Teatro grande. But I don’t have a place to see well.

Way to work. This is the soil that is said to prick a broom into it, and within a week it is sprinkled with fruit. All you have to do is drop a seed in your car and …                                  About 10 int. cars passed today. About 7CH,1MC,1FL. And Morocco went to the area. 1.MA from MC time.                                                                                                                                      I tried again how many per minute. Today we managed to count 46 trucks in 1 minute !!! Grand Theater: right lane – trucks int. , medium trucks Italian, left-hand traffic. But once, truck races spilled over into the fast lane.
1.CY still without proof, 2. perhaps for recognition.                                                                          40 Countries today.

Desenzano is a golden cage. So it led me to the opposite. Genoa.                                           

I even fantasized that I would peek into Monaco for a day. But the Principauté site discouraged me. Even those who just crossed the F by train without a stop have their entry prohibited. I didn’t even read anymore. Because I know that the MC is probably the only 1 country in the world, if something is decided, the army of 3,000 police officers will also be able to do it.

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