Choices more important than spotting

Mutti Merkel is leaving. It has probably been most sensitive to the hearts and minds of Czechs through repeated attempts to enforce quotas according to the so-called “fair redistribution of refugees”. This aroused deep resistance and mass demonstrations.
Almost everyone in Europe feels the impact of its policy. But it really doesn’t come until now. By opposing its people, electing the CDU will help those real extremists to power.
As our Daniel Landa in the Bílá Hora sings: … I will gladly forget your name here! ”                 After A. Merkel’s persuasive visit to Prague, mass demonstrations broke out. The EU made several more attempts to lift its refugees to CZ, PL, H … but the representatives of these states always said a clear NO.

During a traditional evening ride, it is useless to go around a large area. There is nothing anywhere. So in the evening I will sit in front of the Týn Church, which I mentioned last and at the very end before I leave by subway, at the magical Klárov under Castle. Usually the most beautiful moments of the day.

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