So which of the Faroe Islands was not here yet?

Alltime Moto Premiere Tunesia TN                                                                                               

Formerly a normal, then a great rarity, now …Kazachstan KZ                                                    

I always like to see Faroe Islands FO                                                                                            

Libya LAR Exceptionally quite regular, Premiere Prov Test Slovenia SLO                                 

San Marino RSM         and II.                               Algier DZ tempor yellow with red                        

The Mongol Rally followed us all week                                                                                        

And the biggest Korean showbiz stars met in Prague                                                                 



A week of crazy license plates

Los Angeles? Liberia? Laos?                                                                                                             So what? I have 99% clear.

20 minuts later: Confirmed Libya LAR Travel outside

CDN Quebec                 AND MT Tempor                                                        Kosovo RKS                 

ChinaCHN                                                                                               I                                     

Maybe first Media Presentation: Premiere New Hungary H CD License plate                          

Die Woche brachte 51 Länder. Typisches Ferienanfang. Viele Autos,wenig drin. Einzige Regelmässigkeit ist,dass alles beste kommt in der letzte August Woche. Sonst gilt gar nicht. Z.B.3 Tage nichts,dann auf ein Paar hundert Meter donnert gleich 3mal.


Trend License Plates according to their own ideas continues

Libya LAR                                                            Algier DZ                      DK Provis                               Diese Woche mit Unterstuetzung von CH brachte 47 Countries zusammen.                               Very rare USA Mississipi                                                                                                                  

Prague is slowly waking up

Libya LAR Trade Premiere                               UAE Abu Dhabi Exp.                                                 Week brought a total of 40 countries. Just missed me MNE and IRL. Without a photo but unfortunately CDN brand new format military WE.                                                                         07.03.: Armenia AM Premiere 2016 and Canada CDN found at -5 in one Hotel at remote sites less than 200 meters. Never seen LAR and CDN.                                                                          The number of states this year climbed to 65th.                                                                                On the road from Ústí to Brno, these men wandered down to -2 floor of the shopping center Palladium. This is an absolutely incredible story.   Otherwise, the 40 countries lacked IRL. The daily average is around 25th.

From Silk road to Prague: Uzbekistan

 Uzbekistan UZ  License Plate 

Premiere of all Premiers , 113th alltime, 97th on the blog, 83th 2016                                              Early Christmas Present from Palladium made in 01 Tashkhent City                                             Coolest Motorcycle of the World is from us CZ                                                                                    Very good Weekend , also:                                                                                                                Reunion REU  , Libya LAR do it yourself  and just rare MNE                                                               GE                                 USA Kentucky               CH CD                            GB/IRL                            Week   42 Countries   ,without IRL,FIN,FL,MC…                                                       


Maybe last expedition 2016

China 2016 PRG Nr. 35!                                                                                                                 dsc09987 dsc09984 dsc09986 dsc09978 San Marino RSM Jan-Sept. 0, after 5                                                        Bundeswehr                   dsc09982 dsc09983 dsc09992 dsc09993    This week still 45 Countries.

Libya LAR                                                            again in PRG Dubai                                              dsc00015 dsc00013 dsc00014 dsc00001


I greet all the long-distance motorcyclists. Are you guys!

Australia AUS ,Tue                                             AUS, Thu  Lady Premiere                                DSC09236 DSC09235 DSC09273 DSC09274 Albania AL alltime moto Premiere                  Libya LAR                     Morris 1100/1300        DSC09249 DSC09250 DSC09243 DSC09244 Isle of Guernsey GBG ,        Saab S Supercamp and Honda Super Cub , the world‚s best-selling moto 50 000 000                                                                                                     DSC09259 DSC09258 DSC09257 DSC09254 Tunisia TN Regime suspensif PRG premiere    rare U.S. Colorado                                                 DSC09260 DSC09261 DSC09268 DSC09262 France Wolves                                                      NL old                                                                    DSC09237 DSC09256 DSC09265 DSC09266


Girls on Tour: Korea Bus

South Korea ROK Best Bus alltime                                                                                                   DSC09172 DSC09170 DSC09171 DSC09168 Malta M rare catch- ugly EU license plate       Algier DZ CD                 China for today      DSC09179 DSC09180 DSC09160 DSC09161 Thursday quieter with IR,LAR and KZ without Foto. It is only 10C                                                  DSC09196 DSC09197 DSC09188 DSC09191 DSC09181 DSC09183 DSC09189 DSC09178

Départment d´outre mer de Guyane francaise

With the wave of 2.5 million people in Pope Krakow  landed in Prague also                           French Guyana GUF   111th alltime, 95th on the blog, 77th 2016                                             800px-Flag_of_French_Guiana.svg DSC09057 DSC09056 DSC09059 Libya                                Ireland                           Lá la lálalalá lálalaláá  Hey Jude                       DSC09052 DSC09050 DSC09048 DSC09049 RUS                                  FIN                                   Praga Magica                                                   DSC09047 DSC09055 DSC09051 DSC09036 Holiday in PRG…                                                     vous voir bientôt                                               DSC09030 DSC09031 DSC09053 DSC09054  Faroe Islands likes PRG  (2016 4 a. 5)                 just as China                                         DSC09080 DSC09070 DSC09071 DSC09078 Libya LAR                                                            and totally unfulfilled expectations                  DSC09063 DSC09065 DSC09074 DSC09072 

Great start to the Gumball week : GBM,LAR,GE etc.

