Beautiful people. Beautiful scene. But the air is the best!

I don’t just mean visually by those beautiful people. But above all, what kind of country do they want to have. Maybe there is a miniparty who would like to join the EU. People who miss that self-destruction in live broadcast. But without the slightest chance here.

I was thinking yesterday that AND has never been missing before. Well, at least this is accomplished.

Bike, blue sky, blue lake, white Mont Blanc. Such an ordinary beautiful day. But the air! The houses look the same as in PRG, but the air!


Lots of FL and MC. It didn’t look like UK Bentley to me. Also white in the back. I chased him a bit. The driver was already around the corner. Truly Saudia KSA. DZ on the verge of recognition. Keeping track of 6 stripes is beyond human ability.                                                Yesterday 31, today 34.

The short stop in Geneva is over. So I’ll pop up again somewhere. But tomorrow monsoon rains.

PRG/GE Woche mit 50 (+6). Nach 28 Wochen wieder 50. Das war das Wunder Frühling damals. Diesmal fehlte nur BY.

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The permanent descent of Geneva.

Where are the full GB and GBJ, GBG, GBM garages? Full garages of Swedish skiers from nearby resorts? About 5 UK today! This is 10% against a few years ago.

The morning is still under the sun. MA.

TN RS at a glance. Look what came out of it. But then it came. Saudia KSA, it makes you happy again. The first one with a green palm tree.

There are wars that no one cares about. RUS has peace in GE. They don’t have to encode their Lp. I met several families on public transport. As before. The nobility of visitors and tourists.

No one knows how the conflict will develop. But we already know the winner (at least the European one). Switzerland. I don’t think CH can do nonsense and act stupid.

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New horizons

In the evening I will report how one car of the metropolis lives. This was PRG for the first three days of the week. 44 countries.

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Previous President Klaus: Česko is falling apart

Václav Klaus, Prime Minister in 1993. Yes, he was the one who peacefully divided Czechoslovakia with his Slovak counterpart. It was completely unimaginable that even if Slovakia left without an agreement, that Prague would send tanks there.
Different region, different manners. At least we have the protests left. This is a cleansing bath.

For the whole 30 years, we were ruled more or less by Czech governments. But all of a sudden they were guided by common sense. All the ravings of political correctness, welcoming refugees, genderism, BLM, eco-fanaticism, etc. were more like a flavor of what might be happening elsewhere. After last year’s elections, when by an incredible coincidence a conglomerate of various parties came to power (even if it received a million votes less than the current opposition), the floodgates opened. It’s like a broken dam, which is now pouring into Bohemia.
On the way to Kavčí hory, I stopped at a pub near the football stadium for a hot drink. Regulars welcomed the young man back from CDN. And why did you come back? Well, bad government, it’s all kind of weird.
As I understood him. Trudeau. Or what’s his name. Masses are fleeing the USA and CDN. Unfortunately, it has already started here too…

Woche 44 (-3). Ohne EST,GR,GE. Und ohne Fahrrad.

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Downpour, wind, 4° C. I’m coming to our I.P. Pavlova. About a third of the way through. Kazakhstan KZ. I’m moving under the bridge at the Congress Center (Vyšehrad). TV and leading photographers await the arrival of the march. The police don’t let you up on the bridge. It wasn’t just me who thought of it.

Heroes, patriots, the elite of the country have already climbed more than 3 km. Many are already soaked.

Many tens of minutes pass in the direction of Czech Television, Kavčí Hory.

We join at the end. It’s not every year that you get to walk along Prague’s busiest street Severojižní magistrála.

We leave the magistrála at Náměstí Hrdinů. Traffic in Prague collapsed.The weather is absolutely horrible. It’s even more windy up here in the Kavčích horách (Jackdowns mountain).

A few proud giants in a nation of comfortable cowards. The anger from what our television shows us finally finds an addressee. Čt is certainly American, Brussels, German, massively Ukrainian, but Czech?!?!?!

The organizer of the march, the soul and brain of the project “CZ in the first place,”an extremely pleasant and empathetic man Ladislav Vrábel through the lens of the professional photographer

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Revealed after six years- GBM

Thanks to Joddie Kidd, who talked about Gumball on Top Gear – I went back to the famous visit to Prague in 2016. And with the current level of knowledge, he discovered the then overlooked Isle of Man.

