The dictator probably won’t come

That was 5 years ago. Dictator of Equatorial Guinea Obiang had 25 cars transported on a trip to GE. His nice stay was ruined by F. At her request, CH confiscated everything and the cars ended up in the auction.                                                                                                     

Kempinski is already called Fairmont and there is nothing in the parking lot. In any case, F.Oliver S had a historical catch, whether it’s cars or platesspotter.

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Rue de Lausanne!

On the way down Rue de Lausanne to the end of GE, first in the opposite direction of the MA CD and on the way back to the GBZ. On the lake side of the villa with a gate both on Cap d´Antibes to the second massive embassy (ET, CHN, TR …). So here, opposite the WTO, I stopped and waited for them to go back. And I’ll turn around in a minute and Gibraltar GBZ is here. I didn’t see the MA anymore because curiosity drove me further. The immense beauty, but the forgotten Africa in UNO does not …                                           

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Yesterday’s bustle did not repeat

CERN – formed at a time when the EU set out to overtake the United States in 2000. What else can we be proud of? Clarkson once asked the Labor Party MP this question. He thought for a long time and then said, “On our tolerance.”                                                           

Architect Hundertwasser has a whole neighborhood here. Down at the Mont Blanc junction. Some heat, others froze. I admit I felt that way too. The sun was shining in his face, and the cold from Mont Blanc was behind his clothes.                                                    Azerbaidjan and Republica Kosova and FUCK GRETA.

Heute noch NMK und AZ so Gesamtwochezahl ist 50, genauso wie vorige Woche. Ich denke nur IRL fehlte.

I only had such a kitchen at the Columbus Hotel in MC. However, they did not complete anything there. Here I have coffee and mineral water complete every day.

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I report from Monaco by the small sea

Otherwise, everything is the same. Beauty, cleanliness, safety, wonderful people, LPs, cars, atmosphere. This is Geneva.  You can’t pay with money feeling that a African dictator appears in a row of cars.                                                                                                               

Personally, when I saw the UA person, I thought of TJ. And that Sbarro (CH)  and also the blue Marcos (Wales) is my premiere. However, from Lamborghini Espada,he remained amazed . He left and I stood and the world around him fell silent as Daniel Landa sang. I’ve seen two ANDs in a whole year. Now a day. Pleased RSM, KWT, Q, MA, FIN – 33 states. Without LT, BG, HR, SRB …

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Maybe I’m settled down

As I said. After the election, I left more or less without a plan. And everywhere I wanted to extend my stay, it was a lot more expensive. So now I have found a great offer for more days. If they are not Lp, you can spend a pleasant time here. In the sauna and fitness. But the Lp would be better.

These girls sat at the last minute. As I heard English – I thought of the worst. As Clarkson says, he doesn’t fly with US airlines because there are despotic and furious stewardesses. But here the silence, the calm, great. When I started studying their giant suitcases. Canada.

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Verona is also alive.

Unhappy CZ. 300,000 national votes narrowly fell. Half of the hotels closed. Others half dead. Škoda Auto is up to the end of the year. 30 billion Kč VW has so far made a profit. And now the Czechs will have to pay the workers for their money. That is EU solidarity! Covid is doubling every day. The energy supplier Bohemia Energy went bankrupt. 900 thousand customers.
LT (or LV) already has it officially. Covid is raving that the whole country is closing for a month. And RO- it’s one big morgue.                                                                                                  Gibraltar GBZ Export premiere, I milit. air force                                                                                                                   

The last time I was here was in March. Lockdown, a crowded hospital, culminated in CZ. Nothing here either. Once there was NL on Caravan Parking. And today? Bus Parking -zero. And today. A PRG? Exactly the same as in March.                                                                  30 states today in VR. Lots of DK.

China has Europe in hand, magnesium will run out in a few weeks. You can’t make a car without it.
China has reduced its magnesium production and stopped exporting … Europe has stocks until the end of November …                                                                                                                As long as our president was healthy, he often flew to China. Once, the CH president was with us. He also flew to Putin to Moscow.
That was a politician! H has been contracting gas and oil with Russia for 15 years at great prices.                                                                                                                                                        March 2016. Big visit China President in PRG.

I have to laugh, rather cry. When the EU gives lessons to the world. All you have to do is turn off support for Google, Apple or Microsoft. The next day, Europe is one total chaos and collapse.
It is enough for the RUS to close the taps in winter. Within a week, Europeans burn furniture to keep them from freezing.
It is enough for China to say that it will no longer export to Europe. And within a month, people will walk with their feet wrapped in rags and will be summoned by drums as before in Africa. There will be nothing. Nothing. From drugs to the cars mentioned.

