Replacement program

Saturdays are weak in MC. Not to mention Sundays. It’s about lunch – I’d rather go wandering to the most remote places. Behind the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.                         

Even then, it didn’t look better. I’m going up to the Novotel garages. Not one foreign car. When I’m quite high here, it’s even higher.                                                                                   

After returning at least for the carspotters. La Ferrari. Only the second spot of this car. The first in MC.

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Today’s revival. 35 countries. New record.

At least in ordinary states. FL, FIN, BY, SLO, MD …                                                                                                             

Brand new cars Ferrari SF90 Stradale and Bonds Aston Martin DB4. Of all the premium brands, Aston Martin seems to me the most exclusive. Arriving somewhere aston, it already reveals I’m successful, stylish, educated, intelligent, I’m not boring …

While I wouldn’t say that about the owners of the ferrari (not to mention the Lamborghini).
Ferrari is honored to have publicly distanced itself from one. The king of shunt, tastelessness, and the exact opposite, what I said about the owners of aston. Yes, I’m talking about Philipp Plein. So he can only buy a ferrari second-hand. Ferrari banned direct sales.

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Raphael, you were right. 2 Emirates a week would be too much.

There are three roads from the station. Escalators and down the hall. Moving sidewalk direction and two elevators down and this year I drive the third. Through this exit from which an endless staircase leads down. And now I have discovered how the barrier automatically rises and then through a complex of tunnels to the ferrari above the harbor.
All those possible secret entrances. There is definitely a power plant, a hospital and everything at least for the 5,000 citizens in the MC underground.                                             

And when I had my head full of the underground, to the deepest garages I’ve ever discovered. -22 Emirates Dubai. -23 traditional photo. Full of youtube, there are amateurs who show off photos from secret garages. Gentlemen, the secret garage looks like this. No sign, no open entrance. And then there are really secret garages where the chances of getting = 0.                                                                                                                       

That amount of LV, LT, EST. I always think. Who is it really? So today I had a chance to speak Russian with EST. They claimed that they were real Estonians.                                   

Part of the wood from the autumn floods has returned to the mainland. This is a terrible time here. The first cold air skips the Alps and rains are created over the warm sea, which we do not know at all in Central Europe.
And in the evening they drove the local AS to trot around the city.                                              And that Mc Laren Senna hasn’t seen any spotter yet. I suspect someone from F1. Mikka has the same.

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Nothing significant is happening

The children at the International School of Monaco went to school for the first time,the limousines are ready to be taken away the beaches are starting to fill up, the Fighters? came from GB,at Ferrari they received new goods  something for our carspotters, the kids yachting ring and overall it was better to go see something than watch the traffic.

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The mystery of Nice clarified

MC 15.30. I don’t have a well-loaded bike and nothing happens at all. I’d rather spend it on the train. I’m going to N-St. Augustine. It is a short walk from the airport. Mood not much. I expect an insurmountable problem at the entrance.                                                                     

I will intuitively do the best I have. I’m handing an ID card. Behind her I get as blue as the cover on her. And they ask me (probably) without a car? Great, great relief! Beetle in the head, what if another BW is away. Absolutely satisfied, I’m going to the terminal to Chez Jean (I always go there) for a great coffee. There are 6 flights on the departure schedule for the rest of the day , everything inside F.                                                                                           

The battery stays level and the journey is getting better. Up to magnificent. The space, the freedom of 6km to run non-stop. Today Nice (unplanned) grandiose.

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Bahrain, Saudia, Gibraltar, Mc P1…

The most typical. Catch for lunch. Bahrain Export                                                                      

The underground is not some kind of garage. That’s min. 50m in underground. KSA and Mc Laren P1. Clarkson during a test at the Spa the moment the film turns into super slow motion shot: “This car will dig a hole in space and time”.                                                                             

I’m returning from the border across the Place d´Armes. It’s so nostalgic. It’s II. the largest square. Then there’s the Place des Moulins and that’s it. Suddenly  GBZ. Against the sun. But he stopped. In MC, it doesn’t matter where you are. Something can appear everywhere.                                                                                                                                             

It has been working for 3 years day and night. Rattle and dust. The sum must be astronomical. I can’t understand that the apartments that arise – they will pay these costs. It was supposed to be a small island. No way. MC will increase its area by 10%?               

It all flooded somehow. Or will the island be created artificially?

