First China License Plates in 2016

June 11 : This time she came first  China soon for all years . Good sign.                                      DSC08547 DSC08545  DSC08544 DSC08538 Diamond Race 2016  from PRG to Budapest                                                                                    DSC08554 DSC08553 DSC08543 DSC08551 23. Woche Bilanz. Es fehlte zwar an MC o. IRL aber  dagegen dabei RC,MA,GBG u. M.          Das bedeutet Anstieg gegen Vorvoche um 5 Punkte auf 47.                                                        DSC08565 DSC08566 DSC08569 DSC08570 Gruzia GE CD  Nr.II       First 2013                       Paul Mc Cartney Bagage                              DSC08592 DSC02089 DSC08593 DSC08573
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