Small town, 30 thousand inhabitants

already this year it saw the best rallye drivers, now world tennis players, F1 stars at the end of May, Tour de France cycling elite in the summer, etc. etc. What’s more, the people between Milan and Marseille have this sleepy settlement.

KWT yesterday still in the inaccessible part, today already ready for handover.
ATP raking pretty much in order.


Current world number one Novak Djokovic, number 2, recent comet Jannik Sinner from the Italian Tyrol, world number 3- Carlos Alcatras.


Holger Rune, DK 7, Stephanos Tsitsipas, GR 12, Taylor Fritz ,USA 13.

Those who drove towards France looked like this. Pretty nice. A lot of people would have this kind of paint done.
Evening mood on the Place. The first mothers with children came to feed the ducks. 2 yesterday, 4 today.

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