Back on the ground

Es waren 45 Länder zu sehen. Mit deutliche Unterstützung von GE am Montag. Im PRG dann noch ein Fisch dazu. Und das Fisch war Canada CDN,rare Alberta.                                             

While the www was standing, a new state emerged. 84th 2017!

So first a few pictures a week.                                                                                                          Canada CDN                       AM is back                                                                                          Week of Tennis. Also Mc Enroe and Isner is here.    McE is paying for a“bad and unloving boy“. Getting his signature was for starspotters like Nepal for us. I have not seen them so enthusiastically.                                                                                                        and other attractions …                                                                                                         

So that’s the basic data and big, but we’ll leave the big fish on Monday. The record of 2016 is offset.                                                                                                                                             I apologize for the outage and thank you for the favour!

And on Monday MEGAFISH!!!

Sat. 23.9.: It was full here all summer. And nothing for plates spotting.
Until now, real adventurers appear.

  Even with a celebratory squadron!

OK. But where are they AUS,IR,GBG,GBZ,GBM and all this expedition?

South Korea ROK                                                                                                                                  Kazachstan KZ                                                    Algier DZ                                                                  Canada CDN                                                        Malta M                                                                   China CHN 3x                                                                                                                                      

    The decision time is coming slowly                                                                                                                 29.8.2014                                             26.8.2015                                           29.8.2016

Inzwischen 47 Staaten. Ich spürte bestimmte Flaute an Tops schon auf Fehmarn.  Viele Autos ,aber das was wirklich macht richtige Platesspotting ist Mangelware.                                                                                                     

A week of crazy license plates

Los Angeles? Liberia? Laos?                                                                                                             So what? I have 99% clear.

20 minuts later: Confirmed Libya LAR Travel outside

CDN Quebec                 AND MT Tempor                                                        Kosovo RKS                 

ChinaCHN                                                                                               I                                     

Maybe first Media Presentation: Premiere New Hungary H CD License plate                          

Die Woche brachte 51 Länder. Typisches Ferienanfang. Viele Autos,wenig drin. Einzige Regelmässigkeit ist,dass alles beste kommt in der letzte August Woche. Sonst gilt gar nicht. Z.B.3 Tage nichts,dann auf ein Paar hundert Meter donnert gleich 3mal.


A story of great disappointment

   From the tram was seen. Running. A question about the License Plate . Uncompromising:Mexico. After further investigation, everything is clear. Texas person.              I’m going back to the street in the background. There was a motorcycle with a very suspicious LP. Running II. This time almost 200 m. Well, at least that way. Korea ROK              Maroc MA                                                           USA                                Not in Italy- PRG            Canada   CDN                                                                                            TR                                     

Ich denke, näher auf MEX ,das steht immer auf die Erwartungsliste ganz hoch,werde ich wohl kaum. Aber sonst jetzt ist schon alles m’oglich…

From Midnigtsun to midnigt garage

On the way home                                                                                                                              1939 – Porsche Geheimwaffe für Rennen Berlin-Rom : Berlin-Rom-Wagen 

Number of serial pieces: 0. This is the  Unique and uniquee piece on the globe!                           I love those midnight garage visits. The Temples of Silence. Shaded by the bustle on the surface. Alone among the treasures.                                                                                             Canada CDN                                                        USA   PRG 1971                       PRG 2017            China Shanghai                                                                                         first GE bus 2017              Diplomatic holidays and lots of other attractions  S,RO,GB,RUS                                                                   Number 2 is not GB (CZ) and 3 und 4  YES.                                                                                                                                                                   Diese Woche hat zum Schluss 50 Countries aufs Konto. Drittbestes Ergebniss 2017. Tagesdurchnitt bewegt sich so um 35. In reinem Stückzahl nehmen S und DK langsam oberhand. TR Busswelle ist auch da. Dagegen wenig Expeditionen und Moto-Welt-Bummler.

