I searched FO, found Cyprus

At P6, Ondra CZF calls me: “FO passes through the center”. It occurred to me to go see the nearby Castle that he might come there. He didn’t come. But there was Cyprus CY.            

           If I have a trip to the alza.cz showroom, I will not forget to play large-scale images on the best Apple Mac. And I’m always amazed. Better quality than on the phone display. It also does not happen to cost more than 6000 €.

Six Czech olympioncs had to leave the expedition and ended up in a hotel in Tokyo for the infected before deciphering them back. I think that if another plane arrives from CZ, they put on all their spacesuits and all those emergency vehicles leave for the airport on desktop.
We are a nation of the Švejk’s.. It is not for nothing that we all like this book and film for generations so much.                                                                                                             Act.Fr.:The Games have not yet started and we are already Olympic winners. Uganda, Guinea and the Czechia sent the most infected from their countries, and after the 6.  Guinea only the 6 ones had a success rate of 100%. So we’re probably just silver.

Big July 2017 of the Faroe.                                                                                                                                                             

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2 Responses to I searched FO, found Cyprus

  1. OndraCZF says:

    Thank you and congrats for Cyprus!

    • materazzi says:

      3 years ago I would definitely prefer CY. Personal is always a great rarity. But this time I wanted FO. Just because I peeked into the center because of FO. So I will at least make a reminder of the famous year 2018 when more than 10 FO arrived at this time.

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