It was sad without a rally

Everything, including the mechanics, the escorts, just went all the way to Valence. All that remained was a luxurious village with a majestic square, as they call it in the RMC program.

Ferrari 512 BBi. 1976-81. Another of Ferrari’s legends. Those who would not need them for the rest of the day began to return in the evening. I also went to Menton in the evening to edit something by bike and have a bowl of Linguine al Pesto.

Camilli from Nice, the one who had those problems right after the start, finished definitively. Those who were at the SS today had to be satisfied with the highest. Loeb broke his forehead. Before Ogier. Before Toyota’s.

It’s 7 p.m. I’m going back to Monaco. How does it look like there.

In the Monaco, cars from the second half were still returning. Everything is new, everything is different.
First in the shower, then stamp and at the right time to your team.

The Ford Puma WRC looks the best and has the scariest sound. But I probably won’t bet that he will be in the lead after two days. Sebastian Loeb surpassed my expectations.

 photo Autoclub de Monaco

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