Nordic diary with License Plates of Nepal

And there are holidays here. To go on a vacation. Experience the atmosphere where everyone is going. Children,dogs,bicycles,caravans…                                                                     Rush hour                                                                                                                                          Quality comes,however,with dusk. Nothing for my mobile. IRQ (Kurdistan) with only arab font in white toyota and MA.                                                                                                                  I’am changing the plan tonight. Tomorrow I’ll be here before. And Ill have 3 hours in Hamburg.   Soon to be seen on the island!                                                                                   But a very unpleasant surprise is waiting for me. Hamburg Pride. Traffic stopped. Horrible music. I wander lessly around Binnenalster,sit down and wait to go…                                      When I return the train station. I see the undepass on the left. And behind it cars are running.

On the first red,the third. I do not recognize the License Plate at all. Then schock!                    Spot. Unfortunatelly. I have SMS.                                                                                                   Everything is moving.                                                                                                                        Seconds of terror,horror,deep shock. Destroy the SMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!                                           Spot.                                                                                                                                                 And waiting what is in.                                                                                                                       Yeah,I got something there! YES!                                                                                                          Fragment copy from Foto Tim Raab (Nr.4) thanks Hadri45

After many hours of research and thanks raphael:   Nepal NEP  CD                                                                                                                                                        114th alltime,        101th blog ,                  83th 2017                                                                                            

Die Woche mit 48 Länder. Keins MD oder MK. Aber MEX und NEP.


After all : MEXICO

1 year and 1 day after Colombia, and 1 month after would-be Mexico                                          

as 100th Countries on the blog and 82th 2017                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Mexico MEX                                                                                                                                 

China CHN                                                                 Latvia LV tempor and CD                                  

I hate a hot city. I’m leaving for the North. I’ll see you in the PRG on Monday.


Week of records

55 Countries this week – 44 Thursday : alltime record                                                                    Kuwait KWT alltime moto Premiere           After a three-year pause: Island storm        I think 50% of vehicles registered at Faroe Islands FO have already arrived in Prague this year       China CHN                                                               San Marino RSM                                                 Norwegen N Provis individuel Premiere              Estonia EST Trade                                                    USA                                                                   Albania AL                                                                   and…                                                                                                                                                     

Also 55 Länder. Und das sogar ohne FL u. RKS.  Diese Woche nur Nachtsbeobachtung.                                                   

Everyday 40 Countries

Island IS                                                                    Algier DZ CD                                                       

Maroc MA                                                                 Algier DZ                                                              

San Marino RSM                                                       USA                                    Albania AL               

and other Pictures                                                                                                                                 

Bisher ruhige Woche, schon mit 49 Staaten. Jetzt wird spannend ,was zeigt Wocheende.

I need help. Please,write.


Korea ROK moto changes at the last moment the lane and Azerbajdan AZ is from sun as in the spotlight.                                                                                                                                                     Good heavens ,I will shoot nothing!                                                                                       

The only certainty-Garage.                                                                                                                  Malta M                          Faroe Islands FO            LV Person                      SK                            

I was a bit balanced. This brought me back into the game. The instinct led me where I never go. And in the last second I’m calling: „Stop! Photo!“  China CHN                                                                                                                                                                                                                

Die Woche hat uns zum Schluss mit Sonntagsspurt 53 Länder gebracht. Das ist BestPRGergebniss 2017. Tageshoch Sa. 42. Rekord ist 43 von 2015 u. Ausgleich 2016.

Vorhersage: ich würde diesmal optimistisch tippen. Voriges Jahres kam in dieser Zeit 4 tägigen Ausfall. Und dann ein unvergessliches Ereigniss                                                               30.Juli 2016                        

So which of the Faroe Islands was not here yet?

Alltime Moto Premiere Tunesia TN                                                                                               

Formerly a normal, then a great rarity, now …Kazachstan KZ                                                    

I always like to see Faroe Islands FO                                                                                            

Libya LAR Exceptionally quite regular, Premiere Prov Test Slovenia SLO                                 

San Marino RSM         and II.                               Algier DZ tempor yellow with red                        

The Mongol Rally followed us all week                                                                                        

And the biggest Korean showbiz stars met in Prague                                                                 



A week of crazy license plates

Los Angeles? Liberia? Laos?                                                                                                             So what? I have 99% clear.

