Nice didn’t disappoint either

Canada, Algier, Tunis … also AL, IRL, FIN … 36 states, MC yesterday 34. Full  Nice of Moldova.                                                                                                                                             

As we all know, the good old days are over. In Nice, the streets for cars are being liquidated. They have taken up half of the famous seaside road for bicycles. The extreme queue of cars practically did not move.

Extrem gute Woche 52 (+5) Länder.  Das sind die teils/teils Woche. 

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Douces soirées monégasques

    At dusk I thought CZ? and the IRL will be the best today.                                                        The new beach is awakening to beauty. The new Avenue Princesse Grace seems to be breathtaking.                                                                                                                                               I was thinking about a GBG scooter. Hardly a new one. But after dark, a storm came.        When Quatar suddenly ran over here. Sprint 200m (bike down in the garage – not allowed in the center! Everywhere else, on the contrary, they drove cars !!!) and it’s Iraq.                    Iraqi Kurdistan as 82th states Premiere  2021 (2020-82).                                                  And Guernsey with a little observer on the roof and Bugatti Chiron arrives and … I’m hungry now and I feel like that’s enough. Thanks, Monaco!

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Happy country of Monaco

has only one concern. With a crazy princess. But I always chose the same. Normal girls bored me insurmountably.                                                                                                                     

In the parking lot on the outskirts of MC, I met a German with a luxury car trailer. He told me he had already passed and would now wait until Sunday for another Ferrari back. At the same time, with a look at the sky and his hands clasped, he thanked him for the 2 days of waiting here. And he told me how crazy the weather was in Munich. As a true Monacoman, I shook my head in disbelief.
I knew I had to dress less than in the PRG. But in the afternoon, even the little clothes ended up on the bike rack.

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Burkina Faso is breeding in the PRG

and Éric Zemnour is coming. He is now the official candidate in next year’s French presidential election.                                                                                                                       

The current situation is extremely depressing. The shadow of the election, when 1.1 million for Czech votes fell, the temperature around zero, plus snow and wind, and in covid we return to world No. 1.
It’s high time to make some decisions.

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Even more cold, gray and covid – but it’s still going

Fourth in a series of 47 states per week. 40-42 in July and August, 40 a year ago.                            

The situation with covid is very confusing. Nothing is sure. Nobody knows what tomorrow will bring.

Mass occurrence of car tourists from Romania. Hotel car park besieged by RO. 1.12. they have a public holiday, so about an extended weekend. I’ve never noticed it before.

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Cold, gray, covid. But not completely empty.

Today is the first day of lockdown (soft-A and SK brutal) and surprisingly the best day of the week. Last winter at Lockdown it was far better than summer.                                         The triangular Lp was already under the “Comanche” (communists). I haven’t seen her in about 30 years now. Until now again. I have no idea if it’s valid.

Today, the newspaper writes that Norway has problems with the budget. Because it subsidizes electric cars. This must be one of the EU’s fake news. The EU should take care of itself. And to say, for example, how long the frantic printing of money will continue. My tip is: until everything collapses.                                                                                                Or apologize for the delusions of vaccination. Those false promises. One stab and forever you’re covid immune. And you won’t infect anyone either. And when 75% of the population is vaccinated, collective immunity develops.                                                   Emission allowance prices are attacking 80€. Only the Sultan of Brunei or the Qatari emir will soon buy a European product in the world. And the famous sanctions? RUS will sell all its energy to Asia. And buyers stand in line.

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It was Intercontinental Prague


Fairmont is expanding. Kempinski Geneva on the shores of the lake is now also Fairmont. So far, I only knew the famous Monaco.                                                                            

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Now just waiting for the lockdown

Every day I walk a few hundred meters through the forest and I am on one of the busiest streets. From the center in the direction of West Europe. In the morning, a direction full of vehicles leaving for the West. 5 tram stops down to the center. There were times when in those few minutes 20 states passed through. I remember a small exotic motorcycle loaded with a small man and a colorful cargo. Lp same color.
It was quiet for a long time now. It wasn’t until Thursday that he missed the GBZ in the opposite direction at the third stop. And on Friday loaded Audi with the US style brand at the fourth.                                                                                                                                               

The good old Intercontinental turns into Fairmont.

Be careful. Another wave of covid is advancing from the East. The border is now approximately Calais-Geneva-Venezia. Austria is going into a tough lockdown from Monday. The values in H, SK, CZ are the same. How long do rulers want to hold it before they admit reality?
You read everything here. Even at a time when there was talk of one dose and immunity forever. Not worth talking about.
If people do not wear FFP2 in any contact with another person as ordered in MC (and also hard required), everything is futile. Such a trifle! Pampered, weak, degenerate European population. Tourists from Japan, Taiwan … have been wearing masks voluntarily for a long time.                                                                                                                                                    Why did FFP2 be abandoned? That the vaccination lobby would win? Yes, it won.

Schon zum drittenmal 47 Staaten. Nur IRL nicht zu sehen. Viele Punkte aber schon gesehene CDN,GE,AM usw.

