It is said that a bad start is better than a bad end. But he and the start were great. I didn’t even get to the sea and Canada. And next Kuwaits.                                                               

USAs and mystery ??? NL or? Extremely rare FIN here. The second is I hope N.               

Here, in front of the famous Carlton Hotel, things were being decided. Forecast as yesterday. Cloudless sun. And again around 14 it started to draw. In MC yesterday it ended in a pretty heavy downpour. I’ve collected I’ll probably pack it. When suddenly blue letters strongly resembling IS or FO. And in the outward direction DZ. What now. I choose the blue one and I’ll be coming to it soon. Cannes is a paradise for spotters. The cars are practically standing and you can cycle along the lane. LV Premiere electric. I end up like yesterday at the bus stop. Today it was only short and weak. I H convoy passed.                 

It’s after the rain, but when I’m back at the other end of Cannes, I have to take pictures of their Mecca for Prague signature collectors. On the cotte d Azur, there are events of absolute world importance. Monaco Grand Prix and Cannes Film Festival. That with yachts jet-set society can not even enter the port. And when I’m here again, I’ll take it one more time, even more thoroughly. And at the end of the dead end … Land Rover. How many times do you have to try D, CH, F, CZ, but today I wanted to have the damn F behind me and … but let’s keep it until tomorrow.  Alltime Premiere.                                                                             

And then just for coffee and enjoy it on the promenade in Cannes.                                         

34 Länder , Ausgleich mit erstes Tag im MC. Beim Abendessen in MC noch RSM. Also Tag 35. Leider nicht ein einziges von YU. Auch DK bleibt unerreichbar.

This year began in Cannes. And he finished.
Lots of question marks remain.
So Happy new Year.

P.S.: The one like Gibraltar BISOUS, so it’s French KISSES.

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The first GB began to arrive in the evening

Avenue Princesse Grace lives her own life. The crowds won’t get here. Tunis.                     

The warm day ended with a storm. I didn’t even have time to move to my place under the bridge.

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Proletarian Monaco

The Monegasque left. The People have arrived. Police in the force of 3,000 members on full alert. No nice times in MC. I remember being upset last year. But at least I went to the Musée Oceanografique for GBM. Yesterday I tried those 5 floors. On 100F 1D or CH or E. Today I did not want to repeat it again.                                                                                             

A little miracle for terrestrials. In the morning I will set off, pull out the electric shutter and drive the same dark street 200m and a miracle. Normal in a few minutes. But the first impact is always overwhelming.                                                                                                         

But so far, everything exceeds expectations. Far above expectations. CZ reality is quickly forgotten.


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The French flooded Monaco

Full everywhere. Hotel parking is not enough. Instead of guests from the planes, visitors came from all over France with cars. Hotel prices skyrocketed to 2000 € / night.                   

The first MK. Mc Saudia from eveningdiscovered in the secret garage.                                 

Don’t you want to go to that terrible hill from the harbor to the casino at the top of which even able-bodied cyclists look exhausted? Then there is such an inconspicuous door. And strangely, you’re going down a bit. And there will be a corridor and an elevator at the end. And you’ll snort there.                                                                                                                           

Hotel Fairmont. Crowded parking in front of the hotel. Crowded garages. RSM ended between. I used to be able to open that door and go to the garage. Not by force! I just watched the porters crochet it. And once I tried to go through the hotel. Well, that was wandering. This is a monster hotel. 400 rooms! Now I am an exemplary “Monegasque”.

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Meilleures salutations de Kourou

French Guyana GUF 1996 series Premiere as 81th 2020                                             

Nice. Definitely more damaged than MC. Closed restaurants, extinguished hotels, and the damned seagulls on the Promenade des Anglais were not. Nice Cathedral recently in all the news of the world. That was exactly when I was in Italy. I went downstairs and Mrs. Lina watched TV and looked very moved.
There were only a really few of us, we stood on the opposite side and rested.