Week: Through the world. From Korea to Australia and then Canada

The inconspicuous transporter behind the wall concealed a great surprise:

76th 2017, 3th alltime, 2017 Premiere  Aland Islands AX                                                            Australia AUS 2017 Premiere , 77th 2017                          Kazachstan KZ                        Malta M                                                               Canada CDN                                                      Albania AL                    USA rare Montana       RUS black Moscow        GB micro                      Irland IRL old Car Premiere                                IRL new?                                                              Blond or not blond                                              TR                                 UA old            She also likes the Rock and Roll-spotter Monička                                                                           

Rekord Woche 53 Countries (Vorw. +7). 2017 Platz 2. 1. Januar Woche im Monte Carlo und Genéve: 54.     Aber so einfach war es nicht . Am Mi. noch 40. Do. aber D Feirtag wirkte wie Herbicid und Pesticid: 34. Dann immer weniger ,So. nur 31 und das nur danks Rallye Paris-Prague. So. kamen dann andere zurück: 36 mit AL,M,CDN. Diese Woche fehlte nichts.                                                                                                                                                                                  GB Rallye Paris-Prague 2017                                                                                                  No. 1 arrived last : American La France roadster   1917                                                                  Astons                                                                                                                                                Triumphs                                                               Bentley                                                            and more                                                                                                                                             One crew and escort were from Cotswold. Residence of Jeremy Clarkson. Of course, they knew him personally. So I hope he will answer my greetings.                                                         Clarkson


The hot phase of this season began

China  II.and III. 2017                                                                                                                         Azerbaidjan AZ  second in this Week               San Marino RSM                                                 Canada CDN                 Albania AL                    Georgie GE                    LV special                       Traveling by our own car is again IN                                                                                            And a little horror before bedtime. It all worked well.                                                                                                        

Fifth week in a row 42 countries.
Sixth week in a row without MNE.

Easter slowed the cold and rain

Canada CDN  and first FIN after Weeks                                                                                          It’s actually France? With -?                                                                                    Week 42 Countries. Allways without MNE. Yes GE, MC, FL, P, IRL ,FIN.

Prague is slowly waking up

Libya LAR Trade Premiere                               UAE Abu Dhabi Exp.                                                 Week brought a total of 40 countries. Just missed me MNE and IRL. Without a photo but unfortunately CDN brand new format military WE.                                                                         07.03.: Armenia AM Premiere 2016 and Canada CDN found at -5 in one Hotel at remote sites less than 200 meters. Never seen LAR and CDN.                                                                          The number of states this year climbed to 65th.                                                                                On the road from Ústí to Brno, these men wandered down to -2 floor of the shopping center Palladium. This is an absolutely incredible story.   Otherwise, the 40 countries lacked IRL. The daily average is around 25th.

Unbelievable. Yet another great week.

Canada CDN                                                                                                                 Belgium  B Temp          and Person                   Italy Trade                   Turkey TR                 Czechia CZ/ USA           USA/CZ Old.                                                                                             Week 46 Countries. With Korea,San Marino, Kosovo,Albania, Montenegro, Liechtenstein,Monaco and  he had seen Liban,Emirates etc. Missing only FIN,IRL.

But now it’s over!                                                                                                     

So what do you say? It is Kyrgyzstan? I think : YES

Auto bought VW Aвтобан Cевер Yekaterinburg, so I went in that direction and ended up in KGZ. There are pictures of Just missing that little number duration.  On the road return to D?  

19/12:     There have been no evidence against it.  So  Kyrgyzstan KGZ   Premiere                     115 th alltime, 98th  on the blog, 84 th 2016                                                               Canada CDN Army      2016 very rare Monaco         N CD                      RUS 70 Far East             On a visit to the richest Czech (Petr Kellner PPF Holding)                                                                  GE Temp                        Europa Council             CZ Veteran                                                            Week with 41 Countries. Also MNE,MC,IRL. No TR,FL,FIN. So far, the strongest December.


2014,15 last week of August, the number 1. As this Year?

Iran IR                                                                Georgie GE 2016 bus Premiere        DSC09312 DSC09309 DSC09310 DSC09234 Tue. Serving LP with San Marino RSM a few years ago underrated now PRG 2016 Premiere  DSC09318 DSC09322 DSC09343 DSC09324 The Italian team arrived after the Chinese after two days. Also, I very much want Donald Trump. Especially for  people in America, Russia and throughout the world.                            DSC09319 DSC09321 DSC09315 DSC09314 Hit of Wen.: Luxus Iran IR Bus PRG Premiere 2016 , 1 Vehicle-3 License Plates                         DSC09333 DSC09335 DSC09334 DSC09330 DSC09331 DSC09336 DSC09328 DSC09339 and two Consuls in 1 day  TR and I                                                                                               Marocco MA                                                       U.S. Army Export          Nice H                     DSC09360 DSC09359 DSC09377 DSC09348  USA Wahington and New York Bikers                                                                                           DSC09386 DSC09387 DSC09379 DSC09389  So Jannis,  habe auch die Aviano ausgesucht. Weiss Du, das Xavier Naidoo bei uns wohnt? Jetzt kontroliert ob haben ihm Auto nicht gekratzt. Und das ist geblieben von eher viel mehr besonderen Kennzeichen Tal Aosta, die ich einmal gesehen habe, leider im Gegenverkehr.
DSC04983 DSC09374 DSC09346 DSC09361
The answer to the question from the title. Huge catch came. But now I will not publish.
Please be patient for some time.

