What’s new in the North?

The weather drove me out of Prague. I head north along the river Elbe.                                  Very exciting Ohio. The moment before I read the country is unique.
The Israeli team got lost in Prague directly from the Giro d´Italia. Like most F1 teams based in the GB, then most of the Cyclo Worldtour in B.                                                          Autograph collectors are reaping. Although without musicians, the actors are back. He is filming several Hollywood productions at the same time. When I asked who they were waiting for — Carey Mulligan’s name didn’t mean anything to me. Now I know what a nice and pretty English young lady she is. And the name Adam Sandler didn’t mean anything to me until yesterday.                                                                                                                              rb ritchie bros. is a auction CDN company but sells cars worldwide. No other link found. Steering wheel on the left, registration number on the dashboard (army?). Nothing else. Lp is obviously self-produced, but it has a real basis. Toyota thus arrived at customs. And obviously she didn’t make it on the first try.
World Lp researchers, who knows?

The road was great now. From Berlin to Ludwiglust I had a nice  meeting. Maria from Berlin. In France, I’m just shut up.                                                           

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