Sunny day with shadows on the soul.

The traditional first trip ended fatally. My long-term perfect bike supplier is no longer with us. I was accompanied by memories of him and the times of the golden Scandinavian route. This is now just a decoction. 10x N and personal only 1 FIN. It used to be more Aland a day. There is no Hamburg-Copenhagen express, a closed Molenblick restaurant where I traditionally dined, Hotel Dania, where I stayed something between closure and renovation. Somehow I felt like it wouldn’t come back. Never. RUS has introduced compulsory vaccination and the famous eastern route is closed to foreigners, GB has not lifted the lockdown and Lisbon is now closing for many weeks.
Actually, I’m here for the temperature. We’ve reached 24. And it’s getting cold tomorrow. If it is true that the Gulf Stream has practically stopped – then we have something to look forward to. It will be like Turkmenistan. 40° Celsius. In summer +, in winter -.                   

New DK export and N on the car on the truck. 28 states. Personal 10? I haven’t been here for 2 years and there are practically no other trucks than PL, LT, RO, BG pulling a lot of trailers from logistics companies. Exception perhaps NL, IRL and E. I still have to mention GB. Together with the NL, it was the strongest in personal traffic. Today. 1 passenger, 1 van, truck 0. Personal CZ very strong so 6? One from best.

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What’s new in the North?

The weather drove me out of Prague. I head north along the river Elbe.                                  Very exciting Ohio. The moment before I read the country is unique.
The Israeli team got lost in Prague directly from the Giro d´Italia. Like most F1 teams based in the GB, then most of the Cyclo Worldtour in B.                                                          Autograph collectors are reaping. Although without musicians, the actors are back. He is filming several Hollywood productions at the same time. When I asked who they were waiting for — Carey Mulligan’s name didn’t mean anything to me. Now I know what a nice and pretty English young lady she is. And the name Adam Sandler didn’t mean anything to me until yesterday.                                                                                                                              rb ritchie bros. is a auction CDN company but sells cars worldwide. No other link found. Steering wheel on the left, registration number on the dashboard (army?). Nothing else. Lp is obviously self-produced, but it has a real basis. Toyota thus arrived at customs. And obviously she didn’t make it on the first try.
World Lp researchers, who knows?

The road was great now. From Berlin to Ludwiglust I had a nice  meeting. Maria from Berlin. In France, I’m just shut up.                                                           

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I was naive. D, PL and NL do not run either.

Tendency↓. Temperatures ↑.                                                                                                              Iran IR, front 1/10 sec late. GE.                                                                                                                                                      At least a Japan truck …

Covid news. This is the last 14 days in the EU. most infected per DK population. 4.GR. Yes, this is the country that requires even the CZ, the hardest tests and quarantines from those premiums where the CZ returned after the storm. Those good people who get out into the heat and dirt will still need a good dose of luck. RO and BG are interesting. In the number of diseases far in the back. But in the number of deaths just behind GR.
Czech hotels are empty than in January after a 14-day snow disaster.

Our politicians do not hide the fact that we will be in a lockdown again in the autumn. However, going to the sea is more important. So rather fly. Probably few people will want to complete 5 borders by car.

Woche 42 (-3). Kein EST. Wie ich schreibe. Personelle Verkehr gibt es nicht.

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Miracles do not happen every day

the reality is somewhat sad                                                                                                                      the people are rioting

No day without Top Gear.
Yesterday it was the turn of the part with which I identify the most.                                      From Verona via Lago di Garda Garda to Monaco. Clarkson says to Hammond: “This is Monaco. We have to exchange cars here. Because otherwise they would lock us up for a wanderer. It’s the most snobbish place in the world. Las Vegas is North Korea compared to that.”                                                                                                                                                            In MC   popular Liberia . All spotters have it, except me.                                                               I identify the passage through my favorite Beaulieu sur Mer.                                                        And I know my bike route in Antibes. A secret Nr.1 CaD -Juan les Pins.                                                                                Lunch in Juan les Pins. Hammond rejects the ordered octopus. It’s moving.
A in St. Raphäel, the columns begin. Bus from here to  according to the timetable, St. Tropez is to drive these 40km for 1 hour 40 minutes. But I think we drove 2 and a half. 10 km around St.Tropez are constipation.
But only about that in today’s work.

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A few little joys

Prague is without tourists, life runs according to the locals. I was so used to it in the winter on the Côte d’Azur. It is certainly nicer to watch at home than tourists.                                

Central car camp. 1x D. At this time always culminated in a raid from the Far East. Prague as a tour launch.                                                                                                                        today- juni 2019

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Calm before a new storm.