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Around the lakes a little further

        When I blocked the hotel for the weekend, I was surprised by the prices. However, on Monday they already demanded 145 and from Tuesday 225 CH, so it’s like in €. So today I drove around Lake Geneva (72 km long 14 wide and over 300 m deep) through the Rhone valley through Montreaux, Sion, Brig through the endless Simplon tunnel under Matternhorn Masiv and on the other side Italy…                                                                               

specifically Lago di Maggiore with Isola Bella. It is, along with Chur-St.Moritz, the most amazing route. So I’m in Verona again. Like when people from Prague run to cottages. I have a room for 1/4 GE prices and a star more. And I’m going to Linguine al Pesto tomorrow.                                                                                                                                              It was full from MI to VR. Signorina stood up for me and, of course, started calling. How many times in the PRG do I go on the tram when the unbearable American krávy approach. And here I listened to that melodic speech and realized that the Italians are the only ones who use facial expressions and gestures when making phone calls, as if the contact were standing next to them. She performed in Brescia and I was quite sorry.

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Burkina Faso in Prague

License plates Burkina Faso Alltime Premiere as 116th and 2021 79th states         

I was happy for this in a guarded private building. I found myself in this place completely because of something else. Spotting is absolutely illogical and unpredictable.


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Strong Geneva. No crisis in a happy country.

Libya LAR , 2021 Premiere as 78th countries                                                                      Temple of all parking lots. Geneva, Mont Blanc. That’s why I live for 140€ in a hotel, which currently stands in empty Prague 25. Strong 37 states today. Without LT, CZ, HR, BIH, MK, but with CDN Ontario, USA moto, AL (no photo).
Happy country. He steps like a Swiss watch. And without the EU, NATO, politics in the news.

Sehr starke 50 (+6) Staaten. 42 aus PRG, 8 von hier. Nur MNE nirgendwo und auch IRL.

The Prague event will come later. Today is Geneva Day.

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Things started moving

Often when I decide to change the environment, breakthrough catches come. So soon Alltime Premiere again. Here is a fragment for great experts. One Illinois and?                   

From memory book : October 2018                                                                                      

Right after the election, I bought a one-way ticket. I don’t know where I’m going and how long I’ll stay. The short period of freedom in the Czech Republic is over. We will now walk as under Stalin into a joyful world, where energy from windmills will power factories, cars, trains and Facebook will consist of 100% of celebratory contributions to comrades from the European Commission.

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Night surprise

Tunis TN , regime speciale                                                                                                     

F1 pilot German S.Vettel gave an interview to He gave us info that he was voting for the die Grünen and pouring ashes on his head, that he was driving an F1, which allegedly did not benefit the polar bears. He thinks F1 is ripe for extinction.
Clarkson writes in one of his books that neither Nazis or the Communists banned entertainment.                                                                                                                        

I wondered why the Western youth were so unbearable. And he recently found the answer in a wise book. This is a new style of education. Towards freedom, occupying space and the will to impose one’s opinions and ideas on others etc. So the complete opposite of what we were brought up for.
And one wise man in an tv interview gave me the answer to why the world today is so crazy and disgusting. He says: This is no longer our world (and it means people 50+) we are only here to endure it.

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Champagne was banging in Brussels

Dangerous A Kanzler Kurz, who liked the V4 states better than the Brussels phantasmagoria, disposed of ,CZ president Zeman again in the hospital and the coalition 2 (liberals) and K3 (conservatives) created by the ingenious deception won the election. Many people did not understand that these 5 pages will go together under the slogan “Antibabiš”. In addition, 3 parties of the current government remained just below 5%. The left has completely failed. For the first time in history, both social democracy and communists dropped out of the House.

Woche brachte 44 (+4) Länder. Kein MNE.

 As always, Miroslav Macek, former Deputy Prime Minister of Václav Klaus government, has the best commentary:


Miroslava Macka

Nezapomeňte na to, že volby, které nejvíce ovlivní náš budoucí život, již proběhly, a to v Německu.
Ty naše jen způsobí, že se budeme jen o něco rychleji ubírat do rudozelené německé (pardon, oficiálně bruselské) pr.ele. Takže hlavním vítězem voleb je Green Deal.
Nejhorší jsou zklamané naděje.

Remember that the elections that will have the greatest impact on our future lives have already taken place, in Germany.
Ours will only cause us to move a little faster to the red-green German (sorry, officially Brussels) ass. So the main winner of the election is the Green Deal.
The worst are disappointed hopes.

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London February 2018


(On pictures London eya, Westminster Abbey, Bernie Ecclestone, Shepard Green Bush, Hyde Park, St.Pancras, Picaddilly Circus, Knightsbridge,  Leicester Square, Park Lane…

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From adopting the euro to czexit. Elections behind the door.

Belarus BY, tempor Premiere                                                                                                 

It is interesting that the nicest and most sympathetic people I spoke  BY, RUS, IR … are also the biggest target hatred of EU and etc.

From book of memories: London 2017                                                                 

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Fehmarn June 2017


Woche 40 (-6). Es ist gar nichts mehr zu sagen.

