Far, far away from the old days

Charles P3 in Imola. Second overall. De facto first. Verstappen is riding his WC.

Alexandra and Leo Leclerc.

Woche 49 (+1). Kein AL, RKS.

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Peaceful times

Imola is coming. Already on Thursday evening, a number of buses left from us for the center of the action.

Charles got his new engineer. That former Xavi didn’t understand him. And that CL speaks 100% F, I, GB. 2 top engineers from Mercedes also came to the Scuderia.
The Grand Prix of Emilia Romagna (formerly San Marino) can begin.

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Overcrowded weekend behind us

the way for something extra is free.

A journey to the dustbin of history.

Woche 48 (+-0). Kein MNE u.AL.

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Prague under siege

2 x  hundred thousand Rammstein concerts and the WC in hockey. The  all more how 100,000 beds, places in camps, etc. complet blocked. Nevertheless, at least two travelers managed to slip.

Isle of Guernsey GBG, 2024 Premiere , CY 2024 PRG Premiere

Save yourself who you can.

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Weekends are the worst

all the rats come out of the gutters, as they say. Our country has changed beyond recognition. It was a pleasant country to live in. And today?!

Woche 48 (-4).

A few seconds after the end of the race. Charles congratulates Lando Norris on his victory. To his first. He himself instead of third.

I certainly wouldn’t want to be in Miami. I know there is only heat, stench and crocodiles. And strange people.
But now it starts! In 14 days Emilia Romagna to Imola. And then Monaco.

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The best Lp people in Prague

On the way to a large gathering in East Germany, not far from the CZ border. Most rented a car at the airport and continued on. Those who slept in PRG also had similar catches under their hotel windows.
I’ll have to get some glasses.

Charles Leclerc made a short stop at MC, took some photos for apm Monaco. But now he’s in Miami.

Until today’s sprint, he starts from P2.


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Unplanned and unprepared from Sunday evening.

Woche 52 (-2). Kein RUS. Kontinuierlicher RUS-Abfall auf Null. Noch ein paar mehr in MC. In GE 2 pro Woche. PRG beim ersten Mal nichts. Je mehr UA, desto weniger RUS.

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Grande Genéve

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It thundered today too

despite the bad weather. A strong ice gale accompanied snow showers. So I spent most of my time on buses, trolleybuses and trams.
Otherwise, the participants of the Tour de Romandie will have it from tomorrow. I never really knew where it was. So in the 5 francophone cantons.

E CD, a bit smelling of some kind of stan’s. But then. Oman OM, 2024 Premiere.

Many ANDs were left without photos in the MC. Here the first-famous.

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Oval yes, Lp no. Palestine.


Azerbaidjan AZ, 2024 Premiere

KSA at the limit of recognition

Going back home (P4)

I have known Charles for 5 years. And he always had sports shoes with white soles. It’s his trademark. What did he think of wearing black dress shoes for tennis as for a wedding?
I like him. And I appreciate that when he drives by in Monaco, he greets me.

Woche MC/GE 54 (+3) Länder. Kein MNE u. IRL. Gut für ein April.

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Asia rules again

The center, the airport, our hotel are full of Chinese and Japanese. I have already observed this increase in MC. They didn’t go there that much before. It’s not the old people who remember Mao anymore. Young, great clothes, great luggage that I don’t even know what it’s for.

First week big wave from Iran. Beautiful people themselves. One beauty started a conversation in the elevator. That’s how I know they were from IR.

If you don’t know how to get rid of money – go to CH. But whatever you pay for them will be great. From food to service. All.


Leclercmania jumped from Japan to China.
TV searched in vain for fans of another driver in the cuts.
In vain in the case of Hamilton. In China, there was not a single admirer of a sympathizer of the Black Lives Matter, Green Deal, Metoo, etc. movements.

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Entre terre et ciel

Isle of Jersey GBJ 745th

He hears a bang. I’m turning around. People are converging. The person is not moving. In 2-3 minutes the Ambulance and the Police. Gradually another 2. They bend over him for half an hour. Then there will be peace. They are slowly wrapping it in gold foil.

It touched me a lot. How everything is fleeting. I look at the gray sky with dark clouds. Above the country and the city with the best water and air, with the best healthcare.

