The groom created a crowd frenzy

It felt like a wedding. While everyone came in a light shirt or t-shirt and a head covering against the sun. So Charles continued his transformation from racer to fashion icon. He enjoys business and fashion and society more than the pressure of being an F1 driver. He was in Milan all week. He founded the LEC brand with the best Italian ice cream makers. So be sure to try it.

My overwhelming surprise and excitement. Boris Becker. He won Wimbledon at 18. And then several more times, as well as many other Grand Slams. In my opinion, he is the breakthrough. For aggressive, attacking tennis. Transition to the network. Cheers, you’re only 56 years old!.

Lando Norris (MC Laren), right behind Charles, claimed the fingers of one hand. The Rolex Monte-Carlo Masters is over. A lot of fans came from CZ, PL, D, English speaking. It was a holiday. I booked a stay and additionally checked what events there will be in MC. And then it was the main one. Premiere. She overshadowed everything else.

Langweillige spotters Woche, viel schlechter als im Winter. 51 (-2) inkl. GBM ohne Foto.  Alle 3 GBM d.J. verpasst.

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