Place d´Armes is the center of La Condamine. It is the only normal neighborhood where MC citizens live. The normal ones, the deserving ones on La Rocher hill in front of the prince’s palace. Well, those 33% (so many are in MC € millionaires) in new projects with so-called residents.                                                                                                                                    On one of my first trips, I arrived at the Hotel de France (not Paris) by mistake the day before. Full everywhere. It was the famous Circus Festival. And so they put me completely on the roof, there are probably auxiliary forces living there in the summer. And in the morning this look awaited me. In the center of La Condamine, in the narrowest street as in the photo from Place d´Armes.                                                                                                               


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To change Nice

The first path traditionally leads to the Russian Cathedral. I couldn’t resist today. There were blueberries inside. But the old days, when up to 17 states were present and around the supply of traders (smugglers) from PL, RO, UA – it is not a coincidence yet.                   

Traditionally amazed upon arrival. Such an occurrence of foreign cars right on the street is nowhere else. Finally 30. BIH– first on the tour.                                                                             

But Aeroporte! Only empty P areas and halls. Garbage and fallen leaves. Here you will realize what the situation really is. I was distressed.
But when you leave on the  Cargo! Inaccessible – everything closed today. Finally, I lean towards the US paper tempor. And you?                                                                                           

Relativ gute Woche ohne Cannes. 45 (-2). 3 noch von Nice: N, BIH, MD(hier4).              Diesmal nicht SLO (sehr lange schon) u. MK. 

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Nothing happened. Just a robbery.

When I saw these two, I immediately thought. Oh, this isn’t going to work out. Absolute calm for about a minute, until I wondered. I’ll look at the traffic and …                                                                                  

That big pizza costs 18€. So I’m sorry about those girls. That someone had ruined it for them, and that they had gone hungry.
That someone is the Principaute de Monaco. If they stole chocolate for 2€. That would be a theater. What would come from the car. And these rogues are suffering here.
But those seagulls are very intelligent. When the police are present, they walk in the distance.

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Luxurious tranquility of the enlightened monarchy

                                          It’s lucky to see your country all out of the study window. How about Putin?

                                            Here you will find me before sunset. It heats here until 4.30 pm. But we already know everything.                                                                                                                                               

There are several special fences for Christmas trees in MC. Many people also throw them with decorations. Today even with electric candles. Holidays continue at Castle No. 2. Russian children have it here as in all their fairy tales.

At the new Place du Casino, I still feel like it’s staged. That I’m in a movie or something. Having it for yourself intensifies this feeling of authenticity. One is simply amazed. Yes, it happens when he meets the works of the best artists and architects in the world.

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Everything happened until lunch

AL still in Menton, KSA already in MC. Another person without pizza. The beast rumbled all over its beak. It is still visible.

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Hadri determined the goal, I determined the way

It starts in Antibes. Top yacht parking. Montkay- Prince Mohammed bin Fahd al Saud, $ 110 million. The blue Carynthya VII belongs to Heidi Horten, widow of the German businessman Helmut, 180 million USD.                                                                                         

On the way to Juan les Pins AND, yellow !!! MT, very rare. There is then a magnificent welcome, the USA .                                                                                                                             

And a mystery. When I found somewhere .ie, suddenly everything was clear to me. But Golfe Juan– that was a surprise. The only DK !!! on the French Riviera.                                These 3 cities form a triangle and in the incredibly complex infrastructure, as is usual here, you do not know at all in which you are. So I discovered                                                                Senegal SN ,when I didn’t expect it at all. But without Hadri, I would never have come to these parts.                                                                                                                                               

Mission accomplished, thanks. Now Elton John is just coming as in the 80’s in a red Rolls Royce.                                                                                                                                                       


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That old good Monaco is back

No downpours and crowds. The atmosphere is back. The hotel has 5 cars, one of which is Gibraltar. The mass tourist is a disgusting variety. As they go in groups, they feel in place to act as if they belong to them. That they put it there for them. I really didn’t feel like watching what people didn’t understand, that they put the chrome chains there so they wouldn’t go through them. I couldn’t help but shake my head. A mass organized tourist destroyed Venice, London, Prague, everything. Monaco for just a few days.                           

I’m fascinated by MC underground. NL trucks drive there and today I first discovered the Aston Martin-Mc Laren paradise. Today, the streets are once again dominated by Russian beauties in the range rovers and merc G. Beautiful 32 states.

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Maybe it’s the bottom

Bad weather for everything.                                                                                                                 

Dior Monaco Saturday. F created a queue. Dior Cannes Sunday. As you can see, no one came. But I don’t know what’s going on. In any case, the MC is the financial winner. Flooded city tourists from F. There are also ads everywhere on the way to MC up to Cannes. And maybe it was all over F.
Last moment. Bugatti LV ZONDA. As I last watched was caught 8.3. So maybe a typical MC soon. Sun and cars.

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Grand Tour


Visit to Cathédralle Russe with FL. Week first. Beautiful feeling that we understand each other. It’s starting to rain at TN. Fast forward.


