I thought it wouldn’t happen again. But we’re back! (act.)

At 19.50 I leave for the evening circuit. I don’t expect anything at all. 20.04 meeting of Ferrari cars. 20.11 I’m sitting in Klárov when suddenly here! Scooter. Such as at this time they rode from ROK. They started before the summer and reached a speed of 40 km / h in late September. After 2 years, the first fighter ride. Almost 2 km! 20.26 F. And what you expected I ask myself. When I return to the original route at , I meet 20.31 a magnificent Land Rover with a magnificent old lp. They’re coming back from SGP. That’s what I’m thinking – something will come until the third. Only 4 min later…                                

South Korea ROK, 2021 Premiere as 76th 2021.   But that was not all! 21.09 USA. That was far from all. 21.40 sees the moto under sail. The only thing I can think of was that she wasn’t here yesterday. I’m crossing to the other side of the street. Well that’s a surprise!
Australia AUS, Queensland, first new and first in PRG AUS 2021.                                         

No rules apply now. I’m back in September 2019. Two AZ trucks this year without a photo. So now 22.13 2 Azerbaidjan AZ, 2021 Premiere as 77th state with photo.                                                                                                                                        

I waited for a new state for two and a half months. Just two in 25 minutes. A new trend? Or an exception confirming a rule?

Woche gesamt 46 (+2) Staaten. Was hat sich am Freitagabend abgespielt hat, ist nicht zu erklären. Schon im Jahre 2013 kam damals zum einem unfassbaren Freitagsabend.                 Es war 28. September, diesmal24.

Of course the joy of the new two additions this year, but the Traveler of the Year French Musketeer on a scooter. And a red Land Rover right behind it. These are my most admired travel heroes.

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