Unerwartet gute Woche 45 (+1). Nur ohne IRL. Auch AL und RKS in LKW Strom.

“Our” boys shone in GP Azerbaijan. Gasly 3., Leclerc 4.                                                             

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Quite unexpectedly:

Isle of Jersey GBJ charity                            Qatar Q, 2021 Premiere as 72th      

2x náš předseda vlády Andrej Babiš“I understand that people are upset, that bars are open and there is no music allowed. But we didn’t want to open those bars so that foreigners from all over Europe would come here to drink again, “the prime minister added, alluding to a measure that allows music clubs or discos to open, where, according to the government, live music cannot play and dancing is forbidden.       Not just from Europe, Prime Minister. Don’t open! Never open! I add.

And yesterday’s reaction to the pre-election preferences of the Pirate Party (1st) at a session of parliament in tv live.

I don’t want Muslim Europe! That was twelve years ago in 2009. He was 29 years old. Today, he explains that he saw it and that it was a youthful recklessness. Interestingly, in 2016 he was at a demonstration where he welcomed refugees. He was 36 years old. Seven years later. Probably also recklessness. He is 41 years old today and I am quite afraid of what you will do recklessly next time. I repeat, we in the Czech Republic do not want any multicultural eco-fanatic Piratestan. We don’t want to share our cars! We do not want to share our apartments! We do not want to share our country! We do not want our country to be governed by the European Parliament, where the Pirates will unite with other fanatics. I am the sovereign prime minister of our country and no one from abroad will talk to us about it! ” rioted the prime minister.                                                                                 Complete agreement.

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Hooray, we’ll see NL, D and PL soon.

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A short period of time began to catch something.

Before the excursions to Croatia, another lockdown awaits us in September. Sad for alpine skiing and all other autumn and winter events. It is simply politically unacceptable not to send people to the sea. Let the rest of everyone ….                                                                            Malta M person ,very rare thning                                                                                                     

Apart from the arriving trucks, I wished for a little one. For the first time to see the new Princess of Monaco. For the time being, the prince himself attended all the events. But it was absolutely impossible to get under the honorary tribune among the mechanics. But what was my disappointment when I watched the Monaco GP on TV retrospective viewing. So the start, the pitstop as they twisted Bottas’ matrix and the final ceremonial. The prince again alone and looked something between anger and sadness. If the princess does not show us even on the day of the greatest holiday, it means only one thing. And I’ve been thinking for a long time. The relationship is at the collapse level.                                                  Princesse Charlene de Monaco with new hairstyle.

Our covid guru molecular biologist Soňa Peková says: it just confirms that covid is artificially modulated, what is here today is no longer covid-19, that’s something else, but we vaccinate against covid-19, I’m most concerned about where it comes from, where it suddenly appears, I think the effects of the vaccine will show in the body in 5-10 years and what it will do with it, I will not be vaccinated.

Woche 44 Staaten also +1. 2,3 punkten noch vom MC Montag. Diese Woche ohne MNE u. N. France bautete irgendwo in Kazachstan etwas. Ständig kehren Baumaschinen usw. zurück.

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Farewell day.

No sign of the teams. The private jet terminal in Nice returned to normal during Sunday evening. Today, the technical staff loads truck after truck. Then it’s time to return the MC to its original state. It was built, assembled, painted, fixed… for 3 months. Astronomical costs. When the worst is removed, residents first and perhaps visitors will return.             

These photos were taken about half an hour after the end of the race. You can imagine the onslaught on the whole organism in non-flammable underwear and overalls (which must be hot in it) to fly in reality much faster than a playstation. In reality, when the mistake does not end with the announcement of the game is over but … Turns, horizons, blinding light at the end of the tunnel in a completely wild sequence. They are prepared all week by the most amazing methods for the 2 hours. And this is what they look like more than half an hour after the race. Still on track.                                                                                                 

They’re all tough guys, athletes. The only exception is. Charles Leclerc. I can easily imagine that he is a medical student or a teacher. It is clear from him that he did not grow up on the street somewhere in Calais, but in MC. Try to read your eyes.
In any case, Pierre Gasly is his friend. Real. Maybe the only friends among F1 drivers. In any case, the photos of Leclerc from Sunday are practically not even available to the world’s largest agencies.
In any case, I found my way to this place alone through a maze of corridors and guards (there were already about 5 insiders) and what I enjoyed there was a clear highlight of my stay. In the background you can see where we were on Friday with a lot of other people. You can see that it is empty in a hermetically sealed space.
In any case, Charles Leclerc is so young that he can catch up.
In any case, from this new generation Leclerc, Gasly, Norris, Giovinazzi, Ocon, Sainz jr. etc. a new great champion will emerge.

