How I beat the plane spotters

On Saturday I rode my bike around Prague. But I didn’t get in the mood. It’s not my town anymore. At every step, new citizens and
the original citizens who elected the current government. I know that the situation is not easy everywhere. Perhaps with the exception of CH. But no one else has such a bunch of incompetent jerks. A miserable week didn’t add to my mood either.

I don’t have the energy to go to the center on Sunday. e.g. in shopping centers on this day the UKR-CZ ratio is about 5:1. And the government borrowed another 10 billion this week at 5% interest for more aid. At the time when CZ had already entered the GR highway.
So I spent a beautiful afternoon on the roads around Prague. It stopped on the plane spotters observably. The top number was Emirates.

And continued on his way past logistics centers etc. There were only 2 trucks in one parking lot, but I turned there anyway. And next to them…                                                           Kyrgyzstan KG , 4 years Premiere as 82th 2022

Woche wieder 46. GBZ zum zweitemal d.J. am gleiche Stelle vom Tram gesehen im Gegenrichtung inkl.

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