Another piece on the way to the end

1. 5 * hotel in the center. Lines of news from the beginning of March. Although they can now, the hotel has remained closed to this day. Prague is biblically, galactically empty. For years? Forever?
2. Václav Klaus junior. Son of the Czech president. The teacher, the director of the prominent PORG grammar school, is now a member of parliament for the new Tricolor party.
3. Today we have lost sovereignty. Vaclav Klaus is the last to sign the Lisbon Treaty. After unprecedented pressure from inside and especially from Brussels. As the last head of state, months after the others.
4. The CZ chief hygienist fell ill with covid-19 today. Prague is drowning in the increase of infected. And what did they think? Those who bothered people to Croatia welcomed the fact that planes from Dubai, etc. are landing again ?!

Hungary has made an exception for the citizens of Visegrad 4 (CZ,SK, PL, H). They can enter the country if they have a paid stay.
The European Commission responded immediately. That it is allegedly discriminatory against others.
And the fact that the citizens of V4 are just anxiously waiting for me to bake Berlin and Paris without asking us. Isn’t that discriminatory ?!

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I totally envy: Hungary has closed the border for 1 month (for now).

We were like that too. But now the owners of travel agencies and nightclubs decide here.
Hungary and Mr. Orbán are fantastic at all. And the worst thing is that he is criticized by countries where they do not allow demonstrations and delete free posts on social networks. As Clarkson says. Give them land, and immediately the neighbors will want it.   

The big winner of the corona crisis – USA. I read that free-spirited citizens are leaving the country in droves. I think we’ll spend some of it here. The USA is on the South African route.

Woche wieder nochmal 45 Länder . Aber mit viel Glück. Von vielen nur 1 Stk. Ich denke Fallen kommt bald.

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The summer of ruin is over. What’s coming now?

We missed the chance to win over the pandemic. That is, politicians who put people on vacation and those who accepted it.
So the chances of a traditional travel winter half of the year drop to zero.
Otherwise, GB also exhibited footprints for the Czechs. There is no one in Prague except D a little and PL and the last remnants of NL (less than half the price for accommodation). The whole East and Balkans are not present in the center at all. E. has also disappeared. You will easily discover 8 states in 1 hour.

So at least a test at the end. So who knows what it is?

Big holiday on Saturday in Nice. Start Tour of France. At least there will be a lot of time to watch. Definitely more meaningful than going for plates-spotting.                                               

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From the region of liberalism and populism

Like Lukashenko, Bolsonaro and UZ monarch – there is no covid in CZ, everything is allowed, we don’t have anyone in red. We only need to get those Ryanair and Airnb’s gangs back.                                                                                                                                       

On the tram, before it crashed, the oncoming Quebec. The accident brought at least MC, I wouldn’t look into the neighboring street. However, in the evening during the CDN 2 ride, but the USA in America Town on P10 was the best this time.                                           

There are times when it is impossible to find at least something small positive. So maybe autumn is coming. Of all the seasons, I definitely prefer autumn.

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What a person is willing to undergo voluntarily

The Austrian Red Cross saved irresponsible holidaymakers with water. They waited at the SLO / A border for 14 hours. So they at least got some rest after the holidays with veils, random testing and permanent sleeplessness due to endless youth parties.                                Very rare P CD. Nothing else. Nothing has changed since the absolute closure of the border. Not even the number of states. Not even the number of catches. Also practically all interesting ARU (P4), ZA (P5), FO (P6), UZ (P10) took place outside the center. There you can meet just “heroes” from HR (D, NL, PL). Speaking of FO. Their team got Slovan Bratislava (SK) as rivals in the European League. They would rather withdraw from the competition than have them come to their beautiful, clean and covid-free islands.

Woche 45 (+2). Kein MNE. Sonst Punkte auch von RKS (wieder Bus), AL und bekannte UAE,KZ…

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The center of Prague is one big tragedy

When the EU solemnly announced that tourists from J, ROK, etc. could come to Europe, I dared to predict that not one would come.
And that came true to the letter. Here is an explanation of why Asia is rising and Western civilization is falling. Here the blunt EU citizens, led by D and NL, but also CZ, set out on a journey without a hint of common sense. Only if the government allowed them to. As if she had some power over the epidemic!
The Japanese, the Koreans and therefore the Chinese said a big NO to Europe without drapes. Walking without a veil is a symbol of ruthlessness, low pedigree and low morals.

