Tip it! has a new leader

Yes it’s right . Thanks to all. I’m absolutely amazed. Bonaire,Belize and TM.                           today we have all shades of red                                                                                                     

Woche brachte 41 (-1) Länder. Ganze Woche MNE,MD (±3 pro Tag) und am Anfang riesige SLO Welle. Auch H um die jede Ecke. Nr.2 hinter D Masse. Dagegen keins MC,IRL,USA.                                                                                                                                     Im Oktober waren zu sehen satte 60 Länder.

I was looking for new sites for Tip it! and I was interested in this photo.
Is there anyone who could find this place?
I do not. There’s no LP-so just for my (maybe not only my) admiration.

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Tip it! goes to the final

  1. 2. 3. Tip it!                Rules:
    Every correct answer to all 3 questions … 1 point
    1. correct answer to all 3 questions +1
    Unless all the answers are correct, 1 point for the first best answer
                                              Difficulty: evil
    Deadline: Sunday 18.00
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He finished the best October of all time

with UZ, PMR, BR, IND, IS, AND tempor, CDN around the World, IR, ROK superbike, ROK bus, DZ,TN,MA, AZ, KWT, Q, AM,USA’s,GE,…                                                                               The best picture of the moon is for me IS. After 1km of shooting, photo at full speed by bike.


and the dark month is coming, November.
Average catch per month: 1
                                                                                                          2013-GE CD                2014-GBZ                    2015-UAE                    2016-CHN

Perhaps it will be a good time to Tip it!
So on Friday.

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In honor of Hadri45: Transnistria, after 6 years in PRG

                                                  Transnistria (PMR) as 85th 2018 Premiere ,very rare “neutral” serie                                                                                         

Hadri45: http://platesmania.com/newforum/index.php?app=forums&module=forums&controller=topic&id=22147&tab=comments#comment-507043


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A very important expedition was for a while stopped in Prague

On the bumper, he now takes a greeting from us.
If I had a fixed, I would write them all.                                                                                         Here it is captured and after 49 minutes (no bike and unexpected place) found.                                                                                                                                            India IND                                                                                                                                                                                 rare USA Oregon                                             AL                                 FIN                                       4th visit- 4th picture, after UZ,GE,MD just MNE- terminal P10                                             and what is it???                                                                                                                                     Namibian ambassador in Prague, headquartered in Berlin, has come to visit                   

Erste Saisonende Woche. 42. Nicht mehr IRL und N. Aber sonst noch immer relativ viel Autobesucher.

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We ask you

One of our visitors is looking for an explanation of American LPs. They’re from US cars meeting.
Are they true or fakes?
I will ask. If the US car long-term in Europe does not have stamp a LP?                                   

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Unbelievable drama and fantastic spotting-GE great final

The Battle of Geneva begins. 11.26 GE 38, Reunion                                                                            

11.54 Tunis TN RS-régime suspensiv GE 39 , Raphael is out in leadership Indrek and berry                                                                                 11.59 40th GE-SK                                    

Noon at Lac Léman. These are the moments when you fall in love and you still do not know about it.                                                                                                                                        

14.11 LV GE 41 (3 leader ±1 I,B and new René 14.13 Hungary GE 42(to end 5 next) . René is absolute leader!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           My next lambo from history: Jarama                                                                                                  2 hours  relax  stoped  VW bus. Potential Alltime !!! 16.08                                                           A totally crazy fighter. I still have a good bike today. 3 km to the limit were successful. Spotted. I go back to check if it’s sharp. I just see: Hare in a sack, we say with us. France from a neighboring village (74).                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

I’m going back to the other side, I’m eating something, and the alarm red and the siren in it. 17.01. After 200 meters I’m going, but at that moment I’m going to go. But I read Qatar Export. I still fight for a while, but I give it up. “California” made me all the strength. GE 43-Qatar Q. René must start worrying. PlatesSpotterGB reported 45.                                          

Only 14 minutes later: 17.15 GE 44th Kuwait KWT. René is definitely out. In Geneva he ruled for 5 hours. Great!                                                                                                                                                  

The fight is over. It’s getting dark, I’m going back with a move to Mont Blanc to return the bike.
A few yards before the junction hit again. Proboha Island !!! 3rd Fighting Race begins. Once again I get closer and give up. So I would not expect IS.
Number 45 – exactly as the winner of the last two PlatesSpotterGB winners said!
Deep compliment
Iceland IS, car 2018 Premiere, Nr.3 (only 2 Motos)                                                                                                   

So now I am definitely returning. No! Algeria. Sprint just pretends and burns in the dark. We already have a DZ.
So it was something!                                                                                                                                                            

Juste maintenant.
Nous nous reverrons bientôt à Genève.

    PRG-GE 41:45.

Klare Sieg. Sogar ohne GBJ und Co. Für GE punkten EST,I,MC,AND,IRL,AZ,REU,TN,Q,KWT und IS. Somit Wochezahl auf 51 aufgestiegen ist. 

Im GE waren am meisten zu sehen P und.E. Problemlos ±10 pro Tag D,PL,RUS,RO,BG,MC,L,NL,GB. ±5 CZ,GR,B,S. Knapp A,HR,SRB, BIH. Nur 1x in 3 Tagen LV,EST,BY,FL…

Tip It!                                                                                                                                                   1 Punkt PlatesSpotterGBPräzis hat 45 vorhergesagt. Ein + (bei Punktengleichstand) von mir dazu.                                                                                                                                              1 Punkt raphael und berry  für 0 bei Premieren.  