20 minuts later: Confirmed Libya LAR Travel outside

CDN Quebec                 AND MT Tempor                                                        Kosovo RKS                 

ChinaCHN                                                                                               I                                     

Maybe first Media Presentation: Premiere New Hungary H CD License plate                          

Die Woche brachte 51 Länder. Typisches Ferienanfang. Viele Autos,wenig drin. Einzige Regelmässigkeit ist,dass alles beste kommt in der letzte August Woche. Sonst gilt gar nicht. Z.B.3 Tage nichts,dann auf ein Paar hundert Meter donnert gleich 3mal.


A story of great disappointment

   From the tram was seen. Running. A question about the License Plate . Uncompromising:Mexico. After further investigation, everything is clear. Texas person.              I’m going back to the street in the background. There was a motorcycle with a very suspicious LP. Running II. This time almost 200 m. Well, at least that way. Korea ROK              Maroc MA                                                           USA                                Not in Italy- PRG            Canada   CDN                                                                                            TR                                     

Ich denke, näher auf MEX ,das steht immer auf die Erwartungsliste ganz hoch,werde ich wohl kaum. Aber sonst jetzt ist schon alles m’oglich…

In Prague stopped Rallye Paris-Pékin 2017

July 11/12, Midnigt,  with Courtesy of Grandior Hotel                                                                        One day later                                                                                                                                   

From Midnigtsun to midnigt garage

On the way home                                                                                                                              1939 – Porsche Geheimwaffe für Rennen Berlin-Rom : Berlin-Rom-Wagen 

Number of serial pieces: 0. This is the  Unique and uniquee piece on the globe!                           I love those midnight garage visits. The Temples of Silence. Shaded by the bustle on the surface. Alone among the treasures.                                                                                             Canada CDN                                                        USA   PRG 1971                       PRG 2017            China Shanghai                                                                                         first GE bus 2017              Diplomatic holidays and lots of other attractions  S,RO,GB,RUS                                                                   Number 2 is not GB (CZ) and 3 und 4  YES.                                                                                                                                                                   Diese Woche hat zum Schluss 50 Countries aufs Konto. Drittbestes Ergebniss 2017. Tagesdurchnitt bewegt sich so um 35. In reinem Stückzahl nehmen S und DK langsam oberhand. TR Busswelle ist auch da. Dagegen wenig Expeditionen und Moto-Welt-Bummler.

He got a ferry from the Atlantic

Island IS                                                             Kazachstan KZ                                                      

Faroe Islands FO ewerywhere you look  as Nr.81 2017                                                                    

China Pride                                                                                                                                       

Woche zwischenstand 45 Länder. Für Rest der Woche kein gutes Wetter vorhergesagt. Also ich bin eher skeptisch.

And a few more pictures                                                                                                                 

Bad news: do not go Chinas. Good: it’s going Indonesia.

Tram 22 was delayed. Result:

Indonesia RI                                                                                                                               2017 Premiere,  blog Nr. 2  ,80th Countries 2017                                                                              RUS: so many nice people. From Kaliningrad to Vladivostok. 125 Vladivostok, Primorskoj kraj       Расскажите нам, как долго вы ехали,, что  автомобил и так далее. Счастливый путь!     USAs                                                                                                                                                   Georgia GE                                                          MC                                    TR CD                                  E antiq                                                 from Baltic Rallye back                                                             and Guns N‘ Roses in PRG                                                                                                                       Jannys:    No Gronland ,only Gotland

Die Woche mit 45 Länder. Am Abend versuche noch RI finden. Die ist ganz frisch.

A journey into history of scandinavian license plates

So this is still the valid DK LP from 1930-50.
So I think it’s one of the biggest European rarities.                                                                            I have not believed that I will ever see. S at the beginning of the 1950s. But no more valid.         A few years younger.                                                                                                                      DK 70ties                                                                                                                                         and more Picture from VW busse und co.                                                                                        X– Tunnel DK-D: Danke,nein!


See you soon in Scandinavia ! 

Big fish caught on the island of Fehmarn


Iraq IRQ

Blog Premiere

79th Countries 2017 , 99!th on the blog                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Dohuk (Kurdish: دهۆک‎, Dihok; Syriac: ܒܝܬ ܢܘܗܕܪܐBēṯ Nūhadrā; Arabic: دهوك‎‎ Dahūk) is the capital of Dohuk Governorate in Iraqi Kurdistan,                                                               

Still Aland Islands AX, but otherwise no expeditions, no exotic motorbikes. But it is wonderful here, everything quite different from Prague. The rackets steal your lunch and you can write a message in the sand …                                                                                          

Die Woche brachte 46 Countries . Auf Fehmarn sind zu sehen 29-30 pro Tag.