Woche mit (nur) 45 (-3) Länder. Ja, wenn keins BY, SLO!, MK, BIH, AL,  DK dabei ist, kann nicht besser sein. Nice hat immer geholfen. Diesmal nicht. Fast leere Flughafen, auf Promenade fahren nur L (auch im MC Nr.1) u. E. . Auf Strassen RO,BG u. MD Arbeiter Autos. Sonst viele EST (fast 10) , LV,LT u. RUS vor Kathedralle.                                              Auch so tausendmal besser als im PRG.

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So the guys from the island are already here

Place du Casino is a tourist center. The people of Monaco go here to the port. Unless the Monte Carlo Rally is parked here or there are no Formula 1 boxes. Today was quite busy. The first shock. From 20m Brunei. No, but absolutely amazing Luxembourg.                 

Isle of Guernsey. My favorite favorite. So there was no blockade of trucks in Sain Malo. They will come from GB for the New Year. Before all those trucks leave. It did not occur to the completely stupid Czechia to block international truck transport.                                   

In the afternoon, the MC collapsed. Crowds of people, cars so much that the police drove it the way they needed it, not the way people wanted it. In the central car park minus 8 clogged down and up. no one could back off to leave. There was nothing to do on the bike either. But at the very bottom Algeria. So the suffering paid off.

                                                                                        And that was not all. The last coffee before I leave and I see something suspicious. The driver only went to the market. F? I? Maybe Georgia? The answer was far from shocking. Liberia. … Not anything like that, but after access to the network in Liberia. Maybe Raphael or Hadri …

So such a gift. And that morning I wanted to go to Italy for cigarettes. it stands there 5. Here 11. On the border, however, the army: Stop Italie fermé. They returned a Mercedes MC in front of me, even a jogger. That’s what I’m thinking – I’m an island and nobody gets here anymore.
Otherwise I accept the prices as they are. Only the cigarettes I have associated with the fact that 9 E out of the box goes to the French Republic. For example, for the invasion of Libya. Etc. You know what. And so somehow I don’t want to support it.                                                Border shop Italia. February.

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Holiday calm

Up to 15 absolute calm. I only met 1 swimmer. You could take pictures in the tunnel. Normally 2 streams roll and I can’t dodge to the left. Sports cars roar more than air turbines on the ceiling and drip from the ceiling. There are also new tunnels. this is the oldest. it will be centuries. The predicted storm came in the afternoon. Even hail fell. My hiding place under the bridge at Jackie Stewart. And I was looking forward to a dramatic sunset. And he was.                                                                                                                           

So I’d rather go to Menton. Good idea. 5 more states. TN, TR … Finally surprising 32.       

I’m watching L’Equipe on the 1998 France-Italy World Cup record. Apart from our French friends, no one probably knows how it will turn out. It is extending.

0: 0. It was getting longer. Also nothing. Penalty. In the 5th series, Roberto Baggio hit the crossbar. France won.

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MC: normal day. But there was a share.

Who doesn’t know, carp are sold on the streets in CZ. This is a disgusting fish, full of small bones, living in the mud of Czech ponds. They are sold live on the street from vats and are killed on the spot. Blood, splashes, severed heads. And at 15, life stops MC: normal day. But there was a share. The media will start broadcasting carols and wishes. Until the night. And people overeat and then …                                                                                                         

Great day for car spotters. Ford GT. For us Gibraltar II. , RSM. But the main thing has yet to come.                                                                                                                                         

His Majesty Koenigsegg One. 1360 PS, speed well over 400, cost almost 7 million USD, only 6 on the world.

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Happy country of Monaco

Only today did I begin to feel that I was unlocking from Czech reality and beginning to merge with that beauty, satisfaction, order, luxury, comfort, security. You lp is just a bonus.
It’s a miracle to enjoy all this. Merge with it. Become a part of it.                                             

I was sitting on a wall in a bend at the Fairmont Hotel. From above, the spotter ran so madly that he couldn’t avoid the little boy until they collided. So I got up slowly and here is the result in front of the best restaurant in MC-Cipriani.                                                             

You can’t hide from LT trucks even in MC. Did you know that this Girteka is the largest truck company in Europe?                                                                                                                   

At lunch, as it always burns in the harbor, I just got dressed and California. Then I can see the Range Rover from a great black mark (GBG) from a distance, so I got ready, but it didn’t run out of the ring. At the same time, 90% of others do. But with the evening the catches came. Gibraltar GBZ. And the scary Mc Laren Saudia KSA.                                    