This world already looks almost unreal.                                                                                

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Iraqi Kurdistan newly included separately

I just spoke to one of the areas and explained.
Iraqi Kurdistan is an independent state with almost all the attributes. And I have 3 Kurdistan and only one Iraq.
So I divided it and a technically new state, Kurdistan, with serial number 113, was created.      IRQ Iraq and Iraqi Kurdistan

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The short release time ends

The new hydrogen-powered Hyundai. However, there is another brand under the word nexo. The security guard sighed as I began towing the upper one. So maybe there was one.  

Our closest ally SK has already issued a warning for Prague. In the autumn, the accounting will begin, what this “short strange will of the political holiday season” has brought. It will be expensive and painful. CZ, for example, from September 1, again complete the obligation of veils everywhere. And worst of all, the time when the expeditions start riding again has shifted to the distant future.

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Aruba ended his pilgrimage on the outskirts of Prague

112 th on the blog and 75th 2020 Aruba ARU (NA) alltime premiere                                   

At first I thought it was the NA I saw in the center many years ago. But no, it was Curacao. Do you remember how I mention Prague 4 in the last report?

In the office of the General Director of Auto Motol. But the visit did not bring any lp.     

Austrian escape from Croatia. 4 hours of waiting. Quarantine from midnight. In contrast,  south- direction 1 hour, practically exclusively Germans. What to add.                                   

Woche wieder mit 43 (+-0). Kein MNE. Ich erwarte Problem mit Skandinavien. N total verschwunden, FIN d.J. 2 Stk in Zentrum ,andere 1,2 Stück pro Tag. Einzige Rettung- Süd Magistrale, P10. Muss aber besser Wetter.

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Whenever I totally resign…

     CDNas, old CS, USA , E CD and GB ala USA.

The Croatian miracle is coming to an end. Austria has run out of patience. Not only there, but also 67 infected people returned in the last week alone. Italy probably put it best for its E, GR and HR. I think the same about the numbers given by these countries as the Italians.
However, none of them are most guilty. The arrogant, selfish and irresponsible people who go there. And the governments that bothered them there. What they announced the end of the pandemic. People’s lives and health have been mixed for the idea of a united Europe. All these traffic lights are a monstrous prank. Until the police and the army stand at the border to control it, everything is useless.

And that was not all yesterday. Soon alltime premiere!

Currently: GB has announced for returnees from F, NL, MC! etc. quarantine. The tunnel is clogged, endless queues.

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The downward trend has accelerated.

A Kurier entered my thoughts exactly. What about HR? In July alone, 65 infected Czechs returned. At the same time, HR reports 100 cases per day in total. That doesn’t go very well together. And related to the rocket rise in D and A ??? Otherwise, another country that has exposed STOP to Czech ignoramuses is GR. What kind of people is that even in this situation they have to go to Greece. The reporter Thu returned for 3 days. Virtually impermeable borders, detours through other states, etc. I wish Norway to succeed as NZ-covid-free for a month.                                                                                                                  It was cloudy for a while yesterday, so I peeked at P10. I’ve been seeing a drop in trucks for a long time. Practically nothing went yesterday. I’ve been on P4 a lot lately.

I’m just reading on Every fourth case is a returnee from vacation.
And I ask? Who will stop this madness? Who was the architect of that release and disintegration then? What did they think would turn out? Will they be responsible for that?

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Central car camp, peak of the 2020 season

2x D, 2x NL. Most citizens respect the recommendations of their governments. Thus, B (warning to the PRG) disappeared and N completely disappeared. This not only prevented most states from entering, but also called on their citizens to return home.
And we will only know from the so-called Schengen: “Caught together, hung together.”

When the heat is over, I’ll head to P10 again. Only there is something to see. On Friday, I drove through the center in the dark and became depressed in disgust. I have never seen anything more disgusting than Wenceslas Square and its audience.

So that’s the metropolis. And in the countryside, where there are very nice, well-maintained cities, they suffer under the onslaught of Praguers. And he’s angry. In the PRG, hotel prices fell by 50% (ie those that did not remain closed) and in the countryside they all rose by 50%. And the tangle to that.

