Signs of improvement and hopelessness alternate.

From the memory book: September 2017                                                                                           

(The only creature in the survey is John McEnroe)

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The first 2021 premiere since June 30.

Åland AX, 2021 Premiere as 75th countries                                                                                                             

As in the old days. I looked at the hotel parking lot and then drove off. At the first crossroads, I reached the USA?, which was just starting. And then he followed him to the hotel. Really American. From Illinois.

The price of electricity is now about 40E per MWh. But this is the price that was negotiated a year ago. For 1 year this time we will pay 106 E MWh. So recharging e-vehicles will be 2.5 x more expensive per year. Not to mention the effect on the prices of everything else.
It will be in the EU surprised people who will say they did not know me!
Closing nuclear and coal-fired power plants and converting all transport to electricity is insane.
We have something to look forward to. I don’t think the French and Italians will like this anymore.

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Motorcycles promised more!

On Sunday, she started from the PRG NL / B rally to Athens. On Saturday Carlsbad Classic.

42 (-4) Länder pro Woche. Viele davon mit Mühe.

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Good left. The bad returns. Even stronger.

The expedition left. Interesting cars drove off. The motorcycles are gone. Even the classic autotourist from DK etc. are gone.
It is only in the evenings that the western youth party climbs in the evenings. Selfie-hen getting dressed in the evening as they saw it in another hen on the instagram. And young men (I mean unemployed) who turn social benefits into outfits to look like Ronaldo.
A sad look at a poor, indebted Europe that has abandoned all its values, traditions, itself.
Just sadness, boundless sadness.

September 2014                                                                                                                             

The last one is a decent hotel Pyramida. Now you can have a room for 630 CZK, ie about 23€.

I like Poland. I like Poles. We are so close and similar. I understand them. But to the people of Western Europe? And I don’t mean the language barrier.
According to legend, the ancestor Čech and ancestor Lech came to the mountain Říp. We remained here around our sacred mountain in the middle of a plain bounded on all sides. Historians say it’s just a rumor. That, on the contrary, they drove us out of the sea.                 Posvátná česká hora Říp.



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Sweden Nexus Rally at the finish in PRG

  We will continue to produce cars with internal combustion engines, our Prime Minister has rejected the EU ban.

September 2013                                                                                                                                    

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Nothing is the same as before.

Neither Harleys Days.                                                                                                                           

The year was 2015. The 2 years before the World Harleys Days. But this year brought the biggest catch ever. Jordan.                                                                                                                 

46 (+4) Wochebilanz. 2 gute Tage (40,39). Dann wieder nichts. Wochende ist zum zweitenmal grausellig.

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Who knows what black is?

  New York: I talked with the owner. It’s N.Y. He has even passed a police check.

Harley days begin. But nothing better than FIN will probably appear. A few memories of World Harleys Days a few years ago.                                                                 

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50% of the visitors of the central camp – Isle of Guernsey

and 25% of the visitors (not CZ) of the central car park – the Isle of Jersey.                                                                                                                      Such was the “famous” journey. CZ Senate delegation to Taiwan. The reaction from China was verbal at first – now also factual. Skoda Auto lost 86% of its sales in 1 year. The Skoda China factory must close.
Enormous efficiency prevailed. And I like it. The city is totally empty – just like the lockdown. And if the German alcohol collector doesn’t come for the weekend thanks to the red card – I will like it even more.

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Worst weekend, week, August.

42 states (-5).

China Special.                                                                                                                                           

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Double punch. Covid and ecomomaniacs.

Paris leads the fight against cars. As you probably know, you will hardly get to the center of Paris. Now still a general 30 km / h.
A few memories of famous car times.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

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Empty city. But it will be worse.

Soon it will be time to pay for the summer feast.
And soon it’s time to pay for the Green Deal.                                                               

Despite climate change, EU citizens do not want to give up cars, meat and holidays.
But the weighing has already happened. We have already chosen it in the elections.     Škoda Auto, for example, ends up on the orders of the Fabia Combi production line. The best-selling model! That is why it ends. It corrupts the emission average of the concern.
We will be an island of stupidity and self-destruction all over the world.
Yes, deservedly so. We go to the polls.

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Nice experiences, guests from the island.