Damit ist in der Spitze dichter.                                                                                                


22.30: I went down on a cigarette and the lift up came full. 8 huge suitcases on wheels, each with a different color. And two nice people. Probably  father with a son. As they pulled it, I was wondering where they were from. I see Australia Airlines, so I ask. From AUS?
No, no, they say French. Reunion.
So I have stylish neighbors today.

add Helvetics comment:

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PRG, I’m already looking forward to Hungary!

Only AND did not disappoint                                                                                                              

Mayotte with sticker. Why a sticker when you tell me that everyone in F can choose what they want?                                                                                                                                                   

My workplace at the intersection of Mont Blanc. Fighter (today red), coffee, if something came.                                                                                                                                                            

Today 30 ,new 3 states. EST, IRL and AND. We are now at 37. Still missing H !!!, SK, LV, MK, MNE, AL and all former stars.                                                                                                       

So I looked at Tip it!
Jovata is already out of Number of Countries.
I do not believe 42 and 45 René and PSGB. But I at the Gulf and GB islands also believed.
Raphael would have been the winner of both categories if he had finished today. Maybe tomorrow nothing. Very plausibel.
When tomorrow is good, Indrek and Berry have a good chance of 40.
I do not believe in the Premiere
So after 2/3 it looks best for berry.
But everything is possible!

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So we have the current clock

but we do not have the Princes of the Gulf and the prosperous citizens of GB mini islands       

The number of states grew steadily and quality came after noon  DZ,AZ                                       

The hole that remained after Q, KSA, UAE, GBJ, GBG … will be hard to replace                      

In 15 is 30. MA                                                                                                                                        

It’s going slow, but it’s a beautiful day                                                                                               

All the wars ended here. The famous Geneva peace talks are taking place here. The Intercontinental Hotel in UNO quartier.
But the long-hauled Qatar cars from the garage disappeared.                                                       

Around the most popular buildings of Alessio in GE (autosalon), back to the hotel. On the account of 33 countries. No LV,EST,SK,H!, but 2MD!,much RUS,1UA, much BG!, very good MC (8?), 1A, 1076000F, good E, B very bad 3?, 1DK-super,FIN 0.                                 

Evening still 34th BY and our poor hotel garage.
So we’re all in the game. Saturday will decide! 

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The big Prague-Geneva duel will begin on Friday

1. PRG Monday -Wednesday…41 Countries, GE Friday-Sunday…?                                          2.How much 2018 premiere in GE?                                                                                                 Tip it!     By 6 pm on Friday                                                                                
Every correct answer 1 point for 1 question. Or who will be closest.                                               

So, of course, I do not know the answer and I will just tip it.I say, PRG wins 41:38 and I believe in the 1 2018 Premiere

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Soon new journey and new competition

Algier DZ                                                   USA Connecticut                                        and more                                                                                                                                            AM on the new place  and  few autunm genre pictures                                                            

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Korean farewell with the season

After UZ, GE at least MD. In any case, an interesting place.
In the evening he found a convoy from RUS. Here they got CZ Export LP and the next day they went somewhere further.

This is where the pilgrimage from S to RO ended.                                                                      

Langerwartete Senkung ist gekommen. 43 (-5) Länder. Nicht mehr mit uns RKS,MC,P…

From Alessio:  from MC

Nicht nur MC aber auch Geneva sind die Städtte wo sich ähnliche sehen lassen.                   Vor 3 Jahren besuchte Equitorial Guinea Diktator Obiang Geneva. 12 Cars zusammen brachte er für Weekend. Auf Befehl aus F dann aber endete alles als beschlaggenommen                                                                                                                       

Aber für Cars und Plates (mein CH Kolegge Christian) Spotters war es bissher unschlagbares Ereigniss.

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The biggest moto of all time came from Korea

Wednesday 20:00 capture. Thursday 10.00 check. Friday 10.30 festive departure.                   South Korea ROK via Moscow and Nordcap to us                                                                     today to Austria mountain                                                                                                                

After 6 years here again Andorra AND tempor                                      2012                                                          

Tip it . A winners are for S : Jovata,PlateSpotterGB and Helvetics. Super!                                

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Harmful in the district

This was on our main  city street. Later he circled the old town. I really wanted to reveal the secret of the LP. Probably looking at the sights. CZ police did not sleep this time.       3 Romanian Gypsies. After a while, I went to ask. What is LP? RO says. No, it’s not RO,     I say and explain. Takes paper from the vehicle and says: …
Does anyone want to tip? Okay,Tip it! for 0.5 points for all the right answers    I will add. They do not have a LP and why they have broken glass?
They respond. At night, they hit us (rubatto) and picked up the LP and the bars broke the glass.                                                                                                                                 The elections in Prague were over. The expected winner (in the background) and the real winner (front).

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Harder it can not be

Removed LP at the back, an front half a meter in the bush, camp I can not access.
A font similar to Nepal written: www.jacksonsendeavour.com. So I call Alessio. What is it? After a few minutes. As CDN. I’m still looking at facebook. For many minutes: Nowhere is a car with a LP.
I put down the bike and go on foot with D camper inside. Without a wheel no problem. But the front LP can not be reached. I push my hand blindly into the green. I’m also worried that I will attract attention. The photo almost nothing. Still another attempt and gone.                                                                                                         Canada CDN                                                                                        from J. facebook        

The question remains.
Why does the LP hide? All 2 years ago! There is no LP on any photo!
Does anyone know it?