Woche brachte 43 (+-0) Länder. Alles normales und gesehenes.

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II. quarter: 96% overnight stays in Prague decreased compared to 2019

Only II. GR Export. The first came right at the beginning of the (second) career and I thought much higher than reality. I’ve seen MNE before. The PRG has long had AM, GE, USA, KZ, UAE, KSA, PMR, etc. Several of them have already appeared this week. 2x AM.                       

Circus traffic light entrance. writes it nicely today. The only thing that can be read from D. Europe is filling with Americans arriving via London. Here, too, the fat and despotic (as Clarkson writes) self-portrait and party goers are already appearing. Their male counterparts then begin to terrorize again on US e-scooters.
Golden times, when everything, especially borders, was closed. Nothing real will come anyway, it’s just a mess again.
Otherwise, there is still a lot to read in CZ. Eg Reflex. But as I have been following with great concern for 20 years, what is happening in the US and the EU, that it will eventually come to us. That’s why the wonderful feeling when it was just us.

Hard time. Find a piece of joy. So I would buy a new car. But these are cripples today. Worse than 15 years ago. So at least I saw a mountbike at VW. That’s how I want it with the car. To feel steadfast in the first second – this is what I want!

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Change in the number of cars compared to 2019 in center

Slight increase: D, NL, USA. The some number: PL, H, CH. Slight decrease: DK, GB. Strong discrease: I, F, E, A. They have completely disappeared: RUS, Balkan states, Baltic states, FIN, S, P, overseas.                                                                                                                  Nice Lancia Flaminia.

    N and UA also issued us a red card.

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On the road from nowhere to nowhere

Woche 43 (+1) Länder. Kein GR u. MNE.

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The countryside is experiencing a tourist boom – Prague disaster

9 out of 10 Czechs finally decided to spend their holidays in CZ. And so the lakes, mountains, castles, cities, forests were filled with people from big cities. To the great delight of local entrepreneurs in tourism. And to the displeasure of others. So if you saw Prague, it is (so used to be) a massacre. It’s your full square of cyclists, full of rivers of rafts, etc., it’s an idyll against the center of Prague full of young horny men from the so-called Western world.
What about Prague? NL and DK have decreased, units I and E have appeared, so the D ratio has increased from 90% to 98%. Everything is only in the center. Hotels in the center were occupied long in advance for USA, CDN, AUS, RUS, CHN, J etc. tourists. So the car in the center is the same as normal. But, for example, practically no one opened it on P5 in our country. I drove around 22 around Hilton yesterday. It is a gigantic cube and on one side one window was lit, on the other about 6. Hilton has a capacity of 2000 guests. So now there could be about 60 of them.
Otherwise you don’t have to worry about anything and don’t follow anything. As in Spain, you can be all at home for 100% of your salary. This is normal in socialism. Ms. Merkel and Monsieur Macron will write them a new bill of exchange for 750 billion euros.                                                                                                                                                                                                 

Remember Hong Kong a year ago? Even then, I felt something fatal in the air. I do not regret at all that I registered the phenomenon under HK. Because no one in China can put on a HK lp car just for fun. And when the crown of the crisis ends in a few years and someone from that area goes to Europe again (that is, only by electric car), he will have a big Chinese blue. Yes, it was a farewell to Hong Kong last year. I’m glad he collected two pieces.                                                                                                                     

And also the memory of the island. Under normal circumstances, I would definitely be there at this point.

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Drama tonight

Before going to bed, one should calm down and avoid exciting moments. But sometimes…
22.42 discovered one of the best CDs of all time and the biggest catch since returning from Monaco- ZA CD                                                                                                                    23.33 just 2 minutes before my arrival home, a drunken resident crashes right inside our resort. He wraps up the saab and alfa and overturns. At the time of my arrival, she is completely unharmed in the middle of the airbags. 2 cars with a hood, one for half.               Zuid Africa ZA , CD alltime premiere as 74th 2020                                                                  Otherwise, Prague is so empty that during last night’s ride I realized that I had resigned. And I felt better right away. And then it came …