Isle of Jersey GBJ, I understand that you can’t stay on the island all year. PRG is currently having good prices, and apart from one day, even the weekend night rage of the youth did not exceed the tolerable limits. FIN- an absolute rarity. All summer about 3. Moto 0.                                                                                                                                                 

Evening in Malá Strana. The Beatles revival band play in the yard. I’m sitting on the sidewalk, passing tourists everywhere. The Beatles were gods and Prague is sometimes amazing.
A year back AND and after two Emirates.                                                                                       

Here you knew in advance. A sharp rise in covid in Japan, overcrowded hospitals … and it’s called what a people, a government like that. In Austria, this is 100% true. Sebastian Kurz and country beautiful and perfect as Switzerland. Only for thirds of the price.
SK: “We already have enough Afghans, we will not accept any more”.

Zum Schluss gute Woche. 47 (+4). Nur ohne MNE.

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The Hilton was taken over by the Czechs

Half of the hotels have calculated that it is not convenient to open. The Hilton Hotel did it differently. I was surprised that the parking lot is so full of ordinary cars DK, PL, SK. And now increasingly CZ. I met a lady with children in the garage yesterday. She came from Moravia for the weekend and talked about a good price on So I looked. 100€ including food and wellness. I also tried it normally for foreigners on 125. Two years ago, you would not have slept for this price even in a tourist hotel on the outskirts. By the way, prices now start at 15€ !                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

The VW Group has recently become famous for lighting rainbow commercials at the World Cup in football. And even more so that the canteen in Wolfsburg introduced exclusively vegetarian food. But it’s nothing against the first fire. These vehicles then burn for several tens of hours without the possibility of extinguishing. The only solution – sinking in a water bath. It’s good that more and more garages don’t let these New World messengers in. My last 3 cars were from the concern. 1VW and 2 Audi. Last time.

From the famous times of Hilton Prague.                                                                                      

Gumball and other rallies, the World Hockey Championship with a fan from Novosibirsk, one of the rarest cars in the world Porsche Berlin-Rom Wagen on his return from the Midnattssolsrallyt (Midnigt Sun Rallye)…



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There is a hidden camp in Prague 7, not far from the river. Such for travelers etc. variety. I didn’t expect anything. But 29 D and 1NL- so sorry- that’s a better lockdown.

So just from the book of memories. Prague camps.                                                                      In July, hotel occupancy in Prague increased to 19%. But it is a year-on-year decline. Outside the narrowest center, however, virtually all hotels are still closed. Even those giants such as Olympik with 3000 beds. Normally, Prague had an occupancy of all hotels in July of 75%.

China has closed its largest port due to a single occurrence of covid. Australia then the whole of Sydney. And New Zealand for three days the whole country. Complete with a ban on going anywhere.
Do you think they are stupid?

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95% D, PL, NL. 4.9% A, I, F, B. And 1 piece RL and 1GBJ.

Leban RL , Isle of Jersey GBJ, 4th limited JSY                                                                      

Corona from HR Nr.1 tightened, writes A Kurier. 30% of newly infected are returnees from the South.
Cowardly politicians. In June there is still a lockdown everywhere, in July an orgy. So again this year without alpine skiing, Rallye Monte Carlo historique, etc. but on the curfew after 6PM, etc.

Woche mit 43(+2) Länder. Mit RL,GBJ und RSM aber ohne MNE,P und IRL.

Which of you is young, healthy and not afraid- then only on Afghanistan – PAK, TJ, UZ, IR border. Absolute adventures, absolute experiences.
Chayber Pass – European trucks drove this way to Thailand in the 1970s and 1980s. Here they lined up in a column, soldiers at the front and back, and drove off.                               


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Scandinavian wave spilled over. All that remained was terrifying boredom.


           1. Czechs take covid home as a souvenir. Hundreds of cases.                                               2. I’m not going to the second dose. The young are afraid. The side effects are increasing. 3.Israel: in a country of 9 million … 650 are hospitalized and 390 in serious condition. Of these, 240 are fully vaccinated, 150 unvaccinated.                                                                           4. Hourly delays and clutter. Criticism is falling on the yellow trains to HR …                                                                                                                                                               So much Czech media.
I deliver. In IL, it is clear that vaccinated people are more prone to further infection than non-vaccinated people. Can’t you hear that, you EU politicians?!? How can you believe something that came up in 3 months, when each vaccine had been invented and tested for at least 10 years before?!?
I was a great supporter of veils, de facto distances and lockdowns. But I don’t want this. I can’t go anywhere anymore. He still strikes on the track.
And you also get HR patties. Are you so stupid and naive that you had no idea what awaited you? Your consolation may be that the train did not continue to GR.
I’m still puzzled by that. In Prague we have 25° C and everyone in the tram is sitting on the shady side, all at the stop hidden in the shade. And here from some communist syndrome, when only the elite used to go to YU – you climb there in spite of the 37°-degree heat and everything else. But as I say. Be glad you’re not in GR. There, the even stupider ones are even worse. Europe must end. Everyone who has it is running away from the Gulf to Europe in the summer. And our idiots are heading in the opposite direction.

