Very close to the Lugansk People´s Republik

Unfortunately, his curtains were drawn, so I didn’t want to wake him. He must have had the LPRs inside to put on at home. I understand that with lp LPR, UA would not pass in good health.                                                                                                                                             

Woche mit viel Glück 40 (-4). Nur 1 B usw. Gar nicht GR u. N.

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Last year at this time


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Return on the positive wave: license plate of Singapore

Singapore SGP 2020 Premiere as 79th states                                                                                       

It was actually such a overtime of Italy. Saturday the heat, the sun, the bike and finally the catch that was to come there. The lady watches me take pictures of the city and addresses me: “Now it’s so incredibly beautiful here!”. “Yes, I agree to keep it that way. It was absolutely disgusting!”                                                                                                                           

Armenia looked like a flowering world here. Now he has learned a hard lesson.               

Gute Kombination I/PRG. 44 (+4) Länder. Nur IRL fehlte.

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They say. At best, stop.

In fact, I canceled everything before I left. And then he drove off anyway. I meant Mission Impossible. And in the end it was extremely pleasant, nice for more than 20 days. There will never be such travel again. Train for myself, hotel for myself, all wi-fi capacity just for me. All at completely dumped prices.
Greetings from the dark and cold Czech.

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I still prefer to be here, at my crossroads

I drove through town and ended up here. After all, I hadn’t done anything else for boyish years.                                                                                                                                                         

And right among the first Malta. It’s a nice ride here like in a parade. And a big advantage – a canteen a few meters away. Italian food – that means simple, fresh quality ingredients, the result is great.                                                                                                                                 

I came here on the 4th and reproduced it on the 34. MNE, RSM, FIN and the first Italian N, van with green. You can’t even watch such a T junction 100%. The highway doesn’t make sense at all.                                                                                                                                      (How many thousandths of a second that RSM is engaged? Maybe 2-3?)

We all know what that means.

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In the heart of the highways

Serbia SRB 2003 Premiere Krlajevo a and Slavic parking: BY, RUS, UA, MD, PL, SRB. They also let BiH with them. So definitely Herzegovina. But today I set myself a difficult task. From Quadrante Europa to Verona Airport. Through mazes, traps of highway ramps, narrow crossings of tracks and highways with rushing trucks behind them.               

On the way, I found myself in a highway parking lot, also because of the water I had to return.                                                                                                                                                   

There were only 3 people at the airport. Soldiers with transporter. And Ryanair advertising from the good (?) old years. But on the way back, I was getting really hungry. And it was clear to me what I wanted. Creamy gorgonzola. And real Italian tomatoes.                               

Verona is already a bit Austrian. Here it met the positive of both countries. Rich and well-groomed city. Here they must have seen lp. Whoever goes to I, VR will not be avoided. But there are no plates, not even car spotters.

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SMOM: non abbiamo macchine

I discovered SMOM territory. So I went to ask if they also have an original lp. From a very decent answer (something like Verona non presenta) I understood that they don’t.              Prague, turn 60/70. years. Trucks drive through the city.

Remembrance of the SMOM Hunt, Rome, March 2016.
Found on Piazza del Grillo (next Colloseum) It should be a square of crickets. Yes, it was about 20x10m. And in the evening the second, the one often photographed in the headquarters of the state of the no-state of SMOM.                                                                         

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Autogrill S.Bonifacio: great area quality, parking but like in Prague

A traditional Sunday trip, the decision fell on San Bonifacio. The first grill from Desenzano. Right from the edge of the city, various TIR parkings start, which in the end turned out to be more interesting than the autostrada. So perhaps the most interesting was how he overtook us on the double-track express train to Venice. Trains (especially with containers) on this line have an interval like “metro” in Prague at peak times.                         

A total of 23 states were there to be seen. After the closure of Lombardy, personal traffic ceased completely. P for caravans where the SK stood is already completely empty on the third day.

40 (-2) Länder diese Woche. Diesmal fehlte IRL u. N. N bisher in I kein.

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In the center of logistics: Verona Quadrante Europa

Sticked directly to the gigantic intersection of roads and railways, DSV, Schenker, Arcesse, LKW Walter, Hangartner and others spin their logistics spells. He still wants to see it on weekdays. Today there are 22 states.                                                                                                 

The scariest thing about everything is that Tesco itself has obviously put an unsold day old “koblížky” on the internet. But even worse is that this “koblížky” from Lidl Italia costs the same!                                                                                                                                                            Central parking lot for Verona tour buses. For decades filled buses with seniors admiring about 100 Verona churches and young people stick a message  in the hallway under Juliet’s balcony.                                                                                                             

Currently probably the freest territory in Europe. Venetto region (zona gialla). Only the restaurants close at 18 and no curfew from 23. Otherwise everything full of Italians. The positive atmosphere completely jumped out at me. No, it’s nowhere else.