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The weather is already bad

There are more accidents than catches on the Southern Highway. I was running to the bridge as a Southern Cyprus truck approached. There’s such a weird blow and I see 2 men in the air. The second accident (you can see in the background) was already there on arrival. So the police were not far. And South Cyprus was TR 33 Mersin. This is the coastal region where Cyprus is closest. That was a chance! Completely forgotten by me. Would it be a new state? Probably yes!                                                                                                  Also AM passed and 2 USA. But fully concentrated I can last about 15 minutes. Then I just watch. Unfortunately, it goes downhill with trucks.                                                                The heat starts and I only go in the evening. But it’s dark on P10 tonight. So next week will probably be even poorer. In the evening                                                                                I drove through the center. Optically cars as every year (D, NL DK, PL), even a few moto appeared. But the burdensome ubiquitous certainty that more is not possible.

Zličín, the westernmost part of Prague, a traditional Sunday shopping tour. The beautiful hitchhiker is standing in a completely different direction than she wants to go. She posed for an explanation.                                                                                                                                                                                          

Woche 42 (-0). Kein MNE u. IRL. Dabei MC,FL,PMR,UAE,USA.

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No good news

Z mého oblíbeného :                                                                                   Dovolím si doplnit, co všem občanům EU viditelně spokojený předseda evropské rady Michel nepochybně jen zcela neúmyslně zamlčel. Země EU si na finančních trzích nejen vypůjčí 750 miliard eur, ale především se za ně společně zaručí. Bude i tentokrát platit ono známé „Společně lapeni, společně pověšeni“? Není náhodou podstatné zejména to, že odteď každý, kdo by jen pomyslel na možnost následovat Brity a měl v úmyslu opustit EU, musí nyní počítat s tím, že dříve, než opustí spolčení Bruselských byrokratů, musí vypořádat svoji spoluúčast na dluzích, které EU nadělala a svůj podíl do posledního eura nejdříve uhradit. Když naposledy předsedalo EU Německo, byla protlačena Lisabonská smlouva, která zásadně osekala národní suverenitu a rozhodovací pravomoc členských států – sotva se Německo ujalo znovu předsednictví, podařilo se díky společnému ručení za dluhy EU udělat z členských států ekonomické vazaly a rukojmí na věčné časy. Předseda Evropské rady má pravdu – Ano, dokázali jsme to. Dokázali jsme to, co ještě před přijetím Lisabonské smlouvy bylo naprosto nepředstavitelné. Zejména jsme však dokázali, že kapitalismus na dluh může v praxi (alespoň na čas) existovat a že blahobyt nevzniká jen poctivou prací šikovných rukou a tvořivostí ducha, ale i kecy politiků – takže kupředu levá!!!

Otherwise, the weekly number of states remains at the same level as in March, at the time of closed borders. More trucks are now driving, but only CZ and PL have been added. Practically all interesting ones have disappeared. Absolute absence of motorcycles, expeditions and various rallies. That is, for what I underwent all this. All that remained was terrible boredom.
It’s as if Anfield Road in Liverpool has been replaced by an FC local ice cream parlor. If it weren’t played at all, it would be far more bearable.

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Appearance of normal

Hotels aimed at overseas clients remained closed. Those who opened have half-filled parking lots. As well as campsites. But you must not look closely. Of the 30 cars, 27 are D, 2NL and 1 PL or similar.
I bet no one from GBislans will come. By the end of the holidays, it would be the pinnacle of AX. But they don’t even run a normal FIN.
I like to go see the trucks. But it’s a fluff. I can only last a little over an hour. But it’s not at least depressing, like a visit to the center.                                                                                   

In France, they burned down another Christian cathedral, and in Frankfurt, strong police forces suffered another debacle from the stone crowds, etc. However, this does not prevent the representatives of these countries, who have de facto lost control of their territory, from sharing their ideas in Brussels.
And I tell my dear Italy. Don’t wait like beggars for alms and finally wake up. Away from the EU! Bring back the Italian lira and your goods and services will be 50% cheaper and in demand all over the world.
And check your borders 24 hours a day, as Monaco does.

42 Länder (-2) für diese Woche. Ausser alle Asia LKW’s sind auch die von GR verschwunden. Eine grosse Langweille ingesamt.

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