Luxembourg surprise

No GBG, but L army, alltime Premiere

A weekend of horror in Monaco. First, my favorite Citroen Ami rolled over. On the night between Saturday and Sunday, three young men ended up in the tunnel.

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I am ashamed of our government and president

Every other day with them is a national disaster.

Malta and more


I am ashamed to be the servant of Joe Biden, Ursula von der Leyen, Frans Timmermans…

Woche 48 (-5). Mit dem guten Wetter wäre mehr.

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USA in European format

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Stato della Cittá del Vaticano

SCV , 7years Premiere, out of Rome alltime Premiere

Official vehicle of the Pope during his visit to Slovakia. Škoda Auto received precise information from the Vatican on how it should look. One was for Bratislava, the other for Košice. Both SCV1.


The vehicle was displayed in the Arkády shopping center in the Škoda exhibition.

Rekordwoche mit 53 (+2). Alles komplet dabei. Best Ergebniss seit mehr als ein Jahr.

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7 year premiere next time

UAE ,2023 Premiere

That’s not MC, that’s Prague 9.

Half a week and there are already 50 states.

Wednesday 41 countries.

Megafish soon.


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High number of states: 51

CZ 2023 weekly record.


Woche 51 (+3). Ausser AL alles.

Take the test…

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Aland already in March!

Åland AX , 2023 Premiere


Wednesday 42 states.

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The TIR hit parade continues

Cyprus CY                                                             TR trade                                             


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1C, sharp gale, flying snow.

He wouldn’t chase the dog away, they say in our country. But people came. And there were a lot of them. 100 thousand.

Even from Poland!  “Nie idzmy na te wojne”(No, let’s go to war).                                              “To nie Nasza Wojna” (Its not our War).


After two hours I leave for the heat. I then watch what the media are writing while having coffee. Some have live subtitles. And I read. After the end of the demonstration, an attempt was made to remove the UA flag from the sacred building of the National Museum. Quickly to the bus and back.

The fight is over. Injury on both sides. 18 people arrested. A photographer of a well-known CZ media reports to the newsroom via mobile phone: “Police brutality, they pushed us down the stairs, many injured.”

Woche 48 (-1). Vielleicht nur AL könnte noch kommen, sonst alles was möglich ist ,war dabei. Ein Fisch from So. Abend kommt noch bald.



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Czechia against poverty

We sent 40 billion CZK worth of weapons to the UA. We live here with half a million UA who don’t like it at home. We’re at the end. The government reduced pensions. The states deficit is astronomical.
Unfortunately, we can do it ourselves. This is how people chose.

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Mongolia- new King of the Road

Mongolia MGL, alltime Premiere truck


Trailer CZ export. He bought a stainless steel shovel in RUS. As you can see it has already to rust. I just don’t know if there is snow on RUS or sand on MNG. Probably for both.

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Half still on the Cote d Azur

but TER Sud keeps sending new and new warnings that trains are not running – there is no other option.

Tuesday 41, Thursday 39 states. Otherwise, most of the time I try to understand the thought processes of my fellow citizens. I haven’t come up with anything yet.
Here in our green and wooded district there are also 3 ponds. As you can see, it is slowly filling up with people. It is before noon and the temperature has risen above freezing.

Woche 49 (+4). Sonst schrecklich kalt.

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The absolute opposite of Monaco…

Slovakia SK, new Premiere

…is CZ. Endless shades of gray, misery, expensiveness, war for humn, feeding parasites, stupid people who chose this for themselves.

Nicht neues über Weekend. 45 (-3). 

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Relatively brisk traffic today: 37

Armenia AM, new

After a long time Arizona


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We hurry, we fall towards World War

Premiere, TVR Tasmin, only 73 produced.

SEM B1LEJ. I’m white.

48 (+1) in PRG. Keine Inseln, aber komplett Ostblock.

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They split up the Kazakh convoy

This came together – the PL driver apparently didn’t want to pull a RUS trailer – so PL-KZ and KZ-RUS.

Also AM this year. Over the years, FIN has acquired the color of an island in the Pacific Ocean.

The first expedition around the world in PRG 2023- RUS,Tatarstan.

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Winter Tour 22/23

Start 25.11.22 Geneve

28.11.22 Toulon/Le Castellet/Paul Ricard


1.12. Monaco/Côte d’ Azur



10.2.23 Verona




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That’s a throwback! Mexico (act.)

Above on Brennero: KZ or UZ. The only thing I know, in the lower right corner of the 10.

Yes Uzbekistan UZ (see you comment).

The “Iron Curtain” has moved. Welcome to West Germany.

I recommend reading the article. CH perfect as always!

In fact, the only thing I was looking forward to in CZ was driving again. And the Sunday drive paid off.

Mexico MEX, Distrito Federal, 3 years Premiere

Woche 47 Länder (-4).

And there is another remarkable thing. IRL?

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Look what I bought for 6.90 €. How is this possible? I always considered I and F to be equal countries in everything.

The balcony where Giulia Capuletti  were standing . As you can see, visitors can go up to the balcony and take a selfie. (paid admission). Definitely a good idea from Verona City Hall. Where there was an entrance is now an exit. And there stands the security guard and calls everyone Uscita (read Ushita). Even though he knows that 100% of the visitors are not Italian.

Industrial district with shopping center. I thought a better truck could come along. And I also wanted to buy that nice jacket that Italians wear. Neither was available.

Arena Verona. Opened in 30. I haven’t forgotten anything . 30. Nothing happened in CZ for 800 years after that!  They have their Fete du Citron in the summer. The famous opera festival takes place in the Arena.

Today I got about 3 points for cycling Verona.
30 countries. About 1/3 to 1/5 of it trucks. Personal 1.CZ. Good still B, SLO…UA just average. The first city of the Tour where they did not win.

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Another short courtesy visit

Bright shops full of goodies, whatever you look at. And the prices!!!

For the first time in the country under a new boss.
So Forza Italia!
I am happy like a true Italian, as Cotugno sings.


Meloni, Salvini, Berlusconi etc. Grazie anche da parte mia.

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