Soon! A journey into the history of the Scandinavian License Plates.                                       I promise an incredible spectacle!

So finally Cyprus!

Since august 2013 first Non Truck CY Cyprus as Motopremiere                                                    78th Countries 2017                                                                                                Azerbaidjan AZ                                                   USA Virginia                 Only D                             

I’m just starting out in the evening. I do not want to move around in a hot city.                                                                                                                                          And I think I’m going away tomorrow. I greet and soon.


Week: Through the world. From Korea to Australia and then Canada

The inconspicuous transporter behind the wall concealed a great surprise:

76th 2017, 3th alltime, 2017 Premiere  Aland Islands AX                                                            Australia AUS 2017 Premiere , 77th 2017                          Kazachstan KZ                        Malta M                                                               Canada CDN                                                      Albania AL                    USA rare Montana       RUS black Moscow        GB micro                      Irland IRL old Car Premiere                                IRL new?                                                              Blond or not blond                                              TR                                 UA old            She also likes the Rock and Roll-spotter Monička                                                                           

Rekord Woche 53 Countries (Vorw. +7). 2017 Platz 2. 1. Januar Woche im Monte Carlo und Genéve: 54.     Aber so einfach war es nicht . Am Mi. noch 40. Do. aber D Feirtag wirkte wie Herbicid und Pesticid: 34. Dann immer weniger ,So. nur 31 und das nur danks Rallye Paris-Prague. So. kamen dann andere zurück: 36 mit AL,M,CDN. Diese Woche fehlte nichts.                                                                                                                                                                                  GB Rallye Paris-Prague 2017                                                                                                  No. 1 arrived last : American La France roadster   1917                                                                  Astons                                                                                                                                                Triumphs                                                               Bentley                                                            and more                                                                                                                                             One crew and escort were from Cotswold. Residence of Jeremy Clarkson. Of course, they knew him personally. So I hope he will answer my greetings.                                                         Clarkson


Honor and glory to the heroes of the Transiberian route

One day you sit in Vladivostok on a motorbike and you go, you go. After more than twenty days you will find yourself in the center of Prague …                                                               South Korea ROK   first Moto 2017                                                                                               China Rallye go on                                                                                                                             Kosovo RKS                  FIN Person                    A rare transfer              TR after 2 Weeks                Tour de L Éurope 2017 PRG Start                                                                                                         and more Picture                             CZcamouflage                                   GR old                                                         

Sonst Saison ist schon spüren. Gestern 40 Länder. Woche bisher 46 -das ist schon Ausgleich mit komplete Vorwoche .                                                                                                                                                                                                       

Weekend reigned Oman

Oman OM 2017 PRG Premiere                                                                                                           Dubai in the viewfinder of the Police –Emirates UAE                                                                        Always nice: Isle of Jersey GBJ                          USA California                                                          Very rare   USA Indiana                                                                                                                      
„Can I make a photo?“ „Hárikrišna“
Click, click.
„So thanks and buy“. „Hárikrišna“.
  Lithuania LT                                    Only I                                                                       Cars from Weekend                                                                                                                                Juve vicepresident Pavel Nedvěd connection?                                                                             

Diese Woche brachte zum Schluss 46 Länder. Also +2 zur Vorwoche. Es fehlte an TR oder MC. Stars der Woche dagegen IS und OM.  Nächste Woche wieder sehe ein Feirtag im D-also Voraussetzungen stehen nicht gut.



The first standing car Iceland since August 2014

75th Countries of 2017                                                                                                             Island IS                                                                                                                                                China                                                                    Latvia LV tempor        NL moped                       Es ist nicht viel los. Bisher keine 40 Staaten. Aber IS hat mir richtig Freude gemacht.                    Wednesday evening by the river. With ODS politician Aleksandra Udženija and Karel Gott’s boat


With India and Bahrain, the bag has broken

June 2017 Start                                                                                                                                   Bahrain BRN export Premiere                                                                                                              2 days after India-London road 2017 next India IND                              Dubai UAE is back               USA                                                                                                                                                      Eurocorps                                                           D wechsel                     Montenegro MNE       and much cars…      from Austria                                                                                                   from Italy                      from CZ HN Auto          and secret nights city Race                                  Die Woche hat 44 Countries gebracht.  Also dritte Woche im Abwärtstrend. Nicht dabei diesmal P und TR. Aber Indias Road to London 2017 ist schon jetzt Legende geworden.

