PRG packed with foreign cars. Unfortunately, only from 2 states.

In the initial fit of love, CZ politicians announced three times higher benefits for refugees than neighboring countries. Without any other conditions. Everyone even had to open an account. To make their money run for years, whether they be in Uzhgorod or Monte Carlo. And since the PRG used to be a paradise for UA workers, you can imagine what it looks like here now.

However, this weekend they were overshadowed by visitors from D. Reason: 2 Rammstein concerts at Letňany Airport. Full parkings, full hotels of all categories. The 60 thousand visitors are expected tonight. I bet there will be far more.

Rückkehr zum Normalität. 45 (-5) Länder.

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The unexpected and incredible boom is over

The hard dictatorship eased slightly. Disabled websites (more than 20) are due to return shortly. The foreign flags disappeared from the trams (probably after the tramdrivers protests) and the politicians put CZ badges in the laps again. Which is incredibly hypocritical from this garnitura. According to the latest reports (sometimes from 14 days ago), the number of accused (or investigated for pro-Kremlin propaganda) was 279. At least the media did not report any punishments.

Wonderful old SF. Probably the most beautiful Lp in Europe. Maybe just GBG at the same level. Of course I was looking for clues to Aland. But it looks like the rather northern city of Waasa. That little big Ä is absolutely magical.

While in MC (GE) I saw one traffic incident all the time (I would guess GE / KZ on a super bike came across a transition to a young man) in PRG, horror in the streets is a common occurrence. The tram descending at hellish speed to the Anděl crossroads was probably not to blame. I have no idea how the vehicles ended up on both sides.


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Ideology is not eaten by people.

Armenia AM, first new 2022

Europe has completely given up control over itself. He’s just a puppet of alien games.

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Saudia battered by sandstorms

Saudia KSA, 2022 Premiere                                                                                                            

At the end of April, I announced the end of the boom. Honestly. I was wrong. The first 10 days of May were even better. But now it’s really over. There’s nothing left.

Rekord Woche 50 (+2) Länder.  Bevor eimen Jahr im gleichen Zeitabschnitt 42. Von 42 auf 50 das ist ein riesen Sprung.

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And also Africa is added

South Africa ZA, Western Cap, 2022 Premiere                                                                    

So let’s enjoy it before everything collapses.

Very rare South Dakota! Only 880 t. of inhabitants. FIN tempor.

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4 Azerbaijan this year. Up to 4th with confirmation.

Azerbaijan AZ, 2022 Premiere                                                                                              


Rarely seen. XS- diplomatic staff                                                                                 


Tomorrow Africa!                                                                                                                                                              

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The worse the situation, the more Lp.

Catches are starting to accumulate. So today Iceland IS.
The first look at the passage of the PMR original.

I think that the embargo on Russian oil is actually a hidden liquidation of hated cars and freedom of movement. In times of super-expensive fuels – double the blockade !!!

The first BY trailer since the ban on joining the EU. The tractor was KZ yellow join venture. RUS nothing at all.

Tomorrow another 2022 Premiere.

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Soon will Kazakhstan be every second truck?

Kazachstan KZ on the PL basis

As we all know, the EU banned entry158 RUS and 123 BY trucks going to the EU. BY in retaliation, it banned the entry of 43,965 trucks registered in the EU. So I was expecting a barrage of Balkan and KZ trucks. But as we can see, an elegant solution has been found. Report the truck to KZ, and I hope also to KGZ, TJ, etc. and you can easily transport the goods to RUS via BY.

Malostranská metro station, before midnight. I talked to those two magical creatures from Japan. And I asked for a picture. But then one of them probably found out that the skirt was too short when sitting, so this came from this. If I could choose between Angelina Jolie or similar, I wouldn’t hesitate for a second in favor of one of those Japanese (semi) blondes.

There are also sadder things. The CZ government, a country that is 98% dependent on oil imports from RUS, was among the first to EU boycott oil imports from RUS. So the pictures of moving cars in Prague will soon disappear.

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At full speed into a huge mess

“Družina polska”- proud and brave PL on the way to replace D and F as EU rulers. The strongest army in the EU. I’m guessing D would last 2 days to defend. Definitely a more authentic Europe than the two mentioned. Not to mention the anti-Polish barks from Brussels.

Bullshit about values.
They’re coughing at us.
It was better under Babiš!

The gospel truth.

Woche 48 (-1) Land. Rekord April ist zum Ende.

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A long-term record. Thursday 42

Yes ,Transnistria is new. It’s even Toyota. I didn’t even notice that in the dark. God protect the PMR.


At home, the world is still fine. There is a new order down in the city.

Only 40 countries (and we have over 200) have voted in the UN for current sanctions.

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The boom continues. But without me.

The third AZ, KSA and IR truck without documentation. AND so half.

Step by step to III. world war.

FL from the bus. I didn’t even have to get out. That was nice.

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In the veil of night- Transnistria

Podnesterskaja moldavskaja republika PMR, neutral Lp , 2022 Premiere                                      

Big look with September 2020. But the new one is obviously ZJG 365.

Woche mit allem plus viel mehr, 49 (+1) Land.

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Guys, I’ve been expecting you

Uzbekistan UZ, 2022 Premiere                                      Malta M                         


LT army?                                   GBJ , in the dim light. For the second time in a week.


