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Enter  to “Search” and then click on the title                                                            Swiss Plates International                                                                          April 2014

Back in the Swiss                                                                                                    June 2014  

Paris Special: Trumps under the Arc de Triomphe (Part1)              October 2014

Gateway to Africa: Porto C.Colombo,Genova(IT)                                January 2015

Geneve 2015 : Part 2 –                                                                                         March 2015

The Expedition to the Channel Islands. Almost.                                       April 2015

France – 3Days, 3 New Countries: Benin, Hongkong and Alderney   April 2015

One week on the Isle of Fehmarn – Gate to Scandinavia                     August 2015 

Geneve Plates Spotting with Polynesie francaise?                               Autunm 2015

Paris Special: Trumps under the Arc de Triomphe Part1,2         November 2014

Paris Plates Spotting II.                                                                             December 2014 

Paris One Week After                                                                                  November 2015

Plates Spotting in Monte Carlo                                                               January 2016

Roma : License Plates of SMOM                                                     February 2016

Roma: License Plates of Vatican                                                      March 2016

Plates Spotting in Italy                                                                                March 2016

Iran Route (Teheran-Stuben-London)                                          November 2016

Royame des plaques d’Imma. MC e GE                                      January 2017 

License Plates London (Inter.)                                                  February 2017 

License Plates Geneva                                                                     March 2017

Big fish caught on the island of Fehmarn                                June 2017

A journey into history of scandinavian license plates                      June 2017

Nordic diary with LP of Nepal                                                   August2017

Alpine spotting: Passo del Brennero                                                October 2017

One ordinery sunny day Porto C.Colombo,Genova                     December 2017

One ordinary rainy day in Monaco_Monte Carlo                        December 2017

Monaco,you are wonder                                                                January 2018

Plates and Carspotting,London,1.-4. 2. 2018    February 2018                                                                                                                                                                                   Unbelievable drama and fantastic spotting-GE great                 November 2018         20 Days on the Cote d’Azur (Monaco)                       Nov./Dez. 2018 and Jan. 19