Scandinavian wave spilled over. All that remained was terrifying boredom.


           1. Czechs take covid home as a souvenir. Hundreds of cases.                                               2. I’m not going to the second dose. The young are afraid. The side effects are increasing. 3.Israel: in a country of 9 million … 650 are hospitalized and 390 in serious condition. Of these, 240 are fully vaccinated, 150 unvaccinated.                                                                           4. Hourly delays and clutter. Criticism is falling on the yellow trains to HR …                                                                                                                                                               So much Czech media.
I deliver. In IL, it is clear that vaccinated people are more prone to further infection than non-vaccinated people. Can’t you hear that, you EU politicians?!? How can you believe something that came up in 3 months, when each vaccine had been invented and tested for at least 10 years before?!?
I was a great supporter of veils, de facto distances and lockdowns. But I don’t want this. I can’t go anywhere anymore. He still strikes on the track.
And you also get HR patties. Are you so stupid and naive that you had no idea what awaited you? Your consolation may be that the train did not continue to GR.
I’m still puzzled by that. In Prague we have 25° C and everyone in the tram is sitting on the shady side, all at the stop hidden in the shade. And here from some communist syndrome, when only the elite used to go to YU – you climb there in spite of the 37°-degree heat and everything else. But as I say. Be glad you’re not in GR. There, the even stupider ones are even worse. Europe must end. Everyone who has it is running away from the Gulf to Europe in the summer. And our idiots are heading in the opposite direction.

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