From Silk road to Prague: Uzbekistan

 Uzbekistan UZ  License Plate 

Premiere of all Premiers , 113th alltime, 97th on the blog, 83th 2016                                              Early Christmas Present from Palladium made in 01 Tashkhent City                                             Coolest Motorcycle of the World is from us CZ                                                                                    Very good Weekend , also:                                                                                                                Reunion REU  , Libya LAR do it yourself  and just rare MNE                                                               GE                                 USA Kentucky               CH CD                            GB/IRL                            Week   42 Countries   ,without IRL,FIN,FL,MC…                                                       


Far below the equator, far beyond Madagascar : Reunion

Nr.93 : Reunion REU                                                                                                                         reunionmapa1 DSC08139 DSC08140 DSC08138 Cars from PRG: Rallye 7 Castles with very rare Siata Gran Sport 1953 and more                   DSC08174 DSC08175 DSC08179 DSC08188 DSC08190 DSC08193 DSC08183 DSC08189Libya                             USA                               Macedonia-?                 S                                    DSC08204 DSC08197 DSC08209 DSC08200 DSC08196 DSC08211 DSC08212 DSC08210India  Motorcycle Import .                                                                There is a nice everywhere! Woche 17 setzte aufwaerts Trend fort. Es kamen auch schon viele Motoraeder. Am Sammstag war zu sehen 39 Laender. Das ist  schon ein Top Season Wert. Ingesamt dann 42.