It is said that when God created the earth

he then kissed her where Italy is today. 15 km by bike with natural beauty and man-made. And at the end Sirmione, after which the peninsula is named.                                                                                                                                        Travel around countless hotels *** to ***** with beautiful parking lots. Half closed, half with 1D or A or CH. And at the very end in front of the castle a huge parking lot under pine trees and plane trees. From west to east bank. So for 500 cars. Cathedral for Platesspotter.
Now about 50, practically all I. 12 countries were on Sirmione.                                                    Lago di Garda is 80 m above sea level. Monte Baldo 1800.

After dinner in the dark I went to “la strada”. If KGZ or at least CY will not spend the night in the parking lot. But I felt like we were in CZ. PL, RO and other eastern squadra.

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