The IND Rally Road to London 2017 was staying in Prague

Tue May30 : After a very hot evening thunderstorm.
And after a great surprise in the nightgarage.
                                                                            Full from India IND Premiere 2017.                  74th 2017                                                          

The German Longweekend wave has pushed other visitors away

Until Sunday afternoon, the others began to appear…                                                                 Kuwait KWT  2x                                                                                                                                 AM from last year       nice H CD                       USA                               PL very special                 Otherwise, just Shaporoshec,too much sun and F1 Monaco in Pub…                                         Woche brachte ingesamt 45 Länder . Also -2 zur Vorwoche. Nicht dabei MNE and IRL.

At the beginning of the week even more reverberations of the weekend … then nothing

 Isle of Jersey GBJ from Tram                                   AZ just standing                                             Russia RUS   special                                                                                                                            and waiting for Depeche Mode                                                                                                       Inzwischen sind 41 Countries dabei. Wocheend verspricht nicht besonderes weil in D ist wahrscheinlich Feiertag und die unsere PRG150 000 Betten an solchen Tagen die D leicht vollmachen. Also Wochende mit vielen Autos aber nicht davon. Mindestens für Platesspotter. Für die Carsspotter war schon was dabei                                                                                      


For this, German has a beautiful expression-Waahnsinn. License Plates Malaysia

Malaysia MAL Nr.2,  Premiere 2014,2015,2016,2017                                                                        72th Countries 2017                                                                                                                      MAL   2013                    MAL 2017                     Malta M 2017 Premiere  Nr.73 2017                         Andorra AND                                                       China                                                                     on the  Road to Start Baltic Classic… and more                                                                              Zweite Super Woche im Reihe. Diesmal mit 47 Länder. 1 weniger als Vorwoche. Nicht dabei nur MC u. IRL.                                                                                                              

Ein,zwei,three China

These are not travelers around the world. Last year, Chinese tourists will come to the camp and spend a holiday there.                                                                                                               San Marino RSM                                                                                        GR moto old                    Bis Do. 38 Länder. Es ist nicht viel los. Tagesdurchschnitt 32. Aber Menge mässig.                  Bin neugierig was bringt Wochende.

Weekend rescued at the last moment: Bahrain License Plate, has already 71th 2017

May 14, 2017:  Premiere 2015,16,17      PRG alltime Premiere                                                       Bahrain BRN    Nr.2                                                                                      BRN 2014 Genéve         FL                                 USA 1917                      DDR                                AL                                       and more pictures from PRG                                                                                                           Eine verrückte Woche hinter uns.  Do.36, Fr.34 Staaten an einem Tag, aber nichts besonderes. Dagegen Di. ca. 27 aber mit IL,KZ,Q.  So. dann 26 aber mit BRN.   Ingesamt aber Hotelparkplätze und Camps fast leer.  Trotzdem Wochenbilanz ist prächtig:  48 Countries. Das ist Anstieg zur Vorwoche um 7.                                                                                                Speziell für rené noch ein Paar Bilder.                                                                                         

We’re back in the game. At full throttle.

May 10, 2017                                                                                                                                      Izrael IL Premiere 2016,2017                             Qatar Q Premiere Export                                    

 Kazachstan KZ   2017 Premiere  , 70th Countries in 2017 !                                                                                                    

This day has seen Lebanon and Canada from before. So if a spotter would visit Prague today– he would be happy.

And in the evenings, far from the center …

A modest week is behind us

China                                                                  USA               after 6 Weeks Montenegro MNE    Italia I trade                 France F CD ?                 Finland CD                   Kosovo RKS                        Cars new and                                                                                                                               old and                                                                          czech Gordon Ramsey Zdenek Pohlreich  

The worst week in the last 5- 41 states.

The hot phase of this season began

China  II.and III. 2017                                                                                                                         Azerbaidjan AZ  second in this Week               San Marino RSM                                                 Canada CDN                 Albania AL                    Georgie GE                    LV special                       Traveling by our own car is again IN                                                                                            And a little horror before bedtime. It all worked well.                                                                                                        

Fifth week in a row 42 countries.
Sixth week in a row without MNE.

Revival Rallye Praha 2017: Rain of memories

Stig Blomqwist, S   Saab,Ford,Audi- Just everyone they wanted to win , 11 WRC Win  

Michele Espinosi Petit  „Biche“,  F  with J.C.Andreut won Rallye Monte Carlo                  „Christine“ ,B , successful in Le mans (11.) and the first woman in NASCAR.  Here with Lela Lombardi                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   and  darling of CZ  Johnny Haugland  ,N won a lot of victory for Škoda                                             Weekend report on Tuesday, May 2.
Now I can promise interesting catches.


