Nordic diary with License Plates of Nepal

And there are holidays here. To go on a vacation. Experience the atmosphere where everyone is going. Children,dogs,bicycles,caravans…                                                                     Rush hour                                                                                                                                          Quality comes,however,with dusk. Nothing for my mobile. IRQ (Kurdistan) with only arab font in white toyota and MA.                                                                                                                  I’am changing the plan tonight. Tomorrow I’ll be here before. And Ill have 3 hours in Hamburg.   Soon to be seen on the island!                                                                                   But a very unpleasant surprise is waiting for me. Hamburg Pride. Traffic stopped. Horrible music. I wander lessly around Binnenalster,sit down and wait to go…                                      When I return the train station. I see the undepass on the left. And behind it cars are running.

On the first red,the third. I do not recognize the License Plate at all. Then schock!                    Spot. Unfortunatelly. I have SMS.                                                                                                   Everything is moving.                                                                                                                        Seconds of terror,horror,deep shock. Destroy the SMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!                                           Spot.                                                                                                                                                 And waiting what is in.                                                                                                                       Yeah,I got something there! YES!                                                                                                          Fragment copy from Foto Tim Raab (Nr.4) thanks Hadri45

After many hours of research and thanks raphael:   Nepal NEP  CD                                                                                                                                                        114th alltime,        101th blog ,                  83th 2017                                                                                            

Die Woche mit 48 Länder. Keins MD oder MK. Aber MEX und NEP.


A week of crazy license plates

Los Angeles? Liberia? Laos?                                                                                                             So what? I have 99% clear.

20 minuts later: Confirmed Libya LAR Travel outside

CDN Quebec                 AND MT Tempor                                                        Kosovo RKS                 

ChinaCHN                                                                                               I                                     

Maybe first Media Presentation: Premiere New Hungary H CD License plate                          

Die Woche brachte 51 Länder. Typisches Ferienanfang. Viele Autos,wenig drin. Einzige Regelmässigkeit ist,dass alles beste kommt in der letzte August Woche. Sonst gilt gar nicht. Z.B.3 Tage nichts,dann auf ein Paar hundert Meter donnert gleich 3mal.



DSC03734 DSC03650 DSC03572 DSC03485 DSC03447 DSC03351 DSC02994 DSC02978 DSC02905 DSC02686 DSC02397 DSC02207 TR,  LAR  ,EST,  GR                   DZ,  RKS  E , M                TN,  CH  ,E,  IL                                              DSC02089 DSC02085 DSC02056 DSC02052 DSC01960 DSC01770 DSC01746 DSC01604 DSC01605 DSC01595 DSC01596 DSC01582 GEO, P, SLO, AL                     RUS, IS, FIN, RO                       BY, MD, S, I                                       DSC01533 DSC01475 DSC03073 DSC01352 DSC01328 DSC01317 DSC01135 DSC01100 DSC00808 DSC01057 DSC00584 DSC00478  F, IL, MK, LV                                     E, TN, BG, HR,                              BIH,DK,LT,L                          DSC00249 DSC00476 DSC03452 DSC03303 DSC01382 DSC01343 DSC00239 DSC01462 DSC04956 DSC04733 DSC04330 DSC05255 N,SRB,B,DZ                       TR,H,S?,TR                         MA,F,SRB,CZ(old)                                          DSC05418 DSC05395 DSC05585 DSC05727 DSC05843 DSC08380 DSC08408