Trucks eldorado without pics.

I saw 100% CY and M with my own eyes. And also AND and RSM personal. 50% IR, MA personal, then some UZ maybe KGZ. And M(II.) again just an inscription on the sail.
Compared to Saturday, the increase in trucks is 3x, 4x. I counted several times how many would pass in 1 minute. The results were between 27-32. That’s about 1,800 an hour. In addition, 1,200 personal. It’ll soon be fun to be alert. So I just drive across the bridge and I believe that one day someone will end up in the parking lot.                                                                                                     

Personal operation about total  only 10 pcs. ! 1 D, A, CH, RSM, F, AND, E, L, B, NL … Trucks very evenly PL, LT, CZ, SK, RO, BG, SLO, HR, SRB, BIH, TR. Lots also (more than in PRG) RUS, LV, GR, GB, IRL. Today also I premieres for FIN truck (not DSV trailer).                              39 Countries!

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