai is such an Amsterdam. Circus for tourists. I did not know.

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Mexico and Rally Istanbul-Prague

Mexico MEX, 2021 Premiere as 74th                                                                                 

Onel1fe Rally with Maltas , “RUS “person (Johny), L ala GBG and Indrek know F7…     

The transportation of goods from China by truck is growing dramatically. Shipping and ports are collapsing. CHN trucks take him to a monster transshipment yard to KZ and from there he goes to Europe. Already 2 Czech companies are cooperating. Unfortunately, there are 7 day waiting times at the CHN / KZ border.

Woche mit 43 (+-0) Länder. Kein IRL. 

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Back to zero.

After the weekend “wave” of 50 cars, the number of tourists in Prague dropped back to zero. Only CDs or company cars can be seen.                                                                        

Glory to Switzerland! A team of selfish people, individualists, world champions in hairstyles, performers of celebratory dances, rebels to the coach go home.  In a moment I will look at the real athletes on the beautiful Tour de France.

Auf Wiedersehen. It was sung yesterday not only in GB, NL, PL, F, I … European champions in pulling politics into sports, lighting rainbow stadiums and teaching other countries are going home. ENG-D 2:0.                                                                                                     Fans in Wembley: Sheeren,Beckham

Next time:                                                                                                                               

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Everything looked like the Great Dutch Day

Max Verstappen won the F1 GP in Austria. CZ commentators said goodbye, wishing it would be the last NL victory of the day. However, Mathieu van der Poel left the group of favorites on the Tour de France and won the stage in Mur-de-Bretagne. And millions of people in NL switched only to the next match of the European Championships in NL-CZ football. The easiest task of the day.                                                                                                                         

CZ fans filled practically the entire Budapest Puskas Stadium (60,000) in the friendly H and drove our team into battle. After a nervous start, the performance grew and changed into an exhibition. CZ-NL 2: 0!

The tourist season has begun. About 20 cars from D, 20PL, 3DK, RKS bus and Isle of Jersey GBJ arrived at PRG over the weekend.
Last time I mentioned tourists to HR. So for an idea. The Czechs women drove the locals out of the beach and beat them with mobile phones.                                                             

CZ was not in the European media just because of football. Tornado of rich villages on the border CZ / SK / A. It flew over the D2 motorway, which it blocked for almost 24 hours with fallen power poles.

43 Staaten in diese turbulente Woche also -1. Kein MNE.

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This will not turn out well.

Austria the Minister of the Interior on a visit to the PRG  , P CD                                 Billy Bob Thorthon, another Hollywood star here. Dozens of films, screenplays, 6 marriages (2.Angelina Jolie).                                                                                                                By Czech train overnight to Croatia. Baked steaks, pâtés, crates of beer, just courage. And the next day en masse to the beach. This is my idea of pain, suffering, helplessness, hopelessness, punishment, despair …
Full stadiums, beaches, no one observes anything anymore. And the delta variant explodes. This can’t end well.

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Holidays on the island of Fehmarn are over

and it was time to follow in the footsteps of the mysterious black Lp. The car is already put into operation and it was a military CH. So according to the ideas of the new owner. Otherwise he definitely bought well. The CH army certainly maintained the Toyota well and did not take trips with it to Mali, etc.                                                                                and in Prague I was greeted by a full yard of US cars with a very rare Georgia.

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Instead of recording, I just stared

so at least from behind. Island IS, Person , 2021 Premiere as 73th.                                         I saw Aland only in my imagination, again EUR.  MC II.                                                               

There were mazda buses from FIN. The one above has a rare FIN provis on the glass.   

Coronavirus victim. This super sympathic German-speaking traveler ended up at the entrance to the ship in DK. She didn’t have a test. So we decided what to do next. Eventually, she decided to return to the IFA Hotel, where she would be tested in the morning.

Woche PRG/Fehmarn endet mit 44 Länder (+2). Insel brachte ausser anderem MC, CY u. IS. Nur MNE ist nirgendwo.

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Croatia knows.

Croatia has announced that CZ and SK (possibly others) are “green countries” and the arrival is without any measures or confirmation. So the “famous” EU covid certificate is a worthless piece of paper before it is presented in Brussels in 10 days.
Want to know how it turns out? I do not know. But surely, after all those summer holidays in HR, GR, etc. and mass swimming in the river Ganges, more and more aggressive mutations and harder lockdowns will occur.

About 100 DK, S, 5N and 2FIN went here on holiday to Europe and a few dozen vehicles went to beautiful Scandinavia throughout the day, 90% of which were D. CZ was not visible at all today, not even a truck. Much today TIR IRL. The ferries extended the beat, as well as carrying practically only air.

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Belgian fans took control of the route.

3 arrivals of the ferry I wondered why so many B. Once it had a car and flags. Yesterday’s match DK-B 1: 2 in Copenhagen. Well, it had to be nice. 24 thousand spectators.
What is enough for satisfaction. Finally bike and breakfast in the harbor. Danske Hotdog.  Very rare (probably outside Brussels) EUR. I haven’t seen it in years. DK CD and Trade.
Cyprus CY, parked for the night in a closed zone. Fortunately on the edge. And an evening surprise – MC.
Today, 31 states. But tourism there and practically does not exist.


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