Holiday mosaic

Guernsey GBG very special PRG moto premiere                                   USA   Minnesota               DSC08798 DSC08796 DSC08799  DSC08795 CDN Manitoba Premiere          USA                  DK                               CD                    B                 DSC08805 DSC08790 DSC08793 DSC08809  DSC08794 DSC08803 DSC08800 DSC08801  Die 27 Woche brachte 48 Laender, ein mehr als Vorvoche. Zum noch besseren Ergebniss fehlte an RKS,AL,RSM,AND usw. Ich habe auch nachgeschaut auf Woche 27 2015 und vor einem Jahr waren es 43 Staaten.

Strong Juni21 in North America Week

Beautiful VW BUS from CDN Quebec with very special License Plates                                DSC08649 DSC08647 DSC08648 DSC08650 USA Florida in 100m   MNE  and and…      Total 40 Countries in 1Day    2016 Record               DSC08652 DSC08654 DSC08663 DSC08666 Meanwhile German Luxury Rider        and   Football   (Czech out)                                              DSC08655 DSC08661 DSC08657 DSC08664________________________________________________________________________________________________________

22 : Unfortunately Bicycles in Japan do not have license plates                                                   DSC08669 DSC08673 DSC08692 DSC08675  ________________________________________________________________________________________________________CDN                                                                     GE CD CZ/ GE Temp                                              DSC08693 DSC08694 DSC08676 DSC08691 USA  Montana  …                                                                                                                             DSC08685 DSC08684 DSC08682 DSC08687 DSC08683 DSC08679 DSC08688 DSC08696  25.Woche brachte 44 Laender. Das bedeutet -4 zur Vorwoche. Es kommen fast keine AND,RSM usw.

A great Weekend (with license Plates from South Korea,Australia etc.)

Korea ROK  2016 Premiere as 71th Countries in this Year                    CH CC                              DSC08625 DSC08621 DSC08622 DSC08605 Australia AUS 2016 Premiere                                                                 D  Third empire            DSC08601 DSC08599 DSC08600 DSC08634 Canada and 4 New USA                                                                                                                 DSC08603 DSC08594 DSC08598 DSC08612 and interesting Cars                                                                                                                         DSC08614 DSC08616 DSC08618 DSC08596 Live in PRG                                                                                                …and going home        DSC08611 DSC08632 DSC08628 DSC08640Sehr gute Woche 24 . Auch Kazachstan,Kosovo usw. dabei. Zur Vorwoche stieg Gesamtzahl um 1 Punkt  auf 48.   

Noční vlci, Hочные волки, Night Wolves in Prague

DSC08311 DSC08313 DSC08315 DSC08321 DSC08319 DSC08324 DSC08325 DSC08327Strong Weekend MA ,2016 Premiere                   E Tourist Temp            PL Dubai PoliceDSC08329 DSC08330 DSC08299 DSC08343 US School Bus                                                     Tuk-Tuk                                                        DSC08333 DSC08300 DSC08302 DSC08301Helvetica VS and  raphael– and it would be correct Reunion!                                             Woche 17 brachte ingesamt 45 Laender. Aber vor allem viele interessante Ereignisse nebenbei.

First good week of the new year in Prague

PRG Premiere Azerbaidjan AZ                          Libya                             Canada                             DSC08054 DSC08057 DSC08055 DSC08036 AZ Day after once more                                                    and a few more pictures from PRG     DSC08046 DSC08050 DSC08053 DSC07947 Uebers Woche war noch ruhig aber zum Wocheende ging es aufwaerts.  Am Sammstag 35 Laender am einem Tag. Es fehlte nur an AL, IRL, MC,FIN, USA. Dagegen dabei auch RKS, MNE, usw.  Gesamtzahl pro Woche kam dann auf 40.

