I actually just enjoyed the whole day. Everything. Ideal weather, that amazing food and drink, beauty and comfort of the hotel. It wasn’t until 5 pm that I left for S. Bonifacio. As it turned out at the right time.                                                                                                                  Iran IR , 2021 Premiere                                                                                                                       

It has nothing to do with A4. IR cost in a small company in SB. On the highway, it looked like Krakow. Only SLO and HR is more. That’s all on a blue truck. We are here in the middle between the circuits of Monza, Imola, Vallelunga, Fiorano … in the heart of motorsport.                                                                                                                                             

Verona has only one tourist today. And still in caravan.. So cheers …                                         

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Close to the tour record- 38

They eat it again in VR. After lunch Linguine al Pesto- this pesto is down (then it’s all green) it stretched a bit – so to the SB. It wouldn’t be possible to stand in the sun.                        So it made me happy! F1 Safety cars on the way to MI- Malpensa. From there to the Bahrain GP. I admit that I did not realize why he rides first. Fortunately, this time there was no language barrier.                                                                                                                          RKS TIR alltime premiere                                                                                                                       For about 4 hours I checked both sides of the parking lot and headed to Venice. Huge number of states, even larger lp. In the end, only MNE, RSM, N and all the better were missing. Personal only CH. CY maybe coming to VR-junction from a port in the south.

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Truck town – San Bonifacio

Today it came to us. As if there was a detour or lockout. So I couldn’t go to the bridge. It is about 100m. Rage, crazy pace. I lasted about 10 minutes. But the image did not leave me. Our central parking lot is empty. Traditionally, I rested in my beautiful room in the afternoon, and in the early evening I packed up and bought a weekly ticket to San Bonifacio.                                                                                                                                                 

So this is a regional train to Venice. Then you will not see this in Germany or Switzerland!   

S.Bonifacio is almost a village. And look what a megastore they have. Pizza, pan au chocolat, coca-cola zero and 200g delicious ice cream = 4.95. Cash register with zero waiting time.

A test of courage.
At S.Bonifacio Station, either an express train or a freight train at ferrari pace passes without stopping in 2 minutes. Do not exceed the “la linea gialla” voice station amplion continuously. The line is about half a meter from the train. So get up there and imagine that a screw flies out of that wagoon flying 180. I rested back.

30 countries. Not LV,EST,RUS,B,L…

Here’s proof that something is wrong. Photo left from November 2020. The extreme stripes called tangenzielle are full. And today?

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Sun, bike, trucks

29 states

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Dolce vita a Milano.

In the center of world fashion and Italian carspotting. La Rinascenta – every woman watching a fashion will confirm. Mall No.1.                                                                                   

Lamborghini Countach, born here. miami blue- really hard to notice color. Also because Porsche liked the name, but the real Miami is greener. X times in MI, but only for the second time in the center. Duomo di Milano, Piazza del Duomo.                                             

The local show of supercars was supported by a couple of cars from MC. This always gets me completely. Atmosphere of relaxation, helpfulness, style. There are a lot of nice countries. But this is just here.
Definitely after today’s deeper tour, MI flies up the ranking of cities.
Entire beautiful neighborhoods, older and brand new.                                                                          19 countries. 1.CH (more than 50%), 2.RO, 3.MC. Very good CZ-4. Nothing from Baltic and RUS stars of CdA.

Woche 45 (-4). Ohne N und FIN. Jetzt schaue mehr LKW an.

Carspotting:                                                                                                                                                      Lots of spotters, but cars just what is normal in MC. Obligation to park or at least several times drive Via Monte Napoleone. I was pleased with Countach, still with the old I . The main difference from MC- the more roar, the better! They couldn’t afford that in MC.

