Strong Juni21 in North America Week

Beautiful VW BUS from CDN Quebec with very special License Plates                                DSC08649 DSC08647 DSC08648 DSC08650 USA Florida in 100m   MNE  and and…      Total 40 Countries in 1Day    2016 Record               DSC08652 DSC08654 DSC08663 DSC08666 Meanwhile German Luxury Rider        and   Football   (Czech out)                                              DSC08655 DSC08661 DSC08657 DSC08664________________________________________________________________________________________________________

22 : Unfortunately Bicycles in Japan do not have license plates                                                   DSC08669 DSC08673 DSC08692 DSC08675  ________________________________________________________________________________________________________CDN                                                                     GE CD CZ/ GE Temp                                              DSC08693 DSC08694 DSC08676 DSC08691 USA  Montana  …                                                                                                                             DSC08685 DSC08684 DSC08682 DSC08687 DSC08683 DSC08679 DSC08688 DSC08696  25.Woche brachte 44 Laender. Das bedeutet -4 zur Vorwoche. Es kommen fast keine AND,RSM usw.

Always something happening-but true exotics miss

Week 3O :  47 Countries                                           apart from:                                                     Premiere Montenegro MNE -CD                          Premiere Nederland NL Elektro Bike    DSC05728 DSC05727 DSC05733 DSC05731 Cars from Prague                                                                                                                             DSC05729 DSC05740 DSC05742 DSC05744                                                    

So far, China’s largest expedition

7/9 : China  CHN CN? RC?- 8x                              8/9: Libya (CD Premiere)                             DSC03618 DSC03646  DSC03650 DSC03651  DSC03648 DSC03654 DSC03652 DSC03653 Bosna BIH +Montenegro MNE motopremiere  12/9: Maroc MA            2014- 4th                        DSC03661 DSC03655  DSC03683 DSC03685

Prague Plates Quartal II

DSC02742 DSC02749 DSC02747 DSC02758 Nice Letter came  from Estonia. Visit is worth.    Sunday  13/4  New Record : 41  Countries in 1 Day                                                                                                         Easter Visitors : SOUTH KOREA, AND, Bella Italia Vecchia  etc.                                                  DSC02769 DSC02770 DSC02775 DSC02767  DSC02774 DSC02773 DSC02763 DSC02752   V jihokorejské karimatce a spacáku se už asi vyhřívá bezdomovec z pod nedalekých mostů. Kazí mi to radost a stydím se nebetyčně…                                                                                      _______________________________________________________________________________________________________DSC02788 DSC02785 DSC02850 DSC02782    8.5.: Public Holiday in Prague                                                                                                           DSC02852 DSC02855 DSC02856 DSC02853 Marcela does not lives in this House anymore.!!! Do not ring the bells !               —————–