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Nordic diary with License Plates of Nepal

And there are holidays here. To go on a vacation. Experience the atmosphere where everyone is going. Children,dogs,bicycles,caravans…                                                                     Rush hour                                                                                                                                          Quality comes,however,with dusk. Nothing for my mobile. IRQ (Kurdistan) with only arab font in white toyota and MA.                                                                                                                 … Continue reading

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A week of crazy license plates

Los Angeles? Liberia? Laos?                                                                                                             So what? I have 99% clear. 20 minuts later: Confirmed Libya LAR Travel outside CDN Quebec                 AND MT Tempor                                                    Kosovo RKS                  Chinas  CHN                                                                                               I                                      Maybe first Media Presentation: Premiere New Hungary H CD                           … Continue reading

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TR,  LAR  ,EST,  GR                   DZ,  RKS  E , M                TN,  CH  ,E,  IL                       … Continue reading

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