There is nothing like this. We spew hundreds of laws and regulations that no one obeys. In the previous line you can see how the MC police on the scooter caught two teenagers without a mask. They solved it for half an hour. The whole school will be informed again tomorrow. Prosperity is growing from order.
That’s why life here is normal. That’s why I have this beautiful day.

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GB you already a lot, the islands will come?

Christmas has been in CZ since time immemorial, the day of the Christmas attack on all the senses. There is no escape. So here in MC it will even be open an hour longer! And then only closed for 1 day. So shops. Restaurants will definitely go normally. They only closed Mc Donalds otherwise the restaurants are open. On the contrary, they closed restaurants with us and left the various fast foods open. On Sundays, the restaurants were so crowded that I guess the French had come. On Saturdays, the streets are full of F cars, crowded shopping malls and restaurants on both days.

For RUS, I kept trying to find ZA for the first few tens of seconds.

The frequency did not change.
I. L, GB, CH, B, D
At least 2-3 times a day PL, CZ, RO, HR, A, P, NL, S, GR
So far without BY, MK, BIH and DK

This is what it looked like exactly a year ago at the Musée Océanographique. Although it is normally open 2 visits 0 bus, 1x 2P.

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The Titanic is sinking, still dancing on the upper deck

Premier Ferrari Roma, Morocco, San Marino, Finland …

Place du Casino succeeded! It’s completely magical. I walk cross and try to record the genium loci. No chance yet. I used to avoid that cramped place. The Mirror of the sky is hidden in the ground. He will probably come to the surface when he clears the tree.

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I did a good thing for Monaco today

I’ve been writing about an attacking seagull for years. He just steals pizza from people. Maybe it’s the same, maybe it’s always different. I myself was a victim once, he saw him attack the young lady on the walk. Here in the picture a young man just without lunch.
And today a sudden blow to the face and a failed attempt. And as they circled further, I was already clutching an umbrella, and the beast was just approaching and struck in the chest. It really stopped him. The screams stopped and the seagulls disappeared into port.
He must still be shocked. this has never happened to his ancestors. I don’t know – maybe I stopped the robbers forever.                                                                                                                                                                  And today I showed five other people the way. I stay at intersections, etc. so various strays often turn to me. I prick up my ears and try to filter out the goal in the flow of completely incomprehensible words. And it works. I will then send them in English where they wish. I am proud of it. Many MC residents would not know. And it’s good to know the underground. When it rains I go anywhere with 80% dry feet.                                                                                                As predicted, it happened. At 17 it stopped raining, so Menton on 2 wheels.                           

Woche PRG/MC 48 (+7) Länder. Es fehlte gar nicht. Auch FIN gestern.

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Everything gray today like Sir Peter Green’s ship

First, I confused boxing world champion Michael Wilson with Jeremy Meeks. When I was looking for JM I came to his wife in the photo. Chloe Green. And from her to her father, One of the richest Britons, Sir Peter Green. Once I met him. And then several times. He walks like this in MC in sweatpants. He looked a little bad for the first time. He had big problems with the Daily Mail. Next time we winked at each other so friendly. So he’s here too.                                                                                                                                                             

Just 2m shorter than his 90m Lionheart is the super hig-tech sailboat The Maltese Falcon. It is the very top of the world of sailboats. To America in 10 days.                     

There is no point in taking pictures of Andorra here. It is one of the most common lp here. Today about 8.                                                                                                                                     

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Bicycle, coffees, snacks, T-shirt – otherwise normal.

        TVR Cerbera ,90ties, my first.                                                                                                          Very rare Studebaker Golden Hawks 1958. Studebaker from Indiana 1952-1967.               

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This is not a memory. It’s Monaco live.

