Maybe there was a beautiful farewell with spotting that Friday.

What was my surprise. The hundred-year-old lady was driving under the tram.

What did the EU and the US think would happen when trillions of money suddenly poured into the system? You could read it here. We are at the beginning of a terrible inflation. I can’t imagine how to get out of this. And there’s the Green Deal. People are suddenly sitting on a huge bundle of money and trying to spend it. There are no more people, no material, no transport capacity and no more energy.
It was a dumb “pour money into the economy”! Here is the result.
I can’t imagine anything other than that everything will collapse in a few months.
I marvel at the laxity (stupidity) of people. Yes, now is the best time to bring the extreme left to power, voters in the BRD thought.
We still have 10 days of hope.                                                                                                             Viktor Orbán, Andrej Babiš, today PRG

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