Azerbaidjan License Plates

AZ PRG Premiere 2016                                                                                                                          Ukraine UA CD New  with S Internet Premiere           AL                      RUS 14 Yakutija Far East                  

This year’s third expedition: New Zealand License Plates

After Korea and Kuwait in 2017 just coming New Zealand NZ  2015,16,17 Premiere                                                                                                                                                                       Albania AL                    US Base Grafenwoehr  RUS GT3RS                                                            Very rare US style LT CD                                    CZ around the world     CZ Doctor (Lekar)         Weekend in PRG                                                                                                                                    The week brought 42 states. But I would just give them a NZ. Yeah, and still missing MNE.

Easter slowed the cold and rain

Canada CDN  and first FIN after Weeks                                                                                          It’s actually France? With -?                                                                                    Week 42 Countries. Allways without MNE. Yes GE, MC, FL, P, IRL ,FIN.

Yet very strong April

Isle of Guernsey GBG  -one from first Visitors in Camp 2017                                                        Iran IR                                                                  Liban RL back in PRG   RKS Kosovo                       Croatia HR CD (EU)                                                                                                                         Ferrari Festa 70                                                                                                                               

2016 PRG 1 Isle of Jersey, 8.4.2017 2 in 1 Day

Isle of Jersey GBJ                                                                                                                              Kosovo RKS  ewerywhere you look                                                                                                   Russia RUS 19 Chakasia    S Temp                      UA CD                          N CD                                    Week 42 Countries. Without MNE,MC,FiN. Sun. 35.

Before coming a big catch

Try a new section under the Prague Plates  Spotting  Rallye’s & Events, Spotting in…,Cars

Otherwise, spring is gone again, but something interesting is to see every day                          Iran IR Premiere 2017                                  US Base Kaiserslautern (D)  Hi-tec Albania AL           Rides again IRL                                                                                                                                

First April weekend full of wonderful License Plates

First China 2017 2 Month previously                 Romania RO Scooter Premiere                             Albanias and Kosovos                                                                                                                     Russia RUS Public Premiere, F   Garage           CZ Catch me                  CZ Mercedes 190SL             Sunday- Derby Day . March to Slavia. Slavia-Sparta 1:1                                                                    Week 40 Countries .  No MNE,IRL.  Best day  Sat. 33.                                              

Trend License Plates according to their own ideas continues

Libya LAR                                                            Algier DZ                      DK Provis                               Diese Woche mit Unterstuetzung von CH brachte 47 Countries zusammen.                               Very rare USA Mississipi                                                                                                                  

Geneva-car town

Plan-les-Ouates -car city                                                                                                                     Ferrari 250 GT SWB Berlinetta and Lamborghini Countach-   Cars Legend                                    Hidden Batmobile from Gumballs                                                                                                     ______              _____________________                                ______________________________________         Ford Consul Capri        Morgan 3 wheeler                      Skoda – London Resque, GE-Police      David Brown                 Ford GT 40                                           Monteverdi´s                                       —————————————————————————————————————————        Tak zase někdy                                                                                          So again ever


License Plates Geneva

Emir of Qatar, Khalida came to visit in :                                                                                               Qatar Q  started with 6 numbers (5 missed for Bermuda), then 4 and now three digit                Japan J  Japanese representation on the Motorshow                                                                       Saudia KSA–  Batmobile from Gumball is hidden in GE                         KSA as SA                      Emirates not Dubai but UAE                        USA                                     GBJ                                Kosovo RKS                  UK GB                            Swiss CH                       CH/MEX                         Qatar Q ewerywhere you look                                                                                                           That’s not all.  We can continue.                                                                                                         Plates spotting in the stunning backdrop- this is Geneva                                                                ________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Last Week to Sunday   42  Countries.                                                                                               ________________________________________________________________________________________________________Coming Saturday:      Geneva-car town                                                                                  

87. Autosalon Geneva. Time after. Inside report.

Before 19.00 last day                                                                                                             Skoda R5 WRC II           Toyota Yaris WRC              Hyundai i20 WRC         Liberty Walk   19.00 The Great End with all Horns, here Škoda crew,      immediately  begins demolition   20.30 first car leaves                                                                                                  Asto Martin Vulcan   ,800PS , 2.3 mil. US Dollars                                                                       P.S.: Large lights had gone out. Apology for mobil photos                                 allready outside waiting trucks                                                                                                       only Koenigsegg in problem and who will drive the Pagani ?      However, after about ten minutes to be replaced  . By lambo all perfect. 1 car 5 min. Pagani half hour.              Only Koenigseggs 1500 PS can not start  to push                                                                           In the 22 is a big of the cars was gone. But the demolation and removal of the rest will continue for several days                                                                                                                 _________                ____________            ____________            ___________             ______________           Bon Viaggo Squadra corse etc. and  au revoir a bientôt in Geneve

Coming soon: License Plates from GE            

KUWAIT not just in London. But even here.