Great Saturday. I’ve had 39 countries now. So I’ll check if it’s UZ again. No, but … So, 40!  Georgia GE Truck blog Premiere                                                                                                                     

USA´s                                                                                                                                                                                  and nice  Republica di San Marino RSM          AL                                                     

The beauty stood at the AL Range. And she began to withdraw from the scene.  So I smudged it…. If you meet real beauty in Praga, it’s mostly Russia. It works miraculously, tendesolly , magnificently, romantically …
The second superpower is the opposite.

Unerwartet gute Woche 48 ( nochmal plus 1) Länder.  Alles dabei (nur RKS u. FL fehlten) und noch mehr. Eine unvergessliche Woche. Wahrscheinlich beste Woche des Jahres in PRG. Wetter,Licht, Spannung, teiweise gute Ende. Einfach super. 

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October in Prague


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New Week, New Month: Hard job, this spotting

V sobotu mě přemohla spotterská euforie. Kolo,padalo to tam jedna za druhou,v kempu ROK. V centru pak skupinka UZ , zdráhám se použít slova mafie. Ostří hoši s velkýma černýma mercedesama a person LP UZB…1,2…Vídám je tam roky často,ale tentokrát jsem se otočil k tomu 2m muži s rameny jak boxer Kličko:

Вы из UZ?
Да, почему?
Нет ли в Праге автомобиля с оригинальным UZ LP?
И почему?
Ну, у меня есть страницы с автомерами.
Один грузовик находится на терминале в Праге 10.
Ничего себе!

No samozřejmě hned  kolo do metra na konečnou Depo Hostivař a pak ještě 2.4 km průmyslovou zónou. Na P kamiony,ale nic. Jdu na vrátnici a vysvětluju:

Ano stojí tam uvnitř kamiony ,ale nemohu vás pustit dál.                                                                                                                                                        A nevíte jestli tam stojí UZ?                                                                                                                To nevím,já zapisuju jen čísla.                                                                                                            A jak to vypadá,ten UZ?                                                                                                                 (ukazuju foto z mobilu jediného UZ, bere si lampu, zamkne a za pár minut se vrací).                                                                                                                                                Tak je tam. Přiďte v pondělí,až se začne pracovat.                                                                      Uzbekistan UZ 2017,2018 Premiere as 83th 2018                                                                 

Úterý. Jedu tramvají jako vždy kolem přísně střeženého Ministerstva zahraničí. U závory stojí IR návštěva. Vystupuju a jdu tam . Nic k vidění. Po hodině mám čas, vracím se. Policista mě pouští k závoře. Ano,stojí v řadě. Po hodině mám znovu čas. Žádná změna. Odjíždím tramvají a průhledem vidím jak nastupují. Na první zastávce ven z tramvaje. Mám šanci 50/50. Ne, odjeli opačným směrem. Iran IR                                                                                                                                                         Večer ještě jedu tramvají do kempu. Vystoupím a z boční ulice  na semaforu čeká moto.Nezdá se mi. Nekonečný proud vozidel mě ale brání dostat se na druhou stranu.  Mobil držím v ruce. Udělá se okénko. Panebože BR. Zde výsledek. BR vlajka je snad důkaz.          Brazilia BR , 84th 2018 Premiere                                                                                              

Tip it.      Winners are Jovata UZ and PlateSpotterGB as visionary BR.

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Our Specialty: Expedition

South Korea ROK                                                                                                                                                 

Inn/PRG Woche kam auf  47 (plus 1) Staaten. Sa. sehr gute 37.

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Balance of travel

Total 42 , but 12 only WM. Innsbruck also only 28 (2 highway).                                                     

In the morning, still a famous medical car known from the Tour de France. They are the first to fall and the racers take care of the ride.                                                                                 

Sport Journal has a headline:
Dennis was ruthless in climb.                                                                                                      Oficiální brýle Škoda MS Innsbruck 2018 získává Jovata za zájem o cyklistiku.

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Great World Championship. Thanks to Innsbruck and the Austrians!

Everything is here (almost) as in Switzerland.
Only more friendly and for half.                                                                                                                 So who would you bet? I believed Tom Dumoulin / NL.                                                                     I’m a coward. I could go to the roof of the Tissot truck. But she had to go up the ladder. But the last step-upset on the roof has discouraged me. And I went downstairs.                            Beautiful and thrilling race. Now go to the depot. Heroes and winners to hunt. It’s nothing easy.                                                                                                                                                             Our Josef Černý 24th, our Jan Bárta 14. Great!                                                                              Maczej Bodnar /PL 17, Tony Martin /D 7, Oliveira/P (left) 6, Castroviecho/E Nr.5 and Kwiatkowski/PL from Sky landing to Nr.4.                                                                                   Waiting for the winner. They’re on doping control.                                                                           And here it is! Place 3: Campenaerts/ B. In the second place, like this year’s Tour de France, my favorite Tom Dumoulin / NL finished. TD no photo.
Congratulations to the new World Champion: Rohan Dennis from Australia.

I’m going to Innsbruck in the evening and I do not want to be too pathetic.                                   
Even the catch is waiting for me.
Conclusion only: See you soon in Tirol.

