The great English bard came here and Romeo and Juliet were formed

I was here years ago. I couldn’t get here.
The most famous balcony in the world. I’m sitting a few hundred meters away for coffee and I’m in a bit of a euphoric mood. I wonder how William Shakespeare got here then. A carriage with horses? And he kept going with his own? And how long did the journey take? But he probably sailed to Venice.
Did you have it at school too? … gently night give me my Romeo …                                           

The clouds did not bode well. Best time for a train trip. To Verona.                                       

The Anfiteatro di Verona was here in the first century. With all programs. In CZ for 600 years even then only dense forests and bears in them.                                                                   

20 states. More just D and A. The Austrians were returning from Namibia and the CD looked promising from a distance. And in the pharmacy they had beautiful blue respirators and the inscription Italian product, 98% effectiveness. So I was very happy with the souvenir from Verona. When I read on the train: UFI FILTERS (SHANGHAI) CO. LTD …

/Claire Danes as Giulietta Capuletti in Hollywood movie with L. di Caprio/

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