Records fell. Nice and Cannes.

                                  Certainly a generous sponsor of the Russian Cathedral in Nice. A total of 23. MD, HR, SRB, BIH, A and TN- exclusively in Nice. However, the greatest experience – the traditional Feuleiton raissins – with a crispy cover, full of raisins and candied fruit inside.

                                            I’m coming back from Palm beach (it’s N) and the Canada CDN ,premiere 2021. However, I am very sorry. Small crash- big worries. There are probably not many parts of the Porsche 1950 anymore. Without it, I would have missed her.                                                                                            Today in Cannes also IRL, DK, S, N, FIN, USA, KWT, AUS. In total, only H, SLO and AND were missing today.                                                                                                                               

Grand total – 39 countries.

Rekord Woche mit 51 (+5) Länder. Eigentlich nur MK war diesmal nicht zu sehen.

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