There have never been so many Nordic islands

Island IS

The price of electricity has skyrocketed in the last few days by 100% above the already insane price that few people will be able to pay.
It’s just a simple equation. Either governments let people freeze or they have to pay them.
Lord, money will be printed again! But I don’t think for a long time. This is the final stage before the system crashes.
A system that has left the established systems for the functioning of the world for centuries.

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Even the north is not what it used to be

There could have been more. But the warm stuffiness drove me away. AND.

The participants of the Artic Race of Norway were returning all day. This is my friend Štěpka and my absolutely iconic cycling race. The flag on the NL trucks is Groningen.

On the way to the hotel. CDN from yesterday.

Back after 19. Surprisingly, a few more states, e.g. MC. Tracker romance lifts my spirits. At least a few minutes of happiness in the whole day.

NL aunt broadcast live from port to grandchild’s home. She thought the ship was just coming. I say, the cars will go. And when? Now. So someone was even more happy than me. And they have Rotterdamm! Too bad the Dutch don’t speak German. Although everyone can. A very capable nation. I admire and laugh. So we are halfway from NL to UA.

42 (-3) Länder vorige Woche. Und das hat noch Sonntag 3 Punkten gerettet. CDN, MC u. IS.

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What do our experts say? Right hands drive car.

After a week of misery, the grand finale.

Island IS, Monaco MC

Evening part, first seconds. Canada CDN. To be sure, I’m aiming for all the bikes that are at least a little worn out. They stopped around the corner. Even if not, I had it. But by 5 cm.

UK/US. On the front in the US colors of California. Back this one. USA oval on the roof. UK next to Lp. And last bikes for today.


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Gigantic Rückreisewelle

But absolutely sterile.

That truck is going 90. And I always get scared when I look in the direction of travel. It is about 1m from my station.

In the evening, definitely the last Åland on the way back, Kosovo and the last evening motorbikes.

FIN has practically disappeared. Mainly D came back today. Also today about 7 RUS. And a motorcycle. As always. Rather in the evening and always in the direction of Europe. They certainly have it better here than in the East. Full of malice, envy and hatred. Probably complexes from the days when we were more servile to Soyuz than he himself request.

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Where are the days when they drove at least FL

NL sharp guys. And dear DK. On the way from Brugge (B) to Vordingborg. I tell her – there is a good place. I’d rather follow you into the shade. You certainly won’t stay long. Come on, 10 minutes and he’s already running away.
By the way. Belgium eventually came close to NL rates. And nobody ever had Nederland written anywhere. Only Holland. And DK is always written Danmark. Never an English translation.

Absolutely unpleasant sun. It burns like hell. I do not want it. It’s so overlit that you can’t read Lp. End at 15. And the evening is unfortunately no longer visible. It’s just a brief moment of satisfaction.


The whole day (in 10-minute intervals) they drove VW buses to the WOB Lp to Copenhagen. Why? I overheard the answer.

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2 more Aland were returning and that’s it

Streams of returns all day. But I don’t expect anything anymore. Holidays are over in Hilti (FL) as well. I’ve come to terms with it. After all, there was never more here.

This is where the battle begins. NL trucks try to get ahead of all the tourists. They certainly have the most powerful engines and the most luxurious accessories, including appearance. Those wage earners PL, LT, LV, RO, BG ride quietly in the back. On the contrary, they sometimes stop and let traffic from the side. NL never.
The last motorbike and I’m going for a ride through the countryside. All positive to see. The countryside almost like the fabled UA.

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Everything has already left

It had to come. Only departures. They’re all gone now.

This is not coming back. August 2014-2019.



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No sign of globetrotters

Somewhere in the European Championship. But only Northern. Faroe Island FO.

Then nothing happened again. Today at least 33 states. Yesterday was the weakest day together with Sunday a week ago. These 2 days under 30. But there is a lack of interesting things, mysteries, echoes of big events, super and classic cars, showmen…At least the trucks created impenetrable walls all day.

So I packed it up. And that I will go in the evening. Yes, the evening has been the only time I look forward to since ancient times.

When I come at 11, NL everywhere. I really can’t see over the caravans sometimes. And I. Italy is interesting because only caravans and motorbikes drive. But a lot. In the evening, the numbers remained the same on F and CH. And A even more. I also have to mention CZ. The unequivocal King of the East. Even on par with E and more than L.

