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В українське село прибув монгольський автобус

The school holidays have started in CZ. In addition, Tuesday and Wednesday-holiday. It’s been a weird week. In any case, the Czechs and especially their children disappeared completely. For a Czech or Croatian or Canarian country. And public space and public transport were … Continue reading

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Dakar 2022 writes the bottom page

Heavy rain and 50 rafale reported at noon. I’m trying to make sure the stop is over. I give up after half an hour. A difficult decision when a rally flows by. But very good. After three hours in the heat and dryness … Continue reading

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So it’s finally here. Mongolia License Plate

Alltime Premiere as 79th 2018 and 104th on the blog Mongolia MNG       Kyrgyzstan KG as 78th 2018 Premiere new LP                                         … Continue reading

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