France – 3Days, 3 New Countries: Benin, Hongkong and Alderney

10.-12.4.2015 : From the equator arrived  République Benin RB, from the Pacific HongKong HK                                       and from Chanell Islands   Isle of Alderney GBA                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  DSC04706

So the new status: 105 all time, 87 blog era, 65 this year        and  New Charts this Sites   :
1. Benin,  2. Thailand,  3. Malaysia,   4.Venezuela,  5. HongKong  6. New Zeeland 

journée  parisienne …     KSA                Algier DZ  temporary   Abu Dhabi DSC04813 DSC04747 DSC04822 DSC04739 nuit parisienne….   Kuwait                Qatar                                    Kazachstan         DSC04834 DSC04778 DSC04786 DSC04775

mystéres parisienne…Dubai ?  Saudi Arabia ?     France       Ukraine     DSC04818 DSC04674 DSC04726 DSC04729

célébration parisienne…Saudias  La Ferrari,Bugatti Veyron                        DSC04756 DSC04765 DSC04757 DSC04772

Paris Saint Germain…French-Football -Cup -Final     4:0                                DSC04789 DSC04794 DSC04804 DSC04805

les parisiens…                                                                                                        DSC04681 DSC04741 DSC04740 DSC04712



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3 Responses to France – 3Days, 3 New Countries: Benin, Hongkong and Alderney

  1. Hadri says:

    Hello !
    Nice picts !
    Do you remember in which parking in Paris have you seen the Porsche Cayenne from Benin ?
    Thanks a lot.

  2. Jannis says:

    The Rolls-Royce mystery plate could be Lebanese :)

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