From Rohan Dennis twitter:  

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Today for cycling and Škoda cars fans

To begin with. Innsbruck is a nice and clean city. In Prague, the streets will not be squeezed even when the Chinese president or marathon arrives.
Austria is on good way. I am delighted that people have not lost their sense of mind and have chosen Sebastian Kurz. He understands us and V4 very much.                                            Road World Cyclo Championship Innsbruck 2018 with RKS,AL…                               but also with Rwanda ,Eritrea, Trinidad and Tobago , Costa Rica etc.                                          with license plates it was, however, more modest                                                                               

This was the U23 time trial, this Belgian won. In the afternoon, women will go.                            Our Tereza Korvasová was the prettiest, but she also rolled the most.                                                  

It’s over, Tomorrow’s going to be elite men.
I’m wandering around the city.
Marriot garages look good. But nothing. At least something has Prague. 37 Countries             Tissot knows why he does…

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Days of transfer usually brings nothing

today exception                                                                                                                           From rainy CZ evening and morning to Alpin emotion                                                                    Iran  IR                                                            Cyprus CY                                                                                                             34 Countries                                                                                       Tomorrow report from Cyclo World Championship

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Intuition told me to stay here

and during 2 Saturday hours  after sprint                                                                                              KSA  Saudia , Premiere CDN Manitoba , USA Texas  , MNE  RPE tempor  and          SLO Export Premiere                                                                                                                          elsewhere then nothing                                                                            from friday                  China CHN                                                     Albania AL                   L   old               

Woche mit 46 (±0) Länder. Das ist immer noch sehr viel.  Im Zentrum kann man sich fast nicht bewegen.

It’s time to go.
I’m heading to …                                                                                                                    

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The new sovereign of Europe is our berry38

his megacatch UZ Truck                                                                                                      

and we can make a little lightweight competition. The point will only get first.         

Today nothing ,but Friday and Saturday are good days.
A lot of attractions. Something was still happening.  It´s real spotting.               If I understand well enough, instead of MNE EMN, it would be GBM.

Saturday 38 Countries. Weekend report on monday.

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Catch this year as rain

Armenia AM new 2018 Premiere, 6th alltime                                                                                                                                     Otherwise, a high daily count. Up to 37 states.

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End of season pictures

Woche noch 46 (-2) Länder. Zweite Septemberhälfte brachte oftmals noch eine Überraschung.                                                                                                                                    2013 Chile                      2015 Izrael                2016 Indonesia            2017 Kyrgyzstan      

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Yesterday’s wind can not catch up

Canada CDN                                                                                                                                       USA                             Kosovo RKS               Georgie GE             TR CC                            BG tempor                  RO moped                   E tech and adm CD    VW bus 

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Miracles no, some interesting pictures yes

New Nr. 1 of CZ person: STOLEN (GESTOHLEN)                                                                                                              Morocco MA adm. and tech. staff  Premiere                                                                          Algier DZ photo no chance                          Kosovo RKS              rare LT CD                        H HA Mil.                   MD US Style                                                                                                 from Nordcap home BIH/SRB convoy       Nissan Skyline GT-R anno 2000                   

Pure beauty.
But down there?
Verve, roar, alcoholism, drugs, street artists of the lowest sort, gangs of drunk Western youth, sacred squares full of circuses, Vietnamese alkoshops …
We do not want it! We want Geneva, Zurich, Salzburg. The potential for that is.
Prague is the most beautiful city in the world. But the worst managed.
Soon, there will be elections. The ANO party promises to do so.                                        
“We want completely different tourists,” said the Petr Stuchlík.                                              

Woche nochmal ein prächtiges Ergebniss 48 (+1) Länder. Aber es hält nicht lange mehr.

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Shakespeare called it Dream of the Midsummer Night

statistics called it 2017,2018 Premiere, alltime moto Premiere, ZA Free state Premiere     South Africa ZA, 82th St. 2018                                                                                                  

The previous 10 minutes brought two catches. And now totally exotic moto without LP. 500m sprint. What country are you from? South Africa.And where is the LP? It’s down there. See you now.

Thumbs up and disappears into the night. Good luck on your way!                                                                                                                                                5minuts before AND from Juny and 10 Åland AX moto 2018 Premiere                               

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Alltime moto premiere: Iran, 77th motoland

  Tip it!   And winner is René . 1 point.  Co-winner Indrek 0.5.                                                      It was from you René not luck, but the perfect job.

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The mass is gone, quality remains

Malaysia MAL new 2018 Premiere                                                                                                    With the delay Australia AUS red                                                                                                China CHN caravan Premiere                                                                                                     Australia AUS on the way to KTM Linz / A                                                                                   USA‘s Florida and Cal.                                      Kosovo RKS                                                       and last FIN for this year                                                                                                                    

Woche noch mit 47  (-2)  Staaten . Aber jetzt wird nur runter gehen.

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Right now. Clear beauty from Australia.

Australia AUS 2018 cars Premiere                                                                                                   That’s how MG’s went in 1968 at the famous London-Sydney marathon.
And back today.
photo: MG owners club uk                                                                                                          
South Korea ROK after sprint Girl Premiere                                                                                 China CHN                E moped Premiere                                                                                                            

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Back in PRG: Boredom is not here

I was thinking yesterday. This is going to be a nice competition!
2 motorbikes, obviously together. But every other country.
One of the island. But the island belongs to the land on the mainland.
The second is a country that also has islands.
And they both speak the same language.                                                                                       together Australia AUS Tasmania  and USA Indiana .

I wished in the mountains and the harbor. At least one China. Nothing. Just here.            China CHN                                                                                                                                           Republica San Marino ,Georgie…                                                                                                   Tereza Maxová, ex CZ Top Modell living in MC, A.D. come all weekends                                  and much more                                                                                                                                   Prague has built beautiful new garages, where there is not much of anything – 0 visitors and crack in Pařížská. A child trapped in a car.                                                                                                                       Limited (50) Mc Laren and other …                                                                                               

Diesmal 49 (±0)  Länder.  35 vom Fehmarn, 45 aus PRG.                                                                           

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Everything is coming back from Scandinavia, me too

Maroc MA                                                              Tunis TN                                          Today 32 states. In total 35 countries were seen.                                                                           

23 of them trucks. Most DK, S, BG, D, LT. Then PL, NL, RO, E, IRL, EST, CZ, SK, N, LV, SLO, FIN, GB. 1 piece H!, SRB, MK, P, L.   16 countries came on the motorbike. Depending on the occurrence: D,I,NL,DK,S. Next level: CH,F,E,B,GB. ±5 from EST,A,N,FIN. Alone 1 CZ,GR,MAL.