So what April ? Arrives Malaysia, like three years ago?

DSC00668  DSC07889 DSC07887 DSC07890 DSC07892 DSC07894 DSC07895 DSC07896 Problem on the Way . Adjusting Clutch: 150000 CZK (about 6000 E).  Lambo Murcielago.       DSC07900 DSC07908 DSC07931 DSC07907 Fairy Tale Spark and advertising of Skoda Made in China-lived Prague filming                        DSC07906 DSC07904 DSC07929 DSC07910 DSC07915 DSC07922 DSC07921 DSC07919 13. Woche brachte 39 Laender zusammen. Zum besseren Ergebniss fehlte an  MNE,IRL oder FIN.                                                                                                                                                     Captive Jaguars- exhibitions openning                                                                                           DSC07956 DSC07957 DSC07955 DSC07958 Rallye Praha Revival 2016                                                                                                             DSC07980 DSC07987 DSC07988 DSC07973 Nr.6 Skoda RMC Legend Johny Haugland (N).                                                                              DSC07965 DSC07972 DSC07967 DSC07977 Supersport is Czech Made Praga


Back on weekdays

February 2016 Prague                                                                                                                      DSC07558 DSC07559 DSC07560  DSC07551   DSC07542 DSC07548 DSC07555  DSC07561 Die 5.Woche immer noch 37 Staaten. Ist schon Boden gefunden? Ich denke nicht.                DSC07585 DSC07595 DSC07577 DSC07578 In 6. Woche waren im Prag 36 verschiedene Staaten zu sehen. Ich denke wegen Fluechtlings Krise es wird ein schweres LP Jahr.                                                                                                Summit V4 (CZ,SK,PL,H) Prague February 15                                                                                 DSC07332 DSC07600 DSC07602 DSC07603 7.Woche: 38 Laender. Am meistens auf einen Tag So. 30 mit USA,EST u. N. Die einzige in Woche. Rekordtageswert von spaet Juli 2015 in Prag: 43.                                                            DSC07639  DSC07641 DSC07598 DSC07627

8.Woche 34 Staaten. Schwaechste seit einen Jahr.                                                                     DSC07664 DSC07646 DSC07647 DSC07648

First interesting catch of the new year

Gruzia GE export                                               RUS         Yesterday            Now                           DSC07293 DSC07286  DSC07292 DSC07281Diese letzte Woche noch 38 Laender (RKS,AL,TR etc.),aber Tendenz sinkend.                        Canada CDN Alberta 1927                                 Premiere CZ : Personal LP                                
DSC07295 DSC07294  DSC07329 DSC07330   On a visit to the workshop of the former Czech rider Jaroslav Juhan :             DSC07305 DSC07304 DSC07301 DSC07303 Black Car is Ford GT 40                                                                                                                     DSC07322 DSC07320 DSC07323 DSC07326  Die letzte 2.Woche brachte ueberraschend immer noch 38 Laender.
CZ – registrační značka na přání (RZNP)                                                                                       DSC07336 DSC07338 DSC07343 DSC07350 Diese 3. Woche mit viel Frost und Schnee gab  34 Laender. Das ist erwartungsgemaess.   DSC07339 DSC07359  DSC07358 DSC07357 

From this part of the world come refugees or millionaires

Emirates Dubai UAE                                      These spotters wait not for Lambo, but Madonna   DSC06745 DSC06744 DSC06748  DSC06743From secret Garage of Stasi   We have also Castle …more Castless       Albania  AL                    DSC06749 DSC06750 DSC06751 DSC06754 Picture of Autunm                                                                                                                            DSC06752 DSC06757 DSC06764 DSC06767 Week 45: 40 Countries                                                                                                                    Tennis Fed Cup Final Prague 2015 Czech-Russia with Maria Sharapova and Petra Kvitova   DSC06782 DSC06794 DSC06800 DSC06805 Czech President Miloš Zeman visit French Embassy                                                                 DSC06816 DSC06823 DSC06834 DSC06837 In the 46th week in Prague was seen only 37 states                                                                    Yet another stray biker on the road  :    Canada CDN                                                                  DSC06890        DSC06891        DSC06892                                                         

Autumn collection : Armenia

13.10.2015: Armenia AM first 2015                   CDN                                                           DSC06649 DSC06650 DSC06652  DSC06647At week 42 it was in this city to see 40 countries

