The big boss arrived in a Toyota and drove himself

The Monaco Tennis club is already located on the territory of France, therefore one of the most influential and richest people in the world had to come to a foreign country as an ordinary citizen. So the outside protection of the Country Club is done by the F police and inside (since both the land and ownership belong to the MC) the Algis MC/IL security super agency. This year, for the first time in a world premiere, artificial intelligence makes the entrance.


Waiting for my favorite Daniil Medvedev (world 4) had a hidden meaning. A group of Russians stood next to me for a long time. So I pretty much understood. It occurred to me to look at the man’s business card. Sergey Medvedev. I say: “Papa”. He nods and: “Mom”.
Unfortunately, I only learned this evening that Daniil dropped out. So for one famous gesture – after a sensational play, he adjusts his ears, if the audience applauds – no one will hear this year.
Very nice family. Just like in Prague. The Russians are sensational.

I would probably stay at tennis all day. But it’s hot there. No shadow anywhere. A second after Daniil, I leave for the shadow of Monaco’s buildings and parks.

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