Today I thought they had a car-free day. Empty everywhere. Lunch in the sun on the Promenade. KWT? How much do you want? BY !!! First. Of course, a visit to a rare expedition. 2019 visited CZ. Where were we? FIN!! And with a thorough second round of AUS. She escaped last time, not today. It is about 200m from the last station. The others in a row flooded with seaweed.


Scary clouds. Lightning tour of the port. NZ moto not found. Quickly for dinner at MC. The most amazing yachts on the Côte d’Azur are moored in Antibes. It is a closed part of the port, strictly guarded. Abramowitch, among others, parks there. Today just a view. Much yachts from GBJ and GBG. But…

Monaco                                                                                                                                                    By far the greatest tragedy. Like the last days. Still known GBZ and HR. So a total of 34. Without LT, UA, H, SRB, AND, NL … AND are only in MC.

Woche 47 (+2).  Alles (fast) danks Cannes. Keins MD, SLO, TR, DK…

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New additions 2020

111 Iraq (no Iraqi Kurdistan), 112 Turkmenistan, 113 Aruba, 114 Botswana                  

A few more significant ones                                                                                                               


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License plates of Botswana spotted in Cannes

Botswana BW as 114th on blog in Alltime Premiere and 82th 2020                           

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It is said that a bad start is better than a bad end. But he and the start were great. I didn’t even get to the sea and Canada. And next Kuwaits.                                                               

USAs and mystery ??? NL or? Extremely rare FIN here. The second is I hope N.               

Here, in front of the famous Carlton Hotel, things were being decided. Forecast as yesterday. Cloudless sun. And again around 14 it started to draw. In MC yesterday it ended in a pretty heavy downpour. I’ve collected I’ll probably pack it. When suddenly blue letters strongly resembling IS or FO. And in the outward direction DZ. What now. I choose the blue one and I’ll be coming to it soon. Cannes is a paradise for spotters. The cars are practically standing and you can cycle along the lane. LV Premiere electric. I end up like yesterday at the bus stop. Today it was only short and weak. I H convoy passed.                 

It’s after the rain, but when I’m back at the other end of Cannes, I have to take pictures of their Mecca for Prague signature collectors. On the cotte d Azur, there are events of absolute world importance. Monaco Grand Prix and Cannes Film Festival. That with yachts jet-set society can not even enter the port. And when I’m here again, I’ll take it one more time, even more thoroughly. And at the end of the dead end … Land Rover. How many times do you have to try D, CH, F, CZ, but today I wanted to have the damn F behind me and … but let’s keep it until tomorrow.  Alltime Premiere.                                                                             

And then just for coffee and enjoy it on the promenade in Cannes.                                         

34 Länder , Ausgleich mit erstes Tag im MC. Beim Abendessen in MC noch RSM. Also Tag 35. Leider nicht ein einziges von YU. Auch DK bleibt unerreichbar.

This year began in Cannes. And he finished.
Lots of question marks remain.
So Happy new Year.

P.S.: The one like Gibraltar BISOUS, so it’s French KISSES.

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The first GB began to arrive in the evening

Avenue Princesse Grace lives her own life. The crowds won’t get here. Tunis.                     

The warm day ended with a storm. I didn’t even have time to move to my place under the bridge.

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Proletarian Monaco

The Monegasque left. The People have arrived. Police in the force of 3,000 members on full alert. No nice times in MC. I remember being upset last year. But at least I went to the Musée Oceanografique for GBM. Yesterday I tried those 5 floors. On 100F 1D or CH or E. Today I did not want to repeat it again.                                                                                             

A little miracle for terrestrials. In the morning I will set off, pull out the electric shutter and drive the same dark street 200m and a miracle. Normal in a few minutes. But the first impact is always overwhelming.                                                                                                         

But so far, everything exceeds expectations. Far above expectations. CZ reality is quickly forgotten.


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The French flooded Monaco

Full everywhere. Hotel parking is not enough. Instead of guests from the planes, visitors came from all over France with cars. Hotel prices skyrocketed to 2000 € / night.                   

The first MK. Mc Saudia from eveningdiscovered in the secret garage.                                 

Don’t you want to go to that terrible hill from the harbor to the casino at the top of which even able-bodied cyclists look exhausted? Then there is such an inconspicuous door. And strangely, you’re going down a bit. And there will be a corridor and an elevator at the end. And you’ll snort there.                                                                                                                           

Hotel Fairmont. Crowded parking in front of the hotel. Crowded garages. RSM ended between. I used to be able to open that door and go to the garage. Not by force! I just watched the porters crochet it. And once I tried to go through the hotel. Well, that was wandering. This is a monster hotel. 400 rooms! Now I am an exemplary “Monegasque”.

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