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I’m settling in Verona

Everything a person needs to live. Good living, bike, spotter place, where to go for good warm food etc.                                                                                                                                                  Found Lidl. Prices both in CZ or D. And especially the same goods. For example, donuts as in CZ. But unlike ours, where there is a little jam inside, here is perhaps half a kg of chocolate. I’ll take a picture next time. I remember discovering Lidl at the end of Nice and naively believing he would be like this. Not was the same as Casino or U. Totally hungry, I walked away. In the sun today 28! I like this intersection. Highway – it’s like watching a swarm of bees. 24 so far, but I’ll still go. I go from the room directly to the (empty) garage.       By the way, until recently, they counted ten times as such a hotel in Prague. I think those times are long, long gone.  

  That translation was done by donuts. But it’s the American ones, I don’t eat much. I meant these Czech Kobliha, the Germans call it Krapfen or in Berlin I mean Berliner. So here is an ordinary Czech Kobliha from Tesco. And tomorrow I’ll take a picture of an Italian Kobliha with chocolate.                                                                                                                    Tesco is in CZ a symbol of lousy food , lousy shop. Certainly Nr.1 Lidl is with us now. I buy about 80% there. They also have the best slogan. Lidl- jednička v čerstvosti (number one in freshness) .                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

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Farewell to Desenzano

An unprecedented bustle accompanied the last day in Lombardy. From tomorrow a deep lockdown with a ban on leaving the region. Property owners have moved back and forth. The Italians met for the last time, which today can be opened until the 18th. Full bars, all in discussion, tutti senza la mascherina.                                                                                           

Gigantic car parks as always during the day completely empty. I’d better go to our roundabout. The traffic is moving slowly, everything can be seen. And just when I say to myself that the RSM is not driving anymore – so the truck. The highway is a completely unsuitable place for spotting. The opposite of cycling on MC from point of interest to point of interest.                                                                                                                                               

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Live G.Conte: Zona rossa per Lombardia …

What was expected-happened. Mr Conte is just announcing to the Italian people. Lombardy, Piemont, Liguria, Calabria, etc. are classified in the red zone. This means a hard lockdown and a ban on leaving the zone. I’m here on the very eastern edge of Lombardia. A few km further Verona is the Venetto region. As long as it is warm, all day cycling and it probably doesn’t rain better than Prague. Gray, cold and everything, but everything closed.                                                                                                                              Gentle morning on Lake Garda and Verona – a city in the center of truck traffic. Today I saw with my own eyes 100% IR. Personal operation is practically non-existent. Number of overnight stays of foreign tourists in Italy 2019: 225 million. Today, I estimate that there are 2,000 of us overnight in the whole of Italy. This, of course, has a number of advantages. The peace, the prices, etc. For example, I got the best room with a terrace without asking, instead of what I ordered. Apart from me, some other visitors took turns. I’ve been alone for a few days now.

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The highway is not Monaco

I went for 2 days and I’ve been here for 2 weeks. And I figure out where else to look. I have absolute comfort in an almost empty hotel. CZ is in a total lockdown, In I been everywhere before. Lp are nowhere.                                                                                                                         

Stop for Africa Race. MC probably got his hands off it. It was a great journey in terms of memories. I started at this time a year ago and did not believe that I would last 3 months and 1 week.

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Verona by bike.

Surprise at the station in Desenzano. Before the train arrived, 2 attendants bypassed all the passengers and shot a gun in the forehead. Only then did it occur to me that the delayed pride of Freccia Rossa first arrived. So when our Regionale arrived, I felt exactly like Top Gear. How they had first class and Hammond took care of them and then my Scum Class.                                                                                                                                             

So I was able to discover the industrial zone until the end of the highway area stopped me. The junction of the Brennero-del Sole (dir. south) and Trieste-Torino autostrada is probably the largest by far. And with all the arrivals to collect fees perhaps the biggest.       

So here are 12 lanes! So I was not interested in watching it at all. By far the more interesting one of the branches leads this way. It reminded me of the 1970s in Prague, when all truck traffic was run directly through the center. At least I would record the KGZ here.                                                                                                                                                             

1 of 3 RSM, 26 states. And at dusk to the centro storico.                                                             

And finally, I discovered SK travelers. Perhaps the first of the day. They ran away like me. But the total lockdown hangs in the air …

Probably the best I’ve ever eaten. Lasagne al pesto.

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They haven’t demolished their CC here yet.

Why did I like Milan for the first time?

Woche 44 (-2). Kein MD u. N. 

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Gray day in Genoa. At least that way.

