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First good week 2018 in PRG (IND,RL,RE,CHN,AND…)

Réunion RE  2017,18 Premiere  69th 2018                                                                                Andorra AND                                                    China CHN                                                   beauty DK milit                                                          … Continue reading

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From Silk road to Prague: Uzbekistan

 Uzbekistan UZ  License Plate  Premiere of all Premiers ,113th alltime,97th on the blog,83th 2016                                              Early Christmas Present from Palladium made in 01 Tashkhent City                             … Continue reading

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Far below the equator, far beyond Madagascar : Reunion

Nr.93 : Reunion REU                                                                                                                         Cars from PRG: Rallye 7 Castles with very rare Siata Gran Sport 1953 and more                       Libya                             USA                               Macedonia-?                 S                                    India  Motorcycle Import .                                                                There is a nice everywhere! Woche … Continue reading

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