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In October, Prague is the most beautiful.

   From memory book: October 2019                                                                                            

Karel Gott left, ENG rowdies arrived. And for the first time, Singapore.

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Maybe there was a beautiful farewell with spotting that Friday.

What was my surprise. The hundred-year-old lady was driving under the tram.

What did the EU and the US think would happen when trillions of money suddenly poured into the system? You could read it here. We are at the beginning of a terrible inflation. I can’t imagine how to get out of this. And there’s the Green Deal. People are suddenly sitting on a huge bundle of money and trying to spend it. There are no more people, no material, no transport capacity and no more energy.
It was a dumb “pour money into the economy”! Here is the result.
I can’t imagine anything other than that everything will collapse in a few months.
I marvel at the laxity (stupidity) of people. Yes, now is the best time to bring the extreme left to power, voters in the BRD thought.
We still have 10 days of hope.                                                                                                             Viktor Orbán, Andrej Babiš, today PRG

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I thought it wouldn’t happen again. But we’re back! (act.)

At 19.50 I leave for the evening circuit. I don’t expect anything at all. 20.04 meeting of Ferrari cars. 20.11 I’m sitting in Klárov when suddenly here! Scooter. Such as at this time they rode from ROK. They started before the summer and reached a speed of 40 km / h in late September. After 2 years, the first fighter ride. Almost 2 km! 20.26 F. And what you expected I ask myself. When I return to the original route at , I meet 20.31 a magnificent Land Rover with a magnificent old lp. They’re coming back from SGP. That’s what I’m thinking – something will come until the third. Only 4 min later…                                

South Korea ROK, 2021 Premiere as 76th 2021.   But that was not all! 21.09 USA. That was far from all. 21.40 sees the moto under sail. The only thing I can think of was that she wasn’t here yesterday. I’m crossing to the other side of the street. Well that’s a surprise!
Australia AUS, Queensland, first new and first in PRG AUS 2021.                                         

No rules apply now. I’m back in September 2019. Two AZ trucks this year without a photo. So now 22.13 2 Azerbaidjan AZ, 2021 Premiere as 77th state with photo.                                                                                                                                        

I waited for a new state for two and a half months. Just two in 25 minutes. A new trend? Or an exception confirming a rule?

Woche gesamt 46 (+2) Staaten. Was hat sich am Freitagabend abgespielt hat, ist nicht zu erklären. Schon im Jahre 2013 kam damals zum einem unfassbaren Freitagsabend.                 Es war 28. September, diesmal24.

Of course the joy of the new two additions this year, but the Traveler of the Year French Musketeer on a scooter. And a red Land Rover right behind it. These are my most admired travel heroes.

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Choices more important than spotting

Mutti Merkel is leaving. It has probably been most sensitive to the hearts and minds of Czechs through repeated attempts to enforce quotas according to the so-called “fair redistribution of refugees”. This aroused deep resistance and mass demonstrations.
Almost everyone in Europe feels the impact of its policy. But it really doesn’t come until now. By opposing its people, electing the CDU will help those real extremists to power.
As our Daniel Landa in the Bílá Hora sings: … I will gladly forget your name here! ”                 After A. Merkel’s persuasive visit to Prague, mass demonstrations broke out. The EU made several more attempts to lift its refugees to CZ, PL, H … but the representatives of these states always said a clear NO.

During a traditional evening ride, it is useless to go around a large area. There is nothing anywhere. So in the evening I will sit in front of the Týn Church, which I mentioned last and at the very end before I leave by subway, at the magical Klárov under Castle. Usually the most beautiful moments of the day.

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Dutch rally from MC to Moscow via Richa.

I had to think a lot about Richa. It occurred to me that van Gogh was not in NL Gogh but Choch.                                                                                                                                     Supercars go fast, but they have no place for suitcases. The transporter delivered them at the end.                                                                                                                                 The elections will be with us in 14 days. This man came to the Old Town Square to communicate his electoral preferences in front of the sacred Týn Church. Decent but pretty loud. That was the name of politicians and parties in the square with a short but quite apt comment. Have a nice time. He had the same opinion.

September 2018                                                                                                                      

Today on station Pražský hrad. Our President comes the first day after returning from the hospital, at least symbolically, to greet people

Miloš Zeman
President of the Czech Republic
white man, heterosexual, Slavic
wise as a fox, strong as a bear
heir message
Jiřího z Poděbrad
of the Hussite King of Bohemia and Moravia
white man, heterosexual, Slavic
Miloš, we wish you good health, strength and love
Czech and Moravian nation

Our Prime Minister Andrej Babiš visiting Hungary. At the SRB / H border, they jointly criticized the EU for doing little against illegal migration and smuggling of so-called refugees en masse across the Mediterranean.
Viktor Orbán will come to our official state friendly visit on September 29.

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