A heartfelt greeting from Malaysia

Malaysia MAL  License Plates 50th’s                                                                                                      

This year very late. But still! Australia AUS moto                                                                                                                South Korea ROK                                                                                                                          For Koreans, Prague is the most famous city in the world. Not the best of the show business stars. Here the glory of Prague brought mega-successful TV series.                                                                                                                              Australia? No, Finland FIN Trade Premiere      TR                                 Kosovo RKS                        USA’s and Albanias ewerywhere you look                                                                                           Leipzig Pride                                                                                                                                       

Ganz,ganz nette Woche. 48 Countries.  Die meisten Fotos sind vom Sammstag-40 Länder. Immer kann ich nicht verstehen ,dass am Ende August habe ganze 4 Tagen nicht Handy aus der Tasche gezogen.                                                          

Week: Through the world. From Korea to Australia and then Canada

The inconspicuous transporter behind the wall concealed a great surprise:

76th 2017, 3th alltime, 2017 Premiere  Aland Islands AX                                                            Australia AUS 2017 Premiere , 77th 2017                          Kazachstan KZ                        Malta M                                                               Canada CDN                                                      Albania AL                    USA rare Montana       RUS black Moscow        GB micro                      Irland IRL old Car Premiere                                IRL new?                                                              Blond or not blond                                              TR                                 UA old            She also likes the Rock and Roll-spotter Monička                                                                           

Rekord Woche 53 Countries (Vorw. +7). 2017 Platz 2. 1. Januar Woche im Monte Carlo und Genéve: 54.     Aber so einfach war es nicht . Am Mi. noch 40. Do. aber D Feirtag wirkte wie Herbicid und Pesticid: 34. Dann immer weniger ,So. nur 31 und das nur danks Rallye Paris-Prague. So. kamen dann andere zurück: 36 mit AL,M,CDN. Diese Woche fehlte nichts.                                                                                                                                                                                  GB Rallye Paris-Prague 2017                                                                                                  No. 1 arrived last : American La France roadster   1917                                                                  Astons                                                                                                                                                Triumphs                                                               Bentley                                                            and more                                                                                                                                             One crew and escort were from Cotswold. Residence of Jeremy Clarkson. Of course, they knew him personally. So I hope he will answer my greetings.                                                         Clarkson


For this, German has a beautiful expression-Waahnsinn. License Plates Malaysia

Malaysia MAL Nr.2,  Premiere 2014,2015,2016,2017                                                                        72th Countries 2017                                                                                                                      MAL   2013                    MAL 2017                     Malta M 2017 Premiere  Nr.73 2017                         Andorra AND                                                       China                                                                     on the  Road to Start Baltic Classic… and more                                                                              Zweite Super Woche im Reihe. Diesmal mit 47 Länder. 1 weniger als Vorwoche. Nicht dabei nur MC u. IRL.                                                                                                              

This year’s third expedition: New Zealand License Plates

After Korea and Kuwait in 2017 just coming New Zealand NZ  2015,16,17 Premiere                                                                                                                                                                       Albania AL                    US Base Grafenwoehr  RUS GT3RS                                                            Very rare US style LT CD                                    CZ around the world     CZ Doctor (Lekar)         Weekend in PRG                                                                                                                                    The week brought 42 states. But I would just give them a NZ. Yeah, and still missing MNE.

First April weekend full of wonderful License Plates

First China 2017 2 Month previously                 Romania RO Scooter Premiere                             Albanias and Kosovos                                                                                                                     Russia RUS Public Premiere, F   Garage           CZ Catch me                  CZ Mercedes 190SL             Sunday- Derby Day . March to Slavia. Slavia-Sparta 1:1                                                                    Week 40 Countries .  No MNE,IRL.  Best day  Sat. 33.                                              

Hotels and parkings reports: Occupied

     Tunis TN pass back                                               Algier DZ                                                                Spain E Consul Premiere                                  German corps in F ,Eurocorps ,Premiere      Kosovo RKS                   USA Maryland                                                           and Illinois                   Last Week with 1.1. 46 Countries. Nothing was missing. Only once MNE,EST. Thu. a. Sun 37        

