Covid returns in full fire

The disgraceful media has been tearing the borders open for weeks. As if people thought of nothing but to go into the world. Now they opened and nothing happened at all. Nothing. I did not register any arrival to the PRG and I did not hear a single person who wants to go to the sea.                                                                                                                               People didn’t go anywhere. And they did well. Covid-19 returns. Not only in PRG.

  The proof that we really don’t lose anything is our expedition “Tatra around the world.” I didn’t quite understand that they really left at the end of February. So in 4 months!!! they just got into IR. The last time they were talked about was when they were arrested there for a drone. So some dreams of the arrival of an expedition …


Part of the new era for running Top Gear tonight. The part with Reliant Robin is one of the best. At least I laugh many times throughout the day. Jeremy Clarkson tested the Reliant Robin, a popular working-class tricycle in the north of England in the 1970s and 1980s. Already an introduction where he stands in front of a map of Europe, and that he got the task, everyone is waiting at least to Istanbul, but the reality is more modest. Reliant liked to roll over. Which was successful many times at 20 km. But in the end he didn’t even reach the finish line …                                                                                                        

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Which is nicer than when…

…what you think and feel puts someone wiser into the words of sentences. Here is the sci-fi writer and translator Ivan Adamovič: …”Dnešní rozvolňování ve mně paradoxně vyvolává mnohem větší úzkost a pocit zmaru. Jako by to všechno bylo úplně k ničemu.                                                                                                                         Jistěže jsem rád,že jsme se vyhnuli italskému modelu. Ale zmeškat apokalypsu přináší podivnou prázdnotu. A také nervozitu,protože se mi zdá, že moji spoluobčané se nyní tváří jakože jsme nepřítele porazili a vše je při starém.Místo poučení a přehodnocení života se teď všichni pokoušet zapomenout.                                                                                  Nebál jsem se apokalypsy. Obávám se příliš rychlého návratu do iluze normálu.

 (writer and translator Ivan Adamovič: … “Paradoxically, today’s disintegration makes me much more anxious and frustrated. As if it were all useless. I’m certainly glad we avoided the Italian model. But missing the apocalypse brings a strange emptiness. and also nervousness, because it seems to me that my fellow citizens now look like we have defeated the enemy and everything is the same.Instead of learning and rethinking life, everyone will now try to forget.
I was not afraid of the apocalypse. I’m afraid to return too quickly to the illusion of normal.”

Prague 5 has palaces (KSA residences) and cottages. But it’s best when you get home. And towards that path in the direction of the forest and tomorrow to next…

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No run has taken place yet

Čt(v) heated the masses at today’s opening of the borders to the West. Reporters waited for the D5 in Rozvadov for tears in their eyes, as it is a wonderful feeling. The reality was a bit, diametrically different. In 5 minutes of live broadcast, not a wheel passed from both sides, as the truckers say.                                                                                                                                                      The only important moment of the whole week took place on Thursday. A completely new UZ lp shone from a number of trucks. Unfortunately, the truck turned right behind him and completely obscured the view. It looked like buying a used truck. Old pale blue without a large lp on the stern.

Wieder 41 Länder. No IRL u. N. Aber mit uns FL und schon gesehene PMR.

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June 15: Start of a crazy experiment. Prague has the worst cards.

The whole time we were told about the holiday at home. And most of them liked it. Me too. Then suddenly there were there: everyone had to go abroad. Italy even became the first country in the world to declare itself a covid-19 free. It wasn’t until weeks later that NZ followed her.
Coincidentally, the most polluted countries are the most frequent visitors to the PRG. USA, RUS, I, E, BR, NL, B …
I bought a Moldex FFP3 respirator (it breathes poorly) to at least minimize the dangers of the necessary journey in public transport. If there is any total antisymbol of the whole crisis – it is rude, undisciplined, ruthless … western youth. (Un) welcome in Prague!

     It’s busy here. Yesterday 34. There is still something to watch. Like in a computer game. But it is impossible to take care of everything. So it’s more about presence than documentation. Kazachstan KZ.

It is touching to watch the support of the automotive industry. First maimed, spit on and now “cured”. Even without coranavir, automakers have come to an end with emissions. New cars are worse than those 10 years ago.
It is touching to watch the support of airlines, hotels, pubs … It seems to me as if we were subsidizing a typewriter manufacturer. I still believe that there are enough people who have changed their values and lifestyle. Forever.