See you soon in PRG

Not only cars,trucks,motos but all train                                                                                                 noon in Hamburg

Jovata mě vrátil ještě jednou na můj milý ostrov…                                                                          

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Eternal Wanderer across Europe: Moto Malaysia

Do you still remember? May 2017, small hotel in Prague 5? You remember the Asian week a month ago. I’m writing there: I was riding a MAL bike at the National Theater no foto. Here it is! Still the same. Just today I saw the BMW4007 clearly.                                                 Malaysia MAL 2018 Premiere as 81th Countries                                                          I’m out of the bridge on the other side. This time it was for nothing. Experience.                     I usually wait on the cross to be ready. Here I was twice surprised.                                       Åland AX        II. and III.  2018                                                                                                                We also have DK Milit, Porsche 918 Spyder and much more of this beautiful day.                            

Heute 31 Länder also plus 5. Das ist hier gewöhnlich. Von gestern fehlte an P aber kam SLO,HR,SRB,AX,MAL und GR. 

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Images from (forced) vacation.

This was today. In fact, the only excitement was with Bentley 1965. Aaa, very old Aland, i thought. I went looking for him in the harbor, and then he saw that it would be just a very nice GB.
A very quiet Monday. Only 26 states.                                                                                     

From Scandinavia home the cycloteams that we know from Tour de France. Here Michelton and Sunweb. IRL for the first time with trailer LP. Everyone with normal. IRL trucks is a lot here. Brain Center: Shipp navigation , Telecom, Weather …                                                                                                                              And of course (as in the Alps, Prague, or anywhere else) the most is the Dutch NL

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License Plate of Senegal (Embassy Staff)

105th on the blog and 80th 2018 Senegal SN                                                              

Wochebilanz 49 (plus3). Ab Di. nur Nachtjagd. Also bei normálem Wetter musste es noch viel mehr sein. Alles dabei inkl. SN,IR usw., nur kein MNE.

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Saturday night: Blog Premiere

Tip it!  On Monday more!

Sunday, noon: I’m driving north.
There will not be so many LPs, but better living conditions.                                                   Who can ,run from PRG away.

The hot center can only be done after dark. That’s how it started.              
And at 22.39 it hit.

The first impression: the cool air, the cries of gulls and the feeling here I am at home. As the booking promised. I join from windows the sea and the whole area.
Checking known places. On the shore then shipspotters. I ask what is it? AIDA! Wow! 350 m gigant. So that’s a catch like thunder.
In the dark on the pier. I absolutely love the sea and the salty clean air.
Anger and hate from the PRG are leaving.
I am fine.                                                                                                                                   

On Monday, as Donald Trump says:
It will be great!

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Night Watch

Lidl hit again: Oriental week                                                                                       
Iran IR new 2018 Premiere                              San Marino RSM caravan premiere            Albania AL ,very rare CD                                 Isle of Jersey GBJ                                   Algier DZ                     Tunis TN                                                            Kosovo RKS                


I do not go in the day to the center-ground-level ozone (poison). There is neither pleasant nor even dangerous.
I kept this week. On Monday, I hope to sign up elsewhere.
The booking promises view of the…

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Back in the PRG: Thunderstorms of catches

balance of one aftenoon and one evening                                                                                         Tunises TN  work foreign and pass                                                                           Emirates UAE                                                                                                                                                                             USA‘s                                                                                                                                                                  China and more                                                                                                                                   only one expedition Odessa -Stockholm                                                                                         and next brutal GT2RS in PRG

Woche ingesamt 46 (+3) Länder. 40 vom A/I. Am PRG Sa. 41.

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Say goodbye to

the bridge I was looking at all the time from the window, the highway that leads to Italy, and then (almost) nowhere, an exhibition about the construction of a new 60 km tunnel, the roundabout where I sat in the evening, my hotel on the old Brenner road.                               

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In the end a great (?) reward was waiting for me

An inflatable balloon flew  in the afternoon litlle girl on the shoping city and the wind dragged him away.
I got it on the bike and brought it back.
So the reward came. Cuba. But for a while.                                                                               Quality today came from ROLA. Malta (SLO) and Albania.                                                 Pleasant afternoon in the pictures.                                                                                                          It begins to dim. And the clouds come. It’s time to get back. Old brenner road full of truck   The wind begins to increase. Even though I drive from a steep hill, I drive slowly. So I can find something. I did not notice it before.  Cuba C                                                          

Acknowledge? Disallow? I fight against the wind and the coming rain.
I write a post and it’s already raining. The sweeping sound of 4723 trucks, which I do not even know every day after this.
Experts write: The LP is from 2002. And the car is about 50 years older. And missing litlle 3 down.
So rather not.
But we are on an old famous route, where a lot of vehicles have ended their pilgrimage.
So write what you think

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Alpine diary

In the afternoon the snow and rain came. I drank coffee in the shopping center, bought me jacket,  I still believed on the Bike Downhill.  No,no. Only the train, with heating .. In 19 was rainy 13º C.                                                                                                                       Surprisingly  today 34 countries. AL departs by train.  Also MD, TR, MNE, FL, P, GB.
Then it came.                                                                                                                                          