International Christmas

with Gibraltar GBZ    PRG 2016 Nr.2                                                                                                                             This time came far more cars than ever before                                                                          CD from GR, BY, F OECD and NL CDJ                                                                                                       always rare AL                                                                                                            this year rare MC         in Winter rare   FIN                                                                                                                                Week total 40 Countries. Sat. 31, Sun .32. With GE,MNE,FL. Without EST,TR


I greet all the long-distance motorcyclists. Are you guys!

Australia AUS ,Tue                                             AUS, Thu  Lady Premiere                                DSC09236 DSC09235 DSC09273 DSC09274 Albania AL alltime moto Premiere                  Libya LAR                     Morris 1100/1300        DSC09249 DSC09250 DSC09243 DSC09244 Isle of Guernsey GBG ,        Saab S Supercamp and Honda Super Cub , the world‚s best-selling moto 50 000 000                                                                                                     DSC09259 DSC09258 DSC09257 DSC09254 Tunisia TN Regime suspensif PRG premiere    rare U.S. Colorado                                                 DSC09260 DSC09261 DSC09268 DSC09262 France Wolves                                                      NL old                                                                    DSC09237 DSC09256 DSC09265 DSC09266


Good weekend culminated good (very) Week- 51 Countries

South Africa ZA  2016 Premiere, NorthWest Province Premiere   China                                    DSC09113 DSC09103 DSC09101 DSC09102  South Africa is 78 th States of 2016. Last year 78 for the whole year.                                       Maroc MA                                                      AND, finally! 3 Month is nothing,  AL 1 Month         DSC09091 DSC09092 DSC09093 DSC09107 Rare   CD  FIN                             GB                                                                                                DSC09112 DSC09089  DSC09087 DSC09088
Too bad ! In Japan have Bikes  no license plate . Good Luck!  I like J.                                           Die 31.Woche in Top Form. Kein Tag ohne Beute. Es fehlte nur an MNE. Sonst (fast) alles dabei. Das brachte 51 Laender, 6 mehr als Vorwoche und 1 mehr als 2016 Rekord Woche mit Genf.                                                                                                                                            
and continue in the new week                                                                                                       Morocco MA  Premiere Foreign and Zuid Africa once in daylight                                                DSC09131 DSC09132 DSC09128 DSC09114    LP 1963 is still in operation                                                                                                            DSC09117 DSC09130 DSC09133 DSC09148


As I waited. Bikers scored.

Australia AUS Queensland Nr.II                                                                      USA                    DSC08811 DSC08814 DSC08816 DSC08810   RUS on the Dyatlov Pass           USA                  Albania AL                    Kosovo RKS                  DSC08817 DSC08821 DSC08830 DSC08827 always one crazy I        NL                                  ewerywhere AL                                       DSC08829 DSC08823 DSC08834 DSC08831 Retro Prague Historic Rally 2016                                                                                                 with Porsche Spyder 1955, Maserati 1959 or Aston Martin DB 4/2 1958                                     DSC08855 DSC08857 DSC08860 DSC08839 DSC08843 DSC08859 DSC08842 DSC08836 DSC08863 DSC08845 DSC08856 DSC08852

First China License Plates in 2016

June 11 : This time she came first  China soon for all years . Good sign.                                      DSC08547 DSC08545  DSC08544 DSC08538 Diamond Race 2016  from PRG to Budapest                                                                                    DSC08554 DSC08553 DSC08543 DSC08551 23. Woche Bilanz. Es fehlte zwar an MC o. IRL aber  dagegen dabei RC,MA,GBG u. M.          Das bedeutet Anstieg gegen Vorvoche um 5 Punkte auf 47.                                                        DSC08565 DSC08566 DSC08569 DSC08570 Gruzia GE CD  Nr.II       First 2013                       Paul Mc Cartney Bagage                              DSC08592 DSC02089 DSC08593 DSC08573