DSC06665 DSC06669 DSC06688 DSC06674 DSC06679 DSC06677 DSC06668 DSC06683Georgia GE bus and other attractions                                                                                           DSC06696 DSC06695 DSC06697 DSC06653 24.10.: Kazachstan KZ     Joint Ventures and foreign enterprises           GB/D                          DSC06701 DSC06703 DSC06702  DSC06707  At Week 43. was to see 45 Countries. As in Top Seasson. For example GBJ, RKS (2), MNE (3), IRL (6), GR, TR, EST, MD, FIN etc.                                                                                                  One of the craziest License Plates Danmark DK test                                                                    DSC06716 DSC06721 DSC06714  DSC06711 Week 44- 38 Countries.                                                                                                                   DSC06730 DSC06731 DSC06713 DSC06727


June finishing: New Day Record of 43 Countries

Oman OM (2015 Premiere)                                     Faroer Islands FO 2015 Nr.2    DSC05775 DSC05785  DSC05787 DSC05788 DSC05783 DSC05782  DSC05725 DSC05762  Canada CDN               Spain E-  Antique  Premiere                             PL_CD Moto Premiere DSC05748 DSC05778 DSC05777 DSC05705 Maroc MA                    USA                                OM/CH                          OM/CZDSC05806 DSC05797 DSC05802 DSC05792 DSC05814 DSC05795 DSC05817 DSC05818

I was afraid that this year will not see the Faeroe Islands

DSC05611 DSC05613  DSC05615 DSC05614Within 10 minutes I drove IRQ and when I went looking for him, if not done in a nearby parking garage were there Faroe Islands and then outside the Dutch army in Germany.           Iran IR Bus II.                                                                                                                                    DSC05618 DSC05619  DSC05621 DSC05659   Rallye Paris-Peking   15.04. Prague                                                                        DSC05628 DSC05633 DSC05627 DSC05630 Premiere Estonia EST Trade                              Kazachstan KZ                                                    DSC05635 DSC05634  DSC05640 DSC05639  Week 29 of the 44 states plus one IRQ  without photos (in moving). Parking are very good filled ,but  great rarities missing. Most DK ,S, D, PL, NL, B and RUS.                                             Canada CDN                CZ Export                      Prague is full of Tourist                                 DSC05647 DSC05653 DSC05657 DSC05649                                            

Worst June since the invention of License Plates

New Moldova MD                                                                                                                               DSC05454 DSC05455                                                                              Canada CDN                                                             Football Euro U21 Czech Republic                    DSC05474 DSC05473 DSC05449 DSC05468 At week 26 was seen by 44 states  . Best  Kasachstan KZ                                DSC05477 GB on Tour DSC05483  Italia Bella   DSC05432

The lull before the storm?

22. Mai: Qatar Q                                                1Day ,1Park,2 Buses-no link                                   DSC05151 DSC05150 DSC05145 DSC05147  Canada CDN                and once more             Half E                            Simca 1300    DSC05132 DSC05174 DSC05140 DSC05006  Sweden S taxi Premiere                                     RUS 100%                                                   DSC05166 DSC05164 DSC05161 DSC05159 First Iran IR 2015                                                                                                                             DSC05175 DSC05176  DSC05193 DSC05188

Prague Mai- WM Hockey Time

DSC04984 DSC04992 DSC05064 DSC04999 CDN Canada-Quebec                                                                                                                     DSC05025 DSC05027 DSC05026 DSC05024    Italy U.S. Air Base Aviano                             2 Premiere in 1: Temporary and Bus Kosovo RKS   DSC04983 DSC04996 DSC05058 DSC05059 Cars from Prague                                                                                                                              DSC05017 DSC05010 DSC05019 DSC05001   16.00 US Florida arrives to Hilton                       4 Hours Later, Pedestrian Zone , Downtown     DSC05097 DSC05096 DSC05100 DSC05099 Sbornaja RUS go to Final against CDN                                                                                          DSC05122 DSC05125 DSC05126 DSC05127 Cars from this Weekend                                                                                                               DSC05113 DSC05114 DSC05108 DSC05095

France – 3Days, 3 New Countries: Benin, Hongkong and Alderney

10.-12.4.2015 : From the equator arrived  République Benin RB, from the Pacific HongKong HK and from Chanell Islands   Isle of Alderney GBA                                                                     DSC04730 DSC04731 DSC04827 DSC04706