In the evening before nine, a somewhat confused couple of hitchhikers appeared. I would guess BY, RUS, maybe LV, LT, EST? She, a blond half a head taller than him. Finally they came to me. They couldn’t find the station. And he was holding Google maps in his hand. I finally met them at the ticket machine. They already had everything filled out, the price to HH showed about 40€. So I say if they know the 9€ ticket. No. So I took charge of the device. Zurück, zurück….I know a one-time Abbruch is better and then I tapped 9€ on a clean screen. And you can ride for free wherever you want, when you want… Well, I was bombarded with dozens of questions from glowing faces. One answer to everything. Everywhere, anytime, anywhere. Tomorrow Munich, I say goodbye.
I think I changed their lives a lot. The hitchhiker’s sign is already in the trash somewhere.
I used to enjoy driving the D. Not anymore. Well, at least someone will enjoy it.

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A very calm day

A morning full of hope.

Åland. How many days has he saved?

Grossrazia. Probably on drugs. From the opposite side of the bus, all the luggage is balanced. And to the last X-ray.

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Probably only the European Championship

The Sonderzug arrived again from Braunschweig. That’s a Swedish “mašina” (loco). From SAAB city. Some surprise hung in the air.

Faroe Island FO. Isle of Jersey GBJ.

An electric car is quite a primitive device. Tesla has made it even better. Why expensive knobs, buttons, etc. She hammered the display onto the bare instrument panel. And everyone else followed. I almost bought a Toyota Yaris Cross. But I didn’t bite the blank dashboard. And I don’t want to hit touch screens on CZ broken roads at all. Even the PRG metro is so noisy that I often miss it on my mobile phone.
So here’s MG. China bought the once famous GB brand. And makes exactly the same cars as VW ID. Only a third of the price.
By the way, the Tesla: VW ID ratio here is about 10:1. Maybe 20 and maybe even 50. Tesla drives every now and then. The would-be nice bloated toad from Wolfsburg about 2-3 a day. Did they really think it was the successor to the legendary great Golf?
I don’t understand why VW shares are only about a third lower than they were at the peak.
Germans, French…still buy their cars. The expansion of Japanese cars once began here in Scandinavia. Today I see the expansion of Chinese daily. He learns quickly. There is still capitalism. Some look great.

Woche brachte 45 (+3) Staaten. Das liegt vor allem auf MD, BY,MNE,AL…

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Only Aland remained

They are the only ones still going somewhere. Everything captured here in the last 2 weeks is already coming back. Åland AX.

Moto maybe IRL? 431 CD- very strange CERN?

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It was raining. And if not, nothing worked.

The main event of the day until the evening. The Sonderzug has arrived. About a third of the passengers were “šotouši”. These are rolling stock spotters. That’s a much, much larger community than supercars. Not to mention Lp.

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Another ZA on the way from Nordkapp

Before them is the Ivory Coast. But don’t look down.(F). The nice hitchhiker is from France. She waved and smiled that she must have been gone right away.

It was just a tremendous coincidence that led me to another batch South Africa ZA.      Today Kwazulu Natal and Guateng.

So that’s the balance until 15. I’ll be back in the evening.

Another Hitzewelle said goodbye in the evening. They had none 200 km northwest.

Sweden 1906. USA motorbikes – that’s Mission Impossible.

What a wonderful symbol the Nordkapp is I realized when the traveler proudly announced that they were going from there. And what a great spotter spot it must be for everyone to stop. Who knows, maybe this particular place had the most Lp ever.
By the way. I would like to get into this new sensational Defender and drive to the Nordkapp. Around fjords and colorful villages. Certainly one of the few absolutely most beautiful routes in the world.


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Another Hitzewelle, another catch

I’ve known for a long time. The hotter the heat, the more interesting the finds.                    South Africa ZA

At 3 I packed it. I’ll go for a while in the evening.

Also 2 MNE motos passed.

Still 19-21. 6 day states still. BIH, NMK, FL, L, H and HR. So a long time unseen 35 in total.

