95% D, PL, NL. 4.9% A, I, F, B. And 1 piece RL and 1GBJ.

Leban RL , Isle of Jersey GBJ, 4th limited JSY                                                                      

Corona from HR Nr.1 tightened, writes A Kurier. 30% of newly infected are returnees from the South.
Cowardly politicians. In June there is still a lockdown everywhere, in July an orgy. So again this year without alpine skiing, Rallye Monte Carlo historique, etc. but on the curfew after 6PM, etc.

Woche mit 43(+2) Länder. Mit RL,GBJ und RSM aber ohne MNE,P und IRL.

Which of you is young, healthy and not afraid- then only on Afghanistan – PAK, TJ, UZ, IR border. Absolute adventures, absolute experiences.
Chayber Pass – European trucks drove this way to Thailand in the 1970s and 1980s. Here they lined up in a column, soldiers at the front and back, and drove off.                               


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