Today II. half of the downhill. Steinach-Innsbruck.
Dramatic scenery, still a 200m gap on my right hand, in the forest sections the brake discs shine and I have the Tour de France in front of my eyes.                                                              You will meet a lot of attractions on the way. But Europe Brücke, the pride of Europe in 1964, is dominant.                                                                                                                                        And Innsbruck is near.
There are nice garages there. Great. I took them on a bike.
But my hidden concepts that different South American travelers are moving here to Italy … Just 1FL and I’ve still blurred it. And I was overtaken by RSM.                                          

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Europe’s strongest weekend of the year on the Brenner began

Malta M  once only trailer just Truck Premiere                                                                       there must be something else in this series more: yes  Cyprus CY  ( yellow premiere)                    I went up today like yesterday on 17.11. And in the same place, at the same time it started to rain. I still remember how I came down cool yesterday. At the start, however, one more surprise.
World premiere of Poland PL Proba.                                                                                               The owner tells me that this LP was released 1.7. 2018.                                                                      Otherwise, during the day,here in base nothing special                                                                  We are such an NL litlle town here. Do you guess who is my  neighbor?                              

 Alessio, I heard you had a minor crash.
I wish you had a fit!

Cyprus everywhere you look                                                                                                                    I went to Billa and in a row against me FO→no photo.                                                                    Today large migrations (German) nations. And hundreds of trucks will be waiting on Monday.                                                                                                                                                   

I remember the island. It’s gone. Sold hotels, masses of people, sea warm as in Crete. I did not enjoy it at all and it’s over. So for the memory …                                                                            

Every Cyprus-another LP                                                                                                                Approximately 14 hours, downhill, no photo, yesterday FO, today RSM                                   Local youth specialty. They look and sound like at the motocross world championship, but they only have 50ccm. And the girls look great on them.                                                                 

Diese ausschliesslich A/I Woche brachte 43 (-4) Länder. Nicht immer habe CY,M,RSM,GBJ,aber oft CHN,USA,CDN,ROK und mal auch MNG. Nein,ich habe nicht einzige Expedition gesehen,nicht mal einen Motoweltenbummler. Sonst alt Brennerstr. ist Motoparadies. Aber pro Tag ca. 13 üblichsten  Länder.


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One of our writers was here in the Emperor’s time in exile. I for other reasons also.

From the balcony I see the famous highway, train up and down the bike, there are cool evenings when it breathes well, only MNG and KGZ do not drive here,
At least the question for 2 points. What LP (3C…) is from the old Brenner of the 60ties.
Something called me RA. But it is not.                                                                                              Old Austrian milit. Otherwise, only CY trucks run, but they can not take pictures.

I live directly on old brenner serpentines. I find that there are more interesting vehicles than a motorway. Today the CH tractor crossed the epic caravan, the other was FL with the green LP, I was only up to the third, and it was only CH again.                                                    The biggest joy for the whole day is the evening glimpse of the Brenner. Even 10% down. At a tank in Gries GB bikers. This is where they drive, cabriolets, veterans and Polish transporters to 3,5t. Everything else normal on the highway. Nothing interesting to see there. There, too, here is NL. I remember Clarkson, he says. Do you want to see the Scottish cliffs or alpine passes? You will not see anything through the NL caravans.              I confirm. Nr.1 here, on the island of Fehmarn to Scandinavia or Prague hell. At our hotel P there are 10 cars. Of which 7 NL.                                                                                                        

I know. You wanted more KG and MNG.
I also.
It is likely that the weather will ruin the entire season.
Prague is not a good place to live even when it is 20° C.
I know he’s just inhumane now.

The old route brought today GBJ among others.                                                                            

I’m not going up until 17.11. Meanwhile, it was dragged and it rained slightly at the top. Finally, one CY stands.                                                                                                                          The last one came by GR. He made a great pizza in the last I restaurant and said he would still be coming to Innsbruck today and tomorrow all the bikers and bikers Passo del Stelvio.                                                                                                                                                     

The Italian signor calls me how much is it still to the top?
I say less than 2.
But it is 10% I silent.                                                                                                                           The breathtaking path down was getting wetter and colder. Puddles, fog and air like  from a pharmacy. I got light euphoria.                                                                                                                     I remembered the dirt, the vandalism, the verb at every step, the drunken youth clubs, the incompetent leadership … Nothing pleasant.                                                                                  A completely different world is here. And  16º C.

Daily Number of Countries: 35, 28, 31. Total 40.                                                                           Trucks: 1.PL,2.RO,3.LT,4.H,5.BG,6.SLO,6.D,7.SK,8CZ,9.NL,10.RUS (without I and A) Next LV,EST,GR,HR,E,P,DK,S.

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So it’s finally here. Mongolia License Plate

Alltime Premiere as 79th 2018 and 104th on the blog Mongolia MNG      

Kyrgyzstan KG as 78th 2018 Premiere new LP                                                                                                                


Woche mit 47 Länder (±0). 

Our competition.
So if I’m okay then. So. Fr. KGZ rightfully raphael and Rene.
Saturday MNG single berry.
I write points in Quiz and Competition.
Thanks for your cooperation.

PRG is a terrible heat.
I drive to the Alps.
At 1400 m it will be better

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On Monday: 2 pretty cool catches

So they all guessed. And many right.
Previously, a recapitulation.                                                                                                                   2012 (VIII-XII) 53  Countries ,   2013  71 ,  2014 79 ,  2015 78 ,  2016 84 ,  2017 87                            2018 79.                                                                                                                                               At the same date last year: 82. We are -3. In May it was still -7.

