Asia rules again

The center, the airport, our hotel are full of Chinese and Japanese. I have already observed this increase in MC. They didn’t go there that much before. It’s not the old people who remember Mao anymore. Young, great clothes, great luggage that I don’t even know what it’s for.

First week big wave from Iran. Beautiful people themselves. One beauty started a conversation in the elevator. That’s how I know they were from IR.

If you don’t know how to get rid of money – go to CH. But whatever you pay for them will be great. From food to service. All.


Leclercmania jumped from Japan to China.
TV searched in vain for fans of another driver in the cuts.
In vain in the case of Hamilton. In China, there was not a single admirer of a sympathizer of the Black Lives Matter, Green Deal, Metoo, etc. movements.

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