I’m here, even though theoretically it’s impossible. I am surprised. I remember MC so much that the feeling is the same as when I leave the house in Prague. But emotionally and visually, it’s something completely different. I don’t want to be anywhere else. In Dubai, New York, Istanbul. I wanted to be here again.                                                                                 

Not much has changed. Construction is starting to grow. Place du Casino is new. and where is the famous mirror ball Mirror of the Sky? Cars have a new route. There is more space for people – and especially for cars. How the modern communists in London, Hamburg and Prague boast that they have closed the square to cars. So here, on the contrary, they locked them in scooters! That’s why I’m here. Such an open-air museum will remain here. At least I feel far from all those builders of new tomorrows.                                    

Of course, I dressed less than in Prague. But still too much. 10º C is felt. So yeah. Unexpectedly good start! 34, between UAE, KSA, GBJ, AND, RSM and all N! And in Menton next market AL.                                                                                                                        P.S.: Virtually no Christmas attacks. No fairs, no American peelers from amplion that trampled me last year.                                                                                                                             P.S.1: Rolls Royce Silver Cloud Convertible 60ties .The price today is almost half a million €. How much did it cost then? So 5 or 10000 £ ? An ordinary car like the Morris or Lada cost 600-700£ in the GB in the 70s.                                                                                                    P.S.2: Monaco beach 3 years ago. Now only such a puddle will remain. (see pic. construction)                                                                                                                                         

Otherwise, I improved with an apartment of 15 square meters. And a balcony. So topical good night greeting.                                                                                                                                 

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What is certain is that nothing is certain

Over 30 a day. But that’s a delusion. When the trucks are over – there will be nothing. Just another lockdown. What is certain is that nothing is certain.

Woche mit 41 (-2) Staaten. Kein IRL u. N.

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The cannonade continues- even the center lives

Isle of  Man GBM                                         Canada                                                               

All the predictions I dared (covid, etc.) were fulfilled. It’s just that they won’t come from the GBislands, I was wrong. After GBJ (I’m sorry – it was downright mystical), now GBM. Today only in the center for a while. Even so 27. It never was. Every tenth foreign car-catch. Fuck summer with a bunch of D, PL and NL and nothing.

In the final accounting, all states will have the same percentage of infected. And it will be close to 100%. Of course, the official number will be lower, because a lot of people (youth) do not even know about it.

PRG first snow, even in MC it’s cold. Exactly a year ago, a period of storm.                             

Woche mit 43 (+1) Länder. Alles ausser N.

Sebastian Ogier is finally the rally world champion this year again. Overall for the seventh time. Here from the year 2018. The winning car Toyota Yaris WRC from this year..                                      

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The best day has come until now

First, what was behind the fence on Sunday. Beautiful USA Arizona. When I went to it, anything was possible. This is what the historical lp should look like. Not how poor CZ. I remember these amazing colors from my childhood.                                                                 

Alldays Rush hours on the Jižní spojka. Kazakhstan KZ                                                                                                     

But that was not all!                                                                                                                                Oman OM , export alltime Premiere and 2020 Premiere as 80th states                           

Lockdowns 37 Countries per day.

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The Dark Ages (act.)

I saw over MC and in D, they saw them in CH, but here’s the Premiere. TIR MA.                   

Plates spotting has no logic. I praise myself that I don’t have to go to the center and I was also calm that there was nothing there. I was recently going from a meeting right in the night center when he suddenly stopped there for a moment at yellow and then continued Range Rover JSY. So I just verified that it was a GBJ, even though it didn’t have a coat of arms.

Gray, cold, covid. No bike, no sun, no fun.

Diese Woche mit 42 (+2) Länder. In letzten Moment kamen in die Weg noch KZ u. KSA. Dagegen MNE , IRL u. N ganze Woche nicht.

And tomorrow I’m going to take a picture of one amazing lp. At least as far as the visual side is concerned. So soon again.

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Very close to the Lugansk People´s Republik

Unfortunately, his curtains were drawn, so I didn’t want to wake him. He must have had the LPRs inside to put on at home. I understand that with lp LPR, UA would not pass in good health.                                                                                                                                             

Woche mit viel Glück 40 (-4). Nur 1 B usw. Gar nicht GR u. N.

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