By far the biggest catch of the first two days is the famous Coca Cola truck. I saw him for the first time.

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We probably don’t deserve anything else

Woche mit 47 (-1) Land. Diesmal ohne FIN.

Thousands of nationalists march every year on Poland’s national holiday. In 2022, their slogans were primarily directed against the Ukrainian refugees in the country. Attacks against Ukrainians are increasing.

“Here is Poland, not Ukraine!”, “The Ukrainian is not my brother”, “Stop the Ukrainization of Poland”, “This is not our war” – these are just some of the slogans that were chanted on this year’s Polish national holiday, 11.11 .2022, could be seen and heard in the center of Warsaw.

And we have to find out from D media! How strict is our censorship! Everything, everything for which they demonstrated in PL also applies to us. That’s also why the march to Czech Television.


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CZ now

RUS and UKR at every step, a desperate man shot himself in front of the government office, inflation 20%, the ruling so-called Democratic Bloc cancels one freedom after another, the government borrows at 7.5%! and immediately sends it to the UKR, 2 young people are in prison for verbal expression (for the first time since 1989), this year’s deficit will be up to 400 billion CZK!, simply disgust, helplessness, hopelessness and decay.

As far as freedom of speech and the media is concerned, it is worse here than in Germany after the Liberals took office. And that has been a symbol of dictatorship for me for many years.

So I remembered the mystical ZG8. And I did some searching. And I wouldn’t be surprised if I found a solution. Australia.

Woche Bilanz 48 (+1).

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I saw the VW bus from afar. But the reality…

I know. It’s not perfect. But there is no other way in this place. There are rarely windows for the frame. He came slowly in line from the junction. Until she appeared 100% directly from the frontal view Brazilia BR ,VW bus Brazilia,,4 years Premiere as 83th 2022.

On Tuesday, 41 states were finally seen in a single day.

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Dark time

People came to demonstrate for the Czech Republic. Those that we host here, not for the host country, but for the UA. I could imagine various horrible scenarios. But not this one.

Engler Desat, this is such a novelty and rarity that even the great Prague carspotter didn’t know about it. 1100 PS, 0-100 2.5 sec, max. 350. Price: astronomical.

Woche mit 47 (+1) Land. Alles dabei ausser AL.

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We already have a transgender Lp

GE or RUS. Both.

Friday – public holiday – another attempt. The situation is dire. Arrests have already begun.

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How I beat the plane spotters

On Saturday I rode my bike around Prague. But I didn’t get in the mood. It’s not my town anymore. At every step, new citizens and
the original citizens who elected the current government. I know that the situation is not easy everywhere. Perhaps with the exception of CH. But no one else has such a bunch of incompetent jerks. A miserable week didn’t add to my mood either.

I don’t have the energy to go to the center on Sunday. e.g. in shopping centers on this day the UKR-CZ ratio is about 5:1. And the government borrowed another 10 billion this week at 5% interest for more aid. At the time when CZ had already entered the GR highway.
So I spent a beautiful afternoon on the roads around Prague. It stopped on the plane spotters observably. The top number was Emirates.

And continued on his way past logistics centers etc. There were only 2 trucks in one parking lot, but I turned there anyway. And next to them…                                                           Kyrgyzstan KG , 4 years Premiere as 82th 2022

Woche wieder 46. GBZ zum zweitemal d.J. am gleiche Stelle vom Tram gesehen im Gegenrichtung inkl.

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All within half an hour. Both negative.

Lp phantom Ondra CZF arrived in Prague after some time. He went to see the Scuderia. So he parked across from Hornbach. Coincidentally next to GBJ. I didn’t find his sms until half an hour later. Nothing else. But since I already had a busy schedule, I went to Tomegas for a coffee. That’s where the western fallout ends. When on the other hand a large Honda moto with a trailer. No stickers, but I suspect something. I was ready. But I didn’t realize that there are opaque barriers at the stop to protect those waiting. So only for about 5 m, which is a glass shelter… I am amazed by the LAR moto! Already covered by cars.