Last year I ran out of the hot city of Prague to the island. Nowhere is there. The more the north the more dry  and  the heat.                                                                                                            

One of our politicians used the term “Burned Earth”.
So it is the current PRG. Surely do not drive now.
A beautiful past, but a terrifying present.

For the last three years, the last weekend of July is the first alltime of the year.                    2016 CO, 2017 MEX, 2018… MNG                                                                                                         

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Exactly according to Lidl: Asian week

                                                 South Korea ROK and China´s                                                                                                                                         Nice Canada CDN moto                                                                                                                                                                   and S taxi, BIH CD, special GB for Jovata and Superfast for Alessio                               

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Report about normal

Canada CDN                                                                                            GE             USA’s                                                                     RUS black                                                          F without F                                                          …                                                                                                                 China under Castle                                                                                                                            

Woche mit 47 (-3) Countries. Es ist schon zu heiss.

To Jovata question:




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Totally the rarest state at least in a virtual visit

Hostname: f-services.io
  • io  OS:
  • BROWSER: Google Chrome

    Occasionally, I look at where the visitors go on  our website. So yesterday I caught the .io index and the flag.

  • (Blue) Mauritius and supersecret base Diego Garcia- this is                                               British Indian Ocean Territory                                                                                           
  • Thanks for your visit. If you still come,  please, about Photo License Plates.
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Dear Aland again this year with us

Åland Islands AX  as 77th Countries 2018 Premiere                                                                                                                                                   Morocco MA                                                   Andorra AND                                                     USA Ill.                                                                                                                                                                                      

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Weekend: Tedium was definitely not ,on the throne Iraq

Iraq IRQ as 76th 2018, blogtime PRG Premiereachieved in the alley of the old town                                                                                                                                    France celebrates, but the Tour de France is No. 1                                                                  Morocco MA alltime Caravan Premiere of Africa and Arabia         Algier DZ                Kazachstan KZ, after more years -no problem                                                                            Canada CDN                                 rare US base Hohenfels       BG tempor                          Mongol rally again here. The long-distance Rallye mini-carriage has free access to the KZ. Then MNG goes to the itinerary.                                                                                            After one Week Saturday Night Fever again.  Just in the CZ version.                              

Woche brachte 50 (-8) Staaten. Nicht dabei, klar, MNE. Sehr gute Weekend Effektivität.

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Strained vehicles coming back from Russia 2018 still nothing

South Korea ROK                                                                     China                                                                    

 The owner of the campsite of the same name. 24,000 km will be a long journey from your guest.                                                                                                                      

San Marino RSM i like                       MK CD                               …                                                                             

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So now a real summer has begun. The Faroe Islands have arrived.

India IND                                                                                                                                                 4 days later as of 2017. At that time, 81th. Now 75. States. Faroe Islands FO ♥♥♥     And all Scandinavia with them                                                                                                        Nice USA moto                                                 US AFI                         H normal or corps?     On Saturday desperately wanted, yesterday the first in front of the house: BIH             

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Saturday Night Fever

Saturday morning. There is no public transport on the surface, everywhere just motorbikes. I drive through the subway to check where I was not.                                           12.36 Hotel Don Giovanni :first MNE in Week, 12.33 Sgt.Pepper and co. goes to TV Football (16.00) in Pub Hotel Olšanka, 12.48 before Palladium more CHN bikes. I’m losing track of what I’ve seen. This is not for sure.  I’m going home for football too.


17.54. ENG goes on  and I’m starting the evening route. With nice TR. 17.59 little Hotel next. So ,here is KWT home. 18.18 I discover the most prominent LV C under the castle.   The most reddish LP.                                                                                                             

19.10 already on the other side. Staré Město. The first RSM this week. 19.53 Hotel on the River. 20.05 MA Crew in the Hilton.                                                                                                                                     

I’m sitting in the café. I write René: “I have 39 states, but the day is far from finished.” Russia’s great journey through the world championship ends.                                             22.14 Wenceslav Square (Václavák) last in line Mexico MEX                                               22.17  first   AL in week.  23.28 The Magistrale is full of a motorcycle. It is a very clear night race. It overtakes from left to right. Back to Václavák abbreviated. And in the dark street lands GBJ.                                                                                                                                                         

0.20 last subway home. I have 45 Countries. But de facto Record because without SRB!,BIH,MK and MD.

Sunday morning                                                                                                                                  … es endet Woche mit absoluten Rekord seit Messung : 58 Länder (+13)

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This is not the whole weekend. Just Friday afternoon.

South Korea ROK from Russia 2018 moto 2018  Premiere 8pcs.                                         Saudia KSA                                                        Morocco MA                                                        GR? CY? or other ?                                        ???                                                                                  China, everywhere you look                                                    M Malta                                Tomorrow Part II. Friday 45 States.                                                                                          

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A warm greetings from the motorcycle capital

and from Capitol of Ministates                                                                                                             Azerbaidjan AZ new 2018 Premiere    Malta M red HOG ?  moto alltime Premiere      Gibraltar GBZ new PRG 2018 Premiere   Maroc MA                                                       Saudia KSA and Kuwait KWT                                                                                              Monaco MC                                       Andorra AND                                                    Isle of Jersey GBJ  Liechtenstein FL                                                                                     China, everywhere you look                                                                                                                 New Days Record: Thursday 46                                                                                            See you on Monday

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Here is the heat, in the evening Stouns plays and meets motorbikes from all over the world.