But this one really came-not on the plane.  Kuwait KWT  PRG 2017 Premiere                                    Otherwise calm                                                                                                                                     Two years ago I had the opportunity to visit the Geneva Motor Show before starting. This year, look how it looks after.                                                                                                                   Coming next : How does it look when finished Autosalon

Prague is slowly waking up

Libya LAR Trade Premiere                               UAE Abu Dhabi Exp.                                                 Week brought a total of 40 countries. Just missed me MNE and IRL. Without a photo but unfortunately CDN brand new format military WE.                                                                         07.03.: Armenia AM Premiere 2016 and Canada CDN found at -5 in one Hotel at remote sites less than 200 meters. Never seen LAR and CDN.                                                                          The number of states this year climbed to 65th.                                                                                On the road from Ústí to Brno, these men wandered down to -2 floor of the shopping center Palladium. This is an absolutely incredible story.   Otherwise, the 40 countries lacked IRL. The daily average is around 25th.

London Cars and more

McLaren mso 688 HS ,1 from only 25                       Ferrari La Ferrari                                         Doris storm also ravaged London                                                                                                   this goes Oman Embassy : Daimler DS420       piece of USSR in Knightsbridge : Wolga The Harrod’s                                                                                                                                         aventador                     toyota in japan tuning                                         VW XL 1 (1l/100km) The Dorchester                                                                                                                                      AC                                 Ford Escort                     VW Beatle Herbie -famous Movie Car                  FC Chelsea                                                                                                                                        

British License Plates from London

What was first?  A99 or B1? In 1903.                                                                                                  03.03:  Thank colleague minor. First published A1-999 and then for B                               One professional photographer told me that I casually caught the  Topmodel  Kate Moss    (pict Nr.2 from me and Nr.3                                                                                                      A few weeks (months?) later.                                                                                       UK donated embassies Nr. 1   : Bahamas,Bahrain,Finland                                                         Politicians and others                                                                                                                       Faster and Premiere GB Trade.                                                                                                           ___________________        _______________        ______________________         _____________         ___________        Dear Brits,
I applaud you and jealous at the same time that you are able to get away from the bad, fat, bossy women. Just you and harassed pulling money out of you.
Good luck.
                                                                                                                                           _________       ___________________     __________       _____________________     __________      _____________


License Plates London (International)

                                                                                                                                                                 Oman OM                                                           Gibraltar GBZ                                         Emirates UAE                                                                                                                                   Kuwait KWT                                                                                                                                            Saudia KSA                                                                                                                                          Qatar Q is the most common LP in London,+- 30. The second is a B. On display are D, PL, RO, CH, F and IRL,+- 10 in 3 days.  Total‚m in London, registered in 31 countries.                                 Guernsey GBG                                                    Maroc MA Trailer Premiere                                 USA                               Monaco                         GBM without foto                                                 _______________________________________________________________________________________________________Week with Mo. and Su. PRG 43 Countries.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

Calling London

Erste Eindruecke inzwischen nur  mit Schrift. Ich war dort ein Paar Jahre nicht und ich muss sagen ,wahrscheinlich nach Olympia, alles ist besser geworden. Sauberkeit (Null Grafitti) ,fantastische Neubauten (ueberall wird neue gebaut oder renoviert), Flair,gruene Parken ,Luxus , so etwas wie MC in grossem. Und es ist wahnsinnig billig jetzt. Wahrscheinlig wegen Pfound Kurs.

City ist leider von Autos leer, nur Busse,Cabs,Toyota Priuss und Transporters. Ca. 3 Beschraenkungen haben alles aus  Zentrum vertrieben. Aber Gebiet von Park Lane am Hyde Park nach Knightsbridge u. Kensingtone ist ein Spotter Paradies. Zwar habe ich keinen UA,CZ,H, nicht von eh. YU gesehen,aber 5 Arabien Laender, auch 3 GB Teritorien usw. Gesamt 31 Staaten. Rekord am Fr. 24 am Tag.