I watch a lot more TV now. I highly recommend The Great Train Journey with Michael Portillo. Now he is just (on Prima Zoom) on his way from UA (Odessa), via GE to AZ. I hope it goes on. Great!

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We order wind,rain…

she sang to young people in the 50s when she joined factories and fields to build communism. Now we have decided to order a pandemic. Or pretend he’s not here. Despite the sharp increase in PL, MK (it is closing again) and CZ and A and who knows where else (numbers have stopped publishing), we are opening the boundaries for everyone and everyone!
At that time, the youth also marched through Prague for chanting “Death to Milada Horáková”. She was one of the accused in Stalin’s political trials. She apologizes for not tearing down the statues (as she did in London yesterday), not doing shops or lighting cars.

Primum ,BY, RUS, KZ carrier offering transport from China to Europe. It has not appeared yet and KZ only very sporadically. But the world of trucks and industrial zones is closer to me than city centers. Apart from two islands, the island of Fehmarn and the “island” of Monaco, I have no desire to go anywhere else. Double after recent events.

When you go to Prague, do not go to the center. You will only meet mcdonalds and raucous youth there. Everything you meet at home. If you want to get to know real Prague, go for example to Ladronka on the border of P5 and P6.
This is how Karel Gott lived.

Woche mit 41 (+1) Land. Auch 2FL, GE, IRL mit uns. Traditionell nicht MNE u. N dabei.

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The best spotting in PRG: get on any bus

Opposite the bus, Emirates Dubai suddenly passed us. No panic. I came to do what I had to do and returned to the meeting place when I returned. Maybe he’ll go back. He went to Albert for a snack and sat down on the wall. At the second bite …                                                          

I do not go to the center, but the best way to ride a bike is along the plain along the river. KSA survives here. The Czechs returned to the center. Castle, etc. are free. Unfortunately, this condition will probably not last long. I can already hear the intruders’ chained shoes stomping slowly.                                                                                                                                          

The neighbor is at the home office. So she had time to invite me last morning. Calm down almost like in Minneapolis.
North and East direction before the route splits.

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Mystery orientalred lp in P5.

Rozvadovská spojka. P5. Connects the western D5 and the center. A biker from L arrives through all the border checks.                                                                                                  Trucks world on the P5.                                                                                                      

Woche zum drittenmal im Folge 40 (+-0). Wieder ohne MNE u. N. Dabei FL,IRL.

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Ceremonial arrival of Uzbekistan truck live

A day like in Monaco. On our footpath and down. And that was not all. As you can see, the only way to cross Europe to RUS is to have MC lp.                                                                 

Romance of the industrial zone. I’m definitely better off here than I used to be in the center.                                                                                                                                 

I sit down on the bus, unaware, and UZ slides around us. About 3 km is still in sight when it turns and since it is a practically closed zone, finding it does not take long.                      

Yes, last week I missed krasnyj (red). This time the one from 21.3. Driver Marat just used the closure of the RUS for a hunting visit to Pamir with Pik Komunizma 7495m. Which is from Taskhent, a stone’s throw away. And he met beautiful wolves …                                                

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The obligation to wear veils ends – people keep wearing them!

I’m impressed by the roar of the whole tourism sector. All those ryanairs, airnb’s, booze pubs, drugs, discos, taxis, nightclubs, as they believe that once the borders open, everything will be as it used to be.
It won’t. Our restaurants opened on Monday. No run took place. It has stabilized at 20-40% from the past.
Frau Merkel and Monsieur Macron prepared a nice bill for Corona. CZ, SK, A, PL, H, EST, BG, RO etc. will have the honor to send a fat sum to I, F, E, B etc.!!!
So in protest, angrily to all liberals and Brussels, I still wear the veil – like 60% of responsible fellow citizens.

The effort to return people to a dull herd (shut up and consume) as before the crisis is touching.


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The first tourist after the closure arrived from Gibraltar

Maybe some will remember. When Lidl last announced Asian Week – CHN, ROK, MAL and KGZ arrived. Where are the times.
Well, this Apocalyptic could have been better. But the UZ truck appeared to me in such an unexpected place that I just opened my mouth. Well, I came out of practice. That is a fact. In any case, after the closing of the RUS, again with us.