I pulled out the last joker for this year. And he failed. Libya has definitely disappeared. Where are the times when 5-10 pieces left the ship from TN.
So probably the greatest joy of Malta moto and truck.                                                           

I would be satisfied elsewhere. But here? 2 ships arrived from TN and one to MA. So still in consciousness, like such an Egypt CD?                                                                                     

TN about 15. Otherwise, I think that ships carry air. The only expedition- F on the return. Day 25 states.                                                                                                                                         

Positive: right here is the coop superstore. And there they have a warm counter and homemade Italian lunches in it. So you can choose without knowledge of Italian and also with your eyes. I chose Lasagne al pesto and they were famous. For a Czech who knows only goulash incomprehensibly. As I say. more joy cannot be experienced at this time.

How melodious Italian is! For example, the protection is a “rouška” in our country. Here “la masquerina”.

I also noticed that the cars that came from TN and had diesel – they smoked so unbelievably and smelled awful. The Toyota convoy was like a Trabant reunion.

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Teatro grande. But I don’t have a place to see well.

Way to work. This is the soil that is said to prick a broom into it, and within a week it is sprinkled with fruit. All you have to do is drop a seed in your car and …                                  About 10 int. cars passed today. About 7CH,1MC,1FL. And Morocco went to the area. 1.MA from MC time.                                                                                                                                      I tried again how many per minute. Today we managed to count 46 trucks in 1 minute !!! Grand Theater: right lane – trucks int. , medium trucks Italian, left-hand traffic. But once, truck races spilled over into the fast lane.
1.CY still without proof, 2. perhaps for recognition.                                                                          40 Countries today.

Desenzano is a golden cage. So it led me to the opposite. Genoa.                                           

I even fantasized that I would peek into Monaco for a day. But the Principauté site discouraged me. Even those who just crossed the F by train without a stop have their entry prohibited. I didn’t even read anymore. Because I know that the MC is probably the only 1 country in the world, if something is decided, the army of 3,000 police officers will also be able to do it.

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It is said that when God created the earth

he then kissed her where Italy is today. 15 km by bike with natural beauty and man-made. And at the end Sirmione, after which the peninsula is named.                                                                                                                                        Travel around countless hotels *** to ***** with beautiful parking lots. Half closed, half with 1D or A or CH. And at the very end in front of the castle a huge parking lot under pine trees and plane trees. From west to east bank. So for 500 cars. Cathedral for Platesspotter.
Now about 50, practically all I. 12 countries were on Sirmione.                                                    Lago di Garda is 80 m above sea level. Monte Baldo 1800.

After dinner in the dark I went to “la strada”. If KGZ or at least CY will not spend the night in the parking lot. But I felt like we were in CZ. PL, RO and other eastern squadra.

Next Teatre grande A4

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Trucks eldorado without pics.

I saw 100% CY and M with my own eyes. And also AND and RSM personal. 50% IR, MA personal, then some UZ maybe KGZ. And M(II.) again just an inscription on the sail.
Compared to Saturday, the increase in trucks is 3x, 4x. I counted several times how many would pass in 1 minute. The results were between 27-32. That’s about 1,800 an hour. In addition, 1,200 personal. It’ll soon be fun to be alert. So I just drive across the bridge and I believe that one day someone will end up in the parking lot.                                                                                                     

Personal operation about total  only 10 pcs. ! 1 D, A, CH, RSM, F, AND, E, L, B, NL … Trucks very evenly PL, LT, CZ, SK, RO, BG, SLO, HR, SRB, BIH, TR. Lots also (more than in PRG) RUS, LV, GR, GB, IRL. Today also I premieres for FIN truck (not DSV trailer).                              39 Countries!

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The great English bard came here and Romeo and Juliet were formed

I was here years ago. I couldn’t get here.
The most famous balcony in the world. I’m sitting a few hundred meters away for coffee and I’m in a bit of a euphoric mood. I wonder how William Shakespeare got here then. A carriage with horses? And he kept going with his own? And how long did the journey take? But he probably sailed to Venice.
Did you have it at school too? … gently night give me my Romeo …                                           

The clouds did not bode well. Best time for a train trip. To Verona.                                       

The Anfiteatro di Verona was here in the first century. With all programs. In CZ for 600 years even then only dense forests and bears in them.                                                                   

20 states. More just D and A. The Austrians were returning from Namibia and the CD looked promising from a distance. And in the pharmacy they had beautiful blue respirators and the inscription Italian product, 98% effectiveness. So I was very happy with the souvenir from Verona. When I read on the train: UFI FILTERS (SHANGHAI) CO. LTD …

/Claire Danes as Giulietta Capuletti in Hollywood movie with L. di Caprio/

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