Bei Suche nach Ferrari Werkstatt bin zum Standford Bridge,wo Chelsee spielt ,zuffaelig gekommen,ein Doris Storm erlebt die hat auch Harrod´s getroffen und viel Anderes.

Gott sei Dank ,ich war schon frueher bei allen Highligts,so jetzt konnte mich auf Spotting konzentrieren. Aber zu Thames fuhr ich doch mit Buss (ganze Tag immer mit sehr billige  Buss Karte unterwegs) und trotzdem ,dass habe Fotografie schon hier eingegeben-ich staunte trotzdem.

Also SUPER, Wahnsinn. Ich wiederholte staendig. Dieses Land ist auf dem gute Wege.  Ich rechne nach Brexit kommt noch viel mehr Boom. Ueberall reicheste Leute aus dem ganzen Welt. Jetzt kommen dort auch die von Europa.

Lezten Tag  stand ich im Durchgang am St. Pancras und staunte wie esthaetisch alles gemacht. Und alles sauber. In gleichen Moment kam ein Mann mit lange Zange und hat einen  einzigen Blatt ,der Wind hierher geweht,in Mullsack gebracht.                                  Foto docu bald.

Phenomenon London

 The Low Emission Zone. The fee for entry to the center. Rush Hours fee.
What you may be seeing?
I will try to find out on the spot.                                                                                               SOON!
foto:                                                                                                                       ___    ____   ___   ___   ___   ___   ___   ___   ___   ___   ___   ___   ___   ___   ___   ___   ___   ___   ___    ___

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Andrej Babiš  -best Catch of Week.
The best Countrie  of the week Armenia I missed.  Although 41 states, but all better already seen before.                                                                                                                                         Still relatively strong Monday afternoon with Andorra AND                                                          and now Lets go to London                      

Waiting for better times

Emirates Dubai UAE                                          Estonia Temporary     Luxembourg mini               In PRG all GE with CD                  also IRL,MNE,P this Week hier                                                       Week review: 39 Countries. Without FL,FIN Everything else .                                                      

I took a few days time out…

and Saturday then  with startling 32 countries.                                                                             Temporary USA base Augsburg, nice FIN CD and Emirates UAE                                                Week 38 Countries with MNE. It is neither in Geneva or in Monaco.

Monaco, Ville, Les Voitures et la Vie

 Monaco Storm                                                                                                                            Aston Martin Vanguish Zagato – 1 from 99                                                                                       Russian cruisers protect their harbor                                                                                                UK in MC only High Society License Plates                                                                                      Fiat Abarth                   Morgan                           Alfa C8                          AC Cobra                          _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Gare Monaco-Monte Carlo.   Au-delà de la fenêtre TGV soleil se lève sur la Côte d’Azur          Le temps d’une cigarette á Marseille.                                                Au revoir.

Rallye Monte Carlo historique 2017

330 Cars from 7 Cities,  more than 5 hours Show and much interestings license plates       Portugal old Premiere                                       Norwegen old and older Premiere                         Greece antique Premiere                                               Czechia rallye                  and lots of interesting cars that wrote famous history of RMC                                                      I saw for the first time : D.B. (Made in France) and Moretti 850 S from Italy        Coming next:  Monaco-Monte Carlo ville, les voitures et la vie

Royaume des plaques d´immatriculation: Genéve et Monaco

Equal week records from summer 2016: 54 Countries                                                     Argentina RA  so far 2 , now suddenly 5                                                                                            The starting list were 2 Japans. The first came with F LP.  At the second attempt it was it!      Genéve Qatar Q         Saudia bus Premiere    Algier DZ                      Azerbajdian AZ                 Isle of:        Man GBM          Guernsey GBG                                                 Andorra AND      Isle of Jersey GBJ                                                Kosovo RKS                   CH                                   Drove without docu: in GE USA,in MC CDN and RSM                                                                       Coming next: Big report from Rallye Monte Carlo historique 2017


Clarksons popular Keira Knightley filmed in Prague

Hamburg 1945                                                                                            ???                     Surprising Isle of Jersey      U.S. New York                                             MD                           Week 38 Countries. Mit neuen MD,GR, IRL und schon gesehenen GE, P, RL. Nicht TR,FL,FIN

That was in 2016 IIII.