Woche brachte 40 Länder. +-0. Kein MNE u. N. Aber 3 FL, ein Paar IRL, bekannte USA und UZ.

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Italy surprised the world.

Italy was the first (together with the premiant SLO) to be fully open to the world! And it won’t even require confirmation of infectivity! “Italy covid-19 free country!”
So now the countries and the opposite will no longer be responsible. Surely there will be enough idiots to come. Even in CZ, in March, a warning was warned against going to I on skis. And what made our morons go. When we stopped everything, 100% border closure! And again, as always, it will pay for countries and sensible people. I once wrote that if this world is characterized by anything – then it is INJUSTICE.

Clarkson describes it beautifully in his book Summers with Top Gear. In the 1980s, GB was hit by a wave of mining strikes. And the power began to turn off. But fortunately it was announced in advance. So they cooked dinner at the Clarksons, and when it went out, they lit candles and the entire Monopoly family played. To this day, he remembers how the stove was hot and felt the warmth and cohesion of his family. And how sad he was when Heath finally backed away from the miners and it lit up. That’s how I felt something like that now. It was a true time, without all the ballast and nonsense. I miss him – he made sense! And now ? What now? Yes, those fools will return to their dorms and go to the sea … Many thanks to Norway. That is to say – the country will remain closed until August 20. And maybe it will take much longer!
CZ was a model, a great union of the nation, a bunch of billions.
And now everything goes to …

Woche 40 (+1)  Länder. Nur N fehlte. FL,MNE dabei. Weg vom UZ etc. ist sicher nicht möglich. RUS zwar kapitulierte und öffnete sich auch aber H,CZ usw. kontrolierten Pässe. Kein nicht EU Bürger darf rein.

Und hauptsächlich glauben sie nicht an GB Island, IS etc. Alle die Inseln haben Bevölkerung von 100% getestet. Ich denke fahren nach I ist das letzte voran jetzt denken.

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The time of the last remnants of reason

Winner of Corona Crisis : USA and GE                                                                                     

It is difficult to comment on the current situation.
CZ has given up all the advantages of clean territory (similarly A) and is under pressure to open its borders under the pressure of media saturated with lobbying interests.
Shopping malls roared similarly. I was in one yesterday after the opening to see. Except for food and hairdressing everywhere empty.
It will be similar with tourism. The 50+ category that feeds tourism outside of the holidays will definitely not return. They wouldn’t get me alive on those cruise cruisers. They became floating hospitals and mortuaries.
I heard President Macron the other day, that massive subsidies must come to the car industry ?! After all, this was the EU’s goal. Dispose of cars! Why, if they succeed, should they come to life ?!
But as far as Prague is concerned, cars are the winner. Half-empty public transport, empty streets, shopping malls. But the streets are bursting at the seams.
Last time I praised D. But that wave of demonstrations over the weekend brought me back to earth. But there are still 66% sensible Germans who do not want an end to the restrictions. But no one listens to them anymore. Bet that d will soon capitulate as well. As in the normal state – the most sensible are PL and H.
I don’t miss the center by any chance. You only saw the catch. And you thought how amazing it is here. No, it is not and it was not. The gem had to be fished out of the cesspool, the sewer.

Ještě DSV trailer na UZ magistrále. Díky nim mám každý týden FIN. Dále mají S,DK,NL a D LP. Tak kdoví,co měl tento. Já myslím Tadjikistan…                             

The toll was collected in April by 19% less than a year ago. The trucks are an accurate barometer. Thus, economic activity in CZ and Europe fell by the same amount on average.

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Only memories will remain

This AUS from the camp was not an ordinary AUS, but he drove the most difficult section IND, PAK, CHN, KGZ with our “Trabanters”. Over three 5000m passes. I talked to him, but he didn’t tell me that he knew this CZ part. He probably thought I wouldn’t understand him.                                                                                                                                                           

I was leaving for MC-so I wasn’t watching the weekly TV episode. Now they were giving a 2 hour movie. In PAK, each brand is different. Soldiers drove across the territory in front of them as security. CHN- didn’t like it there. They saw only cops, soldiers and cameras. Aral KGZ. KGZ-UZ boundaries. Lots of people are waiting to enter in the UZ. CZ Roman Šmidberský fleet truck on the UZ motorway No. 1 .