So the new status: 105 all time, 87 blog era, 65 this year        and  New Charts this Sites   :
1. Benin,  2. Thailand,  3. Malaysia,   4.Venezuela,  5. HongKong  6. New Zeeland 
journée  parisienne …                 KSA                Algier DZ  temporary    Abu Dhabi                     DSC04813 DSC04747 DSC04822 DSC04739 nuit parisienne….   Kuwait                         Qatar                                    Kazachstan                 DSC04834 DSC04778 DSC04786 DSC04775 mystéres parisienne…Dubai ?  Saudi Arabia ?     France                      Ukraine               DSC04818 DSC04674 DSC04726 DSC04729 célébration parisienne…    Saudi Arabians Ferrari La Ferrari,Bugatti Veyron                        DSC04756 DSC04765 DSC04757 DSC04772   Paris Saint Germain…French-Football -Cup -Final         4:0                                                      DSC04789 DSC04794 DSC04804 DSC04805les parisiens…                                                                                                        DSC04681 DSC04741 DSC04740 DSC04712


Very good Start in 2015 in Prague

Second Gibraltar GBZ in 3 Months                    Surprising Serbia SRB                              DSC04334 DSC04335 DSC04330 DSC04331 Rallye Budapest Bamako seen in Genoa already raging in Desert…                                            DSC04276 1010300 DSC04238 10294324_595313613938211_8170924338565408806_n Volga GAZ 21 1956-58      Traditional February arrival of thousands of young Scandinavians     DSC04344 DSC04345  DSC04355 DSC04358  18/2 : Dubai UAE          San Marino RSM                                                                                       DSC04383 DSC04384  DSC04347 DSC04349  Special Slovakia SK       RUS Kamaz near PRG    Saudi Arabia KSA                                              DSC04387 DSC04388  DSC04393 DSC04391 DSC04398 DSC04402 DSC04401   DSC04407

Of fairy tales 1000+1 nights

4/9:  3x Oman OM + 1 Qatar Q                                                                                                        DSC03591  DSC03598  DSC03602  DSC03603DSC03671  DSC03582  DSC03708 DSC03666On the Road from Italy to Nepal                         FIN                                   AND DSC03607 DSC03608  DSC03583  DSC03614 5/9:  China CHN                                                                                                                                DSC03611  DSC03612  DSC03610  DSC03627

China for Peace 中国和平

15/8 : China CHN , 2014 -4                                                                         Wasp is from Prague    DSC03459  DSC03458  DSC03460  DSC03463  17/8: Texas Trucks (2) in the City  ,CDN                      18/8 :   Year of DZ – Number Six               DSC03471  DSC03468  DSC03475  DSC03477                            First Car from Korea with us                                                                                  20/8 : South Korea ROK  after 3 Bikes    한국첫번째                                                                DSC03487  DSC03489  DSC03492 DSC03488                           Legendery Sultanat I waited 12 Years                                                                          21/8 : Oman OM -PREMIERE  -99th alltime ,73th 2014                                            DSC03495 DSC03494 DSC03497   DSC03529 GR                                   DK                                  SK                                     S                                   DSC03485  DSC03498  DSC03478  DSC03496 22/8: Qatar Q –Number II                                                                                                                  DSC03502 DSC03500 DSC03501   DSC03486Tunis TN : Pass Back                                                                                                                          DSC03505 DSC03504   DSC03450 DSC03520


Summer in the City

5/7-Faroe Islands FO (First 2014)                                                                                                     DSC03233 DSC03225 DSC03235 DSC03229 DSC03224 DSC03231 DSC03247 DSC03238 RUS 24: Krasnojarsk,Siberia- RUS 56: Orenburg,Ural – RUS 142- Kemerovo,Siberia                  DSC03259 DSC03240 DSC03246 DSC03243 Old IRL 1968, almost GBA and TVR Tour                                                                                         8/7-Tunis TN                                                                                                                                       DSC03249 DSC03250 DSC03242 DSC03248    F1,F2 =TN,    2B= Corsica                                                                                                                                        Copa do Mundo de tempo                                                                                                 9/7- Brazilia BR (Newtime Premiere)                                                                                      DSC03254 DSC03252 DSC03251 DSC03253  

