Happiness in misfortune: Oman

Oman OM , 3 years Premiere as 82th 2023

About 50 m in front of me he pulled out of the line. Direction away. But I quickly realized that he had to go out the row next to me.
1. hologram, this time green
2. font
3. there are already photo OMs for non-Arab states

Very rare RUS. Everything disappeared. Even in Prague.

Today, Geneva is full of Czechs. Slavia Prague plays on Servette.

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So soon from the free world

Incredibly! Another Isle of Man caravan.

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Time to disappear again

From the central square, up, in front of the Ministry of the Interior.

All is lost now. You get into the tram and it’s full of new citizens. And so everywhere. It’s end. Goodbye Czech Kingdom… It hurts, it hurts!

  South Dakota- very rare!

Wochebilanz 51 (-2). Wieder sehr viele. Alles dabei.


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I already know where Veracruz is

I didn’t know where Veracruz was. So I went to a nice place and typed do into Google. And dreamed of Uruguay, Peru, etc.. Mexico MEX

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Researchers wanted

CH highway vignette. Nothing else. VA Virginia? NYC New York?

Dakar 2024 will be received and embarked in Barcelona this year. So last year’s technical takeover at Paul Ricard rose considerably in price as unrepeatable.

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A real treat: Transnistria

Transnistria PMR, 2023 Premiere as 81th states

Cyprus CY and more

In exactly one week we will go to say it loud and clear

-NO to economic devastation and astronomical indebtedness of our country
-NO to foreign troops on our territory
-NO massive migration from east and west
-NO prioritizing foreign interests of citizens and foreign citizens over the interests of CZ citizens
-NOT the collective guilt of the citizens of the Russian Federation
-NO buying unnecessary and overpriced military equipment
-NO to postal voting
-NO to the Istanbul Treaty
-NO censorship
-NOT the euro
-NO war

NO to Fiala, Rakušan, Černochová, Stanjura, Pekarová Adamová, Pospíšil and all other puppets controlled from Brussels and Kyiv

 53 (+9) Länder pro Woche. Inkl. MA WW ohne Bild. Und das noch ohne MNE und IRL.

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Holiday over, thank god

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Panama only from a distance

PA with CZ alphanumer, J fifty/fifty

Wochebilanz 44 (-3). Kein IRL. 

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An Overlooked Pearl: Iraqi Kurdistan

The last day is always sad. I evaluated the TR consul and forgot about it.

Last night I was scrolling through facebook and the proud owner of a new catch: Iraqi Kurdistan 2023 Premiere as 80th states.

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Little there, nothing here


At least from the exhibition of a Czech photographer who has been riding the Tour de France for many years.
And the first and last pretty girl I saw on the trip.

Woche 47 (+4). RUS, MNE…nirgendwo

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The stay on the island ends

It is usually said to return home. No, I don’t have a home. The Czech Republic is currently a totalitarian country. People with a different opinion than my government are seriously judged and fired from their jobs. After UA, where they have martial law, we are second.

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China is slowly coming back

There’s no one here for trucks. Only drivers from the East will give priority to cyclists. Never D or NL.

M and MC contributed to 33 countries today.

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The glory of the Isle of Man

Did you know the luxury electric cars from California Lucid? Germany has perfected internal combustion engines and transmissions for 100 years.
And now they decided to hand Autowelt on a silver platter to China, USA (at best), Malaysia, Vietnam at worst.

31 countries.

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The world travelers resented Europe

Only a few individuals from ROK, CHN and Australia AUS were curious about expensive and overcrowded Europe this year. There is no Europe without Russia.

The NL truck drove the first electric truck, the second one I saw. It is produced in B.      The Swedish Army and the Prosecution of Great Expectations. Disappointment, says UK.

Today 32 countries.


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The only improvement 2023: Isle of Man

Apart from the weather and only one UA, I was pleased with GBM and FO. 31 states today.

Woche 43 (-6). Kein BIH, NMK, MNE…

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The only perfect thing: the weather

All those (including me) who had breakfast in the garden yesterday, inside today.

On the way to the harbor through fog and fallen leaves. Autumn is the only season I like. And still winters on the Cote d Azur.

Where are the Nordkapp adventurers? Where are all the expeditions? Where are the US and CDN bikes this year?
Everything looks like when they camped on the first DK island.

Again, the 30 most common states, excluding GBJ.

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Everything looked promising at breakfast

During the day it got colder and colder and the icy wind stronger. And traffic all the more boring.

But the air is clean and there are no parasites appropriating a foreign land. A completely different world.

30 most common states.

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Away. Just go away.

Heat and total Ukrainization. Only 2% trust the government!!!
I am away. I am a refugee. Everything is completely absurd. And it goes badly. Or has it already happened?

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After the murder now 2 rapes. With a subsequent assassination attempt.

Zum drittenmal in Folge 49 (+-0). Kein MNE.

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From the occupied metropolis

Uzbekistan UZ                                                South Korea ROK

Isle of Man caught me completely unprepared at the bus stop. I originally thought it was the one from Fehmarn. No, he’s different.

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