Red Bull ti dává křííídla. Loeb turned it around.

Menton. The nicer the day, the longer the queue at the boulangerie. So no coffee and pain au raissins. I hate queues.

From time immemorial, I am the one who welcomes the winner first. While the crowds are crowded in the harbor (I hate you too), I go 50 m up, where there is a pedestrian crossing. And just push a button. But this year everything is different. They come from the opposite side.

I chose a place at the exit of the tunnel. I’ll be there alone and first. But where orderly MC drivers drive 5 through the retarder, then they stop and look around and prefer. So here the WRC pilots did not slow down for a moment with the reaction of the decomposition of the atom. So I drive to the crowd. Andreas Mikkelsen (7th overall and  no-WRC car winner) arrived first in the MC, followed by Erik Cais from the CZ (9nd / 2nd).

An unexpected winner arrives. Sebastien Loeb. I think Red Bull sent a couple of F1 mechanics thanks to Loeb. And the newcomer is the winner. Toyota lost. 2nd and 4th She definitely wanted to win a lot here. Already because of the Toyota factory upstairs at Calais. Hyundai then suffered a complete debacle. 1.H to 6.

So it was only celebrated at Ford. Gus Greensmith (UK) 5th place. Pilot with X-Factor winner face. Ford sensational winner RMC 2022. 1st, 3rd, 5th. Remember what I said Wednesday night after that amazing photoshooting? Red Bull always wins.

Woche 45 (-6). Diesmal ausschliesslich aus MC. Die Punkten aus Nice, Cannes … fehlen. Kein BIH, MK, MNE.

And one more fix. Since then, I have in my head that QR is Qatar. Then this Q lp. I always doubted the lamp. This week they drove without BMW with the Audi Lp GM. And I already realized that everything is Luxembourgh L.                                                                  

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