DSC03267 DSC03270 DSC03269 DSC03264 RKS-Kosovo                                                                                                                                       16/7 : Faroe Island FO(2014-II.), Iran IR (2014-II.)                                                                           DSC03273 DSC03272 DSC03276 DSC03274 DSC03280 DSC03281 DSC03277 DSC03278 RUS 95- Chechnya                                              S-mototruck                                                            DSC03289 DSC03290 DSC03291 DSC03294  DSC03293 DSC03297 DSC03284 DSC03299    Across Czech Republik : Carbage and Mongol Rallye                  RUS -Krasnodar next Krym

Season-started now,everything is possible

Australian Open
DSC03036 DSC03021 DSC03032  DSC03028 DSC03031 DSC03035 DSC03033 DSC03025   Poezie dálek:     AUS- New South Wales ,RC- Shang-Hai                                                              DSC03048 DSC03049 DSC03063 DSC03061 DSC03057 DSC03055 DSC03064 DSC03066 Libya LAR (once LT) on the move                                                                                                 DSC03089 DSC03090 DSC03091 DSC03084   DSC03070 DSC03069 DSC03072 DSC03068 DSC03078 DSC03080 DSC03082 DSC03081   Tento Matchless si koupil tenhle Sportsmann v roce 1960 a ještě včera ho dovezl spolehlivě do Prahy.                                                                                                                                             Russia  25 : Primorskoj kraj –Wladivostok       Tatraplan 1949                                          DSC03102 DSC03114 DSC03099 DSC03098 Despite the War: Libya II                                                                                                               DSC03105 DSC03104 DSC03110 DSC03103 RUS 86- Kraj Chanty -Mansijsk na soutoku Ob a Irtyš                                                                     DSC03115 DSC03117 DSC03116 DSC03119 DSC03122 DSC03123 DSC03126 DSC03125

Mexiko“2″ a jiné pozoruhodnosti

DSC01747 DSC01757 DSC01754 DSC01753 MEX jsem viděl asi jako 10-ti letý (radost si pamatuju dodnes) a teď II., za oknem D VWbusu.Tenkrát to byl také ,jen I. generace. Hodně se to dnes rozširuje,ta druhá SPZ. Nově za oknem z boku,ale MEX je z těchto stejně výjimečná. Lupiči US značek ze Smíchova netuší ,že na panelákovém parkovišti ve Stodůlkách odpočívá Kanada. Stodůlky jsou ale velké,takže jsem jim moc nepomohl. ISland (letos už 4) má pod ukradenou vlaječkou ještě kód,kdo by to tušil. I tu 4.                             31.8. ISland ( 5! ) CD a Abu Dhabi po 5-ti dnech                             DSC01758 DSC01769 DSC01770 DSC01768 DSC01771 DSC01772 DSC01774 DSC01776Ireland (letos 15!) se utábořil přímo v centru. Andora(2) první stát přicházejícího podzimu.Že Faerské ostrovy vůbec letos uvidím,jsem moc nevěřil. A teď už dokonce 3x.      Vozidlo vpravo už známe-jen Okl. byla  nahrazena Missouri.                                                                    DSC01779 DSC01780 DSC01786 DSC017894.9. dorazila expedice Vladivostok- Praha-Gibraltar-Dakar-Ohňová země-Vancouver .Takřka 2 roky ne Kolem světa ale Po celém světě. To není bohužel Stato Vaticano,ale SLO armáda.      Děkuji Mister Jeroen Coninx / /  za doporučení mých stránek.  Děkuji panu Miroslavu Mackovi za exaktní hodnocení dnešní vypjaté doby na                                                                                                                 DSC01797 DSC01798 DSC01801 DSC01815 „Jen ať to není Francie,jen ať…“,když jsem z protější strany zahlédl tu krásnou černou značku.. Monaco(20).  Toyoty na Smíchově dneska prodávala tahle slečna a šlo ji to jak s teplejma houskama                                                                                                                          DSC01804 DSC01814 DSC01820 DSC01813Ptáci odlétají -dobré státy se vrací…Isle of Man(1).Moje Evropská jednička.  Kanada(8)         DSC01826 DSC01831t DSC01834 DSC01824 GB  /D                   Vjéry brjútiš védink (ano milý pane zase máme v nesprávný čas nesprávné kamarády-jako ostatně vždy). Dubai(4) před konzulátem Belize(0)-lepší by bylo naopak