…and here in June. Yet very reserved

DSC08443 DSC08444 DSC08445 DSC08447 DSC08449 DSC08450 DSC08451 DSC08452Lithuania LT Military Premiere                         Neckar 1100                                                           DSC08472 DSC08473 DSC08460 DSC08457

DSC08463 DSC08467 DSC08469 DSC08458 Danemark DK Military Premiere                                                                                                      DSC08487 DSC08488 DSC08484 DSC08478 DSC08491 DSC08492 DSC08494 DSC08496 Woche 22 -zweite nacheinander mit sinkenden Werten. Auch wenig Motorraeder, einzige positive N u. FIN schon fast jede Tag. Voriges Jahres Flaute ist mittlerweile wieder da. Ingesamt waren in PRG  42 Laender sehen. Inkl. schon frueher gesehene GE,UAE usw.


Summer without Rain and „big“ States

Week 31 : 48 Countries (30th-47)                                                                                                       Algier DZ (PRG 2015 Premiere)                         Malta M (also)                                              DSC05845 DSC05852 DSC05848 DSC05850 Andorra AND              USA Colorado               Moldova MD New         Austria ala Australia       DSC05819 DSC05841 DSC05846 DSC05851 Libya LAR                                                            Albania AL                                                         DSC05860 DSC05859 DSC05861 DSC05862 Top Gear also noticed that in Albania goes only Mercedes. And I have seen so far only Mercedes. Škoda Premiere.                                                                                                                LT Special                    IRL Bus  Premiere          Algier DZ- CD                                           DSC05853 DSC05855 DSC05878 DSC05877                                                 Even the Bugatti Veyron. I saw a total of four.        DSC05784 DSC04770 DSC02960 DSC01642 Big Change  by    Libya                         yesterday        –              today                                    DSC05859  DSC05881 DSC05879 DSC05882

June Australia last year and June this year

DSC03021 DSC03018 DSC05293 DSC05292 but AUS Queensland is Premiere , after NSW,  VIC, West. AUS, Tasmania                                Bulgaria BG appears rarely on the blog                                                                                         DSC05297 DSC05296 DSC05295  DSC05314 1000 miles of Czechoslovakia , 46. Race Prague-Bratislava-Prague                                           DSC05338 DSC05335 DSC05351 DSC05337 Cars from Prague                                                                                                                           DSC05355 DSC05356 DSC05332 DSC05196  Statistic of Week 24th.:  41 Countries
First Tunisia TN 2015 Prague                              Special Camp Car Vixen 2                                   DSC05365 DSC05364  DSC05362 DSC05363 DSC05369 DSC05384 DSC05383 DSC05385    Statistic of Week 25th: 42 Countries                                                                                            DSC05390 DSC05395 DSC05401 DSC05392 DSC05397 DSC05418 DSC05394  DSC05407


…,než se roztřídí do šuplíků a košů

DSC00651 DSC01176 DSC01221 DSC01276 DSC01106 DSC01069 DSC01068 DSC01059 DSC01135 DSC01274 DSC01092 DSC01095DSC01186 DSC01187 DSC01132 DSC01185 Do Prahy už sice dorazil první popovodňový turista(vyprávěl mi jak se psem na hrudi projížděl u DD ty katastrofické lijáky),ale spíše je čas na rekapitulaci. Vybral jsem letos ty vzácnější státy ,dal jim 23 políček a sledoval četnost výskytu. Už někdy v únoru jako 1.dokončil L ,pak 2 měsíce později takřka stejně 2.MK,3.BIH a v květnu  pár dnů po sobě 4.USA 5.GR 6.MD.  Právě teď jako 7.SF,8.EST a před závěrem je FL a N. Pak už je  větší odstup k P,MC,TR apod.

DSC01198 DSC01215 DSC01217 DSC01218  Na rozdíl od normální ulice , na srazu H-D se to hemžilo kvalitními US státy                     DSC01197 DSC01220 DSC01222 DSC01219