Monday ,May 2: 35 Countries                                                                                                            DSC08220 DSC08219 DSC08216 DSC08217 DSC08221 DSC08215 DSC08214 DSC08222Not just finger on the map , czech : ne jen prstem po mapě

Gumball 3000 2016 PRG 4.May                                                                                                     DSC08228 DSC08233 DSC08235 DSC08236UAE Dubai                    First Arizona USA alltime                                  Finland FIN                       DSC08256 DSC08281 DSC08289 DSC08237  DSC08241 DSC08252 DSC08243 DSC08263 IMG_2770 DSC08283 DSC08225 DSC08295 Bulgaria BG Person  I seen, but Picture is  from my Coleague carspotter Unixyy. Thanks.

Far below the equator, far beyond Madagascar : Reunion

Nr.93 : Reunion REU                                                                                                                         reunionmapa1 DSC08139 DSC08140 DSC08138 Cars from PRG: Rallye 7 Castles with very rare Siata Gran Sport 1953 and more                   DSC08174 DSC08175 DSC08179 DSC08188 DSC08190 DSC08193 DSC08183 DSC08189Libya                             USA                               Macedonia-?                 S                                    DSC08204 DSC08197 DSC08209 DSC08200 DSC08196 DSC08211 DSC08212 DSC08210India  Motorcycle Import .                                                                There is a nice everywhere! Woche 17 setzte aufwaerts Trend fort. Es kamen auch schon viele Motoraeder. Am Sammstag war zu sehen 39 Laender. Das ist  schon ein Top Season Wert. Ingesamt dann 42.

First good week of the new year in Prague

PRG Premiere Azerbaidjan AZ                          Libya                             Canada                             DSC08054 DSC08057 DSC08055 DSC08036 AZ Day after once more                                                    and a few more pictures from PRG     DSC08046 DSC08050 DSC08053 DSC07947 Uebers Woche war noch ruhig aber zum Wocheende ging es aufwaerts.  Am Sammstag 35 Laender am einem Tag. Es fehlte nur an AL, IRL, MC,FIN, USA. Dagegen dabei auch RKS, MNE, usw.  Gesamtzahl pro Woche kam dann auf 40.

Plates Spotting in Monte Carlo

Monaco  –  fairy tale Principaute                                                                                                      DSC07508 DSC07455 DSC07422 DSC07427   and its Princier Albert at the back entrance Yacht Club de Monaco                                         DSC07463 DSC07467 DSC07460 DSC07525  Isle of Man GBM         Dubai UAE                                                                                                     DSC07381 DSC07479 DSC07432 DSC07493 Monaco MC         CC                  CD                    France F Corsica?          CZ in MC                      DSC07372 DSC07424 DSC07419 DSC07382 Canada (Alberta) and Andorra-no foto                                                                                          DSC07491 DSC07417 DSC07451 DSC07428  ———————————————————————————————————————-                Genova (I) Porto C. Colombo arrival of the ferry from Tunisi.
Strict security measures. Therefore, only a few spy photos. Surprisingly, it came from the war Country  Libya 14 luxury cars.                                                                                                           DSC07528 DSC07529 DSC07531 DSC07530  ————————————————————————————————————————–           Diese 4. Woche brachte im Prag,Genua u. Monte Carlo zusammen  Rekordverdaechtigte  49 Laender. Mit GBM,UAE,TN,LAR,CDN,USA,AND,AL,RKS,IRL,FIN usw.

Jordan-89th blogtime Countries

04.09. Jordan JOR 3x                                                                                                                         DSC06262 DSC06260 DSC06240 DSC06270 Saudi Arabia KSA                                               San Marino RSM moto premiere                       DSC06232 DSC06227 DSC06228 DSC06234 Week 36 : 48 Countries                                                                                                                Libya LAR                      USA                                                                                                           DSC06302 DSC06290 DSC06301 DSC06294


Long wait comes to an end: People Republic of China

6/8 : China RC 2015 Premiere (2014- 16)                                                                                        DSC05892 DSC05891 DSC05890 DSC05889  Libya LAR                   Andorra AND                Estonia EST                                                        DSC05888 DSC05887 DSC05896 DSC05874  DSC05900 DSC05902 DSC05905 Week 32: 46 Countries