High daily numbers of states. Wed., Thu. 38.


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The best April of all time

Isle of Alderney GBA, all time Premiere in PRG                                                                  

On the situation at the PL / BY border:                                                                       Misfortune and disappointment. CZ forwarders on tv. Russia has reportedly not announced sanctions yet, so they will try to go through the EST. Many hundred km detour. CZ tire companies do not have carbon black. They offer any price for transport for imports from RUS. He will stop production in a few days. So at the moment they can only through SRB, MK, BIH, TR, KZ, UZ etc.
The EU has shot itself again. RUS and BY trucks in the EU drove a minimum. But those thousands of thousands of PL, LT, RO, BG, etc. will lose business. They are now pushing for European contracts. The desperate owner of a CZ transport company focused on the East says: “It’s over. Even after that ends, these routes will be occupied by others”.
How do the EU and governments do not compensate companies for losses? After all, they have lost what they have been building for decades, the fanaticism of the EU and their governments!

So what percentage of Chinese NIOs will be on the roads in a few years? I say a lot. Quality, nice, cheap. For the first time in the history of the world said the whole industry, thank you now I will pass the market to the competition.

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Crystal air. But full of poison and radiation.

From the final loss of freedom and his country. And from the loss of the last remnants of common sense.

I guess UK. And some hidden meaning. Camps for Easter full like never before. By that I mean the summer peak of the season.

We are an indebted, backward country. Trains run between cities according to timetables from the times of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy. But somehow life here was quite pleasant. It’s all over now. With everything. It came so fast. The patriots didn’t even have time to say goodbye. To tell the truth, we did deserve it.

Woche 48 (+1) Land.

Belarus has banned trucks registered in the EU from entering the country since Monday. So I’m wondering what this will cause. If you don’t know, Italy, neither France nor … Belarus is the largest exporter of southern fruit in Europe. BY buys everything for RUS. Next winter instead of MC to BY. There will be nice heat at the radiators.                                                                                                                                                            Yeah, so the EU banned it first. So now only KZ and UZ will run. We are a little closer to the final end.

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Last year it started in the PRG in November. This year in April.

Faroe Islands FO, Premiere 2022                                                                                          

Already last year he was the initiator of the only FO Ondra CZF.
Alessio was behind Kurdistan this year. I just look at the trucks and I’m glad to see a lot of states. Yesterday 37, today 36.

Decrease in foreign visitors in 2021 compared to 2019

The annual decline of the states in the same period was only 9.6%.

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After all! Israel!

Izrael IL, 3years Premiere                                                                                                    


Woche 47 (+4). Ohne N. Aber in Zentrum gehe nicht mehr. Heute nur am Stadt Rande- hier ist schön . Aber wirklich. Das ist noch PRG. Und schau mal-IL! Aber durch ein Telefonat. So gut bin ich nicht.

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Prague full of holidaymakers…

Malta M, 2022 Premiere                                                                                                         

Thursday 41 countries. 2022 record. AZ from the tram in the opposite direction, from GBJ just a blur. But still. 41 is the number from the peak season of strong years.


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The road from the Far East is clear

I’ll lose my concentration after a quarter of an hour. From half-asleep when I was thinking deeply on Lake Garda …Kazachstan KZ, first 1.class truck 2022

So the boys must have heard a distant rumble as they circled the UA, as they lay down on the bed.

I read here that the EU will soon stop sending money to H. Something like congratulations on the election. I hope that F. will face the same fate after Sunday.

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I’m just a reporter who will be discovered by others

The Slovak plates spotter, who mainly controls the highway near Poprad, recorded a phenomenal catch – Zanzibar.                                                                                               

Woche 43 staaten (-8). So gross ist Unterschied zwischen GE und PRG. Es fehlte nichts normales, aber auch nichts extra war dabei. Tagesdurchnitt hoch (ca.35) danks Jižní spojka.

Global warming is showing signs of unprecedented winter in Europe.
Europe is also fighting. On its own economic destruction. I wonder what he can handle. Even before the covid, there were signs of total collapse. Everyone then thought, now is the time to tighten their belts and stabilize the economy. What a surprise! On the contrary! The Green Deal is announchtt. Despite everything. Mainly common sense. Another trillion E of debts. It hasn’t even started yet, and Europe, unlike the rest of the world, has entered the war. But this time it’s worse. No limits. Money and a lot of refugees.
Prague is changing before our eyes. There are places (shopping malls, for example) where you are terrified. We’re not home here anymore. We are no longer the majority here. Czech is no longer heard. What France has been working on for decades, we have succeeded in a few weeks.
I know we deserve it. How we take care of Prague. In direct contrast to GE or MC. I’m sorry anyway. As I wrote last year after more than three months on CdA. “Home again. It. I don’t have another.”
I don’t have one anymore. A terrible feeling of hopelessness.

I envy Hungary, Asia, the Middle East, Africa, South America for staying neutral. As always, our EU bubble, instead of worrying about its people, has embarked on complete gambling and madness.

A drop of hope, in the ocean of hopelessness. According to initial estimates, Viktor Orban will win the elections in Hungary. The Czechia was not so lucky in its destiny.
Andrej Babiš (CZ) and Viktor Orban (H) in the Prague and on the H / SRB border.

Mo .: Viktor Orban won by an overwhelming constitutional majority. Thank you Hungary!

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