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A dust storm made spotting impossible

Just like KWT has sandstorms, PRG has dust. And Verona in the industrial zone the same. MC has fine of that cement. Fortunately, conjunctivitis of one eye and over time of the other eye was the only health problem. So today, preventively for Artelac splash (9.9, in F similar to 5 and the other 7 so as not to harm F) and only in the room or in the center. Nevertheless, the week premieres BY and the 2021 Premiere RKS.                                           

Covid demonstration. I fully agree with the only thing I read. Covid is from the lab. Eliminate the state without weapons. I guess the vaccine will be useless. He himself has the ability to get around it.
Luxury. It is before 21 and the market open. So I couldn’t resist a tray of warm mushroom lasagna.

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Holiday. There is no place to hurry.

Even from a weaned log, a flower will grow here over time.                                                         

The first day I thought it was a welcome. But tonight, when I returned, I have a basket full of goodies at the door again.                                                                                                                   25 trucks lp and 2 person CH and MC.

Another view from the balcony.                                                                                                         

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Italia- Happy country

Get a bike and go shopping. These were the main tasks. And then it was so hot that I sat at home until the evening.                                                                                                                         

It’s 8 p.m. Street full of people. Enough time until 22. Wearing exemplary masks. This cannot be compared with F at all. Surprisingly, the boys from Ivory Coast are also exemplary.                                                                                                                                                25 states , person only CH,1D ,1L, and 1MA.  Best TIR- IRL.

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You always lose something and gain something

I lost miami blu sea, all the ivory coast, police safety in MC and got a Central European/I Lidl full of goodies (I bought 4 things, in F I would pay so much for 1), cigarettes not for 10, but for 5, tv RTL packed with GB and I music, TV commercials without horrible rumors with people who, as Clarkson says, you wouldn’t let into a dwelling closer than half a mile, no lockdown (how long?) and people who haven’t resigned yet see the huge sign at the track in front of Verona BASTA. ..and surprisingly, there are also Cinese listed and I haven’t read it further.
I’m, so to speak, half voluntary in Verona. My country is in disarray. Health, financial, political.                                                                                                                                                   

And a design balcony. This is Italy.

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License plate Cote d´ Ivoire (Ivory Coast) in Nice

Côte d´Ivoire CI alltime premiere as 115th country on the blog                             

This is what it looked like far behind the fence yesterday. Today, however, it is lined that I would not have a chance to notice at all.                                                                                         

Today in Nice they surprised about 3 MA.                                                                                       

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Cargo CdA Nice: a total hit!

Alltime Premiere – tomorrow must be re-photographed. At 20 m I didn’t know anything, but I knew the direction. Back to the airport on wifi. Success on the 3rd attempt. After Senegal and Guinea.                                                                                                                     

It almost premiere 2. Such SMOM. Legio Patria Nostra or the French Foreign Legion.       

Wieder 49 Staaten. Keins BIH u. NMK. Heute noch 3: MD, RSM u. …


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So the boys (and the young lady) survived too

This young lady received such a large bouquet that she didn’t even see it on the way. Otherwise, the average age of the crews is here – owner 61, passenger 21.                           

The boys started at around 14 o’clock. And at 18 they saw it. And I showed up, in these parts, by accident. Or is it subconscious intuition?
But more than that catch, they have a beautiful colleague spotter. She even ran after me. Magical. Glasses and those half-tall Martens.
So at least I know where Adrian Sutil and his collection of supercars live.                               

I’ve been watching this pigeon for several days. He got here through a maze of corridors, escalators and elevators. This is also bad for many people. In any case, the way back is impossible.                                                                                                                                           

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In MC the first day without AND

The PL truck ended up in the famous corner of GP -Rascasse. There is no escape from here. Except for reversing.                                                                                                               

And soon the replacement of asphalt on the whole GP circuit will start. This is not a nice time. It slowly ends. Maybe he’s done.

AND finally stood at the train station in Menton.

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Continuous descent. MC doesn’t even drive anymore.

Today at 6PM, when the MC is normally clogged, I didn’t see a single car at the intersection for the first time in my life.                                                                                                         

Today they took this F40 from Ferrari. Eventually, the son loaded a huge fire extinguisher. That it would have been fixed from last February?

What didn’t happen in February this year?
A few pictures from February 2020.                                                                                                   

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British font, French TTCP and trail leads to Ingolstadt?

