I was naive. D, PL and NL do not run either.

Tendency↓. Temperatures ↑.                                                                                                              Iran IR, front 1/10 sec late. GE.                                                                                                                                                      At least a Japan truck …

Covid news. This is the last 14 days in the EU. most infected per DK population. 4.GR. Yes, this is the country that requires even the CZ, the hardest tests and quarantines from those premiums where the CZ returned after the storm. Those good people who get out into the heat and dirt will still need a good dose of luck. RO and BG are interesting. In the number of diseases far in the back. But in the number of deaths just behind GR.
Czech hotels are empty than in January after a 14-day snow disaster.

Our politicians do not hide the fact that we will be in a lockdown again in the autumn. However, going to the sea is more important. So rather fly. Probably few people will want to complete 5 borders by car.

Woche 42 (-3). Kein EST. Wie ich schreibe. Personelle Verkehr gibt es nicht.

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