Winners, losers and Carlos Sainz

They won today and are advancing.

Novak Djokovič, Alexander Zverev (atp 5).

Jannik Sinner and Carlos Sainz. So it was a surprise! On the podium in Japan on Sunday and here today.

It ends with Taylor Fritz, Petr Korda, he is the son of the famous Czech tennis player Petr Korda – they moved to the USA and Cameron Norrie (GB). This is how he arrived and then left.

In the end, everything ended with a downpour. So today without Place etc. So I have Carlos Sainz, but I don’t have Daniil Medvedev. I went to the Masters because of him. But being at the center of the action drew me into the action.

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Small town, 30 thousand inhabitants

already this year it saw the best rallye drivers, now world tennis players, F1 stars at the end of May, Tour de France cycling elite in the summer, etc. etc. What’s more, the people between Milan and Marseille have this sleepy settlement.

KWT yesterday still in the inaccessible part, today already ready for handover.
ATP raking pretty much in order.


Current world number one Novak Djokovic, number 2, recent comet Jannik Sinner from the Italian Tyrol, world number 3- Carlos Alcatras.


Holger Rune, DK 7, Stephanos Tsitsipas, GR 12, Taylor Fritz ,USA 13.

Those who drove towards France looked like this. Pretty nice. A lot of people would have this kind of paint done.
Evening mood on the Place. The first mothers with children came to feed the ducks. 2 yesterday, 4 today.

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3x GBJ in 1 day

There were as many buses as yesterday. Almost exclusively from Italy. And Jannik Sinner and other aces haven’t even started yet. The French were busy, the Italians were having fun. And everything is cheaper in Italy. E.g. cigarettes I 5, FR 12. I don’t understand it.

Sarah De Villiers had a post yesterday morning after the end of GP Japan. Charles, against the will of the team management, convinced 1 pit stop. This secured 3rd and 4th for the Scuderia. She directly wrote Charles is our PREDESTINATO.

I couldn’t find that status in the evening. she probably had to delete it, the management decided. At least from Sarah from Suzuka after the race.

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Kyrgyzstan, Jersey…

Huge interest in the Rolex Monte Carlo Masters. One of the many buses P. 50% I. The train has a new stop near the campus.

1 minute after the end of the race (at 9 am) Sarah de Villiers (the mouthpiece of Scuderia Ferrari) was already spouting an endless series of praises and celebrations for Charles. I saw it that way too. I hope to see Sarah someday.

Noch 3 Punkten heute dazu! RKA, MNE u. KGZ. Deswegen sehr gute 53 (+3) Länder. Es fehlte an nichts.

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MC children played with Rublev and Tsitsipas

far away, hidden from tourists, a meeting of tennis players with MC citizens took place at the Place d’Armes.

Andrej Rublev, RUS (Moscow), best ranking 5th, current world 6th.

Stephanos Tsitsipas, GR (Dubai), best 3., just 12.

Beautiful event. I always enjoy people more than cars. I say, it’s just cans.
So the Mairie de Monaco (princely court, of course) allowed the children to play against (a whole) tennis extraordinaire. Too bad they didn’t invite all the favorites. It will be very difficult to meet anyone else. I hate waiting.

So this really surprised me. The Ni-box, which no longer exists today, stood on the old bridge where the railway line led. And they had the sea in the basement.

We literally have everything here. Everything wonderful and the best in the world. Just no Lp. I remember the stay at the end of May at the GP. 10 days. And the only catch was the CY moving truck. It’s only gotten worse since winter.

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There is nothing to add

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Day without Lp

A cruiser will start from MC, soon it will no longer be visible on the road and a new restaurant was opening.

I think it’s the first MC CD spot. Normally, only Ambassador F drives. And since Lp is the same, I read CD too late. Someone (Nr.2,3 or Italy?) probably came to the famous opening today.

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The most beautiful way to work

Maserati MC 12 were once produced in 50. Here are 2. Each one is different.