September to Dezember

     In ersten Septemberdrittel kamen Hitze wie im ganzem Jahr nicht. Fand Derby Sparta -Slavia statt. Kam ein brittish rallye und zum Monatsende hat sich Moldauseasson verabschiedet.       Alles ist so ruhig gelaufen bis kam letzte September Sonntag und mit ihm    Indonesia               Oktober mit Japan (2) und wunderbaren GBG mit zwei 00!                               Jetzt ist Welt die schönste. Besonders wenn es noch immer  läuft!
                                        Dann habe ich am Dezemberanfang mit bilanzieren begonnen-aber das war viel zu früh!    Uzbekistan                   Kyrgyzstan                    Gibraltar                                                               Bey,bey 2016. Rekordjahr mit 84 Countries.                                                                                 2012 (ab August)…53,   2013…71,    2014…79,    2015…78,    2016…84 .   Total …98 Countries.

That was in 2016 III.

From July to August

Mit Anfang Juli haben sich Prague Campplätze auch mit China Touristen gefülltt, Rallye Mongol ist durchgefahren und es began riesige Menschen Bewegung Richtung Papst-Krakau (PL).  Wahrscheinlich das hat auch Echt Hammer gebracht : Kolumbien Moto                               Mit  CO startete bisher nie erlebte Serie über 40 Tagen lange Zeit-Periode mit gutem Coup.      Korea Bus,ZA und dann Indien  und Kolumbien Nr.2 . Nie hat jemand im Prag CO gesehen und jetzt gleich doppelt.                                                                                                    

Unbelievable. Yet another great week.

Canada CDN                                                                                                                 Belgium  B Temp          and Person                   Italy Trade                   Turkey TR                 Czechia CZ/ USA           USA/CZ Old.                                                                                             Week 46 Countries. With Korea,San Marino, Kosovo,Albania, Montenegro, Liechtenstein,Monaco and  he had seen Liban,Emirates etc. Missing only FIN,IRL.

But now it’s over!                                                                                                     

Megastart the new year 2017

First China and Korea always came up in June. Now, at the beginning of January.                      On the Road from Seoul to Morocco:  Korea ROK                                                                                                                                          San Marino RSM           Kosovo RKS                  NL old                                                                        In terms of numbers dominated the street RUS Russia                                                               

Hotels and parkings reports: Occupied

     Tunis TN pass back                                               Algier DZ                                                                Spain E Consul Premiere                                  German corps in F ,Eurocorps ,Premiere      Kosovo RKS                   USA Maryland                                                           and Illinois                   Last Week with 1.1. 46 Countries. Nothing was missing. Only once MNE,EST. Thu. a. Sun 37        

International Christmas

with Gibraltar GBZ    PRG 2016 Nr.2                                                                                                                             This time came far more cars than ever before                                                                          CD from GR, BY, F OECD and NL CDJ                                                                                                       always rare AL                                                                                                            this year rare MC         in Winter rare   FIN                                                                                                                                Week total 40 Countries. Sat. 31, Sun .32. With GE,MNE,FL. Without EST,TR


That was in 2016 II.

From May to June                                                                                                                         

Auf PL Grenze gestoppt und Einreise in EU untersagt. Allerdings nächstes morgens im Frühnebel irgendwo im  Mittelgebirgen von Slowakei aufgetaucht. Und dann waren immer mehrere und nach Prag kam schon schön grosses Rudel. Ночные волки

3 Tage danach: Es kommt Gumball 2016. Ich weiss. Ein bischen Theater. Aber nett. Wie lange noch laesst EU Leute frei im verbrennungsmotoren Autos fahren? Wie lange lassen sich Leute noch dass alles gefallen?

  Und es kam Juni und langsam lauft die Saison auf hohe Touren                                                   Erste China (damals wusste ich nicht,dass kommen noch 33 weitere) ,erste Korea (danach noch 10 anderen) usw.


So what do you say? It is Kyrgyzstan? I think : YES

Auto bought VW Aвтобан Cевер Yekaterinburg, so I went in that direction and ended up in KGZ. There are pictures of Just missing that little number duration.  On the road return to D?  

19/12:     There have been no evidence against it.  So  Kyrgyzstan KGZ   Premiere                     115 th alltime, 98th  on the blog, 84 th 2016                                                               Canada CDN Army      2016 very rare Monaco         N CD                      RUS 70 Far East             On a visit to the richest Czech (Petr Kellner PPF Holding)                                                                  GE Temp                        Europa Council             CZ Veteran                                                            Week with 41 Countries. Also MNE,MC,IRL. No TR,FL,FIN. So far, the strongest December.