Additional wish fulfilled. I did not see the Jumbo-Visma at the start of TdF. So now they probably brought gifts to Jonas Vindegaard, what he won or received in France.

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Back to normal

The only catch caught me through no fault of my own on the bridge. I watch the Around the World moto. But every once in a while a touring moto comes along. It’s usually the US. Today from 30m miniLp color like Florida, but with sticker Maple Leaf.

Together with the other “Schaulustigen”, I waved to the female co-passenger.

Diversification. WC Motocross Uddevalle (S) this weekend.

Then the sky clouded over and it ended with rain.
So the event of the day remained the little gray mouse at breakfast. She sneaked in from outside to enjoy the crumbs that fell on the floor.
The Polish waitress Justýna (young and pretty) was terribly afraid. Interesting, such a nice creature. I haven’t seen her in a long time. I ask if she was home. Covid.

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Get rid of boring Sundays. The most interesting day.

Holidays are over in Scandinavia. The trucks completely blocked Puttgarden.

I salute like Richard Hammond and enthusiastically communicate. The Morgans are driving.


Spice up the route. Showmens. But no one beats this pair. He looks great like Peter Fonda in Easy Rider. And the vehicle would immediately be taken to Mad Max 5. That light asymmetrically. And those hungry dogs…

The Føroyar Islands stopped for a short time directly against the sun.


The traffic collapse continues, so do the catches. Åland. Will there be a Nordic hat-trick?

Except for Lands End. A heroic nation.

The hat trick is perfect. Just not Nordic. Emirates.

They don’t have that in Vaduz.




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Sunday morning was promising

but all eventually dissolved in the rain

Woche schwach. 42 (-4). BY, RKS etc. Wunder diesmal ausgeblieben. Ab heute deutlich mehr I u. E. So möglich kommt RSM oder AND.

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2 pins in a haystack

Our island, our route, our hotel. It’s not typical Germany. Bikes don’t lock here and strangers greet you with Moin. Even the breakfasts are so honest, peasant. What happens in D, we only know that the train to the end of the world only comes here occasionally. For 9€, the red-greens forced even those who didn’t even consider riding onto the trains. Hasn’t anyone thought of that yet?! All for free. So when the train arrives exceptionally (like on UA – not according to the timetable, but when it arrives, maybe in 3 days) then inside it looks not like the good old BRD, but like the Scum class wagon in Top Gear.

Liechtenstein. They must have had a similar luxury bus somewhere nearby. The lady wondered: “And there is nothing else here?” The port, pier, border shop, nothing I offered interested her at all. After they left I thought. I haven’t been in FL either. Just luxury, but very unobtrusive. All houses with an underground certainly not only for cars, but also for shelters. Cleanliness, order. But I still didn’t see the Rhine, which I was very interested in at the time. So we went in the direction where it should be – but uphill. And then look down. Deep in the artificial floodplain-Rhine. This is FL.

But then it came. Australia AUS and Isle of Guernsey GBG.

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Nothing important happened

so we remember July in the past










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Everything was ready for the attack

great weather, early Isle of Jersey, Thursday- but in the afternoon it all faded away.

After the A tractor, the second coolest vehicle on the route (NL).

In the afternoon just enjoy a beautiful day in nature. And think in peace. Maybe if all the returnees from the South (HR 36ºC, I 38, E 43) are happy to be back. Those views of full beaches roaring, people dressed like sardines in a can, cola 13, burger 30…why do they do this I ask? And I don’t know the answer. In the 60s, when, for example, it rained all summer and it was barely over 20, this is clear. But the world has changed. Some dogmas, however, do not.

In the afternoon, the convoy of trucks only grew. Some couldn’t take it mentally.

Jumbo-Visma team’s Danish rider Jonas Vingegaard, winner of the 2022 Tour de France, is celebrated in his hometown of Glyngore on July 28, 2022.

For me, forever a Danish year.

And something positive from Germany as well. Vice-Chancellor Green-Rot Habeck was booed by people at the rally. Many had “Warmonger” banners.

Eternal shame to these Habecks, Czech Fialas and all these servants of some dubious non-European interests.
In D, heating can only be done at 19ºC and no hot water will flow.
Due to a dispute between two EU non-member states. And that’s just the beginning. That the wheels of German industry will stop completely…

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