License Plates Geneva

Emir of Qatar, Khalida came to visit in :                                                                                                                              Qatar Q  started with 6 numbers (5 missed for Bermuda), then 4 and now three digit                                                                                                                                Japan J  Japanese representation on the Motorshow                                                                                                                        Saudia KSA–  Batmobile from Gumball is hidden in GE                  KSA as SA                      Emirates not Dubai but UAE                    USA                                     GBJ                          Kosovo RKS                  UK GB                            Swiss CH                       CH/MEX               Qatar Q ewerywhere you look                                                                                                           That’s not all.  We can continue.                                                                                                         Plates spotting in the stunning backdrop- this is Geneva                                                                ________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Last Week to Sunday   42  Countries.                                                                                               ________________________________________________________________________________________________________Coming Saturday:      Geneva-car town                                                                                  

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2 Responses to License Plates Geneva

  1. Helvetics says:

    Where were spotted the Qatari Porsche 911 and the Jersey plate? I don’t recognize the parking lots…

  2. materazzi says:

    Porsche is Garage from Mandarin Oriental and GBJ one public Parking in City.

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