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The mood of old times breathed in the camp.

More than half occupied by a varied composition. And pleasant inhabitants. What a difference against the center. And especially San Marino. Probably the first new 2021. MC-0! (formerly common) just a Nice long stay.                                                                                       And after a long time, again a mystery???. Somewhere in RO or AL, somewhere my memories lead me. I think I saw it.

Delta bothers the vaccinated. They ends up in the hospital, transmitting it anyway, experts say.

But politicians have clung to vaccination. And France among the first. I can’t even get on the train anymore. And to the Cap shopping center in Nice. I still didn’t get there this year. It was closed.
I watched an interesting report from my favorite St. Malo yesterday. The owner of the restaurant was upset that British (GBJ, G, A) guests would not get to him. Monsieur Macron forgot the tourists. Only F confirmations are accepted. The British cannot download and 20% do not have a smartphone. “I respect these guests and will continue to serve them,” he says excitedly. But he won’t have much peace. Draconian punishments are passed.                           Saint-Malo April 2015. The dream ferry of every plates spotter. 40 cars, 38 of them end in St. Malo in shops and restaurants, 1 goes to Geneva, 1 to Monaco.

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Happy Japan. The unwanted Olympics are over.

With a gnashing of teeth, they survived. All that remained were memories of the degenerate majority of the world, debts and a sharp rise in infection. But the Japanese can do it. The most decent and hard-working nation on the planet. I love the scene of the Top Gear Race through Japan (Clarkson-Nissan GT-R against May and Hammond-train) as the Japanese always fall for them, that they are not allowed to make phone calls on the train and bus. He honors his traditions and his country. And we gave it all up in a multi-culti.                                                                                                                                                           

We also have our Japanese. Entrepreneur, writer and for several years mainly politician Tomio Okamura. Once, during communism, a Japanese specialist came to a Czech factory and took our girl home. So Tomio lived in J for about 6 years, then his mother returned to CS with her children. And that’s how far he got. Today he is Vice-President of Parliament. As a Japanese man, he cannot accept what it looks like in the EU. I collected his signatures when he ran for president. So we know each other. Here’s a meeting to read me this Lp. He is also finishing his house. People gave him the nickname Takeshis Castle (according to the Japanese series). Billboards are hanging, elections are in 2 months: We will not kneel before the EU.                                                                                                                                         

In the summer of 2012, I returned to spotting. And in March 2013 came a bomb. Japan. At the time, I didn’t believe that such a thing was possible. The second is a year later in April in Geneva in front of a neighboring hotel.

Sehr schlechte 41 (-1) 1Länder. Nur IRL fehlt aber kein Bonus. Schlechtestes Ergebniss seit vielen Monaten.

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It was not so empty under the Communists or in the lockdown.

            A few months ago, Charléne, Princess of Monaco, left her children and husband in Pricipautte and went to Africa to rescue the rhinos. Arriving from a prosperous MC and now.

From the book of memories: Geneva August 2019 (2days)                                       

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How unobtrusively it all ended.

Green pass already to the train and grocery store. You are not from Europe and you have not been vaccinated with EU-approved vaccines – you are unlucky. Virtually all of Asia, South America, Africa all Sinopharm or Sputnik.
By the way. They are starting the third dose in IL. They found that efficiency was declining much faster than they thought. Pharma monopolies will not let that be taken away. Vaccination of the herd. Forever.
And then it goes into the era of electric cars. There is also a place on the famous Trans-Siberian Highway, where it is 700 km from village to village.                                                

Here I still had to ask the young lady who is. And on Sunday he already won his first GP. In Hungary. Esteban Ocon. Rambo Mercedes team framed 1 car in the previous race. This time it was already 4. And when the spectators (certainly also from CZ) finally whistled Hamilton – Mercedes should consider whether he should rather not focus on his electro dinosaurs and leave F1. How many years do you think something like this will be possible in today’s world? In January at the MC, I always have such a fusion at the Monte Carlo Rally that this is the last time.

From the book of memories. August 2013, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20.                                       

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