The heroes went to Hradčanské náměstí. Their representatives handed the President of the Republic a petition of signatures for the dismissal of the government. Due to the complete inability to lead the country and treason.

The situation in CZ is crazy. Especially on the weekend. Fear, helplessness and heaven-screaming rage come from it. Even that stupid country doesn’t belong to us anymore.

Woche 46 (+1). Inkl. LAR (ohne Foto). Kein IRL diesmal.

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Written here many months ago. Now confirmed.

The largest D car rental company has ordered 100,000 E cars from China. Of course, everyone else will follow. Sixt prices would not be maintained. The twilight of the German car industry started into a hot phase. Yes, a few snobs still buy an E Porsche or Mercedes. But the majority? There is no longer a single reason to buy a European E car. The majority of car manufacturers will end their use of internal combustion engines in 2023. The EU deserves nothing but extinction.

Our pride Škoda will be the first to go to hell. In Wolfsburg, they will be fighting for global warming, LGBT, etc. in vegan cafeterias for a few more years. But really only a few.

Ich habe noch die Wochenbilanz vergessen. 45 (+-0).
Ich verfolge die Ereignisse in D. Da frage ich mich, wie viele Ostdeutsche sich heute noch die Wiedervereinigung wünschen würden? Vielmehr würden sie selbst eine noch massivere Mauer errichten. Westdeutschland, ein Land trauriger, gebrochener Menschen, die Angst haben, ein einziges Wort zu sagen, außer um über das Wetter zu diskutieren. Dann nur noch gefolgt von gesenkten Augen und einem Seufzer “Na ja”.
Abgesehen von diesen Revolutionären, die auf Fahrrädern und in Anzügen aus dem Ersten Reich hektisch zu irgendeiner Versammlung eilen, zum Beispiel über den Kampf gegen den Motorismus. Im besseren Fall…

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We have the worst dealt cards in all of Europe

and a government of cowards, traitors and stupid scumbags who have accomplished nothing in life. A deadly cocktail.

The only significant event of the week was the visit of President Erdogan. We can only envy Turkey.

Otherwise, only “čudly” (fishing bag for small fish, catches).


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Desperately seeking Mr. Erdogan

19 hours. Dinner, cnn.prima news. Wow! Turkey brought its car to visit! Bike and up to the evening city. Ask. At the hotels, the police… I finally end up where I thought I wouldn’t miss… the Turkish Embassy.

As the only stupid civilian (as the Good Soldier Švejk used to say), I stand in a large team of CZ police, secret services and 60 Turkish members of President Erdogan’s bodyguards. In front of the embassy, there are about 20 vehicles ready to line up in the direction of the airport. So the visit is only a few hours long. At 9:15 p.m. (about 1 hour later than the police expected), the Turkish leader’s column appears.


TurkeyTR- The all-time premiere of the ruling Lp without letters and numbers.

From the series Desperate People Do Desperate Actions. UKR embassy sprayed.

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I think it’s all over. Forever.

Without own country and spotting.

Spells between IS and Georgia (CD), between EST and P.

Woche 45 (-2). Wegen MNE,AL,RKS.

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I’ve seen the Caribbean or Oceania before

Many people brought pitchforks to the demonstration. Even in CZ colors.

According to section 66, which says that if the government does not fulfill the interests of its country, the president can dismiss it. On October 10, signatures are taken to the President at the Castle.

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Magical Friday didn’t happen again

CS 30s. Č – Čechy, M- Morava…

Friday night, exactly one year ago. It was the start of an incredible autumn. This year, something similar happened already in the spring. Enjoy, hunt! Our politicians are dragging us into III. world war.

Woche mit 47 (-1) Land. Nur IRL nicht zu sehen.

Thanks Meloni, thanks Italy!

Now it’s our turn. Wednesday (public holiday) in many CZ cities at the same time. Resign! Resign! Resign!


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Aland year

Qatar/P, Premiere new H tempor and AX

On Thursday, only a handful of insiders were waiting for Cristiano Ronaldo. On Friday, the crowd was so big that it blocked the entire street.

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