Billionaires of Prague 6.
So I found out who the new neighbor of the tennis legend Jan Kodeš is. Marek Dospiva- Penta.                                                                                                                                                                                                  CZ Nr.2 in Forbes ranking – real estate magnate Radovan Vítek lives here.                               

And Mr. Mysterious-Greatest. Petr Kellner. In the world’s first hundred. Before Roman Abramovitsch. Next to his chateau stood a huge hotel in Prague. Fidel, Saddam and our other friends once lived there. He probably didn’t like the eternal roar. So he bought it for a billion and a half and had it wiped out from the face of the earth. So now the most expensive locality P6-Hanspaulka has a gigantic territory. But otherwise he is nice. Thanks to his contacts in CHN, CZ donated protective equipment. It carried 7 aircraft. He can’t take pictures, nor did I make it to the airport. They deleted everything for me. The seat of the holding is on the main street of P6 Leninboulevard, today Evropská.                                 

Woche brachte 39 Länder (-1). Alles dabei. Also normales. Ich denke aus UZ usw. ist kein Weg möglich. Gerade wenn aus Bank telefonieren ist vorbei ein MNE CD gefahren.

I never all week visited the center once. And I’m not going back there!

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Czechia in release madness

What was it all for ?! Now, in the middle of the road, we are leaving everything under pressure from the media. Those proud times of belonging to win.
Now we can only believe that people will have common sense and will not travel anywhere. And most importantly, we won’t let anyone (with exceptions) come here. And those jerks who will still go to the sea and wear veils there, give up the buffet and stick to stay 2 m apart etc., I wish you a nice holiday.                                                                                                    Canada CDN                                                Strawberry truck GE         MC                               We already know KWT, S CD and one tweak                                                                               

Our great neighbor, when we already had a curfew and the duty of veils – slept deeply. Like many others, he believed in a miracle. The current caution is all the more gratifying. Yes, Czechs are agile, but things are not coming to an end. We lack German consistency. So at least after a long time, my sympathy again. They should also arrest those smugglers of people from Libya who, under the guise of rescuing drowning people, take them 1 km from the LAR shores and do not take them back to shore, but hundreds of km to Europe.

40 steht zum Schluss für diese Woche. Also -3. Kein IRL umd natürlich auch kein MNE. RUS,TR usw. bleibt dicht. Kein Weg für LKW¨s vom UZ etc.                                                        Wir sollten ein Jahr völlig abschreiben, zu Hause reisen und nächstes Jahr wieder durchstarten. Was passiert jetzt? Jedesfall nicht schönes. 

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Missed chance – we want to go back to where we were

GThey write to me from France: 11.5. end of quarantine! Fortunately, Germany is here. At first it was completely asleep, but now the measures have started to be quite fun. In our country, the media (due to advertising) and monopolies are holding public opinion behind the end of Lockdown! The gangs of barbarians (as they called them in demonstrations in Venice) are approaching. I hope at least enjoyed it in Italy. I definitely! The first days were great. The humility, the fear, no one came out of the house. The homelesswere cleaned from the street to the campsites. Yes to those where expeditions from Malaysia parked last year, etc. Unfortunately (thank God) our covid numbers are so good (daily infection 50-80, casualties 0-2) that it all ends slowly but surely. So our German neighbor- keep border as long as possible. We do not have your will and patience.                                                                               Thanks, but we already have.

Plates spotting on the Prague 6                                                                                               

Prague 6- Hanspaulka is the best address in Prague. Jan Kodeš, the winner of Wimbledon (villa in the background) got a worthy neighbor. 2nd CDN 3rd LAR embassy experienced busier times. 70s: Gaddafi steals a coup in Libya. His first trip leads to Prague. He then bypassed the famous Czech armory and shopped without restraint. President Husák (right) is just rejoicing. Like the Czech people. When he returned to Libya in a few days at the Castle, the phone rang. Gaddafi has announced that he is doubling all orders! And unlike all our friends at the time, they pay cash and USD. Prague could immediately start building the metro, the large Nusle bridge, raise the standard of living – clouds of children were born – to this day they are called Husák’s children. The assassination of Muammar Gaddafi was filthy and it is revenging to this day. Libya during his reign was a little paradise on earth. 6. View of the Castle from P6. Everyone only knows the view up from the river. Here they look down. 7. Trailer for football. But the match is already 14. 3. 9. Josef Masopust. in the 60’s he won the title of the best footballer in the world and the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic finished 2nd in  World Cup in Chile! 12. At one time the center of luxury. Hotel International.

