Ísland IS , 2020 Premiere as 73th              Kazachstan KZ , truck with yellow                   Japan  again                 N after 1 month                                                                                 

I found the page of the most visited website in CZ seznam.cz from March 9, when the corona of the crisis began.
CZ has 4 new cases of coronavirus. Cars have disappeared from the border, police say.
Tourists on their way from Italy: They swear at us that we are demented.
Online: There are already 36 cases in CZ. Another 97 people died in I.
CZ will deploy an army on the border.
Slovaks …

And how did I see it? Absolutely empty subway. Only in the corridors did an emphatic male voice emerge from the trumpeters in half a minute: “Passengers are bound to have their mouths covered.” And then in Russian (because of the large number of Russians living in Prague and an even larger number of UAs working here): Пассажирам необходимо прикрывать рот и нос!  It seemed to me that the RUS had not overcome the attacks and deceit against each other and it started for the third time worldwide. On the street, the howls of ambulances siren with staff in spacesuits.
At home, then, lucky that we survived another day.

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