The first expedition this year: Island

From the sun mist over the curb directly to lunch coffee: Island IS. They did not enter the parking lot in the port at their height, so they reached me.

They will travel around the sea to Portugal. Getting away from the table cost me another loss. Not from seagulls this time. But not for the first time since the good African man who cleans the harbor avenue. He considers any abandoned thing to be rubbish and disposes of it. Today it was almost a full bottle of Orangina. I still had cycling gloves, a mask and a mobile phone with me at the IS after lunch.

An incredible battle on Monte
Ogier has stopped and is in the lead. Loeb is second -20 sec. Fords continued in the foreground, while Hyundai defeated totally. Even the last 2 that came damaged. Mikkelsen (Skoda) is already 7th! A Čech Cais 8 !!!

    Ewans at the back     Solberg at the back- crash     Loeb 2.                Ogier 1.                        Neuville 6. crash                    Greensmith 5.              Cais  8!!!                       Breen 3.                    co-driver P. Nagle (IRL) jumped out immediately after the finish and walked to the finish line. Andreas Mikkelsen 7. !!! (and it started 12 WRC cars) refused to wash and ran to the finish line. O.Solberg with the crashed Hyundai arrived completely without lights! The pilots drove from the last SS over 2 hours on winding roads back to the MC.

This is how the photographer Automobile Club de Monaco captured Sebastien Ogier in the lead.                                                                                                                                                           

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