Noch einmal Aufwärts. 43 (+1).  Neu nur CH TIR, FL. Sonst nur schon gesehene AM,GE..Diesmal fehlte nur an MNE. 

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We are entering a long and unpleasant timelessness

The beautiful closeness of the Czech people in the fight against the pandemic is starting to loosen. The opposition sensed the rise in popularity of the government, so they began to pound on those loosening and canceling measures.
They probably think that when they open all the shops, pubs and travel agencies, there will be customers rushing in and everything will be the same as before.
Because coronavirus originated as a result of that world. The disintegration of the Roman Empire live.

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Enjoy this time- it has a lot of hidden beauty

MNE!!! ,Saudia CZ , Also trucks AL,N and FL car                                                                           

This week the brake of the truck traffic CZ. We tried to check the TIR driver. Within half a day the line from the D border grew almost to Prague.
Crying, lamenting and mountains of the dead. N.Y. war zone. Czechs from the USA write-absolute disdain, parties on the beaches. They’re locked in fear at home and just reading how we did. I wouldn’t go there for anything.
I know US citizens from Prague, so nothing really surprises me, but CH-this is disappointing. Drapes are worn only by CZ Swiss and still look like crazy.                             

I’m going to talk about how successful some states are. The real is only statistic  the number of victims / million inhabitants.
As the wave suddenly rises from the camp of liberal democracy – let’s relax, let’s open the border. Perhaps these fanatics want us not to be so successful. Thousands of people die west of our borders every day, is that nothing ?!
I used to ride my bike there, here in Prague – so now is a good time.
Drapes are obligatory not only for girls but also for TV presenters, government, president. I am shocked that this is not the case.

Sehr gute Woche 42 (+2). Sogar MNE PRG 2020 Premiere. Nur kein IRL Truck ist diesmal gekommen. LKW Verkehr ein bisschen zugenommen. Aber RUS usw. ist dicht. Von UZ und KZ ist kein Weg. Dicht ist ist alles. CHN,IND,IR, alles. Wenn wir Grenze öffnen kommen 100% keine Expeditionen aus Exotic. Und das noch sehr,sehr lange nicht mehr. Und wenn Europa sich öffnen wird, um so länger. 

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Best Easter ever

Farøe Island FO, premiere 2020 as 72th                                                                                  FO got on the first page today.                                                                                                     

Yesterday I spent on canaps reading April’s Forbes. A little different than reading for European voters. A little darker. It should be hopeful for us that perhaps the low-cost airlines that have infested everything from Barcelona to Peterburg with the masses of ferocious youth will no longer come off the ground. Perhaps the individual car transport will return in full fire. I think so. I’m certainly not going to sit in a public transport for a very long time, where I will be stuck on an strange stranger. And all 50+ people that would take such a risk.
But what the mighty of this world say on the Forbes site is no longer pleasing. This tsunami of printed money will cause horrific inflation with everything that goes with it. So advise: Get rid of money and buy property while it’s time.

Woche bestens wie im Moment möglich ist, 40 (+2). Natürlich ohne MNE.

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Golden times behind the “Iron Curtain”.

There is peace, disciplined Czech people and without excruciating tourists and stupid advice and criticism from EU directly great.
Let it last long.

Long live Boris!

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Fruits of closed borders

Emirates UAE, premiere 2020 as 71th ,very rare Sharjah                                                                                                      Japan J,above J the sun rises and sets                                                                                             

Rocket launch to the new week: 34.
And I fooled for years in that mess in downtown. There were also years that in April there was nothing at all …

(The red convoy is the corps that deliver Chinese protective equipment from the Pardubice airport, where giant Antonov Ruslan arrives three times a week)

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