Sunny day with shadows on the soul.

The traditional first trip ended fatally. My long-term perfect bike supplier is no longer with us. I was accompanied by memories of him and the times of the golden Scandinavian route. This is now just a decoction. 10x N and personal only 1 FIN. It used to be more Aland a day. There is no Hamburg-Copenhagen express, a closed Molenblick restaurant where I traditionally dined, Hotel Dania, where I stayed something between closure and renovation. Somehow I felt like it wouldn’t come back. Never. RUS has introduced compulsory vaccination and the famous eastern route is closed to foreigners, GB has not lifted the lockdown and Lisbon is now closing for many weeks.
Actually, I’m here for the temperature. We’ve reached 24. And it’s getting cold tomorrow. If it is true that the Gulf Stream has practically stopped – then we have something to look forward to. It will be like Turkmenistan. 40° Celsius. In summer +, in winter -.                   

New DK export and N on the car on the truck. 28 states. Personal 10? I haven’t been here for 2 years and there are practically no other trucks than PL, LT, RO, BG pulling a lot of trailers from logistics companies. Exception perhaps NL, IRL and E. I still have to mention GB. Together with the NL, it was the strongest in personal traffic. Today. 1 passenger, 1 van, truck 0. Personal CZ very strong so 6? One from best.

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