A forgotten gem on the scene

The bread breaks right at the beginning. Expedition is coming – big blue Lp!

MC completely replaced the police fleet. White renaults with all signs and inscriptions exchanged for unobtrusive volvos. Probably a good move. I guess I wasn’t the only one who was worried. It was like maneuvers.
The best Abarth on the Azur. Tony Magnific Star chef from Menton. MA.

I have to turn around to Menton. otherwise I wouldn’t have appeared here. GBJ. The train leaves in about 10 minutes, so I stand in front of the station. And I don’t take a good look at the motorcycle.

The only hope. Newbies go around here four times before they understand the labyrinth. I’ll go to the opposite side. And I’m already calling CY – second round. So with a stop sign – after the island already written off (no truck) Cyprus CY, 2022 Premiere as 87th 2022.

Q came back in the evening. And I ride the bus more and more (MC has 6 lines) and I am amazed at how beautiful it is. And a look up from the station. This is the color of the evening sky above the center.

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