Summer without Rain and „big“ States

Week 31 : 48 Countries (30th-47)                                                                                                       Algier DZ (PRG 2015 Premiere)                         Malta M (also)                                              DSC05845 DSC05852 DSC05848 DSC05850 Andorra AND              USA Colorado               Moldova MD New         Austria ala Australia       DSC05819 DSC05841 DSC05846 DSC05851 Libya LAR                                                            Albania AL                                                         DSC05860 DSC05859 DSC05861 DSC05862 Top Gear also noticed that in Albania goes only Mercedes. And I have seen so far only Mercedes. Škoda Premiere.                                                                                                                LT Special                    IRL Bus  Premiere          Algier DZ- CD                                           DSC05853 DSC05855 DSC05878 DSC05877                                                 Even the Bugatti Veyron. I saw a total of four.        DSC05784 DSC04770 DSC02960 DSC01642 Big Change  by    Libya                         yesterday        –              today                                    DSC05859  DSC05881 DSC05879 DSC05882

Prague April : A promising start to the season

San Marino RSM temporary                               Cyprus CY                                                           DSC04847 DSC04846 DSC04853 DSC04851    Libya LAR              Emirates UAE Ambassador for CZ  in A+ UAE export     Libya LAR    DSC04849 DSC04860 DSC04940 DSC04941 and Cars from Prague                                                                                   DSC04910 DSC04919 DSC04920 DSC04881 DSC04888 DSC04886 DSC04875 DSC04864Czech Veteran Plate in GB look                           Morocco MA -CD Premiere                                DSC04932 DSC04930  DSC04956 DSC04954 Poland   PL 1965-76     Slovenija SLO non CD                                                                         DSC04970 DSC04979  DSC04975 DSC04981

Spring is coming

First Kazachstan KZ 2015- Back from Dakar              Dubai UAE with Czech TUV Label!!!         DSC04609 DSC04610  DSC04622 DSC04579  Unbelievable. Despite the war, Libya still runs.    Holidays in Italy. All in Prague.        DSC04619  DSC04603 DSC04606 DSC04635This year’s first bike                                                                                                                         DSC04639 DSC04624 DSC04648 DSC04652


Paris Plates Spotting II.

DSC04074 DSC04076 DSC04077 DSC04147 Emirates UAE (also the first row)         Saudi Arabia KSA                       Libya LAR  DSC04134 DSC04104 DSC04133 DSC04148Overall       7 KSA                                                     1 Q                                3 UAE                           DSC04143 DSC04140 DSC04111 DSC04103  a lot of temporary    A, P, MC                                                                                                       DSC04071 DSC04128 DSC04130 DSC04124 Paris Images with MA, USA, L, D, GB, L, AND, I/MC, B                                                                  DSC04092 DSC04072 DSC04115 DSC04086 DSC04101 DSC04075 DSC04142 DSC04118 DSC04087 DSC04094 DSC04120 DSC04097 Nash and very special Czech Republik a la France:  7U9 1830                                         DSC04139 DSC04138 DSC04073

Olav,du har rett, det er det kinesiske året

6/10: China CHN – Vehicle 14 and 15 in 2014                                                                       DSC03803 DSC03804                                        DSC03793 8/10: in fallen leaves, he goes (except CZ) China only                                                               DSC03812 DSC03811                                        DSC03814   10/10: KZ and beautifull green Vermont                                                    16/10: Libya IIII.          DSC03827 DSC03828 DSC03830 DSC03834

So far, China’s largest expedition

7/9 : China  CHN CN? RC?- 8x                              8/9: Libya (CD Premiere)                             DSC03618 DSC03646  DSC03650 DSC03651  DSC03648 DSC03654 DSC03652 DSC03653 Bosna BIH +Montenegro MNE motopremiere  12/9: Maroc MA            2014- 4th                        DSC03661 DSC03655  DSC03683 DSC03685

Season-started now,everything is possible

Australian Open
DSC03036 DSC03021 DSC03032  DSC03028 DSC03031 DSC03035 DSC03033 DSC03025   Poezie dálek:     AUS- New South Wales ,RC- Shang-Hai                                                              DSC03048 DSC03049 DSC03063 DSC03061 DSC03057 DSC03055 DSC03064 DSC03066 Libya LAR (once LT) on the move                                                                                                 DSC03089 DSC03090 DSC03091 DSC03084   DSC03070 DSC03069 DSC03072 DSC03068 DSC03078 DSC03080 DSC03082 DSC03081   Tento Matchless si koupil tenhle Sportsmann v roce 1960 a ještě včera ho dovezl spolehlivě do Prahy.                                                                                                                                             Russia  25 : Primorskoj kraj –Wladivostok       Tatraplan 1949                                          DSC03102 DSC03114 DSC03099 DSC03098 Despite the War: Libya II                                                                                                               DSC03105 DSC03104 DSC03110 DSC03103 RUS 86- Kraj Chanty -Mansijsk na soutoku Ob a Irtyš                                                                     DSC03115 DSC03117 DSC03116 DSC03119 DSC03122 DSC03123 DSC03126 DSC03125