(In my opinion, they spent the half hour after the end in the shower and in the care of medics and physiotherapists. And when all the photographers left, they followed this path to the boats, which took them to the Monaco Heliport and from there by helicopter to Nice for jets. Completely shielded from everything and everyone).

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Leclerc. 2 destroyed cars, pole position and peace of mind.

Rest day in Menton. I find out in the cafe that Leclerc won’t go. At 15.45 I leave for MC.

So many cops and various other guards! This time the bike doesn’t help. I’ll check one garage and walk to the harbor. Once the last round, Max Versttapen (NL) wins the Red Bull. Which makes me both happy. Yachts sound sirens.                                                                 

It pulls me to hunt riders again. There were about 5 of us clever we got inside the depot from the other side where I was yesterday. And the catches were great. Carlos Sainz (today 2nd) is still terrified.                                                                                                                             

And the boys are coming! Charles Leclerc and Pierre Gasly (today a wonderful 5th). L. is surprisingly calm and composed. If he started at 99% he would win. The prince had the MC shut down for him so that he could train. And he rode a few laps with him. See youtube. Right Lance Stroll (8.).                                                                                                       

Daniel Ricciardo. Lewis Hamilton. He was obviously in a hurry to the boat waiting for him. But he stopped. (He had such a combination as Dr. Hannibal Lecter in The Silence of the Lambs). I watched him flee. He ran away from his pretty secretary, burdened with things. But in the end she did sail. Trucks filled my street and the bustle was starting upstairs.

Leclerc Ferrari on his way back to Marranello. Next time.                                                            A beautiful couple dancing at the train station. I feel the same way.

Woche 43 (-10). Keine BY, MNE, MK, DK.

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In Nice Lp. In Monaco Leclerc.

Sensational result qualifying for GP Monaco. Charles Leclerc (MC) won the Pole Position.
In Nice 34 states, that’s 10 more than yesterday in MC.                                                                 

Tomorrow I will follow the events after the Grand Prix.

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Monaco. Petrosexual Temple.


I enjoy it here. Today, rising star Lando Norris (Mc Laren), Lance Stroll (Aston Martin) and both Williams racing pilots Nicholas Latifi and George Rusell stopped by. Mick Schumacher and Daniel Ricciardo passed only with greetings. And Sebastian Vettel rode his bike. A couple of boys caught up with him.  A also CEO of Mc Laren Zak Brown.             

I’m getting a GP race bike. 3.14 km. Hills and bends. Even those thin guys will lose 5 kg of weight in less than 2 hours. From the total use of the organism.                                               

I’m going back in time to see Alain Prost. 4x world champion. 4x victories in Monaco.     

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Finally it was Saint Tropez’s turn

MC all closed. The only way to move around the edges. All places where I like to stay inaccessible.
The sun is too hot for the bike.
So the program with most of the day spent on trains and buses.                                                 

Saint Tropez is not that far. So 100km. But by train, ie with a bike, you can only get to St. Raphaël-Valesquere. The bus continues. Sometimes in an hour and sometimes in a two-hour cycle. He leaves 1 minute before the train arrives. But for 3E you still have 40km along the coast. And those few kilometers take 1 hour 40 minutes. But an amazing excursion.                                                                                                                                                 

So I was here. Even at the gendarme station. A beautiful day. There was a bit of a missing bike and some forgotten Alderney. 2hours, 20 states. Much CH,B,NL,L.

Monaco has a tradition of opening the track on Friday at 2.30 pm so that new guests can reach the hotels and replenish supplies. So tomorrow I will drive on the still hot asphalt in the footsteps of F1 pilots.

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Grand Prix. There is nothing else.

All other life has practically stopped. Every minute Monaco turns into a fortress.                   The bus stop is already gone. Residents are leaving both in the US before the hurricane.     Sir Jackie Stewart (81) came to see. He won here 3 times.                                                           

The famous bend of Rascasse. Like in Prague, I stop at signature collectors. So Alfa Romeo pilot Antonio Giovinazzi and Alpine Esteban Ochon stopped by.

Here the mission was to see the arrival of the trucks end. However, I did not find the strength to leave the place. So I don’t know what I’m going to do now. Swim in the sea for tomorrow and take a nap in the afternoon.

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Trucks also save us in Monaco

MC is a maze even normally. Whoever comes to the GP should look around the station right away. And then after the marks. There will be only one path to the goal.                       

