Strong Geneva. No crisis in a happy country.

Libya LAR , 2021 Premiere as 78th countries                                                                      Temple of all parking lots. Geneva, Mont Blanc. That’s why I live for 140€ in a hotel, which currently stands in empty Prague 25. Strong 37 states today. Without LT, CZ, HR, BIH, MK, but with CDN Ontario, USA moto, AL (no photo).
Happy country. He steps like a Swiss watch. And without the EU, NATO, politics in the news.

Sehr starke 50 (+6) Staaten. 42 aus PRG, 8 von hier. Nur MNE nirgendwo und auch IRL.

The Prague event will come later. Today is Geneva Day.

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2 Responses to Strong Geneva. No crisis in a happy country.

  1. Helvetics says:

    Have you seen the plate from Panama today at Mont-Blanc parking lot? There is also a plate from Malta staying near Cannonière bus station ;)
    And since you never told me anything when I was at GE, I don’t even want you to report anything to me when I’m not at GE.

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