Western Sahara,Laayoune (El Aaiun), 2 years Premiere, car Premiere

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The Promised City

South Korea ROK, 2024 Premiere

Big dilemma. 2 extreme Lp next to each other. Each will go somewhere else.                        Saudi Arabia KSA, new,reflect Saudia culture and vision, Premiere

I like Geneva. For crystal air and water. For a view of Mont Blanc. On the way from work with  great public transport. For my dwelling.

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The Promised Land

I remember how it was for 1€ = 2 CHF. We will continuously see 1CHF=2€. Switzerland is Europe, Monaco is Europe. Certainly not the Brussels EU.

Qatar Q, 2024 Premiere

In the cold from Mont Blanc China. And Qatar original.

Very nice: Libya LAR, 2024 Premiere. Actually, for the last fifty years, all LARs have been from Geneva.

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Everyone drove off

so me too.

If I meet any Lp, I will sign up.

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MC will have 1 UAE less

Abu Dhabi, FIN bus!, Gibraltar

Charles certainly didn’t play tennis. In black high-heeled shoes, he would be driven out of the clay surface even in a small village.
I know Prince Albert II. was there. But all the media shows Charles. Yes, he would be a great new Prince of Monaco.
Apparently they all flew together to China today (I think from Malpensa).

Sarah De Villiers is already sending invitations

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The groom created a crowd frenzy

It felt like a wedding. While everyone came in a light shirt or t-shirt and a head covering against the sun. So Charles continued his transformation from racer to fashion icon. He enjoys business and fashion and society more than the pressure of being an F1 driver. He was in Milan all week. He founded the LEC brand with the best Italian ice cream makers. So be sure to try it.

My overwhelming surprise and excitement. Boris Becker. He won Wimbledon at 18. And then several more times, as well as many other Grand Slams. In my opinion, he is the breakthrough. For aggressive, attacking tennis. Transition to the network. Cheers, you’re only 56 years old!.

Lando Norris (MC Laren), right behind Charles, claimed the fingers of one hand. The Rolex Monte-Carlo Masters is over. A lot of fans came from CZ, PL, D, English speaking. It was a holiday. I booked a stay and additionally checked what events there will be in MC. And then it was the main one. Premiere. She overshadowed everything else.

Langweillige spotters Woche, viel schlechter als im Winter. 51 (-2) inkl. GBM ohne Foto.  Alle 3 GBM d.J. verpasst.

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In the shade

Gibraltar isn’t good either.

Even my favorites Djokovic and Sinner were eliminated in the semi-finals.

Daniil had a big extempore in the quarterfinals. He was smashing a rocket. And he shouted at the referee: “Get glasses if you can’t see well. But they wouldn’t help you. You’re blind!”
In those photos of mine, I don’t know at that moment how it turned out. That’s why parents are so serious. And they sit in the car in anger. Everything happened a few dozen minutes ago.
He wanted to win at home. He really wanted…

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The excitement was short-lived

I’d rather go to tennis. But the sun burns like hell there.

Well, this looked promising. 42 at the beginning…Until I discovered the 06 at the end. I just want to look Italian.

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The big boss arrived in a Toyota and drove himself

The Monaco Tennis club is already located on the territory of France, therefore one of the most influential and richest people in the world had to come to a foreign country as an ordinary citizen. So the outside protection of the Country Club is done by the F police and inside (since both the land and ownership belong to the MC) the Algis MC/IL security super agency. This year, for the first time in a world premiere, artificial intelligence makes the entrance.


Waiting for my favorite Daniil Medvedev (world 4) had a hidden meaning. A group of Russians stood next to me for a long time. So I pretty much understood. It occurred to me to look at the man’s business card. Sergey Medvedev. I say: “Papa”. He nods and: “Mom”.
Unfortunately, I only learned this evening that Daniil dropped out. So for one famous gesture – after a sensational play, he adjusts his ears, if the audience applauds – no one will hear this year.
Very nice family. Just like in Prague. The Russians are sensational.

I would probably stay at tennis all day. But it’s hot there. No shadow anywhere. A second after Daniil, I leave for the shadow of Monaco’s buildings and parks.

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