Start today at Juan-les-Pins (žolípe), a bastion of Estonia. This is what the route looks like. A quick check of Cannes and moving on.                                                                                           

Today, the road leads to Mandeliu-Napoule, the last port of the hard core of the Azure. Nothing proper came from that side, and it was true. Under Cannes, the atmosphere is lost. But still something. At least excitement. Maybe someone will write that it’s something from the Galapagos … And back to the noble Cannes.                                                                   

Early evening on the promenade at Carlton. Those where the Days, this is hit!.Paul Mc Cartney probably liked Mary Hopkin, so he prepared it for her.
Those where the Days! When Brigitte Bardot bathed here.
Today…?!?!?!                                                                                                              Beautiful people of that time.                                                                                                             

Yeah, 37 countries were on display today. But few yet seen. Still the second best result.

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Nothing new in MC.

The only excitement at Mc Laren. Yellow CH and a little black mystery. After taking a photo and enlarging it, it turned out to be blue (my eye saw her as black in real) and probably temporarily torn with both sides?
AND and concrete mixer. There is a concrete plant around the corner, and construction trucks on Avenue Princes Grace leave in all 3 minutes. Fortunately, most of the route is covered by tunnels.                                                                                                                                  And a Monaco diplomat in Paris!

Speaking of those colors. One Prague carspotter went to take pictures of a Porsche in the color of Maimi blue. And then he looked at it on his Nikon and had a normal blue Peugeot 207 at the base. And I had Miami on my mobil. So I like to take pictures of her all the time. Miami blue from Luxens

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The Lp potential is exhausted. Circulation is missing.

At least about cars. Lamborghini Miura. This is where the legend Lambo was born. The turn of the 60s / 70s. Another unforgettable work by Marcello Ghandini. My one out of 5 or 3? the most essential cars.                                                                                                                                               

I’ve never heard of the Japanese carmaker  Mitsuoka. Not to mention their product. It is possible in Monaco.

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The road can also be a destination

I took the train to Nice. And there I had a desire to set out again. Wind in the back and air full of oxygen. I’m not kidding. Something told me Villeneuve-Loubet is not perfectly controlled.
In Cagnes sur Mer the mouth of the river of the same name.                                                       

It’s almost a storm at Villeneuve-Loubet.
And the gap between the ships-Malta M. Fortunately, lp can be seen. Not the trailer.
Behind the VL is no longer slowly visible. And before Antibes, the sea is already consuming the road.                                                                                                                                                   

Antibes has a new dominance. Dilbar arrived from MC.                                                                  I like this memorial. I’m at St.Malo’s and Omaha Beach for a while on D-Day. It was an amazing operation. If Britain had been wrong then, the world would have been completely different.A traditional travel destination. Éric Kayser boulangerie.                                             

In any case, these long-distance journeys are a discovery and symbol of this stay.

Unerwartet gute Woche. 49 (-1). Ohne Cannes, ohne Autobahn. Ohne BY,MK,BIH.

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Today the weather was decisive

Showers for the whole day. So no bike. Scheduled shopping in Cap 3000 next to Nice Airport. Before that again to Beaulieu. 2IRL in the harbor, 2 in town! 25 states. Russian shop Stolica (Capital). And F fishermen, who said all the fish around GB. That is, F to the others, after E. They said fishermen from Wales and voted for Leave en masse.                   

Well and cap3000 closed. After all, in Nice, the department stores are also open on Sundays! At least instead of a commando looking for black passengers (sometimes it’s close to 50%), the fairy came to question me.

Beaulieu sur Mer certainly benefits from the adjacent San Jean Cap Ferrat. This, together with Cap d’Antibes, is the very top location. Unless you’re living in Monaco because of taxes. But on both Caps, MC lp is just crowded. So they still have a cruise villa.

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From AND came a gem- 1954 Ferrari 500 Mondial Spider Pinin Farina

Definitely the greatest unique I’ve caught. Price 4.15 million USD.

                                              I watched the radar for about half an hour. No one dared to exceed 50. Until the Miss on Monabike hit!

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