CZ: more corons than visitors.

CZ: Friday 168 (before the release we used to have 25). Most from 11.4. All the effort, all the billions – everything is useless. And we also subsidize the whole industry that made this tourist rampage possible.
Our only chance: blacklist us all !!!
The main thing was the fear of all those Brussels idealists that people would get used to life in their country and would no longer need them.
Now it only depends on the reason of the people. For the whole week I saw cars DK 0, S 2, N 1, FIN 1, IS 1. I applaud Scandinavia. At that time, Prague used to be full of them.
We missed a unique chance to start living differently. However, politicians are pushing us into the world before the corona. Thank you, I don’t want to.

Sad Antihero of the Week: GB. Hundreds of people still die every day, but the UK is done with the crown. “People have flocked to the beaches,” the local media wrote. Dear British, nothing happened at all when we finished our actions. People didn’t attack the pub and put the veils down. Because we still have common sense. Otherwise, I’m so sorry. I have loved England since childhood. Matchbox, Beatles, Twiggy, various movements of punks, skinheads, those hundreds of bands (Police, Smith, Eurythmics …), scientists and other greats, football, Top Gear …,
but what does Britain look like now ?!
(eagle as a tribute to the pilots in the Battle of Britain)

Say goodbye to a great series! There are such horrors in the world that some plates-spotting is nothing against it.

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