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Hadri, something from Bystřice was predisposed to us

Uzbekistan UZ, Azerbaidjan AZ                                                                                          Now there is such a boom that FIN is facing our home.

  Even today’s Europe has a few (last)  heroes. Proud Poland!

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From the November fog … South Africa

Zuid Africa ZA as 81th Premiere 2021                                                                                  

Similarly, in early December 2015, this young man on his way to his roots in Ireland.       

Nochmal 47 Länder. Es fehlte nichts.

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I’m pretty much looking for a lockdown

The week was as pleasant as possible. But tonight I visited the center. Party youth swarmed like wasps. Scooters, screamers… So it’s better to lockdown than to get this here.                

Not so long ago, the Czech media parroted the news that Prague was declared the most beautiful city in the world. Sometimes someone pointed out that according to And also that the second was Amsterdam and the third Chicago.
I see!!! The bad idea came true. Progressive-eco-LGBT sites that attract the ones mentioned in the introduction.
Amsterdam is the only city I have escaped from. After leaving the station, I saw only Asian-African-Latin American chases of goods and services in the backdrop of a total circus. After about a kilometer I turned around and took the first train away. In Hoek van Holland looked at the sea. That was very nice.
And Chicago? So for me, the idea of everything negative I’ve seen so far is crushed in one city.

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The Faroe Islands unexpectedly return to the scene

July 22 report from Ondra CZF. FO in the center. And today at the place where I got off the bus,through the poor edges of Prague 9 ,because of the USA in the shop window. They run in a row of cars without stopping … So I inspected the yard of a neighboring repair shop when it was suddenly there                                                                                                                     Faroe Island FO as 80th Premiere 2021                                                             


 I am pleased to find out that Princess Charléne has returned to Monaco after many months of African anabasis.

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The best week of PRG 2021 came in November.

Libya LAR, after many years again in the PRG                                                                        One car enthusiast asked me if Jeremy Clarkson lived on the Isle of Man. Which led me to look at what his cottage (as he calls it) actually looks like. And the result was astounding. So I really envy this C. This is perhaps better than the Côte d’Azur. There, the prominence is cramped side by side. But here’s the space!

Rekord PRG Woche mit 47 (-2) Länder. Nach GE erwartete ich Debakel. Alles dabei. Auch 2GE trucks usw.

Tomorrow, Tuesday, the 80th Premiere of 2021.

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Definitely better now than in the summer.

View from the boarding island to the tram.

November                                                                                                                              2012-2019

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Prague classic.


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Board. The ship is leaving.

The Honda 360/600 Z caught me on the opposite side. Do I only know her from the prospectus? Legend.

Woche 49 (-1) Länder. Und das ohne NMK, MNE u. N.

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Today flood and fire at the same time

The GE center was flooded with trade unions and it was still raining all day. I was ready for it, so I visited the garages along the edge.                                                                                         

It’s full of logical things here. A green light glows above the vacant ones, occupied by a red one. My closet lights up for a photocell. I also use it in such a way that when I get up at night I just wave and don’t have to look for a light switch. I also got a taste for beer on the way back after a short evening visit to the center. That’s how I stop by our gas station. and what a surprise. In CZ there are exhibition halls of alcohol and nothing here. Alcohol and beer are not sold. Absolutely logical!                                                                                              How  difference between parking Prague and GE- such a difference in guests. PRG only on weekends alcohol raids from those to death boring German cities on the border- here …

The famous, famous times of Geneva.
Traditional spring car show. The most important car show of car times. Today they did a car show in Munich. There were exclusively e-cars. Yet around a violent demonstration. I am absolutely happy at what times I lived. Without reservation, only here and in MC you feel good.                                                                                                                                                     Geneva Motor Show 2017. Last time. I’m glad I still experienced it. On the last day at 19, all the cars that were there the horns rang . I think I am….

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On a wave of euphoria. From everything.

In the fog to shop in nearby Balexert. At noon the fog dissolved, the bike sped off. IRL- first on tour. MC, the only common of the ministates.                                                                   

Kazachstan KZ, after my Guernsey GBG.                                                                         

I was just taking off my jacket, so I was in a straitjacket: Algier DZ, the first new 2021. 

The evening is approaching, but it is still increasing. I don’t mind too much, he passes the MA. At 18 I return the bike and take a look at the garage. San Marino RSM. Formerly the price of consolation, now a spectacular catch.                                                                               38 States today. Without LV, UA, BIH, MK. All new. This is Genéve.

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No sun, no bike, no catch

It was also the more famous UNO Lp. November 2018 on the way to MC. Few hours. That was efficiency! Nigeria.                                                                                                                     

And one more rarity. Transnistria. Today, they can only travel with these Lp on their land. Every day, golden youth gathered in front of Globus. And every day they fined them for wipers. It was not until one day that the CH authorities intervened and the cars ended up in the corral like the Obianga.   So the boys paid the fines with surcharges and delays. That’s how they bent, we say.                                                                                     

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The Japanese spotter showed how to do it

Beauty, pure beauty. Wherever the eye looks. I just move between the Jardin Botanique and across the Rive to Eaux-Vives. And where I want to stop.

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