So what do you say? It is Kyrgyzstan? I think : YES

Auto bought VW Aвтобан Cевер Yekaterinburg, so I went in that direction and ended up in KGZ. There are pictures of Just missing that little number duration.  On the road return to D?  

19/12:     There have been no evidence against it.  So  Kyrgyzstan KGZ   Premiere                     115 th alltime, 98th  on the blog, 84 th 2016                                                               Canada CDN Army      2016 very rare Monaco         N CD                      RUS 70 Far East             On a visit to the richest Czech (Petr Kellner PPF Holding)                                                                  GE Temp                        Europa Council             CZ Veteran                                                            Week with 41 Countries. Also MNE,MC,IRL. No TR,FL,FIN. So far, the strongest December.


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  1. raphael

    I think you are true, it seems to be KGZ CD. Very similar except the right band. But the code 24 is unknown, maybe for Czech Republic ? Germany is 05.

    1. materazzi Autor příspěvku

      Thank you very much. Czech has no embassy in KG.
      The car also had a glass sticker for Germany.
      It is interesting that 24 has also taken a great and renowned

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