Mexico MEX                                                     China CHN                                                       EST and DK person                                                                                                                      

The Czech Republic has 5 days holiday now!

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Like Lidl, he announces Italian, Greek weeks-so I had KZ and above all AUS

Australia AUS 2018 Premiere after sprint as 74th 2018                                                         Kazachstan KZ,  3th in 3 days                                                                                                

Woche mit 45 (-1) Länder. Alles dabei.                                                                                      Wieder schlechtester Tag der Woche Sa. 32. Am So. in 3 Std. 38.

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Kazachstan, everywhere you look

Kazachstan KZ  PRG 2018 Premiere                                                                                           rare LT CD                 total rare MNE           disappointment F                                    On Wed. 40 per Day, best in 2018    

    A friend met me and said,
you have a little girls there.
So we send girls to South America and nothing comes from them!                                               foto from very good magazine reflex.cz

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The most beautiful Saudi Arabia of all time

Saudia KSA , PRG 2018 Premiere                                                                                                 Kosovo RKS               rare BIH CD                Monaco MC             IRL to Kiev       As an envoy from Alessio, I documented the departure from lambo’s… 2x B,L and NL       The Russian President has many sympathizers in our country. His visit is not excluded.      1.  Evening with City and River                                                                                                          2.  Midnight :  I meet a neighbor in the corridor. Invite me further. The map where she was everywhere.                                                                                                                                              3.  Morning: on the way to tram…                                                                                                                                         

To Jovata comments:
PRG 2013:
Famous Time of Rallye Kuwait-Morocco                                                               

Our IT Guru Alessio:
KSA are going 3. They are already in PL. There is 8°C.

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The hit came from the extreme north and the extreme south

Ísland IS ♥♥♥ 19 Days later than 2017 as 72th 2018 in Premiere                                         Malta M , 2018 and US size Premiere as 73th 2018                                                                 The smaller the state – the larger the caravan and Peter Sagan, the world cyclo Champion in PRG                                                                                                                                                Jovata already knows, but he tells us

Woche mit 46 (+2) Länder .  Alles dabei.                                                                                    Natürlich aber kein MNE.                                                                                                            Katastrophale Sammstag 33, ohne jede Bild- Sonntag dann 36 und donnerte gleich 2mal.

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Ramadan was over, the caravans they moved

After 3 years in PRG again: Oman OM   (12 Pcs.)                                                        71 th 2018. 2017: 87. We still have a lot of hard work to do.                                                   Old nice A                    D Bundeswehr                                                                                       A hundred times, I got out of the National Road on the seafront a thousand times. But this look always captivates you. Moreover, we have a very impeccable president right now.       Miloš Zeman is named.    


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China ewerywhere you look

The last thing we have leftChina.                                                                                                    Kosovo RKS               E CD                             SLO CC Premiere                                              Africa without great LP significance: Gran Canaria                                                               

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Russia 2018: stadiums full, but not by cars-motos traveler

quite the contrary. RUS reports: hotels are sold out.
That means: perhaps last
expedition from the Far East                                                                                                                                                       Friday: South Korea ROK green alltime Premiere                                                                      Saturday:  I. Prague Platesspotting Open 2018                                                                 Jovata wins 36:35. Match point: P. Has also USA, I 3 other (here New York)                            We do not have TR, MNE …                                                                                                         Sunday: TR no more problem                                                                                                            

Woche mit 44 (-2) Länder. Also wir gehen schon wieder zurück. Das gute wars schon? Selbstverständlich kein MNE dabei.                                                                                

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On saturday: I. Platesspotting Czech Open 2018

China moto 2018 Premiere                                                                                                            Very rare GR CD        USA Florida                                                                                                      Still to the US. I do not have Alaska either. I forgot completely.

  For my opponent Jovata:
The situation is so poor now that it’s probably better to go out in the Saturday afternoon to the National Technical Museum, where hundreds cars  of Thousands of Czechoslovak millers return. I guarantee quality here!

      Who wants to tip the outcome of I. Czech Platesspotting Open 2018?
The decisive photo will be documented by the exact time.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                               I think that, just like last year at the first unofficial year, Jovata will win 34:33.         

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Fullfilled desire: my favorite cult Reliant Robin first spotted

Jeremy Clarkson turned allways over for a few hundred meters                                                      

Isle of Jersey GBJ PRG 2018 Nr.1            China Nr. 26                  USA                        Luxembourg L old      for Jovata F CD                                                                                    

The International L’Avenir Peugeot Meeting  was in the starting list of the crew from Costa Rica. Unfortunately she came with F numbers.                                                                                                                                              

Carsweekend with Ford GT 40, De Tomaso                                                                                                                                  

Wochebilanz 46 (-2). Alles dabei.
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After four years of waiting here again: Thailand License Plates

Thailand TH (T) , Car alltime Premiere, 70th 2018, new Nr.1 2018                          

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Crazy series continue. New Nr. 1 of 2018. Soon!

Our colleague, Alessio, sends a greetings from the Mediterranean.                                                                   and Prague Midnigt Imagination     

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First good week 2018 in PRG (IND,RL,RE,CHN,AND…)

Réunion RE  2017,18 Premiere  69th 2018                                                                                Andorra AND                                                    China CHN                                                   beauty DK milit                                                                                                                                

Woche mit 48 (+4) Länder. Alles dabei. Aber als ich gestern erst um 19 rausging-fehlten immer noch BIH u. MNE. So um 20.20 und um 21 war es komplet.                                     48 kamen heuer schon im MC und genauso im LDN. So jetzt ist hier.                                                                                                                    

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