The trucks disappeared from the boxes. It can be seen through the crack that the cars are already here and they are being worked on. Everything overshadowed by the competition. Winning Monaco is more than any other GP combined.

Arrivals Safety and Medical cars . This time Astons. So these guys are going to shoot pitstops.

        Cyprus CY, Premiere 2021 as 71th states    GBG already seen, but still…                                                                                                                                                                                                              Charles Leclerc. Our great white hope. For Monaco, for Ferrari, for Italy, for me.

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Such an idyll. And hell will break out on Sunday.

         My MC friend Matthias.

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Nothing new on the Côte d’Azur

Also, the two months since I left were just a hard lockdown. In F and in I.                                 

Best Nice. New TN and MA. And I would like to know if our collaborator Ondra CZF has already seen such a BMW. He works for BMW.

It could be 10 years. In my neighborhood, a Serb citizen F was sitting on the terrace. And when there were elections in F, he brought me the whole election package. There must have been a Sarkozy poster, but I posted a Marine Le Pen in the establishment. (here in the Cannes). Maybe I remember it well. Vive le vie. Vive la France.

Arrival to Golfe Juan. Looking at the “želip”. In Antibes about TN. And a short stop in Beaulieu sur mer. Because of GBG. We probably won’t see GBJ again. If F met the threats, they wouldn’t have electricity there for a long time. It leads through a submarine cable. So no one even knows what’s going on there. 40 states today.

Noch 8 Punkten heute dazu. PRG/CaD Woche dann rekordverdächtigt mit 53 (+11).         Nur N nicht dabei. Aber fast alle wichtige Punkte schon gesehene.

So Marine Le Pen was in Cannes 1.5. That must have been nice.                                                 

France has the scariest TV, due to commercials that amplify the sound by 50% and then the sounds of bangs, bangs, hums, alternating with complete silence. Not to mention the performers.You can’t listen to youtube either. They will let these monstrosies in there 3 times before it is your song. That can’t be endured. So, remembering the last quarter, where Radio Nostalgia played great on TV, I took the GRUNDIG mini radio (great sound), which had not been used for about 20 years, turned on the search and … One station better than the other !!! It’s nowhere in the world! A complete sensation. I did well! The TV didn’t get even 1s of space. Yeah so I stayed at FM CHERIE in Menton 96.4. So many stations in Menton! More than in Prague. And after the end of Oldies Radio, you can’t listen to practically anything.

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Who could have escaped

Preparations for the Grand Prix are finishing. The bike is the only means of transport with which you can get somewhere. Site sidewalk barriers and fences. I saw a woman with a pram. Everyone had to back away from her. The sidewalks remained so wide.
A beautiful day was ruined only by an unrecorded Malta, when I was just about to go for a meal. Not to mention the memory of CZ. I forgave the covid and what. But I hate naivety and stupidity.                                                                                                                                                 

I’m sorry about Japan. OG would be as precise as races in MC. But now the resistance is growing. Millions sign petition: Save lives, away with the Olympics. So they were looking forward to it and now they are logically afraid. Even more than Europeans, who have been presented in Japan for a year as a “deterrent”, India is now afraid.

In one of the best Top Gear parts ever, “What’s All Made in the UK”, Jeremy Clarkson stands on a hill in the middle of England and says, “14 of the 13 F1 teams are based here” and shows.
The number of GB trucks here also corresponds to this.                                                               

        My favorite was probably Clay Regazzonni, Nika Lauda, James Hunt and Mika Häkkinen. At least I could meet Mika. And Jeremy Clarkson could come. But he writes negatively about MC in books. It is said that people are crammed into blocks of flats from the 1970s to save a few pounds. But when they rode around the circuit, all three were absolutely thrilled. Everyone agreed that it was the best day of their lives. Clarkson: “I always thought the Monaco circuit was so great that it went around the harbor and palaces. No, even if it’s built in a meadow in Yorkshire, it’s indescribably amazing.”

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Monaco rebuilds the circuit every year

While they arrive on all the other circuits in the spring, they wipe away the dust and can go. So in Monaco he has to lay a new circuit, build barriers, fences, grandstands, boxes and all the necessary buildings. astronomical costs. A completely new city is emerging.
I’ve always wanted to see the preparations. To this day, I have lived in the idea that each team has about 2-3 trucks. Yes, the 2-3 with the cars will come last. Now here are the ones who brought the workshops, parts, facilities. Only Aston Martin arrived today ca. 10 trucks.                                                                                                                                                         

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