As I waited. Bikers scored.

Australia AUS Queensland Nr.II                                                                      USA                    DSC08811 DSC08814 DSC08816 DSC08810   RUS on the Dyatlov Pass           USA                  Albania AL                    Kosovo RKS                  DSC08817 DSC08821 DSC08830 DSC08827 always one crazy I        NL                                  ewerywhere AL                                       DSC08829 DSC08823 DSC08834 DSC08831 Retro Prague Historic Rally 2016                                                                                                 with Porsche Spyder 1955, Maserati 1959 or Aston Martin DB 4/2 1958                                     DSC08855 DSC08857 DSC08860 DSC08839 DSC08843 DSC08859 DSC08842 DSC08836 DSC08863 DSC08845 DSC08856 DSC08852

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3 Responses to As I waited. Bikers scored.

  1. Had says:

    Hello !
    Nice pictures !
    I am actually in Praha for few days. I am still looking for a Kosovo plate ! Can you tell me where you have seen this RKS plate ? In which parking ?
    Thanks in advance for your help !

  2. Had says:

    Thank you very much !
    Unfortunately the car was not there anymore…

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