UAE Fujaira, alltime Premiere

While the preparations for the GP on the last Sunday of May are at 50%, the Rolex Masters Monte Carlo is almost all done. It starts on Saturday. A battle for honor and 7.5 million E.

HR person-very rare

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Finally. A exemplary ordinary day

41 countries.

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Too bad I’m not an Lp collector

I did not identify the European Council in more detail.

“Brum, brum”, the little Italians demanded of passing drivers.

So I don’t know, will Tuesday be a normal day?
I thought. But no one came back in the evening.

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You won’t be running away before Easter

DZ – moment when I put on the last thing I still had with me.                                               Last 3 days: 37,37,39. Nothing beats a normal day. With Monacans and workers from F and I. This is not the real MC. Even Czech could be heard today.

Kalle Rovanperä, Toyota, won the third event of the WRC Rallye Safari in Kenya.

Takamoto Katsuta, P2. All three Hyundais tried to keep up with the Toyota and ended up crashing.

Sensational success for Gus Greensmith, Škoda, WRC 2 win and 6th overall.

Woche 50 (+4). Kein NMK. Aber auch keine GBinseln usw.

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Easter MC: cold, rain, nothing special

The motorcyclists passed through the first inspection unnoticed. They were immediately caught on the Square. I was waiting for dran, but first it was explained to them that they are not allowed here. Then several times that the pavement is slippery, that he must proceed with utmost caution. Yes I agree. The pavement on the Place is slippery compared to the new asphalt that has just been laid on the GP circuit. Otherwise, it doesn’t slide at all.

They found Charles in Bali. Like us here.    Up to Japan!

I thank Sarah de Williers for all the beautiful photos. He is with him all over the globe from morning till night. She was also here when we met. Unfortunately, even the star duo of spotters Arwin and Emmans do not know her at all.


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Easter- Lp the worst time of the year

Here it’s nothing, at least in a luxurious package. Yes, a lot of tourists. E here probably like D and PL in PRG. Even 5N.
I was here only once in April. In 2019.


So practically no catches even in this best year.
And for the first time he caught (in the darkness of the entrance) the young competitor Charles Leclerc. It was the first year at Ferrari and the whole world (mainly Italy) believed that the greatest talent was born.

Charles is in Bali these days. He is preparing for the Japanese GP in a week.
Allez Charles, forza Ferrari

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The Republic of Arkach arrived with the evening

The most honorable tribune is already standing. Will Charles finally win at home?

Thousands of participants from all over the world gathered at the Beauty Fair in the Grimaldi Forum.

Mystery contacted. Answer: France!? I thought only 11AAA11 was possible not 11AA11 (never seen). Please explain.

Republic of Arkach, alltime Premiere as 123th states and 2024 alltime Premiere Nr.1

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I had two options

hang himself  of the situation in CZ or leave. I chose the second one.

I didn’t unpack anything at all, I just went to the garage to blow up the tires and charge the battery. And I was already standing in Menton at the station.

New asphalt is being laid, grandstands are growing, and guardrails are also being built over which you can no longer see.
But how incredible I feel to be here at home. Like when one returns home.

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Mainly political. Drag!!!

Allez Charles, forza Ferrari



Woche 46 (-2). Kein MNE.

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…and the winner is D

Alltime Premiere NATO Germany. Extremly rare X.

Controversial artist Kazma recently made a film. Successful. So the first thing he did was buy a proper car.

Charles Leclerc (with Alexandra) appeared in the MC between GP BRN and AUS. Although my co-worker Arwin (the man with the black glasses) expected until December.

And this is how the last visit from both sides looked so far. 1.,2. I. 3.4.Arw.

I only discovered now that Charles’s girlfriend Alexandra was there.

Woche 48 (-2). Kein MNE.

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CZ was also on the list: Mongolia

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Recovery at the end of the week

Sat. 36


Woche 50 (+6). Nicht nur MNE.

The GP of Saudi Arabia is over. Mr. Horner, it’s time to kick out that dangerous fool Jos Verstappen. Even with my son. I wish you a lot of strength.
Charles Leclerc P3.

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A few lighter shades of gray

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