A real treat: Transnistria

Transnistria PMR, 2023 Premiere as 81th states

Cyprus CY and more

In exactly one week we will go to say it loud and clear

-NO to economic devastation and astronomical indebtedness of our country
-NO to foreign troops on our territory
-NO massive migration from east and west
-NO prioritizing foreign interests of citizens and foreign citizens over the interests of CZ citizens
-NOT the collective guilt of the citizens of the Russian Federation
-NO buying unnecessary and overpriced military equipment
-NO to postal voting
-NO to the Istanbul Treaty
-NO censorship
-NOT the euro
-NO war

NO to Fiala, Rakušan, Černochová, Stanjura, Pekarová Adamová, Pospíšil and all other puppets controlled from Brussels and Kyiv

 53 (+9) Länder pro Woche. Inkl. MA WW ohne Bild. Und das noch ohne MNE und IRL.

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